ColonialMarines: The Second Encounter

by The Alien Fan

While watching several SciFi movies (ironically SST being one of them) I came across another adventure I would like to take... I'm very "very proud" as Doctor Wren of Alien Resurrection put it... OF what I have accomplished...

I introduce ColonialMarines: The Second Encounter... Based solely in the Aliens Universe you take control as a U.S.C.M.C marine and are ordered with your squad to Lv534. When you arrive your squad is killed... You awake only to find a pistol and many dead marine buddies... You reach an elevator and take it down to the next floor...

ColonialMarines has the following enhancements to the Wolf engine:

I am removing music because I can't add in new music. (My comp bugs out when I use the progs.)



Also, the eggs pods will be "around", but I dont think Wolf3d can be coded to handle Idle, hatch, death stuff that the egg needs... Nor do I have the patience to code that in...

Here are some pics: (Note these pictures are takin in "NewWolf" The final product WILL vary..)

Please email me with questions... Tell me what you think.

The Alien Fan.


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