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Earlier News

NOV - DEC 2002



Dec 25: Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition Released
Well, merry Christmas everybody!!! As I hoped, the 'John Bucksnort Tribute' set has been released. I'd like to thank all those who contributed - BrotherTank for the concept and most of the co-ordination - MCS for his excellent coding work - and AReyeP for the graphics and storyline. Also, to all those who contributed levels. There are 21 straight seamless levels, plus lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. I feel it's an excellent set - one that John would have been proud of - and it serves very well as a tribute to the 'mutant maker'.
Click here for the download.

ps - there's been a number of changes since the first version was released to contributors - changed ceiling colour on level 20 (now black), par times additions to the source code, some minor levels changes and a neater looking blue opening credits screen.

Replacement Mutants Pics Request
Kyle A. sent me the following email:

"Does anyone have any replacement gif/bmp files for the mutant? Especially, any that have grey or white uniforms. (Remember the mutant has 5 deaths not 4 deaths pictures). And if they are gif files, please make sure they fit with Wolfedit. Thanks.

Please send them to K007auf@aol.com and label the Subject/Topic MNpics."

Area 51 Update
Luke Strauman tells me his 'Area 51' TC is almost complete. Mission 1 is done and the second mission is nearing completion. Expect it out in a few days.

Dec 24: New Source Code Tutorial Added
Kyle A. has sent in a new source code tutorial called 'Make A Boss Drop Instantly'. It's been added to our
Coding Basics page.

Halten Sie! Released
Originally released for the Mac, Laz Rojas has now released a PC version of 'Halten Sie!'. There are 10 straight levels which are well designed and replace the first episode. The first level is easy going but it gets more difficult later. There are a number of graphics and sound changes but the original 'feel' of Wolf3D remains. It needs the full version of Wolf3D to play. Please check out the enclosed 'readme' file for installing instructions.
Click here for the download.

Dec 22: Tribute Set Update
The completed 'John Bucksnort Tribute' set (Beyond Mutantstein Special Edition) has now been posted for those who contributed to it to download. There are 21 straight consecutive levels. Once everyone is satisfied with it then a final version will be issued for general release, hopefully on Christmas Day. Therefore, please let me know about any changes needed by Dec 24.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get in touch with Sam Chiang or James Ingham - would either email me for the download url if they read this. Since the set was posted MCS has made a few changes to the exe (including par times for the levels). I'll be including this in the final zip, but if anyone who contributed wants this now then please email me.

Dec 19: Imprisoned /Final Version Released
Tornado has released the final version of 'Imprisoned'. There are now 20 levels (only 4 were in the earlier demo set). Some graphics are from Doom though many are unchanged and the atmosphere of the original Wolf3D remains. You can download it

Dec 17: Wolf3D For Q3A/RTCW Project
Some of you may remember [Win]Elchtest. He's been remaking WE1M1 for Q3A/RTCW. Here's an email he sent with info on the project:

"All 60 maps are still in development and I've made good progress with new textures and models. With Newwolf it's possible to use those textures in classic Wolf3D. I plan to implement more of it and I'm thinking of a public release. A screenshot is shown below:

mailto:elchtest@quake.de, [Win]Elchtest"

Click on the above image for a larger pic.

Dec 16: Dead World Rising Demo Released
This is a 2 level demo by Roger D. Although it's nowhere near finished, there's enough in there to show what we're likely to expect in the final version. Roger uses 'TFS' as a base, but the graphics, sounds etc are 'Doom' based.
Click here for the download.

Area 51 Pics
Luke Strauman tells me his site now has a number of pics from his upcoming TC 'Area 51'. It's at
Wolf 3D Heaven And Hell.

Dec 13: Schabbs 9000 Pics
Kyle Fisher has sent me a set of pics from his upcoming TC 'Schabbs 9000'.

You can see the whole set here.

Kuki's New Site
Kuki's new Wolf3D site is in Polish and looks good, though I don't understand it all!! It's not finished yet but there will be many sections and much of it is done already. It's at
Wolfenstein Wiecznie Zywy.

Dec 12: Dead World Rising Project
Here's an email from Roger D. concerning his new project:

"Okay, well I've just scrapped my first mod, and in its place is a new DOOM one. It will be entitled "Dead World Rising", and will take place in the DOOM "Universe", meaning it is related to DOOM, but will have a new storyline. The game was built using "The Final Solution", and the read-me that comes with the game contains all the legal stuff, like all the games used, and who they were made by. The game will feature 5 weapons, most paying tribute to DOOM, but be on the lookout for a new arrival. Armour vests like the ones in "The Final Solution" will also be present. Some of the original enemies will be present, be as it is a new DOOM adventure, be ready for some new ones...

Also appearing is an exploding barrel. I have yet to make it cause damage, but it does blow up. The animation looks kind of cool. New effects have been added, like flashing alarm lights and blinking ceiling lights. With the new walls, it creates a real DOOM atmosphere. I have to complete the enemies, and finish the remaining levels. The game is currently about 15% done, but looks promising so far. I'll give you updates as it progresses. If anyone is interested in playing the test version (What I have do far), I'd be glad to e-mail them a copy."

Well, we got an award. It's from Uqahs who maintains the
Wolfenstein 3D - In Polish site. Well appreciated Uqahs. Click on the pic for a larger version.

New Site
Alexandre Brosseau has a new Wolf3D site. It's still under construction at present, though some sections such as 'links' are finished. Info on the upcoming TC 'The Luftwaffe' should be available soon and there's already a title screen pic on there. It's at
Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site.

Dec 11: Red Alert/Blood Of Heroes Preview
From 'The Man Who Knows', I just received another preview (a dossier) from his upcoming TC.

You can see it here.

Dec 9: Tribute Set Update
Levels were received during the weekend from Kyle Fisher and Bobby Bucksnort. This leaves 2 more to complete the 21 required. Bobby tells me Harry Mass Senior is doing one, plus Martin Krysiak said he would too. I've checked out all the levels done so far, and all are now bug free (hopefully, I haven't missed anything).

Castle Totenkopf v1.2 Released
Completing the original 'Castle Totenkopf' boss level 10 is extremely difficult so Wolf Skevos-Jones has now issued some guidance on how to complete the level. Wolf has also issued a new version with an easier boss level. Click for
guidance or v1.2 download.

Dec 8: Steven L. Pappas Upcoming Set
Steven L. Pappas has been working on an extension of the 'Barneystein' patch made by 'Pc Crap' on the SOD engine entitled 'Rise Of The Purple One'. It should be out by the end of the month. Below is a list of new features:

  • New maps
  • New boss graphics (Mechabarney, Baby Bop, Beavis & Butthead and the Purple One himself)
  • New enemy graphics (Sponge Minions)
  • New weapon graphics (Rifle, Semi-automatic, DOOM chaingun)
  • New story
  • New treasure ( kidnapped children)

Here's a couple of screenshots (note: It isn't done yet so that's why some stuff isn't changed):

Dec 6: Tribute Set Update
Latest news on the 'Tribute' is that Bobby Bucksnort has kindly offered to do some more levels, and there should also be one or two from Martin Krysiak. I have just completed a previously unfinished level of Greg's, so that leaves just four more for a complete 21 level set.

Dec 5: Imprisoned (Demo) Released
Tornado has released a 4 level demo of his upcoming TC 'Imprisoned'. Some graphics are from Doom though many are unchanged and the atmosphere of the original Wolf3D remains. If you like mazes then don't miss the secret level. There are some sounds and source code changes and a new title screen. There will be 20 levels in the final version. There's a lot of info about the project in the supplied doc file.
Click here for the download.

Dome Forums Revamped
The Dome Forums have been revamped and now have a light blue background colour. Chad has done quite a lot of work on them (thanks Chad) and they look pretty good.
Dome Forums.

Tribute Set Update
An update regarding the 'Tribute' set situation was posted in the Dome Forums yesterday in the General section. Basically, I've added Ariel's 2 levels and we now need another 5 to complete the 21 levels. Graphics, title screen, source code, and help/endart seem ok.

Dec 3: Project Eisenritter Released
Twenty new levels here and from what I played thus far they are well designed, plus lots of good graphics and sounds. There's one large seamless episode with 7 weapons and new keys. The 'read this' from the menu is particularly well done, and the new sounds/music add to the atmosphere. This is a very good effort by Wolf Skevos-Jones.
Click here for the download.

John Bucksnort Tribute Set Update
Greg has sent me the latest files from the John Bucksnort Tribute set. Greg wasn't able to complete all the work on the set due to other commitments so he's handed it over to me to finish off. I've had a quick look at it levelwise and it seems that at least 3 levels need to be added. I have 2 from Ariel to add and maybe some from Martin Krysiak so there should be no problem with the levels. I've not checked out the read this/endart yet. I'll post more news on this when I've had a more detailed look at the set. Hopefully, it won't be long before it's released.

Area 51 Pics
Kyle Fisher has made a set of pics from Luke Strauman's 'Area51'. This TC is due to be released very soon.

You can see the full set here.

WOTH II Updated
I recently updated the map files to WOTH II and replaced some of the 3 x 3 square rooms with less predictable layouts. There are major changes to a couple levels and minor changes to some others. You can download the updated version

Dec 2: Assassinate Hitler 2 Demo Released
Kyle Fisher has released a 3 level demo of a sequel to Gary Ragland's 'Assassinate Hitler'. What's there is done well though the levels are not that large. The third level is a revamp of the original shareware boss level but you meet Hitler and not Hans Grosse. There are some source code and graphics changes. Ten levels are planned for the final version. You can download the demo

Dec 1: Phoenix Rising Project
Due to some coding difficulties, Wes Desjardins has cancelled his TC 'The Thing: Biohazard' and has replaced it with a new one titled 'Phoenix Rising'. Set in Egypt, here are the features:

  • 20 levels seamless
  • 2 new songs
  • New Weapons (Fist, Pistol, Phoenix Staff, Plasma Cannon)
  • New Enemies (Mummies, Scorpions and Anubis monsters)
  • New Sounds
  • New Wall Textures
  • New Graphics
  • The squad-feature (That was never used) :)
  • NEW GAME!!

Wes apologizes to those who were looking forward to 'Biohazard'.

Area 51 Update
Luke Strauman has returned to the Wolf3D scene and 'Area 51' is nearing completion. With a week or so it will be released; also 'Sorcerers Wrath' has started up again. Luke is looking for beta testers for 'Area 51'. If you're interested please email him at lstraumann@shaw.ca.


Nov 30: Nov 2002 Dome Award
Much to our regret, this month we have no award. This is because there were no new add-ons that, in our opinion, were worthy of being awarded. We hope this will different next month.

Nov 26: Wolf3D: Kyle Style Pics
Yet more news from Kyle Fisher! He's sent me a set of screenshots from his upcoming TC '
Wolf3D: Kyle Style'.

You can see the whole set here.

The Lost Episodes (Revisited) Released
Kyle has now released 'The Lost Episodes (Revisited)'. There are 4 levels - the 3rd is a large level mainly revamped from a Lost Episodes 3 level - and the other 3 are smaller, though original and of good quality. Graphics and sounds, as expected, are from the original sets.
Click here for the download.

Nov 23: The Lost Episodes Pics
Kyle Fisher has sent a set of 3 screenshots from his upcoming TC 'The Lost Episodes'.

You can see the full set here.

Nov 18: The Mutant Co. Ltd/URL Change
Bobby Bucksnort tells me that
The Mutant Co. Ltd. website is now back on John's old Geocities site following problems with Cjb.net. It's url is http://www.geocities.com/john_bucksnort/index.html.

Sound Effects for Windows NT/2000
Here's an email John Burnett sent me regarding Wolf3D Sound Effects on Windows NT/2000. As it's quite lengthy I put it on a separate page.
Click here for the email.

Nov 15: Nuke Project Retrieved
Joe Robinson tells me his 'Nuke' project is going ahead again. Six of the levels have been completed and a demo will be released when there's ten levels done.

Nov 12: Schabbs Doomsday Demo Released
JJ has released a one level demo of 'Schabbs Doomsday'. There's a number of graphics and sounds changes. Schabbs appears several times and it's a very difficult level to beat. The vswap looks ideal for combining with other 'levels only' sets.
Click here for the download. Shareware v1.4, but all files are included.

Nuke Project Cancelled
Joe Robinson tells me his 'Nuke' project (announced just a couple days ago) has now been cancelled. Unfortunately, the source code got deleted from his computer.

Double Trouble Update
Here's an update from Ryan de Haast on his upcoming TC 'Double Trouble':


Percentages Completed

  • 80% Coding
  • 25% Graphics
  • 25% Levels
  • 50% Sounds
  • 55% Overall Finished


Nov 11: New Yahoo Club
JJ has formed a new Yahoo club for add-on posting. It's ideal for those who have sets to post but have email addresses which won't allow large files. There's a demo version of JJ's new project 'Schabbs Doomsday' in the files section. It's at

Nov 10: The Thing - Biohazard/Update
Here's a list of features expected to be in Wes Desjardins next TC 'The Thing - Biohazard':

  • 13 levels
  • New Graphics
  • New Sounds, Music
  • New squad-feature
  • Your team can turn into The Thing
  • Blood tests

For the advertisement poster see (Nov 4).

Nov 9: New TC
Joe Robinson has
been working on a Wolfenstein TC called 'Nuke'. It has a number of source code changes as well as new graphics, sounds, and maps. So far, there's about 5 levels completed. Joe intends to release a 10 level demo in a few weeks. Until then, here's the title screen...

There are more pics here.

Wolfenstein 3D - In Polish
Here's a new Wolf3D site which has a large number of sections. It's in Polish, but there are downloads and screenshots sections which are easy to find. You can access it at
Wolfenstein 3D - In Polish.

Nov 7: Schabbs Doomsday/New Weapon
JJ's next set will be 'Schabbs Doomsday'. One level has already been completed, and here's an animated gif of a new weapon which will be featured in the set..

Nov 4: The Thing/Sequel Planned
Wes Desjardins is planning a sequel to his recent TC 'The Thing'. It will be subtitled 'Biohazard'. There will be at least 13 levels, and a new 'squad' feature will be added where you can choose from four members.

Click on the pic for a larger version of the poster.

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