Archives - Volume I (by ack)

Greetings (and prepare to be schooled... you have been warned).

For those of you who know me, you are already familiar with my archives.  For those of you who aren't, I will give you a little preamble.  Over the past decade, I have made a lot more maps than I have ever released.  Some were experimental in nature, others not good enough to use yet still good enough to use later on as a basis for another level, some were too advanced or too hard for the average player, and others were quite decent although never quite fit in with the sets on which I have worked on as of late.  I have designed more maps than I care to admit, and I have pulled some of the more cerebral ones to make this set.  You have been warned.

Cerebral, eh?  Yeah... cerebral.  Over the years I have learned a trick or two and many of which are evidenced in this set.  I tried to use floor coding, object/wall placement and guard AI against the player in many situations.  Yes, this set is hard if playing on the higher skills.  You have been warned.  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, alerting the wrong guards, allowing certain guards to move about... all can have consequences that are dangerous to your health.  At times the little things that cause variance in the game play are extremely evident and other times they are rather sublime.  So be it.  Should you only make attempt at this set, much of this will not be evident, so perhaps my mentioning this is a moot point, but I would be remiss if I didn't say something. 

In the real world, would you be stupid enough to enter through a door that may lock behind you if you didn't already have the key?  Don't make that mistake here.  Also, I should warn you that it is possible to block a couple of the secrets by killing an enemy right next to the path that the secret wall will take.  There are not many instances where this is possible and most respects it is almost impossible or improbable to do.  Still, it can happen.  Saving is a must and saving in multiple slots is a bright thing to do.  You have been warned.  This is especially imperative when going for perfect games.

There should be ample ammo and health in open areas to get you through the game.  For the average player, you should be able to play on the medium skill levels and have enough supplies to get through the game with a minimum of saving.  There are stashes of ammo and health hidden in secret areas, but consider these a top up, if you will.  Also, you will find a reasonable amount of treasure out in the open.  I can't stomach games that force the players to look for secrets to survive.  That is just sooooo bush league.

Secret areas should be sought out.  You will find your fair share of basic secrets that merely contain supplies or treasure.  Some are aesthetically pleasing too.  But, if you know me, you will soon realize that finding secrets will either lead you to some great areas that will not only help your score, but help you beat those bloody Nazis in the process.  Yes, with floor coding and guard positioning, you just might find that the odd secret will make a hard area much easier.  You have been told.

I hate sets that merely play out in front of the player.  Those are the norm and I have grown very weary of that form of one-dimensional gameplay.  In this set there are ambushes, guards coming at you from more than one angle at a time, interesting uses of open and closed areas, and the like.  Expect anything.  You may hear a guard cry out an alert, but never see him.  Hear those doors opening and closing in the distance?  It happens for a reason.  You have been warned.  Speaking of open areas, please remember it is not my fault if you kill too many guards in one area thus causing that visual bug where objects appear/disappear on your screen.

I broke some rules - sue me!  lol.  Any rule I broke was for the greater good of the level or the set as a whole.  You may find some things that you truly don't like about the gameplay.  Since I cannot satisfy everyone (and I wasn't going to try to satisfy just you, gentle reader), I tried to satisfy no one.  Instead I strove to make a set of which I could be proud.  Do I expect you to agree with my standards?  Of course not.  Those of you that need coding, audio, or graphic enhancements will be sorely annoyed by this mapset.  The cure?  Don't play it.  Delete it now.  I know that there is still a core of hardened Wolfers out there that appreciate the original game in its original form.  Much like acktung!, that is what this set is... the original game with my own personal spin added to the gameplay.  If you don't like it, that is fine by me, but please don't criticize our passion for the original game.

Speaking of deviation against the norm, mutants have been introduced early and officers are introduced much later.  This does cause some pain in the early levels, but in all honesty, seeing mutants in the slime areas makes more sense to me.  Since the slime areas are the dungeons beneath the castle... well, you figure it out - lol.  I used the Wolfenstein format for the intro elevators.  In other words, you cannot enter the elevator at the beginning of the level.  Shouldn't be a major issue.  Par times and ceiling colours are factory set - i.e. there have been no changes.  That too takes away from the feel of the game, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Oh... right... par times.  Let's talk about those.  In selecting these levels, I made sure that the original par times could be beat.  Some levels even have subtle little ways to get a nice bonus if you beat the par time.  I will not be offering any suggestions in that regard.

Is it just me, or is this getting way too freaking long?

And now, onto the obligatory crap contained in most readmes:

Installation:  I have no idea and you are on your own

In event of finding bugs:  Repeat after me, "ack never told me to play this and I am on my own."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! goes to:
- iD Software
- anyone who worked on MapEdit, which was used to make the original maps
- Adam Biser for WDC, which was used to compile this collection (and for being an all-around good guy)
- Ariel & Wolfie3dfan for talking me out of making this a private release (ya, I was only going to share this set with my friends)
- Brian E. Lowe for his support of the community with his help, websites, and advice to all
- Steve and the Lady for being such great people and full of support
- anyone else who is asking themselves, 'why the <bleep> didn't ack thank me?'

This set can be posted anywhere.  I don't care.  This file need not be attached.  I don't care.  Use these maps and claim them to be your own.  I don't care.  Manipulate them and use them in your own projects without giving me credit.  I don't care.  Jimmy crack corn.  I don't care.  The only thing I do care about is that you get some enjoyment out of playing these maps.  If you do, then you have made my day.  If you don't, well... what can I say?  I tried to make them fun.

The wanton rambling must cease.

G'night Gracie & Goodnight Mrs. Calabash (wherever you are)




Click here for the download. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.