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Creating Deja-Vu Levels


Ahh, the Deja-Vu style rooms. You probably don't know what are these, but if you played Spear Ressurection or Projekt: Veritlgung, then you may remember those wicked, still-the-same looking levels "without exit", right? Yes, long time you had to finish them, right? Okay, let's say you want your own Deja Vu level. I'll tell you what do you need.

1. Idea. If your add-on has included teleporters, then it's your point. For example, make a cross-looking symmetrical room with guard in it, and on the end of each cross you have a door with small room in it (3x3 let's say). Place teleporter & teleport place in one pair of the small rooms, and in second one place only teleporter. Now, build another cross-looking symmetrical room, with guard's body somewhere near where this guard was living in room before. Make the teleporter place (where the teleported guy comes), but other small rooms... it's your design. Make thousands of enemies there, and see that your friends will get little scary - "Martin, boring it is... ahh!!!!". Yes, I remember that.

2. Good design. You know, the best and small-area Deja Vu rooms are always symmetrical. If it is, then it's easier to make a Deja-Vu styled room.

3. Elements. Don't forget to place some elements that will hit up the feeling that you were there. Place furniture at the same squares where you placed them before. Make the same pushwalls, doors.

4. The Last one, but Very Important - guards. This increases the Deja-Vu feeling very much. If you place the guard in one room (alive one of course), and in second Dejavu room you place his body, then the player will think that something's wrong here. But don't forget to make a "template radius" of guard moving before death (after he's alerted with your presence), so the player won't see that this is all set to get him in a trap.

Also, the good way to learn about the Deja Vu styled levels is looking up at levels by other ppl. Try WolfDoom by AReyeP, Spear Ressurection by AReyeP & MCS, and Projekt: Vertilgung by Verdammt Soft. You can get them from our Downloads page.

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