Assault On Castle Totenhammer Update

by Joe Robinson

Well, that TC I said I would be working on is coming along well. This time I will not do quite as much coding. I thought perhaps I would go towards the realism scene.

First, I decided B. J. didn't have pocket space for more than 30 bullets, so the limit is now 30. No steroids or anything that gets your health above 100. It seems ridiculous now that I look back. Guns of the same type, make the same sound. Like an SS shoots his gun and makes a predictable sound. Your MP40, however, makes the same sound. A little thing ID left out.

If my history is correct, SS wore black, not blue, so they are now dressed accordingly. The officers in the original wore white. I don't like white clothes, so they are now in a dark gray suit. Also, the SS drop their MP40s and chaingunners drop their chainguns. If you already have full ammo and a copy of that weapon, you won't pick it up. This is one of those little things that is so great that no one thinks to do. Am I truly the first?

In this set, you are, as normal, B. J. Here's a description of the story:

It's January 1945. You have been assigned to assist the Russians as they draw closer to Berlin. One of the Soviet scientists, a Doctor Pepper, has been captured and imprisoned in a castle recently constructed slightly northeast of Berlin known as Castle Totenhammer. (I believe that means Death Hammer. I request that you tell me if that's wrong.) Doctor Pepper is critical to the Soviets because he was working on the development of a new armor to apply to their tanks. This very armor is what will turn the tide in favor of the Soviets while they push for Germany. You are to make your way into Totenhammer, find Doctor Pepper, and find your way out again.

As of yet, I have made no new maps except for a test level to test progress. The sourcing is coming along well as may be obvious. I included the title screen as the first taste of what's to come. A demo should be out before too long. Cross your fingers, and hopefully I won't lose my code this time. -Joe-

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