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Common Designers' Mistakes


Here is the list of most "known" and common mistakes made by advanced and beginning map designers. Just try to aviod these things and everything will be okay, believe me. Okay, let's start the "bad list":

1. Misunderstanding with Floor Codes
That was pretty common in older add-ons, but now I can't see it. For example, one floor code is attached to all rooms in the level. Or there are three types of floor codes in one room. This is the most stupid bug that you can do! You can be sure that you screwed up with floor codes when you have invisible doors on your level, or walls that you can move through (Holo-Walls you didn't create before).

2. Item In Wall
I don't mean Holo Walls. Just don't place plants in walls, or you want strange results like garbled plant images on the center of your new shining room??

3. Day & Night
You know that there's one wall texture with two themes: The Outside. N/S it's night sky, and E/S it's a day. It will be pretty disappointing if you'll have day & night in one room, or even one level, wouldn't it?

4. Where am I? Where am I?
Making labirynths is the worst style of designing levels. It's not fair, boring and so on. Leave the complicated labirynths and passages for really good-made, planned underground Nazi base.

5. Bad textures
That's also pretty common. Don't place two different textures in one room, because it will look very weird - for example the mine wall texture and a blue brick. The best idea how to avoid this is to separate the textures by creating new rooms and doors to join them. With that you may easily mask the changing of texture.

6. No Ammunition / Weapons
Remember. Always place a machine gun or/and some ammo near the player start. When he/she gets killed by a Nazi, then he starts with a basic, small pistol and 8 ammo. And what he/she should do if he's at level 8, filled with mutants, officers and other walking "toddbringers"?

7. No Health
Same as above. After place some medikits or meals before and after heavy fire. It makes the game easier but the player will stay alive.

8. Lack of treasury
Some people think treasury is a third-party pickup. Nothing more bad! Treasury brings lives, and it's the best to place some in small rooms with one officer, or in secret areas. To make the player's life easier, you may place the treasury in the room that has an entrance only from the secret pushwall, but the player can see it because one side of the room is made from collumns, for example. He will know that pushwall is somewhere near and will start checking.


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