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Earlier News

SEPT - OCT 2002



Oct 31: Doomsday Released
Here's a shareware 1.4 Wolf3D set with original graphics sent in by Bernt Hansen. Originally made by Brian Larsen, Bernt has made a few improvements to most levels. All ten levels are new and the secret level is reached from the boss level. It's quite an enjoyable set, at least judging from the first few levels, and will especially suit those who like the original game.
Click here for the download. All files are included.

Assassination Update
I've replaced the map files in 'Assassination' (see Oct 25) with new ones sent in by Bernt Hansen. As well as changes to level three, Bernt has also made a few minor changes to a couple other levels.
Click here for the download. All files are included.

Trapped/Set Of Pics
JJ has made a set of three large size screenshots from 'Trapped'. You can see them

Red Alert Preview Pic
Here's a pic sent in by 'The Man Who Knows' from the upcoming set 'Red Alert'. Not everything new is included in the pic.

Oct 30: Starship Troopers Demo Released
The Alien Fan has released a demo version of Starship Troopers. You can get it at
Starship Troopers Website or here. There's just one level and not all the new graphics have been done yet, but there's enough in it to show how good the final version is likely to be.

Oct 29: Trapped Released
JJ has released the shareware 1.4 set 'Trapped'. There are five levels, plus some new graphics and sounds. It has several 'Hans Grosse' on every level and is very difficult to beat.
Click here for the download.

Oct 27: Blastfire Update
Fredrik Stjernholm tells me BlastFire will soon have a new site. Also, 'The Fear of Magic' will be remade with new gfx, levels, weapons etc.

Oct 2002 Dome Award Announced
The October 2002 Dome Award goes to Harry Mass Senior for his TC 'The Hunt'. As this is the second time Harry has won the award, Parafriction has made a special version.

The Alien Fan Update
Here's an email I received from 'The Alien Fan':

"My earlier mentioned 'The Terminator' TC has been cancelled. BUT I have something far more cool in mind hehe. Take on the role of an MI SOLDIER. Arm yourself with a morita and knife and set out to kill some bugs.

--Enemies (So far)--

  • Arachnid Warrior (standard bug)
  • Hopper Arachnid (A Giant Flying Mosqitoe from hell)
  • Queen Bug THE BIG BITCH lol


  • Knife (who needs a knife in a nuke fight anyway?)
  • Morita (Standard issue)
  • Morita Shotgun Attachment (pretty much secondary fire for morita)
  • Chaingun (Have fun - that's an order)


  • Textured Terrain (aka if the planet is desert, you will see desert textures for the ground)
  • Skies
  • Unlike most Wolf3d games (or tc's as some call them), the monsters will have new coding
  • The hoppers will swoop down and try to kill you
  • The Arachnids with charge at you in packs (they will be very tough to kill. Like in the movie you will put about 20 rounds into ONE just to kill it)
  • Troopers (fake sprites) that stand guard at base for a more REAL feel
  • 3d Dropships (level Geometry)

Click here for a picture of an early version of the arachnid (keep in mind it may look better/worse to you becuz this pic is taken in wolfgl)."

Oct 26: The Road To Despair Update
Executor (formerly known as Viper) has sent me an update on his TRTD project. There's also a couple pics from his other upcoming projects.You can access it

Oct 25: Assassination Released
Bernt Hansen has released 'Assassination'. This is a Wolf3D shareware 1.4 set with 'Lost Episodes' graphics and sounds. All ten levels are new and well designed. Some of the later levels have pushwalls that need to be opened to get to the exits. Overall, a very good set.
Click here for the download. All files are included.

There are more pics here.

Message to Bernt: I fixed a few things on level three which were preventing access to the next level. I tried emailing you about it, but the email rebounded. Let me know if you want anything changed. Brian.

Oct 22: Eat At Joes: Original Version Released
Someone pointed out that 'Eat At Joes' was not available on the Dome server. From what I remember, I couldn't get the new version to work but I just posted the original. There's 10 new levels and good cartoon type graphics, plus new sounds. You can get it

Oct 20: VDMSound
VDMSound is free and provides sound support for DOS games. It is for WinXP, Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000. You can get more info and the downloads from
VDMSound. Thanks to Mark Fitz for providing the info on this.

Oct 19: Revival Of Memories Update
All 39 maps of ROM have now been completed, though with work still to be done on the graphics and source code the release date still looks at least a few months away. Hopefully it'll be ready by Christmas!! Meanwhile, Parafriction has made a new wallpaper design based on the game. You can see it

Wolfenstein-City Website
For those interested in RTCW, here's a German website I found with plenty of new maps, mods, skins and other downloads. There's even a small Wolf3D section where you can download a zip of 'Temporary Insanity' with all the original text files included!! It's at

The Thing Demo Release Delayed
Wes Desjardins tells me his TC demo of 'The Thing' will now be released early November.

The Hunt Released
Harry Mass Senior has released his latest TC 'The Hunt'. There are 10 well designed levels (including a secret level). There are a number of graphics and source code changes, but the atmosphere of the original game is still there. It is difficult to beat - there are pushwalls on most levels which you need to open to find the exits - and there are bosses on some normal levels. Lots of action, and lots of mutants!! You can download it
here. Needs the registered Wolf3d to play as Harry has left out the audiohed file.

Oct 16: Mr. Lowe's Wolf3D Page Url Change
Due to an 'upgrade' on the server hosting 'Mr. Lowe's Wolf Page', a '/' now needs to be added to the end of the url - otherwise links to pics and other pages on the same server won't work!! The revised url is

Hitler's Attack Update
Patrick Grey has nearly completed his 10 level version of 'Hitler's Attack'. There's just over a half level left to do (0.65). Release date is now expected to be between Oct 19 and Oct 26.

Oct 13: Adolf's Last Stand Released
Bryan Banfield has released 'Adolf's Last Stand'. There are 21 extensive levels which are quite complex at times. Some keys are in secret areas. Uses Spear graphics.
Click here for the download.

World War III: Special Edition Released
The first of two releases from Will Hooper today, this is a revamp of Will's earlier 'World War III' set. All of the levels are modified with different layouts, there's a new title screen, plus there's some changed textures and two secret 'club house' areas. You can download it

Redemption Released
The second release today from Will Hooper, 'Redemption' is a new set and has 10 very well designed levels and a new title screen. Although there are some graphics and sound changes (including a new boss), it will especially suit those who prefer the original game. The first few levels are easy to beat but it gets much harder after that. You can download it

Oct 9: Galaxy Updates
Here's a message James Ingham asked me to post concerning his Wolf3D site:

"James' Wolfenstein 3D Galaxy is still working, but hasn't been updated for a while. From now on, I will try to do some work on it every week and post the site up once every 2/3 weeks. Sorry about the long time away. This year I have course work to do and I also have a job. It's hard to find space in between this for the site..."

Oct 7: Gottspear Released
Bobby Bucksnort has released 'Mutantstein V - Gottspear'. There are 13 well designed levels, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. It's a fast moving set with plenty of action. Some keys are in hidden rooms.
Click here for the download. Needs the registered Wolf 3D game to play.

Oct 5: Sam Is Back
Sam Feichter has returned to the Wolf scene and tells me 'Castle of Doom' will be ready soon. Also, Sam asks that if you email him with an attachment - please use
Samiam5446@msn.com. His other address Dumbsmack12@yahoo.com is for emails without an attachment.

Oct 4: Help Needed
Erick Frost needs help with source code and maps for his 'Luftwaffe' project. Please reply to

Oct 3: Terminator: Upcoming TC/Pic
The Alien Fan has sent the following details of his upcoming TC 'Terminator'. Here's some of whats to be expected:

  • 10 massive levels using every inch of the terrain available.
  • Indoor and outdoor levels
  • Fight as a terminator against terminators in the future!
  • Rescue humans for more points!
  • Find skynet tech to heal your damaged components!
  • New graphicsThe Terminator/Thumbnail
  • New sounds
  • NEW GAME!! ;)


  • T-100's
  • T-600's
  • and even the dreaded T-800's!!!!!

Weapons are:

  • Fist
  • Phased plasma rifle
  • Phased plasma rifle carbine
  • Plasma chaingun

Click on the pic for a larger image.

Oct 2: Hitler's Attack Update
Release date for the 10 level version of 'Hitler's Attack' has been put back again. It will now be between Oct 5 and Oct 19.

Oct 1: Spear Resurrection Sequel Announced
The sequel to AReyeP's/MCS' excellent 'Spear Resurrection' has been announced. It's expected to be ready by early 2003 and will be titled 'Spear/End of Destiny'. There's a good looking title screen at
AReyeP's/MCS' Wolfenstein 3D. There's a lot of info about the game in their news section.

T.R.O.S Pics
Ryan Steinbruner has made a collection of pics from his upcoming TC 'T.R.O.S'.

There are several more here.


Sept 29: MapEdit Project
Here's an email from Andrew Millward regarding his MapEdit Project:

"Hi, just to let you know that my MapEdit project has been renamed to MapEdit HB (short for Home Brew) You can download a slightly updated version at the Wolfenstein 3-D Bunker. Don't expect anything special yet as it is an alpha version. I will be adding a print map feature and a covert map versions feature. I will probably add support for Blake-Stone (like MapEdit 8.4 has) but probably not for the other games. I can't think of any think else to add yet, but if anyone has any ideas (as long as it's Wolf3d related) or wants to see a certain feature, please email me on andy@games-guru.com. I'll probably have to do some more research on Pascal to find out how to do certain things. I'm also learning it at college, and have picked the rest up by messing about with the source code.


Sept 28: Wolf3D Multiplayer Project
Martin Krysiak has sent me an FAQ regarding the Multiplayer Project. It's quite detailed and answers a lot of questions. You can find it

Sept 22: Wolf3d Bunker Moved
Andrew Millward has t
aken over from Brian Rowan in maintaining the Wolf3d Bunker. You can currently access it via www.games-guru.com/bunker. Andrew will be setting up the domain wolf3dbunker.com for easier access!

Wolfsite Updated
Here's an email I received from Guillermo Buteler:

"Wolfsite has another update. It has now a counter at last and the upload of sets has started, but they still can't be downloaded. Also, the Editing section has added the MapTips file, a text file with tips to design, make, improve, and present Wolf3d. This is an open forum so if you got any tips, you can send them to the wolfsite e-mail or use the submit buttons on the Editing section. Updated releases with new tips will appear when new tips arrive. More info on the page and stay tuned for the post of sets and downloads.

Meanwhile, I'm having problems with setting up a Read This! to my TC, Losing An As, please send help to gbuteler2000@yahoo.com.ar. Once this problem is solved the new beta (v0.99b) will arrive." Wolfsite.

Dome Award Announced
This month's Dome Award (Sept 2002) goes to Wolf Skevos-Jones for his 21 level TC 'Castle Totenkopf'. The levels are very well designed. There's also a good blend of new graphics and sounds with some from 'Lost Episodes', plus source code changes. You can find it
here. All files are included. Congratulations, Wolf!!

Spear's 10th Anniversary
It was Spear Of Destiny's 10th anniversary on September 18 and it's mentioned on John Romero's site at

Hitler's Attack Update
Patrick Grey tells me the 10-level release of Hitler's Attack' might be September 28, but may not be till October 5. Only 1 map is left to do. After the full version is done, another TC is planned called 'Revenge Of Adolf'. It'll have 60 levels that follow the same story as the original Wolf-3D.

Sept 20: New Add-ons
Ross Williams, who created 'Day Of The Chaingun', will be releasing 2 new addons for Wolf 3d. They are:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Based on the Anime/Manga of the same name. Set in different stages of the movie, you fight outdoors in a giant robot and indoors killing soldiers.
  • Magi: A fantasy themed FPS. You fight ghosts and the undead.

Screenshots will be available soon.

Sept 16: Revival Of Memories Pics
Parafriction has taken a number of pics from our upcoming TC. One of them is shown below...

You can see more here.

Sept 14: Upcoming TC/New Site
Wes Desjardins is making a new TC called 'Operation: OrinTrigger'. His earlier TC 'Operation:MDK' won't now be updated. Also, Wes now has a Wolf3D Site called
Wolfenstein Complex.

Hitler's Attack Delayed
'Hitler's Attack' has been delayed again. Release date is now either Sept 21 or Sept 28.

Wolf Site Revamp/New URL
Guillermo Buteler tells me he's moved his site to a new server at
Wolfsite. It's also been revamped with a completely new look.

Sept 8: Dome Revamp
The Dome is currently being redesigned with a new metallic look. We hope to include more features which are updated more often than previously, and the news page will be in smaller sections to reduce loading times. More details soon.

Hitler's Attack Update
Patrick Grey has only 1.5 maps left to do to complete the first episode of 'Hitler's Attack'. Release date should be September 14, but may not be until September 21.

Sept 5: Dome Forums/New URL
The Dome Forums have moved and are now at
Wolfenstein Forums. All messages from the last forums have been retained. Links to it from all the main pages have now been updated. Thanks to Millward for providing the webspace, and to Chad for the smooth transition. Looks as though everything is working normally.

Assault On Hell Being Updated
Little Snabes (Jake) tells me he's updating his 'Assault On Hell' TC. There'll be the following new features:

  • new starting level for each episode
  • episodes 4-5-6 will have all ten levels
  • more secrets and more maze like levels
  • no source code editing just original.exe
  • should be released October ( on Jakes birthday)

Sept 4: Raw Meat v2 Released
Ryan's 'Raw Meat' has been updated and now has even more special effects. What's there is done well though there's just one level and it doesn't last long. You can get it from the 'files' section at
Ryans Gaming Club.

Sept 2: Prisoner 666 Released
JJ has released 'Prisoner 666' which is for shareware version 1.4. There's only one level - mainly a large maze - but it's pretty difficult to beat. One pushwall (which you really need to win) is hard to find. Some of the graphics and sounds have been changed.
Click here for the download. All files are included.

Sept 1: Castle Totenkopf Released
This is Wolf Skevos-Jones first TC. The levels are well designed with good layouts. There are many source code changes, including new enemies (not replaced ones or ghosts, but full 8-sided guards) and a couple new weapons. It is for Wolf 3d, but it has one episode with 21 levels (like Spear). There are many new graphics and sounds, a lot of them are modified from the Spear episodes 2 and 3. You can find it

Save the Universe - Part One Reposted
I posted
Save The Universe - Part One again yesterday after it was pointed out that the original file didn't work. The one now on the server has been tested and is OK. For more info on this set, check out July 31 news.

AReyeP's 'Lost' First Add-on Released
Steve recently found his first add-on again (made in early 1993, and presumed lost for a long time) on a backup disk and has now released it. Having played most of it, I find it a very good set of levels with well designed layouts. And it doesn't look dated at all! There are ten new levels and it's for shareware version 1.0. You can get it at
AReyeP's and MCS's Wolfenstein 3D site (in the 'Other Stuff' section), or here. All files are included.


Earlier News


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