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Objects & Walls


Okay. Before making our first Wolfenstein map, we need to tell you something. What are the walls and objects exactly. It's possible that nothing explains it better than the MapEdit help, but if you look for alternative source of information, this is the good place.

The walls. Due the design of Wolfenstein 3D engine, these are the 1x1 squares, painted with editable texture. In the original Wolfenstein, every wall has two textures assigned: one side brighter, and one side darker. You can edit the textures by WolfEdit or other editing program.
These 1x1 squares can be joined, can be separated, and can be a pillar for the doors. Let's take
a look at this screenshot:

You see? All of those corridors are made from 1x1 squares which texture can be chosen on the right side of MapEdit panel. In this level, Wood Panneling, Grey Stone and Blue Stone were used.


Okay, now let's get to Objects. The Objects in Wolfenstein are everything that is not a wall - guards, pillars, plants, food, weapons. There's only one side of them. To choose the object, click
on the OBJ button on the right. Then just click to place the object. Remember that object can't
be placed in the wall.

All Wall and Object data are stored in two files: MAPDATA.WL6 and OBJDATA.WL6. You can change them to suit your needs.

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