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News Archive

5th May 2017: Wolfenstein 3D Turns 25

Wolfenstein 3D turns 25 today! There are no future plans for The Wolfenstein 3D Dome or Veracottis servers and they will be archived at Wolfensteingoodies.com. For Wolf mods for now on, check at Barry Christian’s comprehensive wolfenvault.com. -Matt S .

26th January 2015: Tristan Becomes Webmaster

The Wolfenstein 3D Dome needs to go back to Tristan today. It's the intellectual property of Brian Lowe and Tristan. I had a lot of fun typing updates, taking screenshots, & playing.

25th January 2015: Matt Keeps track of Wolfenstein in other games

There's still a Doom 2 page on The Dome that Brian Lowe and Matt started. On Wolfensteingoodies.com, Matt wants to keep track of Wolfenstein 3D in Doom 2, other computer game engines, computer coding programs, Macintosh, other computers, consoles, and cell phones. Contact him if you have a Macintosh and/or can help. He also needs an email acquaintance to talk about graphics cards and computer specifications for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

24th January 2015: Nocturnal - iLow 3D

Ipank700 has released his fifth mod, 'Nocturnal - iLOW3d', a sequel to his previous mod called 'Trilogy - iLOW3D.' Again, there are 30 levels in a 3-episode format, which requires completion of the first levels to unlock the next episode. Includes features like new enemies, weapons, & objects. Updated Jan 18, 20, & 22, 2014. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads: Diehard Wolfers & Wolf3D Haven.

23rd January 2015: 6.25

Thanks to ack for making 6.25, for Dean for writing about it on the blog, and to JPB & Andy_Nonymous for finding it in a Diehard Wolfers thread. All levels seem to be 16x16 squares. Download here.

22nd January 2015: RetroBlazer Single Player Alpha Demo

Retroblazer is over 10 years in the making! Retroblazer is a fast-paced, vivid, colorful combination of a Quake clone, Mega Man X (A SNES game), and a level with a Wolf3D layout and music. Download RB011415.zip here or from Retroblazer.com. The Wolfenstein 3D level is here. There's a Wolf3D Haven thread, a Youtube channel last updated on January 15 of this year, a Facebook page, & you can vote for it on Steampowered.com Greenlight.

21st January 2015: Project: Vertilgung demo SDL

Officer-Michael John has converted 'Project: Vertilgung demo' by Zach Higgins to SDL. This single-episode 10-level set differs significantly from the full version Zach later made with James Ingham. This version has well designed levels and a lot of graphics and sound changes. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

20th January 2015: ECWolf version 1.3.1 Released

Blzut3 has released the latest version of his advanced source port of Wolf3d/SoD based on Wolf4SDL. The new version adds support for sampled music formats and tracker music (Opus, Vorbis, FLAC, everything supported by Mikmod), auto map can be panned with the mouse, saves can be deleted from the menu, Android is supported, and more. Available at Maniacsvault. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads: Diehard Wolfers & Wolf3D Haven. Also, info about the retail version of Super 3D Noah's Ark is updated to 1.3.1 for ECWolf 1.3.1 at Wolf3D Haven. There's also an ECWolf 1.2 or 1.3 Tech Demo & a Return To Totenhaus expansion pack.

19th January 2015: Hell Rising Beta/Demo

NT Games (TheKKKNo2) has released a 7-level demo version of 'Hell Rising.' The mod features many code changes, such as textured floors/ceilings, directional 3D sprites, a new weapon, in-game messages, and much more. It is planned to be a full 60 levels. Available at NT Games' Hungarian download page & here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Wolf 3D Haven thread & YouTube level 6 playthrough by kkk911XD.

18th January 2015: Spirit in the Wires

Lok2 has released a 10-level Wolf3d mod called 'Spirit in the Wires.' This one was made in two days, thanks to the levels being Creator-generated. The story and some of the textures and sprites show some originality and promise. All files are included, but requires DOSBox to run. The readme.txt file contains a detailed storyline. Available at Moddb & here.

17th January 2015: Gates to Hell SDL

Harry Mass Senior's 6th set 'Gates to Hell' has been converted to SDL by Andy Nonymous. There are 10 well-designed fast-moving and challenging levels, with new sounds, graphics, and title screen. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers thread.

16th January 2015: Endless Nights in the Mazes of Technology

Lok2 has released another Wolf3d mod made in less than a month, a 30-level one called 'Endless Nights in the Mazes of Technology.' Again, the levels appear to be edited Creator-generated ones. This builds upon Lok2's last mod, with many more enemy replacements, new textures, and new sprites. All files are included, but requires DOSBox to run. The readme.txt file contains a detailed storyline for each episode. Updated 26 December 2014. Available at Moddb.com & here.

15th January 2015: Wolfenstein 3D: Christmas Special

NT Games (TheKKKNo2) has released a 4-level total conversion with a Christmas theme. It features many elements of Bob and Adrienne's original Xmas Wolf addon, plus some from Ringman's and Reactor's (unreleased) Christmas mods. The textured floors and ceilings, directional sprites, and snow effects add a nice touch. A full list of credits is in the included text file. Available here. Requires the SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll files to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Wolf3D Haven thread, & YouTube level 1 by kkk911XD

14th January 2015: Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy

Team RayCast's latest major work, 'Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy' has been released. The third and final part of the Eisenfaust Trilogy boasts all new music and sounds in Ogg Vorbis format, many never-before seen features, and the customary excellent artwork and level design. A must-play for any fan of Wolf3d mods. Updated December 5, 2014. Available here for the small December 5th V1.04 update or here for the version with more than 100 megabytes more because it has music and sounds. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads: Diehard Wolfers, Wolf3D Haven, Moddb.com, YouTube 100% by Balames87, & YouTube blind by AnonimVio.

13th January 2015: Jan Dorsman Mapset

Jan Dorsman of The Netherlands has released a 60-level mapset. Many of the levels were made over a decade ago. Most have been made from scratch, with a few minimally-edited ones, particularly the secret levels and a couple of boss levels. Available here. Requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

12th January 2015: Coffee Break Episode 1: Castle Hasselhoff

Executor has released a new 10-level ECWolf mod called 'Coffee Break.' It's a series of relatively short maps using mostly the original game's graphics and sounds, to feel like an extension of Wolfenstein 3D, with a focus on tight, fast-moving gameplay over fancy features or storytelling. The "coffee break" part comes from the fact that these are short maps you can beat in under ten minutes. Available at Moddb.com, or get the Coffee Break file here with The ECWolf 1.3 file for it here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers Thread with YouTube playthrough by Bashe86.

11th January 2015: Autumn's Adventure The First Encounter Beta V1.0

AdamMasterArt has released a 3-level ECWolf demo of his My Little Pony Wolf3d mod called 'Autumn's Adventure.' Along with some original graphics, there is 3DO music, Blake Stone sounds and SoD Mission Pack textures. Also runs in DOS with the included shareware EXE. Available at Moddb.com & here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads: Wolf3D Haven & Deviantart.

10th January 2015: Witching Hour V1.69

The first official mod released by M2 Software in quite some time, 'Witching Hour' is another haunting one. Your car broke down in the forest and you have no other choice than to fix it. People you came by have disappeared so it's up to you to get the car running again. How hard can it be? Features a quite unique use of ceiling tiles! Available at Moddb.com and here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Wolf3D Haven Thread & YouTube teaser video.

9th January 2015: Wolfenstein 3D Lite Beta

Ronwolf1705 has released another concept mod, a 3-level entry called 'Wolfenstein 3D Lite'. Unlike his previous efforts, this one uses an engine with a quite advanced shading system coded by linuxwolf. The gist is this: You have no weapons. You can use the shadows to hide from the enemies. The default is that you walk slowly, which means the guards won't hear you. You can still walk faster, using SHIFT, but this increases the chance that guards will hear you. Available here.. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers Thread.

8th January 2015: Operation Künstliche Denker

Yet another item released on Moddb under addons is 'Operation Künstliche Denker', a 60-level Wolf3D mod made in less than a month by Lok2. The levels appear to be edited Creator-generated ones. Other changes include a masked BJ face, a new Mutant, a texture, a sprite or two, a new title screen, and changed episode names and pictures. All files are included, but requires DOSBox to run. The readme.txt file contains a detailed storyline for each episode. Available at Moddb.com and here.

7th January 2015: Schädelstein

Here's another item released on moddb discovered by Nexion. 'Schädelstein' is a 10-level shareware mapset made by Hervé back in 1994. It was released back on September 27. Not too bad of a first effort by a 16 year old! Available at Moddb.com and here. Briefly mentioned in the Wolf3D Bin Spam Edition Thread.

6th January 2015: The Black House re-posted

Majik Monkee has had his 2012 survival horror mod, 'The Black House' re-posted The Ersatz Dome on Diehard Wolfers in time for the Halloween season. The original host was a temporary one, and had long ago dropped the mod. The Wolf3d Haven thread linked below also has news of MonkeeWorks' other current projects. The Black House is available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Wolf3D Haven Monkeeworks October Update Thread

5th January 2015: The Episodes That Should Have Remained Lost SDL SoD Mission Pack Mapsets

ack has released two 21-level mapsets for The SoD Mission Packs, aka the 'Lost Episodes.' These levels, alternately titled 'THE EPISODES THAT SHOULD HAVE REMAINED LOST', have been in a completed state for quite some time, some of them dating back to an aborted team project. Updated readme file 12 Oct. Available at stuffiessafari.com & here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Requires the full version SOD data files with the Mission Pack VSWAPs to play. Full details on how to install are in the included HTML file.

4th January 2015: Devid NATION Full Version

Here's an item that got under the radar. Back on June 12, 'Devid NATION' by Devidon52 was posted at moddb. No developer is listed - the profile reads as if it were the original Wolfenstein 3D game. Credit goes to Nexion of Wolf3d Haven forum for sniffing this one out. The game itself is a 21-level Spear of Destiny mod. The purposely-crude graphics are augmented with new music (from Spear of Dreams SE) and sounds, and a snazzy green (and familiar) status bar, but the overall effect is of a project done with some care. Most of the levels are rather small. Available at Moddb or here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Note: You must delete the config.sod file before launching the DevidSDL.exe. This is the DOS version of the file. Briefly mentioned in the Wolf3D Haven Spam thread.

3rd January 2015: MMC Anthology

AlumiuN has put together a Wolf4SDL package containing all of the maps from the Map of the Month's original run in 2007 & 2008. These were previously never available in other than a DOS format. 59 levels in all! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers Thread.

2nd January 2015: WolfDX 4-level demo update

Tricob's WIP mod 'WolfDX' has been updated to version 1.99z, adding a new level (plus a secret level) and correcting many bugs from previous versions. Includes saved games for levels 4 and 10 and the source code. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Diehard Wolfers Thread

1st January 2015: DHW Map Of The Month Q2 2014

The latest 'DHW Map Of The Month Club' package has been released. There are 10 levels, and the early consensus was that it's an excellent set. Voting for your 3 favorites was open until the end of October. Co-ordinated by AlumiuN. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Threads: Diehard Wolfers...6804 & 6927

News Archive

Guns And Glory 2 by Little Cherub

Castle Hollehammer by James Shain & Karharis

Planet J by NexJay Studios

The Final Fight 2 by James Shain

Trail Of Schabbs by WLHack

Wolfenstein Forever by Barry Christian

Kenny 2 by Secret Agent Jonathon

Kenny 3 by Secret Agent Jonathon

Secret Agent Jonathon by Secret Agent Jonathon

Hunt For The Desert Fox by WLHack

Medal Of Honor Airborne by PicNic

Elsas-Lothingren by Lozer_42

SonderKommando Revolt by Doomjedi(

SoD Mappack by Valts(

The Mutant Uprising by Team Aardwolf

Kill Him 3 by PicNic

Revenge! by PicNic

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Battlezone 1.5 by jka

F.A.D.E.D. by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (




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