Gretel's Castle Information/Screenshots

by Kyle Albert

Source Changes :

- Ceiling Floor Textures

- Missile Launcher Added with own ammo type

- Optional Full Screen Mode with Popup Statusbar.

- Seamless Level progression and level 21 (displayed as 66 in the game) is the secret level.

- Read This! renabled

- Jukebox added to Control Menu *

- Armor Added

- New status bar

- New unlocked door

- Teleporter added

- 3 songs from Spear Added

- Demos Removed

- Health can go up to 125, Ammo can go up to 15 for the Missile Launcher and 200 for all the rest.

- New Static Objects

- 2 keys added

- Kill Display on Status Bar

- Changed MLI cheat, and debugging parameters changed

- NoClip Renabled

- Score it reduced and stays at 0 if using debugging.

- Can't get a lower weapon when getting a higher one

- Hitler Boss split into 2 bosses.

- Chaingun Guard Added

- Flamer Guard Added

- You start with a knife, guards can drop pistols

- Much More...

Things planned to do:

- Missile Explosion Range (having trouble with this)

- Ambient Sounds on current levels

- Some other stuff I can't remember now :)

Screenshots: "Ceiling and Floor Textures are beta, which some may not be used in the final"

Areas Completed:

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