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Holo Walls


The holo-walls are walls that player can go in. It's a trick that uses the game bug, so
there may be problems with it. Known not-good-things with holo walls are:

 - Player can stuck in the holo-wall without the chance of getting out, if guards will
stand on both two sides of it.
 - When standing in holo-wall you can't kill the guard that is moving outside of it
 - When you shoot inside the holo-wall the fire is heard by every guard on the level
 - Guard killed in the holo-wall may not leave ammo
 - Guards standing in holo-walls may hear things happening in other area of your
level, but not always
 - Holo-walls aren't added to secret area count at the end of the level.

You can make new holowall by placing guard in it. He can stand or move. Mapedit in
ver. 7.2 or older lets the designer placing objects in walls, and walls on objects. Mapedit in version 8.4 allows only placing walls on objects, so firstly you must place your guard, and then the wall. Walking guard can enter the holo-wall deeper, but only one square inside.

I saw the usage of Holo Walls in shareware "patch" for Wolfenstein, called Blake Wolf or sth like this - it's by Mr. Lowe & A. Nonymous. (1st level - beware of guard-mans!)


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