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News Archive

Hello, World!

I'm Matt Stath and I'm the secondary webmaster of The Wolfenstein 3D Dome. I miss Brian being healthy. Send your mod links and screenshots to me at stathmk (at) yahoo (dot) com.

31st December 2014: NT Games website

-TheKKKNo2 has a Hungarian website that contains all of his Wolfenstein SDL mods, links to video playthroughs of them, and some other goodies.
-Main mods (mods, versions, patches): Project: Wolfenstein 2.0 (December 31, 2013 by Officer-Michael John, Project Wolfenstein), Crash of the World (Crash of the World alpha 0.9, Crash of the World Version 1.1 patch), Crash of the World 2: Nina's Revenge (Crash of the World 2 demo), Operation: Beyond War demo, Wolfenstein 2013 (contains New maps Mod in episode 1)
-"Test" projects/experimental/unfinished (both in The Wolfmod Pack Vol. 1): Wolf3d's 20th Anniversary, Sole Survival
-Planned: Wolfenstein: Total Chaos, Crash Of The World 3, Hell Rising,
-September 13th's 'August 20 mode' is a mod of Project Wolfenstein 2.0 by Officer-Michael John, but is not currently listed on NT Games.
-There's some interesting stuff in there: the Crash mods feature Crash Bandicoot characters, sounds and music, the second being quite coding-heavy; Operation Beyond War demo appears to be an EoD clone. All of the mods use the Wolf4SDL engine and almost all include a detailed text file. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Note that some of the download links need to be copied and pasted into another browser window. YouTube videos.

30th December 2014: Project: Wolfenstein v2.0 August 20th Mode

Officer-Michael John has released his first mod called 'Project: Wolfenstein v2.0 August 20th mode'. This is a modification of TheKKKNo2's 'Project: Wolfenstein v2.0' (more on this will be posted in a subsequent news item). There's one full episode of mostly compact levels with new sound effects, graphics, and music. A detailed text file is included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Wolf3D Haven Thread, YouTube video of level 10 (DOS version) by Protokol Cateko

29th December 2014: Wolfenpack 3.8

Vincent has updated his Wolfenpack and Wolfenmap programs once again. There have been some bugfixes and both programs now have better compatibility with each other. More information and the downloads are available here or on Vincent's page. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

28th December 2014: Wolfenmap 2.1

Vincent has updated his Wolfenmap level-debugging program. It works for Wolfenstein v1.0, v1.3, v1.4, The Spear of Destiny, and derived games. It also works for code-changed games. More information and the download is available here or on Vincent's page. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th December 2014: Leiche Soldat DOS Version

Chris Chokan has converted Gary Ragland's Leiche Soldat to DOS! The archive contains both DOS and DOS4GW EXEs. Available here or at chokfiles. Requires the full version of Leiche Soldat released 15th June 2014. Diehard Wolfers Thread

26th December 2014: Leiche Soldat SDL Version

Gary Ragland's long-awaited follow-up to 2002's 'Countdown to Disaster' has been released. Eight years in the making, it is a prequel to Schabbs 2000 named 'Leiche Soldat' featuring 13 large levels of 128x128 playing area. The 2 Audio files from Wolfenstein 3D are required to play. Available here or at dropbox. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers Thread.

25th December 2014: Wolfenstein 3D Christmas Level in Doom 2

True Capitalist Doom - Secret Level Reskinning is the only video that I could find of the first Wolfenstein secret level in Doom 2 with Christmas or Winter graphics. I hear that Ghost was a radio commentator. MetroidJunkie2007 also made a snow missle launcher: Watch. Download lethal version or non-lethal version.

24th December 2014: Thomas Weiling's Mapping Anthology Updated

Thomas Weiling has re-released his Mapping Anthology in PDF format. This document contains an explanation behind each of the 693 levels that he has made, and where the inspiration for each came from. An up-to-date, exhaustively detailed and interesting read for fans of Thomas' work. Updated 11th August 2014. Available here.

23rd December 2014: DHW Map Of The Month Club: Q1 2014 Package

The latest 'DHW Map Of The Month Club' package has been released. It's for Q1 2014 and has 11 levels. Co-ordinated by ronwolf1705. Available here (with the exe updated 5 April 2014). Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Links: Diehard Wolfers Thread #6760, Diehard Wolfers Thread #6803: Voting, & Wolf3D Haven.

22nd December 2014: Attack of The Mutant Munchkins of Doom SDL

Tricob has converted his mod 'Attack of The Mutant Munchkins of Doom' to SDL. It's a 1-level adventure featuring new music, sounds, hint bubbles, and some new artwork. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers.

21st December 2014: Rollercoaster Ride

Ronwolf1705 has released another mini-mod, a 7-level entry called 'Rollercoaster Ride'. The gameplay has a twist: you are constantly moving forward (as if you're on rails) and if you touch walls or objects, you die. Quite challenging! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Dean's Wolf 3D Blog, Diehard Wolfers, & YouTube playthrough by Balames87.

20th December 2014: Zillion 3D

33 Games has released 'Zillion 3D', a sci-fi themed Wolfenstein 3D mod with characters from 1987's Sega-sponsored anime Akai Koudan Zillion. 2 episodes, 20 levels, & 4 bosses. Zillion 3D Ver 1 SDL or Zillion 3D Ver 1.1 Updated 28th August 2014. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Links: Moddb, Diehard Wolfers, or YouTube gameplay by Fliperama oRama.

19th December 2014: Spear of Infinity

Hellblazer has released the full version of 'Spear of Infinity'. There are 21 levels, now in SDL. Features solid mapping, yellow graphics, and two types of toilets! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers & YouTube playthrough by Lingyan203

18th December 2014: Krucible Demo

A 4-level demo of 'Krucible' has been released by Mad Wolf. This mod is set in a bleak and horrifying post-nuclear apocalypse world, and is quite advanced, feature-wise: there's a double chainsaw weapon, interactive characters to advance the story, textured ceilings and floors, and much, much more. Quite an immersive world! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Links: Moddb, Diehard wolfers, & YouTube trailer.

17th December 2014: Resident Evil: Unleashed SDL

'Resident Evil: Unleashed' has been released by Mad Wolf. Experience a new chapter in the horrifying Resident Evil universe from the mind behind Frayed and Krucible: Insanitarium. There are 7 levels, 2 of which are alternates. Features include a merchant system, log files, a new HUD, and much more. Updated March 16 2014. Available from his page , or The Dome's full version with The Dome's helpart patch. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers thread, Moddb.com, YouTube trailer, & Review by ron1705 and Dean.

16th December 2014: The Legend of the Holy Grail

Wolfrost has released his first mod, a 6-level Spear of Destiny beta called 'The Legend of the Holy Grail". It features new sprites, sounds, music, and in-game messages, with plans for much more. The current EXE used is Tricob's Base of Operation Spear of Destiny v1.00, which has the notorious anti-piracy quiz intact. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. The thread is at Wolf3D Haven.

15th December 2014: DieHard Wolfers Wiki

Due to the demise of WolfSource, a new wiki has been started by some Team RayCast members. Much of the initial content revolves around Team RayCast, its members, and its projects. The founders encourage all members of the community to contribute, to create a well-rounded resource for the whole Wolf3d community. The DieHard Wolfers Wiki can be accessed here with threads at Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven. Here's the defunct (archived) Wolfsource Wiki, and Another Wolfenstein-related wiki.

14th December 2014: Operation: Nighthawk

A Spear of Destiny mapset has been released by reflex17. It's a 6-level demo which reflex17 intends to expand to a full campaign. The full version of Spear of Destiny is required to play. Available here. The thread is at Wolf3D Haven with a review by ron1705.

13th December 2014: Treasure Hunt

'Treasure Hunt' has been released by serpens. Subtitled Episode I: Escape from Gesundheit, this is a ten level mod with a guest level by ack and a slightly modified HUD. Although graphically vanilla, the gameplay has been made more treasure-centric. EXE by Andy Nonymous (both DOS and SDL incarnations). Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads are at Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven with a review by ron1705.

12th December 2014: Free game on GOG.com

Dosbox.com indicated a free game for December 12 in 2012 and 2013. So check back this December 12 at Gog.com.

11th December 2014: The Spear version 3.0

PDGamer2012's 2nd Wolf mod 'The Spear' has been updated with 2 extra keys, maps slightly tweaked to adapt to the new code changes, and a couple of different songs he converted to IMF himself. This is the former Penguindog55's prequel to his first mod 'End of the Third Reich'. There are 30 levels (18 + 1 normal levels, 2 secret levels, 7 Super Secret levels and 2 Ultra Secret levels). There's more info in the detailed document included. Avalable here with a Youtube preview by PDGamer2012.

10th December 2014: Trilogy - iLOW3d

Ipank7000 has released his 4th mod, called 'Trilogy - iLOW3d'. There are 30 levels in a 3-episode format, which requires completion of the first levels to unlock the next episode. It's a great combination of old-school mapping and newer features. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads on Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven with xdman's YouTube playthrough and ron1705's review.

9th December 2014: Project Totengräber for ECWolf

Woolie Wool has released an ECWolf conversion of B.J. Rowan's 'Project Totengräber' TC. It requires ECWolf 1.2.3 and unlike the original, also requires registered Wolfenstein 1.4 as none of Wolfenstein's assets are included in the PK3. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads on Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven.

8th December 2014: Wolfenken SDL

SDL conversion of Kenny Roels' first mod, 'Wolfenken'. 32 levels from 2002 with "butt-kicking features, new pulsating sound effects and graphics". Conversion by Andy Nonymous. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads at Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven.

7th December 2014: Xmas 2013 SDL

Dean has released a little 1-level mod as an Xmas present to everyone. Uses materials from Arielus' Xmas mod, 'Xmas Wolf', and some sprites from DoomJedi and Dean himself. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

6th December 2014: Gog.com Duke Nukem 3D Clone Sale

Until tomorrow morning, there's a sale on Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (Duke Nukem 3D plus another episode), Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition, SIN Gold, and Blood: One Unit Whole Blood. Except for The Unreal Tournament 2004 game, they are all retro from the 1990s. You pay $6.36 and save 80%. Viewer Discretion Advised. Gog link.

5th December 2014: ECWolf version 1.3

Blzut3 has released the latest version of his advanced source port of Wolf3d/SoD based on Wolf4SDL. In addition, Wisdom Tree's 'Super 3D Noah's Ark' is now available for purchase as an officially licensed ECWolf game. Available for Windows 98 or later, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Android on Maniac's Vault. The web page also has source code, the ECWolf 1.2 Tech Demo, Return To Totenhaus, shareware games, and forums! Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Also hosted by bitbucket.org with threads on Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven. YouTube of Super 3D Noah's Ark with ECWolf by tankermottind. PC ECWolf 1.3 on The Dome.

4th December 2014: Krankenstein Hospital SDL

Here's Vincent's long-awaited sequel to 'Krankenstein', a 39-level SDL extravaganza set in a hospital. Sexy nurses and sinister doctors chase you in a nicely-designed environment. Both SDL and DOS versions are available. Updated February 16th 2014. Available on Vincent's page. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads are at Diehard Wolfers and Wolf3D Haven. Screenshots.

3rd December 2014: Wolf Island

Here's a 30-level mod that takes place in a tropical island setting. It's a project started years ago by Fraggeur, before SDL was an established standard. Code changes include some new artifacts and level names are displayed during "Get Psyched". DOS-based (no SDL), but comes packaged with DOSBox so you just have to click a bat file and you're good to go. Available here, or from moddb.com, or the Diehard Wolfers thread.

2nd December 2014: DHW Map Of The Month Club: Oct-Nov 2013 Package SDL

The latest 'DHW Map Of The Month Club' package has been released. It's for October-November 2013 and has 5 levels. Co-ordinated by AlumiuN. Click for the release with patch 4. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads for Diehard Wolfers, and Wolf3D Haven.

1st December 2014: Operation Panzerschiff SDL

Here's the SDL conversion of Ben Blaufarb's 'Operation: Panzerschiff.' Originally released in 1999, it is one of the first standalone TC's, and made extensive use of the then-new FloEdit tool. There's a lot of new graphics, a new title screen, new status bar, and changed menu colours. Nearly 30 new levels. Very stylish. Conversion by Andy Nonymous. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads for Diehard Wolfers, Wolf3D Haven, and WLHacks' Youtube playthrough.

30th November 2014: Wolfenstein Advent Coming

Beginning tomorrow, check back here for an Advent of at least 24 Wolfenstein 3D or Doom files. Thanks to Andy Nonymous for keeping track of most of this December's files at The Ersatz Dome News. I have a long backlog of files to post for permanent links.

News Archive

Guns And Glory 2 by Little Cherub

Castle Hollehammer by James Shain & Karharis

Planet J by NexJay Studios

The Final Fight 2 by James Shain

Trail Of Schabbs by WLHack

Wolfenstein Forever by Barry Christian

Kenny 2 by Secret Agent Jonathon

Kenny 3 by Secret Agent Jonathon

Secret Agent Jonathon by Secret Agent Jonathon

Hunt For The Desert Fox by WLHack

Medal Of Honor Airborne by PicNic

Elsas-Lothingren by Lozer_42

SonderKommando Revolt by Doomjedi(

SoD Mappack by Valts(

The Mutant Uprising by Team Aardwolf

Kill Him 3 by PicNic

Revenge! by PicNic

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Battlezone 1.5 by jka

F.A.D.E.D. by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (




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