The Monkee Awards 2003


TC Awards

Best Sequel to SOD: Spear Resurrection

Most Realistic looking TC: Operation: Heimzahlung

Best Doom Conversion: Wolfendoom

Best Blood Conversion: Halls of Stonehenge

Most Anticipated (by me): Trench Warfare

Least Ammo in a TC: Haunted House demo

Least Visually appealing: The Thing

Best Super Hero based TC: Batman

Biggest Stinker: Dawn of the Dead



Other Games and Awards

Best WWII FPS: Medal of Honor

Best Post-Wolf FPS: Duke 3D Atomic Edition

Best Biblically based FPS: Super 3D Noah's Ark

Best Horror FPS: Blood

Best Game with screaming hobos: Operation Body Count

Best Alien Invasion game: Corridor 7

Worst Game ever: Raid 2020

Best Overall FPS: Jedi Knight

Best Overall TV actress: Jennifer Aniston

Best Wolf3D Site: The Wolf3D Dome

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