More images of Cat Stein 2

From Joshua Moore


The weapons are:

Yarn Ball launcher

Cat munchies chain gun



The enemies are:

Guard: Black Cat

SS: Little girl

Dog: The same wolf3D dog but with different death animation.

Officer: Car

Mutant: Robot

Fake hitler: Tennis Ball machine



The Bosses are:

Ultra girl: A little girl in a Hans Grosse suit

Big toy mutant: A toy of the Spear of Destiny Ubermutant

Evil magic cat: This evil cat attacks you with a book of spells

Punk Teenager: Has a Bouncie ball launcher, Ouch !

House gas man: He has a bug killer gas gun, It stinks doesn't it

Dr.Cheese: The evil mouse in a modified Trans Grosse suit



The items are:

Milk: Heals 4% health

Cat Food: Heals 10% health

Animal hospital first-aid kit: Heals 25% health

Present boxes give you points



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