JAN/FEB 2004 Latest News News Archive

29th February 2004: Operation 333 Released

Joe M has released 'Operation 333'. There are 40 levels, mostly quite extensive though a few are not original. The TC is based on the 'Project Totengraeber' source code with new graphics and sounds. The original Wolf3D feel remains. Click here for the download.

28th February 2004: DWR2 Delayed

Great Wasabi tells me his computer has gone wrong and, unfortunately, the final version of 'Dead World Rising 2' is going to be delayed. Nothing has been lost though as the 'DWR 2' files are saved on a disk.

Great Wasabi hopes to have the computer fixed as soon as possible.

26th February 2004: Fatality Images

Here's the title screen and 2 actors' pics from the upcoming TC 'Fatality'. They were sent in by Vejed. Now updated with 3 extra pics.

25th February 2004: Fearwolf New Version Released

This new version of 'Fearwolf' from Bernt Hansen has 3 episodes (1, 2 and 5). The first 2 episodes have been modified since the earlier version. Some levels are quite intriguing and need several pushwalls opened to complete them. Episode 5 has some of Bernt's favourite levels by other authors'. There are some graphics/sounds changes though the original game feel remains. The modified exe (which has only menu name changes) works with the Apogee version of Wolf3D only. You can download it here. Needs the audio/vga files, and the exe in some versions, to be supplied from the full Wolf3D game.

24th February 2004: Operation 333 Screenshots

Joe M has sent in a set of 5 screenshots taken from his upcoming TC 'Operation 333'.

21st February 2004: Dead World Rising 2 Demo Released

Here's a demo version of 'DWR 2' made by Great Wasabi. There are 10 well decorated levels and lots of changed graphics and sounds. Great 'Doom' atmosphere!! It's only Episode One, and the other episodes do not work yet. Also, Great Wasabi asks that people SHOULD read the ReadThis.doc in the ZIP file before playing. The full version of DWR 2 should be ready by the end of February. Click here for the download.

19th February 2004: Operation Zeitgeist New Demo Released

Steven Trinkl has released a second demo of his upcoming TC 'Operation Zeitgeist'. There are still 20 levels but virtually all the creator made levels in the earlier version have been replaced and the remaining 2 levels have been majorly updated. There are more original enemies (including mad scientists), and many replaced/enhanced graphics. There may be a flame thrower and a plasma cannon in the full version. Download it here.

18th February 2004: Operation 333 Screenshot

Here's a screenshot from Joe M's upcoming TC 'Operation 333'.

17th February 2004: Nuclear Assassination Announced

Jonathan Storey is currently making two Wolf3D expansion packs. One is called "Nuclear Assassination", the other undecided. They are not typical addons - Jonathan aims to put them across as natural expansions to the Wolf3D story (not Spear or The Lost Episodes).

Both will have the magic expansion formula - some new entities, but retaining the original game atmosphere. There will be some new wall textures, sprites, sounds, a new title screen and expertly crafted new levels. There will be no source code changes.

The new wall textures have been gathered from various sources on the internet, including the The Wolf3D Dome (thanks a lot for these). Some sprites and sounds have been taken from Spear and The Lost Episodes as well.

Both expansions will be using Shareware Wolf3D as a base, since 10 levels seems like a good size for a seemingly proper expansion pack. Nuclear Assassination should be finished in a couple of months.

16th February 2004: Deep Freeze Released

Joe M has released 'Deep Freeze'. There are 30 mostly original levels which are fairly extensive. Many graphics have been changed. There are no new sounds, though there are some basic source code changes and a detailed storyline. The original Wolf3D feel remains. There's a minor menu bug where you need to 'right click' on the menu to exit some options instead of using 'left click'. You can get it here.

16th February 2004: The Anticipation Released

Here's a 21 level set of maps from ack to be played with 'Spear Resurrection'. They are very extensive and are of a very high standard. At least as good as ack's levels in the recently released 'Melee' set. Click here for the download. Requires Spear Resurrection to play.

16th February 2004: Shicklegruber Pic

Here's a pic of 'Shicklegruber' sent in by Craigee:

14th February 2004: Link Updates

Not before time, the Dome links page has been updated. More than a dozen broken links have been removed, and some new ones have been added.

Two recent changes to urls are Guy's Home Page and Wolf3D Vault.

14th February 2004: Project Wüste des Todes Released

Sandy has released 'Project Wüste des Todes'. It has 19 fair sized and nicely decorated levels. There are many changed graphics and sounds, though the feel of the original game remains. Available here.

11th February 2004: Project IT Announced

Here's an email received from Majik Monkee. "On behalf of "The Incredible Pete", I would like to announce a new project. The project is called "IT", based on the Book/Movie of the same name by Stephen King. The game will feature several bosses based on incarnations of "IT" from the movie and book. There will non-human standard foes throughout the levels. Here is a picture of "Pennywise", one of the bosses from the game.

More info to come as the game progresses. Majik Monkee is assisting The Incredible Pete with this project."

11th February 2004: Half Life Released

David O' Rafferty has released 'Half Life'. There are 21 seamless levels, some that are extensive and some that are not. There's plenty of changed graphics and sounds. It can be downloaded here.

10th February 2004: DHWTC Pics

Here's two screenshots from the upcoming TC 'Die Hard Wolfer's TC'. For anyone wanting to be involved in this project, there's a Yahoo club at DHWTC.

9th February 2004: Razi'Hell's Forzen Kingdom Site

Bionic Wolf has started a new site. There's downloads, links and project info.

It's at RaziHell's Forzen Kingdom.

9th February 2004: The Last Mission Released

Here's a new shareware set with original graphics called 'The Last Mission'. It's by Martin and has 10 new levels. The standard is very high, similar in quality and style to Martin's levels in the 'Melee' contest. You can download it here.

9th February 2004: Slackermod Announced

Slayne, formerly Tornado, is working on a new project entitled 'Slackermod' for Wolf3d. It'll have a modern setting and it'll be a sort of 'rebellion against the gigantic foreign military that's overthrown the United States' game, like Freedom Fighters. If anyone wants to help design levels please email Slayne@antisocial.com. Click on the thumbnail for screenshots and more info.

9th February 2004: Operation Dämonisch Announced

Wahnsinn Software has announced a new add-on. The name is 'Operation Dämonisch'. Here are some of the features:

  • 4 New Weapons
  • Destructible object
  • 3 new bosses
  • 1 new enemy
  • Teleporter

And MUCH, MUCH more...

8th February 2004: JLB's Website Restored

John Burnett's 'JLB's Wolfenstein Place' has been restored and now has a new name.

It's now called Howling Wolfenstein 3D.

8th February 2004: Killing Hans Gruber Info

Raistlin supplied the following info on his upcoming TC 'Killing Hans Gruber':

  • No boss fights (called 'Killing Hans Gruber', and there are no boss fights. If you can figure that one out.....)
  • All new art
  • Fascinating atmosphere (hopefully)

Basically, it's supposed to be a fun TC with a fun atmosphere, and a bit of the bizarre about it. Anyway, it's nearing completion, an artist to do guard graphics would be welcome.

- Raistlin

7th February 2004: Spear Resurrection Master Levels Released

Ian Summerfield has released a set of maps called 'Spear Resurrection Master Levels'. This was made as a challenge game for people who loved the great 'Spear Resurrection' game. The maps pack replaces the first 5 levels in that game and is a tribute to Areyep and MCS for their great add-ons. The levels are not as large as in the original though they are quite detailed. Click here for the download. Requires Spear Resurrection to play.

7th February 2004: Dome Awards - Feb 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Mega Luigi and Mario Maniac for their add-ons 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter' and 'Project: Verwüstung'. Both have good 'all round' quality. For more info on these sets - please see under Jan 29/30 news items.

7th February 2004: Screenshots

Two sets of screenshots have recently been received:

4th February 2004: New Wolf3D Site

Another Wolf3D site has opened. It has sections for Wolf3D, Spear Of Destiny, links, projects info etc. Not all sections are finished yet.

It's at Wolfenstein Extreme.

4th February 2004: Rise Of The Robots/Coding Help Wanted

Ryan (Wolf3d_boy) is making a new TC called 'Rising Of The Robots'. If anyone wants to help out with the source code please let me know and I'll pass it on. Meanwhile, there's some pics and a list of code changes done so far.

3rd February 2004: Operation Zeitgeist Pics

Here's a set of screenshots, plus some info, from the upcoming TC 'Operation Zeitgeist'. They were sent in by Steven Trinkl.

3rd February 2004: Deep Freeze Enemy Pics

Joe M has sent in a set of enemy pics from his upcoming TC 'Deep Freeze'.

3rd February 2004: Monkee's Image World Reopens

Here's an email from Majik Monkee: "Greetings! The "Monkee's Image World" site has been reopened. The content of the page is the same as before, except there are no longer animated GIFs, in the interest of conserving storage space for the site. I will begin taking guest submissions again in about a week, but I ask that submissions be limited to one a day because of the time and effort required to post new entries on the site." Majik's site is at Monkee's Image World.

2nd February 2004: Rage Against The Machine Released

Here's the latest TC from Joe M called 'Rage Against The Machine'. There's 24 levels and most are quite extensive and well designed though a few are not original. Lots of graphics and sound changes. The source code comes from 'Totengraeber'. It's available here.

1st February 2004: New Wolf 3D Site

Swp has just started a new site for Wolf 3D. It has enemies and links at present but more will be added later.

It's at Swp's Enemies World.

1st February 2004: Tailsstein Released

Here's a new shareware set called 'Tailsstein'. There are 10 straight levels. They're of a fair size though there's very little decoration much of the time. Original graphics and sounds. It's by Jtschuld3, who tells me there'll eventually be a full version. You can get it here.

30th January 2004: Project: Verwüstung Released

Mario Maniac's TC 'Project: Verwüstung' has been released. There are 16 good levels, plus many graphics, sounds and code changes. With good variation in the scenarios, including some outdoor scenes, it's probably the best of Mario's 4 sets so far released. Click here for the download.

29th January 2004: Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter Released

Mega Luigi has released his TC 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter'. There are 16 levels. They are quite extensive, well designed, with many varied scenarios. Lots of changed graphics, sounds etc. At least 2 levels need hard to find pushwalls to get to the exit. You can download it here.

28th January 2004: Project Ewiger Verwüstung Released

Sandy has released 'Project Ewiger Verwüstung'. There are 13 levels and they are well designed and decorated though some are not that large. Many changed graphics and sounds. It's available here.

27th January 2004: Map Making Mania Melee Released

Levels from the 'Map Making Mania Melee' contest have finally been released. After judging this contest, I didn't find a clear winner due to the high quality of most of the levels. The ceiling colours have been changed to fit the levels, episode names, par times and demos have also been changed. All episodes contain at least 3 levels (episodes 2 and 6 have 4 each). More info is included in the supplied 'ReadMe' text file. There are 2 versions of the set. Firstly, an 'all files included' version (1.3Mb) available here, and lastly, a maps, exe, demos and text of the DHW thread version (169Kb) here. The smaller file needs the full 60 level Wolfenstein 3D game to play.

27th January 2004: Dead World Rising 2 Screenshots

Great Wasabi has posted a large number of screenshots from his upcoming TC 'Dead World Rising 2'.

You can see them here.

25th January 2004: Wanted: Experienced Artist For New Graphics

Here's a message received from Raistlin:

"Okay, I need an artist to do some new graphics for my Wolfenstein tc. The style has to be dark and vaguely evil........... If someone wants to do it, just e-mail me westen@bigpond.com, or contact me on DHW. The title of the tc is "Killing Hans Gruber". Raistlin."

22nd January 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Info

Dumscheissekopf has sent in a set of images and a storyline from his upcoming TC 'Operation: Letzterschutz'.

22nd January 2004: Black GC Site

Hair Machine's 'Black GC Site' has info and screenshots on his upcoming TC 'Super Blitzkrieg'.

It's at Black GC Site.

22nd January 2004: The Sorcerer's Wrath Info/Pics

Luke Strauman will be remapping his 'Sorcerer's Wrath' demo for his next project. As before, it will be set in medieval style with a Heretic and Hexen feel, but keeping the Wolfenstein engine. Click on the thumbnail for more info.

21st January 2004: Gretel's Castle Info/Pics

The upcoming TC 'Gretel's Castle' is being made by Kyle Albert, who has supplied a lot of info and a number of screenshots.

21st January 2004: Operation: Gott Hand Title Screen

Spiritblade has sent in the title screen for the upcoming TC 'Operation: Gott Hand'.

21st January 2004: Project: Verwüstung Screenshots

Here's a set of 4 pics from Mario Maniac's upcoming TC 'Project: Verwüstung'.

20th January 2004: Project: Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 3 Released

Sandy has released the third and final part of 'Project: Waffen Sicherheitsdienst'. There are 13 levels here that are designed well, though many are not that large. Lots of graphics and sound changes. Click here for the download.

20th January 2004: Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter Screenshots

Here's a set of 4 screenshots from later levels in Mega Luigi's upcoming TC 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter'. There also info on it's progress.

19th January 2004: Rage Against The Machine Images

Here's a set of images sent in by Joe M. They're from his upcoming set 'Rage Against The Machine'. The 'Project Totengraeber' source code will be used as a base.

18th January 2004: Otto's Trial Released

Joe M has released 'Otto's Trial'. There are 10 levels (the first episode) though some are not original. There are also some graphics, sounds and code changes but the original feel of the game is still there. You can download it here.

17th January 2004: The Wolfenstein Saga Movies

Bracestar has released 2 sets of movies from 'The Wolfenstein Saga'. They are The Recon Mission (0.98Mb) and Escape from Lyme House (3.18Mb). Bracestar apologizes for the delay in getting these done (they were originally planned for release last November). They offer this additional movie (657Kb) , made from holiday clips, as an apology.

17th January 2004: News In Brief

Here's a few brief news items...

+ The JR (Jacob Rodgers) will now be doing 'Wolfenstein Maximum Charge'. The original 'Games Of The Millennium' team has been disbanded.

+ The retexturing project by (Win)Elchtest for 'New Wolf' has ten new textures done. They're at Wolfenstein 3D Retexturing.

14th January 2004: New Wolfenstein 3D Forums

Here are 2 new forums for Wolfenstein 3D.

They're at WolfensteinExtreme Forum and Wolfenstein3D Forum.

13th January 2004: Get Goldfire Released

For those who liked 'Blake & The Spear', Joe M has released a sequel called 'Get Goldfire'. It dates from July 2003, and there are 21 levels, mostly quite extensive and detailed, though some are not original. Level 3, for instance, is my WolfBel2 opening level. The Blake Stone graphics and sounds have come from various sources. Click here for the download. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny set to play.

11th January 2004: Shading Tutorial Released

Chaos-Software have just released their wall and sprite shading tutorial. Also included on the site are several other tutorials, downloads and project info etc.

It's at Chaos-Software.

10th January 2004: Coldfusion! (1st Part) Released

Ian Summerfield has released the first part of his TC 'Coldfusion!'. There are 30 levels here, mostly quite extensive, though a couple are not original. Lots of new graphics and sounds. It's available here.

10th January 2004: News In Brief

Here's some brief news items (mainly bug reports) received recently:

+ The 8th level of 'The Western Wall' (Spifferaneous) had no exit elevator. There's a maps fix here. The updated complete set is here.

+ The 9th level of 'Project: Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 2' (Sandy) had no blue key. There's a maps fix here. The full zip was updated Jan 16.

+ Spiritblade tells me 'The Luftwaffe' has been renamed as 'Operation: Gott Hand'.

+ Lastly, The Dome Utilities page has a number of broken links. I'm checking this out but meanwhile you may find what you want at BT Source Code or Utilities.

10th January 2004: The Twilight Zone Released

Joe M has released his TC 'The Twilight Zone'. There's 21 quite extensive levels, though a few are not that original. Lots of new graphics and sounds. Credit goes to Paal Olstad for allowing use of 'The Tower' source code and to Majik Monkee for some images from his 'Image World' site. It's available here. The audiohed file has been removed and needs to be supplied from the full Spear Of Destiny set.

9th January 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Enemies

Majik Monkee has sent in a set of pics and other info on the enemies from the upcoming TC 'Operation: Letzterschutz'.

8th January 2004: Formati11 Utility

Here's a nice graphics conversion and editing utility that could greatly benefit Wolf 3-D modders everywhere. It's called formati11. The program is one of a number of freeware utilities and other programs to be found at Jans Freeware. Thanks to Great Wasabi for providing this info.

7th January 2004: Vampire: Heinnemann Returns Update

Wes Desjardins has renamed his upcoming TC to 'Vampire: Heinnemann Returns'. Here's some of the features:

  • Outside Atmosphere
  • Fight Count Dracula and Heinnemann (he's a vampire this time - that's him in the pic)
  • Weld 5 weapons of war (Knife, Pistol, MP40, Chaingun, Pentagram Of Insanity)
  • Set In Romania
  • Battle In Dracula's castle CASTLEVANIA!!
  • 8 levels of Horror
  • Battle Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls and MORE!!!

7th January 2004: Dome Award - Jan 2004

This month's Dome award goes to Ian Skevos-Jones for his add-on 'Batman: Wrath Of Mr. Freeze'. It has good 'all round' quality. For more info on this set - please see under Dec 20 news items.

7th January 2004: Operation: Zeitgeist Update

Here's an update on Steven Trinkl's upcoming TC 'Operation: Zeitgeist'. So far, the SS, dogs, mutants, and most bosses are all replaced. Steven still needs to replace most of the walls and other decorations. Level layouts are 90% done - just undergoing some balancing (right now, they're way too hard). Major credit goes to AReyeP and Majik Monkee for most of the graphics but Steven has also designed some himself. The new status bar and replacement face are both done completely by Steven. Click here for the storyline and pics.

7th January 2004: Dead World Rising 2 Update

Great Wasabi tells me three other people are helping on the DWR 2 project; Mega Luigi, Mario Maniac (both of whom helped with the coding), and The SockDude. They're about halfway through the project so far. There should be a demo version pretty soon, maybe about February. An extra pic has been added to the set I posted yesterday.

7th January 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Announced

On behalf of their new project team (Majik Monkee, Dumscheissekopf, and the Incredible Pete), Majik would like to announce a new project in the works called "Operation: Letzterschutz". Click on the thumbnail for more info and pics.

6th January 2004: Two More ROTT Images

Majik Monkee tells me two bosses have been added to the "Rise of the Triad" section at Monkee's Image World. The first one is "Triad Enforcer", based on a description without a design, and the second is the "NME" robot, based on the original concept artwork. In addition, several guest submissions have been added to the site. In the future, updates will be indicated at the top of the Image World page to reduce repetition on the Dome and to simplify browsing.

6th January 2004: Dead World Rising 2 Pics

Great Wasabi has released a couple pics from his upcoming TC 'Dead World Rising 2'. One of the pics is the title screen.

4th January 2004: Operation: Zeitgeist Announced

Steven Trinkl has announced 'Operation: Zeitgeist'. It's a 60-level replacement set for Wolfenstein 3-D with new graphics, sounds, and levels. No source code changes are planned. Many graphics have been supplied by the hard work of Majik Monkee. There are also two bosses made essentially from scratch and a recoloration. Click here for the storyline.

4th January 2004: Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter Demo Released

Here's the 3 level demo version of Mega Luigi's upcoming TC 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter'. The levels are extensive and well detailed. There are many graphics and sounds changes, and code changes include landmines and helpart. The ReadThis is quite detailed. It's available here.

4th January 2004: Dark Side Of Death Updated

Mario Maniac has updated his TC 'Dark Side Of Death'. Some bugs have been removed and extra health/ammo has been added. Click here for the download. This version replaces the one issued previously.

4th January 2004: Nitehorrors3D Announced

Lane is working on a new TC called 'Nitehorrors3D'. It puts a comedic twist on alien abduction themes as well as throwing weird Duke Nukem style humor into the whole mix. While playing the game you will encounter the obscene kind, a bunch of foul mouthed aliens who curse at you repeatly, mad cows, bizzare strippers, and a fat farmer by the name of Joe.

2nd January 2004: Phoenix Rising Project Restarted

Wes Desjardins is starting his 'Phoenix Rising' project again. Wes earlier lost all the info from the project when his hard drive failed. It may have an alternative title.

If someone wants to help out with some serious coding, the email is Hitler_JR@hotmail.com. Mega Luigi has since agreed to help out with the coding.

2nd January 2004: SWAT 2: Return To Hell Info/Pics

Justin has sent in some info and images from his upcoming TC 'SWAT2: Return To Hell'. The other TC Justin is working on, 'Operation: Assassination', has been delayed but will still be completed later.

1st January 2004: New 'Guest Submissions' Feature

Majik Monkee tells me he's added a 'Guest Submissions' feature to Monkee's Image World. If someone would like a custom character they have created featured on the page, and even available for download to the public, they can email Majik the full set of images for their character, along with a brief description of how and why it was created. Credit for all submissions will be given to the original submitter. Majik's email address is mmerrill@centene.com.

1st January 2004: Twilight Zone Screenshots

Joe M has sent in more screenshots from his upcoming TC 'Twilight Zone'. New screenshot added - Jan 6.

1st January 2004: Operation: Hundscheisse Demo Released

Dumscheissekopf has released a one level demo version of 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. Only the first level is in this demo, and all later levels have been removed, as well as later enemies and objects. It's quite an extensive atmospheric level with many new images and sounds, including a new guard and a boss. Text file included. It's available here. The text file included was updated Jan 5 to include info on the levels. Also available separately here.

1st January 2004: Imf2mid Utility

Here's a program called 'Imf2mid' that can convert Wolf3d IMFs to midis. It was sent in by Joe M, who was able to convert all the Wolf3d songs to midis with this program. There's a readme file in the zip that should be read first.

You can download it here.

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Project Aniquilation by Mega Luigi

Project: Vernichtung by John Carmack

Slackermod by Slayne

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Operation Dämonisch by Wahsinn Software

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Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
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Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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