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Guard Types


In Wolfenstein 3D, there are many types of guards. I don't mean their look, but how do they react on your presence, and I mean these types that can be changed only by using the map editor. Here are three basic types:

1. Normal, standing guard
2. Walking guard
3. Deaf guard

Note that the dogs can't be deaf and they always walk. Bosses can't walk and are always deaf.

Normal, standing guard, will react on your visual presence. Also, if he hears gunshots, he will immadietly alarm the other guards in the room. To define these guards in the map editor, just make their floor code as the rest of the room. You may give, for example, the same floor code for three rooms filled with guards, and then all guards from these rooms will react on sounds.

The second type of guard is the walking guard. He starts moving through the direction that he's looking at, and the track of his moving is defined by Turning Points. You can place these on the map to make the guard move, and turn his body on these points. Note that the walking guards can open the doors!

The third type is a deaf guard. The deaf guard doesn't hear the gunshots, but he's got a really good eye and see you from bigger distance than Walking or Standing guard. You can use this attribute to make, for example, traps like in E1L1. Look at this:

I've marked the things I mean with red circles.

You get out of the room, turn left, kill the first guard, and enter the big gray stone area. There's a first guard MOVING - he's got a walking attribute, and you can see his turning point defined on this screenshot. The next guard, in next wood panelled room is deaf - I mean the guard that's standing before the secret with machinegun. You see? It's the most basic type of trap!

To make guard Deaf, you need to scroll down on the Map menu until you see the floor codes. There you should find an "X" and "Deaf Guard", before all of the floor codes. Just place that "X" on the guard that you defined and he will be deaf.

Use that properly and you will have great effects, I swear!

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