Rise of Chaos - Project Info

Greetings! On behalf of my brother, "The Incredible Pete", I'd like to announce a new project called "Rise of Chaos". It takes place after "Halls of Stonehenge", and before "Countdown to Chaos", which I am currently working on. You play army hero John J. Schwarz in an effort to once again rid the world of nasty monsters and enemy soldiers, before an all-out invasion can occur. Number of levels and coding changes, if any, are yet to be announced. The game uses the original Wolfenstein as a base. (attached is a title screen, and list of weapons and enemies with descriptions). Thanks!


" Rise of Chaos "

Weapons and Enemies

Enemy and boss names with ( ) or (TBA) means the name is subject to change. Bosses and enemies may appear in a different order than listed below.


Knife - A standard, run of the mill, stainless steel blade. Great for cutting food and whittling chess sets, but lousy for dealing with hordes of angry monsters and enemy soldiers. Still, it's better than nothing if you run out of bullets.



Shotgun - You begin the adventure packing this baby. It's shots do a good deal of damage, but the rate of fire will begin to become inadaquete as you are assaulted by hordes of angry enemies. It's useful even when you have better weapons, though, because it uses ammo more slowly.


Twin Pistols - The fun begins when you get your gloves on these semi-automatic twin pistols. Their shots aren't as powerful as the shotgun, but you won't have time to notice when your enemies start dropping like flies. Keep an eye on your ammo, though. It's easy to use up fast.



Assault Cannon - This is the 2000's, and carrying a chaingun around is just so overdone. This weapon behaves similiarly, though. It chews up enemies rather quickly, but it will do the same to your ammo supply too, so keep an eye on your bullet count. Some enemies use this against you.


Gremlin - Small, butt ugly, and mean, but not very powerful.


Rogue Soldier - These are the main baddies - human soldiers working for Dr. Madjab's elite invasion forces.


Elite Zombie - Former soldiers of Dr. Madjab, these guys were killed by monsters, and made into mindless...but deadly...zombie soldiers instead.



(The Creature) - These ghouls remain mostly submerged in muck until just the right time when they rise to attack you.


Rothawk - These super decayed bird-like zombies are fast and dangerous, and should be dispatched quickly.


Tutahumanattak - Pretty much what you would expect from a mummy...except for the blazing stream of fireballs they launch down your throat.


Mechanical Warlord - Not known for his manners, this guy has one thing on his mind...killing you. Better do him first


Minothor - Whatever you do, don't call this guy "bull headed"...unless you ever wondered what a 50 pound hammer tasted like.


Col Zanders - This dastardly dude is one of Madjab's minions. Beware, lest you be brutally destroyed! (okay...so that's a little melodramatic...)


Commando - These guys like chainguns, and they like to use them to blow you to little tiny pieces. Well, don't let em'!


Death's Head - This guy is as friendly as he looks. A powerful guardian of Draagon's lair, combat is what it "lives" for. Beware!


Dr. Madjab - This guy is a real jerk! He's the arch enemy of John J. Schwarz (our hero), and the mastermind behind the latest skunky plan to invade the world with monsters from another dimension. Can Schwarz frag him and save the world? We'll see...


Draagon - When BJ destroyed Sarron, someone (or something) had to step in to rule his dark realm. That "someone" is Draagon, foul denizen of the netherworld. He may be foul, but he's pretty powerful. He doesn't even need to shoot you to hurt you. Well, you better start shooting at him, buddy! Good luck!

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