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Earlier News

MAR - APR 2003


APRIL 2003

Apr 29: PG's Wolf3D Site Revamped
Patrick Gray has revamped his site. There's also a message on there regarding the future of the site. It's at PG's Wolf 3D.

Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site Updated
Several sections on Alexandre Brosseau's site have been updated. It's at Alexandre Brosseau's Wolf3D Site.

Apr 27: DOS Box
For those who have had problems running Wolf3D with Windows XP etc, here's a DOS emulator that could help. It's at DOS Box.

Apr 24: Hidden Danger Title Screen
Here's the latest title screen Zach Higgins sent me for his upcoming TC 'Hidden Danger'.

PG's Wolf3D Site Updated
Patrick Gray has updated his site and tells me an announcement about the site's future will be posted there next Monday (April 28). It's at PG's Wolf 3D.

Secret Weapons Of The Wehrmacht v0.9 Beta Released
Here's a beta version of Ross Williams' upcoming set 'Secret Weapons Of The Wehrmacht'. There are 3 well designed levels thus far, plus some graphics, sounds and title screen changes. The original feel of the game remains. You can download it here. Please send any suggestions (during the next few days) for the final version to Ross at evangelion_203@yahoo.com.

Apr 23: Wolf3D Shareware VGA Version
Chris Chokan sent me this pre 1.0 version of shareware Wolf3D. It's interesting in that several of the objects and portraits are not as developed as in the 1.0 version. There are also some differences in the maps, especially level 10. There are some bugs - the pushwall action is weird and you can't access level 10 from the secret elevator in level 1 (though it's on a supplied saved game). Also, I played it in Windows 98 and had to reboot when I finished the game (due to a problem with sound). There's a 'read this' option from the menu and Chris has added his comments to this! Click here for the download.

Apr 22: More Team Members Needed
Topfragger tells me '3d Arts Software' has four members so far. They still need people who can do the following:

  • An experienced wolf3d source code hacker
  • A good level designer
  • Someone who can add new weapons to the Wolf3d engine
  • Someone who knows how to change ceiling colours and make them textured

Anyone is allowed to join. They are planning on making a hit Wolf3d game. Topfragger's email is topfragger@hotmail.com.

TRTD (The Road To Despair) Final Version Released
This is the final version of TRTD v1.0 (The Road To Despair), released by Executor. It now has 48 levels (the previous version had 29). You can download it here. Requires a copy of Totengraeber II to play.

Apr 20: Mr. Lowe's Wolf3D Page/Add-ons Sections Change
Please note there are now separate pages for TC's, and for add-ons that need the registered set to play. The old full Wolf3D add-ons page was a rather hefty 130Kb and I had complaints concerning loading times. An extra link has been added to the main pages links (the full Wolf3D add-ons are now listed as TC's and Registered Levs). Mr. Lowe's Wolfenstein 3-D Page.

Apr 19: Wolfenstein: Resurrection Released
Wes DesJardins has released 'Wolfenstein: Resurrection'. There are 20 good levels, plus many graphics, sounds and source code changes. The first level is mainly outdoors. Alex Brosseau and Wolf Skevos-Jones also contributed. Click here for the download.

Wolfenstein3D Ross Site
This new Wolf3D site by Ross Williams has a lot of info on upcoming sets. You can also download most of Ross's add-ons. It's at Wolfenstein3D Ross Site.

Team Crew Needed
Topfragger sent me the following email:

"Team crew needed for 3d Arts Software. I need people to join - if anyone is interested, please email me. Thanks.

- Topfragger."

Topfragger's email is topfragger@hotmail.com.

Secret Weapons Of The Wehrmacht! Update
Ross Williams sent me some pics (including the title screen) from his upcoming shareware add-on. New weapons graphics include the Luger P08, a new knife, a new MP40 graphic and a MkB42(H) assault rifle to replace the chaingun. Boss graphics are replaced with a modified zombie. The game will have at least 6 levels, probably more.


You can see both pics here.

Sod Reborn Released
Here's an alternative vswap for the full Spear set. Put together by 'The Man Who Knows', most of the graphics are other peoples (though I remember permission being given in posts on the DHW Forums, and credits are mentioned in the enclosed text file). Ideal for Spear sets that have no new graphics. Click here for the download.

Apr 17: BJ's Last Mission Released
This add-on is the first by George Warren. There are 60 mostly new levels. Many of the graphics are from Spear and some I've not seen before. The devil 'statue' now moves around! Mostly it all blends together quite well, though there are odd walls that look out of place at times. Click here for the download.

Apr 16: Wolfenstein: Resurrection Pic
Here's a pic Wes DesJardins sent me. It's from his upcoming TC 'Wolfenstein: Resurrection'.

Apr 14: Iraqi Blitzkrieg Update
Here's some pics I received from Scheissgeist. They are mugshots of some of the bosses you'll encounter in Iraqi Blitzkrieg. They may change later. They're based on Saddam Hussein, Chemical Ali (the man responsible for Iraq's WMD projects) and General Hidjur Salami (Saddam's most dangerous general).

Message from Scheissgeist:

"Anyone who would like to contribute to the project should e-mail me at stnmarsh@aol.com with the subject line "Iraqi Blitzkrieg." Please note that this project does not favor either side of the pro-war/anti-war argument, because politics should stay out of fun.

--Scheissgeist "

New Project
Here's an email from Joe concerning his new project:

"A friend of mine, Seth, and I have started coding and graphical work on a new project. One which is still unnamed as of yet. In this project, I will be doing most of the code work and some of the mapping, while Seth does the artwork and the rest of the map works.

I'd like to inform you that Assault on Castle Totenhammer is NOT canceled as one may have expected if I'm working on a new project.

On the subject of AoT, I have been working some more on the code. I said I'd stop, but I really don't like making maps. So, I have done a few improvements on the AI. Usually there is that pesky made noise thing in the code that guards react to. Well, that's still there, but there are a few modifications. Like if you're using the knife or Sten and a guard spots you, he, instead of the usual sound, produces a sound that shows he was unprepared or caught off guard, and does not alert other guards. But if the player is using an unsilenced weapon, then he makes a normal sound and alerts other guards. That's just one of the several things I've done.

I also added a 'poison' status. If the player walks over a pool of some sort of poisonous stuff (loss of creative wording there..) the player will become poisoned. In this state, the player looses a certain amount of health at certain intervals of time until he locates a medical kit.

There are other 'cool' things coming yet, so I'll continue to keep you posted. -Joe- "

Apr 13: Star Warstein 3D/More Pics
Justin and his brother Jason have been working on the weapons and some other Items. Here are pictures of their new pistol - the Blaster, new chaingun - the Rapid Fire Blaster Cannon (or R.F.B.C.), new 1UP, healing Items and a stormtrooper.

Wolfenfrag Site
Here's another new Wolf3D site. It's by Topfragger and is at Wolfenfrag.

Dome Award - April 2003
This month's Dome award goes to Wolf Skevos-Jones for 'Operation: Heimzahlung'. Once again, Wolf has produced an add-on combining good level design with good graphics, sounds, and code changes. While the game has a gigantesque "work in progress" - feeling to it, we think it definitely deserves the award.

Project Manager Bug Fixed
Codetech has fixed a small bug in his Project Manager program (which was first released Mar 12). You can get the fixed version here.

Apr 12: JJ's New Site
JJ has a new Wolf3D site, though there's not a lot there yet. It's at JJ's Wolf3D Page.

JJ's Wolf3D Page

Colonial Marines Update
The Alien Fan tells me 'Colonial Marines' is coming along nicely and should be out soon.

Star Warstein 3D Update
Justin's upcoming TC will be called 'Star Warstein 3D'. Justin's brother (Jason) is now going to help out with the project. Instead of guards there will be Imperial guards with high powered blasters. The SS will now be StormTroopers carrying stormtrooper laser rifles. The new Bosses will be Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt, Stormtrooper General in a Robot and of course Darth Vadar. Below are pictures of the stormtrooper laser rifle and the Light Dagger (to replace the knife).

Apr 10: JJStein: Resurrection/New Version Posted
There are 3 more levels (now 6), plus a number of new graphics including the landmines. Two levels were made with the creator program but they've since been edited. The secret level has many bosses but there's lots of health/ammo. By JJ. You can download it here. This version replaces the one previously available.

Apr 9: WinWolf3D Project
Here's an email received from Adam Biser concerning his WinWolf3D Project:

"Hello, I just wanted to announce my WinWolf3D project, a Windows port of the Wolf3D source. One of the features I'm trying to implement is the ability to change images, sounds, maps, and music easily by using scripts (probably) that tell WinWolf3D to use a given BMP (or whatever) instead of the regular image. The project's web page is at http://winwolf3d.tripod.com.

Along with the port will be a data editor. It is still in a very early stage, right now it's only a data viewer. There's a chance it will have some bugs, but it's there for people to try it. There's no ability to import or edit yet, but that should be coming along soon.


Adam Biser"

Apr 8: NDV (Nazi's Death Valley) Demo Released
Five well decorated levels here for the Spear Of Destiny full version. No new graphics or sounds. By Guillermo Buteler. Click here for the download. Also available at Guillermo's site which has a lot more info on the project. It's at Wolfsite. Needs the full version of Spear to play.

Easyspace Server Problems
During most of the weekend, Easyspace experienced problems resulting in slow loading of my Home Page and slow file downloads. Everything now seems back to normal.

Wolf3D Mod News
Here's an email received from Scheissgeist:

"My name is Scheissgeist and I'm working on my first Wolf 3D mod. It's an arcade-ish take on the current situation U.S., British, Australian, Polish, and other coalition troops in Iraq are handling.

As a coalition soldier, your mission is to eliminate a group of Iraqi generals (all real life generals, including the infamous "Chemical Ali") as well as Saddam Hussein himself and liberate Iraq, or whatever. Here's the thing - I need help:

  • Texture/sprite artists
  • Someone who can take MIDI files I write and make them into MUS files compatible with Wolf 3D
  • A source code hacker
  • Maybe a level design guy

I don't have a website yet, but I'm looking into one. I want this to be a fun, innovative project that maintains the feel of Wolf 3-D, only with a Gulf War flair.


Apr 7: Fraggerstein 3D Released
A fun add-on by Topfragger. There are four new levels on episode one, plus one each on episodes two/three. The levels are mostly small and not very well detailed, but there are many new fun type graphics. Episode three has a Santa boss and penguins! Episode two boss Homer Simpson is shown below.

Click here for the download.

Apr 6: Wolfenstein: Resurrection Pics
Wes DesJardins has sent a set of pics from his upcoming TC ' Wolfenstein: Resurrection'.

You can see the whole set here.

Mattewolf 3D Released
Here's the first of three sets being released by Matte Software that were made before 'Wolfen-terror'. There are 9 new levels with a mix of old and new graphics, but the original Wolf3D 'feel' remains. The secret level is not new, but you can access it from level 3. Levels 2, 4 and 5 have large outdoor sections. Click here for the download.

Assault On Castle Totenhammer Update
Here's an email I received from Joe concerning his latest project:

"Well, Assault on Castle Totenhammer is coming along extensively well. In all this time, mostly I've only been doing code-work. Only a few levels have been finished off, but I do believe the coding is somewhat more important. Here's a list of changes from the original Wolf:

  • New weapon, silenced sten SMG
  • New ammo type for weapon #4
  • 3 episodes consisting of 20 levels
  • Rocket Infantry, Flame Thrower Infantry
  • Chaingunners (ORIGINAL graphics this time on the chain-gunner. Heh) (They don't use or drop chainguns, but they fire like Hans, Gretel or Tranz)
  • New music. Not much new music: only two or three songs. One from Spear
  • New helpart and endarts
  • Random guard-spotting and guard-death sounds
  • Changed roof/floor colors.
  • You don't obtain a lower weapon with a higher one
  • New cheats - Invisibility, Infinite Ammo, and no-clipping from Spear!

Finally, and this is a big useful one! OK, you have full ammo and an MP40, and you happen to walk over another MP40 on the ground. Of course, you take it. No longer does that happen. I have two ways of preventing that: Not only do you have to hold the use key to grab items, but it will only pick up guns if you actually need it.

A nice sized list, eh? And this is just the beginning... Actually, I'm nearly through with coding. Really, I'm just going to work on maps from here. I've only completed 5 (!!!) maps! Hopefully I'll manage to get out a demo before too long. This time, I really mean it. I would have included some pics, but I decided against it. I'd like this to be a bit of a 'see for yourself' thing.

Thanks, -Joe- "

Davidstein Released
Here are 60 new levels with original graphics. There are many bosses, but a lot of health/ammo too. Because the levels are made by the creator program, it's not being added to our lists. However, I've mentioned it here for those who want a complete add-on collection. You can get it from the 'files' section at addonklub.

Apr 3: New Wolf Pic
JJ has sent me a pic from New Wolf. It's too large to put on this page but you can see it here.

Wolfen-terror Updated
Due to an error (reported by A. Nonymous - no 'gold key' on level 3), Matte Software has now updated 'Wolfen-terror'. The error has been fixed. Click here for the download - this replaces the earlier release.

MARCH 2003

Mar 31: METEO posted
As mentioned yesterday, here is Wes DesJardins latest TC 'METEO'. There are 15 good levels, Spear music, a new weapon (pistol), plus many other graphics, sounds and code changes. There's a mix of old and new graphics, which blend well together. You can download it here.

Mar 30: Wolfenstein: Resurrection Pic
Wes DesJardins is making a new TC called 'Wolfenstein: Resurrection'. Here's the title screen...

Wes has another TC called 'METEO' which will be posted tomorrow.

Mar 28: TRTD v0.8 Beta Updated
Following a complaint about the status bar on the version released March 6, Executor has now issued a new version of 'TRTD - (The Road To Despair)'. It features a stylish-looking status bar based on the original 'Project Totengraeber' one and the pistol from 'Blake Stone: Planet Strike' (resized). You can download it here. Requires a copy of Totengraeber II to play. This replaces the version issued March 6.

Mar 25: Verdammt Software New Member
Alex Brosseau has joined Verdammt Software as a 2nd programmer.

Mar 24: Kaboom Industries
Kaboom Industries (started by Crash Man) is making a game called "Hans' Revenge." The story goes that Hans Gross finds out about the death of his brother, Tranz, and goes on a rampage, killing all enemy soldiers in his way. He soon finds out about the death of his sister, Gretel, which enrages him further. He has one main enemy to kill now, BJ Blaskowitz... Crash Man points out that he does not support Nazism in any way, he's just tired of hearing "good luck bj" and "only you can stop them Blaskowitz" on every mod. The title screen is shown below.

New Verdammt Software Site
Here's more news from James Ingham:

"The new Verdammt Software site will be up soon, I think Friday... I'll post the link up in a few days.

p.s. - we are still looking for a sound and music designer person :p

- James"


Mar 22: Operation: Aliens Cancelled
Alien Software have cancelled 'Operation:Aliens' and are now concentrating on 'Project: Falconhammer'.

Operation: Heimzahlung Released
The third release by Wolf Skevos-Jones is 'Operation: Heimzahlung'. There are 22 levels, plus lots of graphics, sounds and source code changes. The levels look good, though I've only played 3 thus far and the actor sounds are particularly effective. The helpart is also done well. The title screen is shown below, but there are a number of other pics here. ps - on some levels there are guards that cannot be killed. It's suggested that silent weapons are used on these levels so as not to alert the guards. For more info on this see 'Read This' page 26.

Click here for the download.

Mar 19: Mazedude's Page
Mazedude has made several remixes for Doom music and now he's made one for Wolf3D. It's called 'Wolfenstein 3D - Nazi Requiem' and it's available at Mazedude's Page. Look in Remixes. Be aware though, the file is a hefty 6.16Mb! The music is sad, but aggressive (it says something like that on the website) but it sure sounds good. It lasts 4 mins - 29 secs.

Mar 18: Alien Software
David Cookson has joined the 'Alien Software' team. He'll be helping out with the graphics. Also from 'Alien Software' - news that Op: Aliens will be out this month and Project: Falconhammer will be out next month.

Mar 17: Project: Falconhammer Features
Here are some features to be included in the upcoming TC 'Project: Falconhammer'. It's by Alien Software:

  • 20 seamless levels
  • Non-Game terminating bosses
  • A missile Launcher added
  • Outside Atmosphere
  • Weapon Change Sounds
  • New Sounds
  • New Graphics
  • Changed Sign-on screen
  • 5 weapons in total

and also

  • New Wall Textures

Mar 16: Alien Software
Alex Brosseau tells me The Alien Fan has joined the Alien Software's team.

Wolfenstein Galaxy
Here's some more news from James Ingham:

"The Wolfenstein Galaxy has been down for a while and will be up soon (well not down but not updated...).

Zach and I are making a website for Verdammt Software and it will have a similar style to the wolfgalaxy. And when we have more time, the wolf galaxy should be back...

Also, Verdammt Software are looking for a music creator, we need someone who can record music into the correct files for wolfenstein. BTW does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

- James"

James's email is now at ingomania_182@yahoo.co.uk.

Mar 15: Fraggerstein 3D
Topfragger emailed me a zip of this TC but unfortunately it doesn't work. The size of the zip was only 489Kb. It was supposed to include a new vswap so I suspect the file was not wholly sent. If Topfragger reads this please try sending the file again. Meanwhile here's the title screen.

Stained Titan Email
Parafriction received the following email from Stained Titan:

"Hi, I've teamed up with StormBringer to do Acid Rain. Together we will deliver a Spear of Destiny add-on boasting 10 levels. Acid Rain will come soon!"

Mar 14: Alien Software Website
Alien Software has a new website. There's info on the Alien Software guys and on their upcoming TC's. It's at Alien Software Website.

Mar 12: Escape From Castle Osrenberg
Wes Desjardins next project will be 'Escape From Castle Osrenberg'. There will be a few new graphics and a missile launcher in it, plus 30 levels and 2 new bosses. Wes has also provided the following source code tutorial: 'How to get the happyface when BJ gets machinegun'. You can see it here.

Dome Forums - Hosting Problems
As many will already know, the Dome Forums have been down since Friday last. I have received this message from Parafriction:

"The Wolfenstein 3D Dome Forums are currently down due to hosting problems Millward has been experiencing. Our estimation is that the forums will be up again within a week. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience."

DieHard Wolfers Move
The 'DieHard Wolfers' Club has now moved to a new location at DieHard Wolfers on Areyep.com. The old Yahoo Club will remain as an archive.

DieHard Wolfers on Areyep.com

Project Manager 1.0
Codetech has sent a utility called Project Manager 1.0. It creates directories and batch (.bat) files for creating easy source backups and testing your project. You can also keep your project directory well organized.

Mar 9: CFDB Utility/Project Info
Codetech sent me a CFDB (Check Free Databytes) utility. Made with Qbasic 4.5, it checks available databytes from your project's source directory. Instructions for use are included in the zip. You can download it here.

He also sent me the following email:

"I have a few announcements to make - First of all, Haunted House is still up and running. It hasn't been cancelled. Allthough we haven't worked on it for a long time, Haunted House will be revamped completely. The demo wasn't exactly the game we wanted Haunted House to be, so we'll start it all over again.

Secondly I announce a new project (the name hasn't been decided yet), but here's a short summary of it's features:

  • Enemies hearing system completely rewritten (No more made noise)
  • Enemies get help even during combat if needed
  • Enemies reload their weapons (They hide to do so)
  • Reloadable weapons (As in Haunted House), but this time more optimised and better code
  • Exploding barrels (Can be carried)
  • Guards react on dead bodies
  • Dead bodies can be carried
  • Player has 15+ authentic WWII weapons (USA/GERMAN)
  • Disguises and Id cards (Enemies will take a close look at you every once in a while)
  • Vehicle(s) Can be ridden by enemies and player
  • Stationary MG42's can be used by enemies and player
  • Textured ceiling/floor
  • Highly improved AI
  • Flame thrower (Flames spread!/Enemies burn!)
  • Extremely interactive environment

- I might have forgotten something, but chew on that for a while... Many more features will be implemented for the final release.

Features list is long and they are also easy to implement, memory might be an issue though. Currently I have about 1500 databytes left.

This project is due to be released at Summer 2003. (I sure hope so at least).

Ps. If someone needs to send us e-mail tommi.aijala@luukku.com, please use a title that can be easily separated from those annoying spam messages. For example - Haunted House, Hi Codetech or Hi Megabyte.


-Thank you!"

Stained Titan
Based in Holland, Stained Titan is currently making an add-on for Spear of Destiny entitled "Acid Rain". It'll feature 7 new levels, some basic code changes and new graphics. The game centers around level design and thus concentrates on atmospherical design.

Mar 8: Project: Infiltrate Released
Here's a 3 level set that Zach Higgins made before 'Project: Vertilgung'. It was thought to be lost until I came across it on my hard drive. It's interesting as it has similarities in some aspects to the later set. You can download it here. Please read Zach's text file before playing.

Wolfsite Updated
Guillermo Buteler's site has recently been updated. It will change again on Sunday to include a NDV demo and news about his brother Santiago's new project. It's at Wolfsite.

Mar 6: TRTD v0.8 Released
Executor's new beta of TRTD v0.8 (The Road To Despair), contains 29 levels -- 27 normal levels and 2 secret ones. The graphics are vastly altered. You might not recognize a few of the levels because of altered graphics! You can download it here. Requires a copy of Totengraeber II to play. This set has since been updated following a dispute involving the status bar.

Executor also sent some teaser shots of the final chapter in th Megastein series, The Final Assault. You can see them here.

Mar 5: Div-Arena.Com
Jaap kindly supplied the following link which has a remake of Wolf3D on the DIV system. It's at Div-gamestudio.

Mar 4: Operation: Aliens Info
Wes Desjardins next TC will be 'Operation: Aliens'. There'll be 9 weapons (fist, double pistols, M41 Pulse Rifle, Minigun, Talon Missile Launcher, SR-18 Napalm Launcher, VP70, shotgun and double minigun). Also, there'll be 14 seamless levels. Pics of the weapons are shown below.


There's more info about this upcoming TC on Wes's site at WolfenAliens.

Mar 3: Operation: Elimination Info
Kyle Albert has a new project coming up called 'Operation: Elimination'. It has graphics, sounds, and source code changes. You can see a list of new features and more pics here.

Mar 2: Dome Awards - March 2003
This month there are 2 Dome awards. They go to Ariel Castañares for The Golden Episodes, and DTrade for Den Of Evil. Congratulations to both winners!!

JJStein: Resurrection Released
JJ has released a 3 level demo version of 'JJStein: Resurrection'. New levels are on episode one - levels 1, 2 and secret. There are several new graphics and sounds but the atmosphere of the original game remains. A number of basic changes have been made to the source code, such as ceiling colours, increased ammo/health and episode names. The MLI cheat and debugmode have been changed too. Beware of the crosses. They have changed colour and are now landmines!! You can download it here.

Mar 1: JJ Award
JJ has won an award. It came from a warez site so I can't give its link. Our monthly awards will be announced tomorrow. There will be 2 awards.


Earlier News


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