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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2006 Latest News News Archive

28th February 2006: Time Of War 6 Level Demo Released

Andrew has released a demo of his upcoming set 'Time Of War'. The 6 levels are of a fair size, starting with street scenes and then going on to sewers etc. Most graphics are changed and overall the set has quite an atmospheric feel. Good storyline. The final version will have 60 levels. Available here.

22nd February 2006: Hitlerworld Released

Here's the first addon from Dean. It's part of the DHW Forums 'mod in a week' feature. It's called 'Hitlerworld' and has 3 large levels with plenty of changed graphics. The levels are well decorated. New helpart/endart. Available here.

22nd February 2006: Hi-Res Enemies Pack Released

Lord Raffles has released a complete collection of hi-res enemies. They come from WW2 GL. These are for general use but please remember to give credit if they are used.

Available here. (1.39Mb)

22nd February 2006: SamWolf 3D Demo Released

Sam Feichter has released a demo of his upcoming set 'SamWolf 3D'. There are 10 levels that are extensive and quite varied, mostly lightly decorated, scenarios. The Wolf 3D feel remains and will particularly suit those who like the original game. Some levels need pushwalls opened to complete them. Available here.

19th February 2006: Nazi PANIC! Released

Here's a new set for shareware. It's been released by Michael Collin and it's called 'Nazi PANIC!'. The 3 levels are quite extensive, nicely designed and are decorated well. There's a mix of old and new graphics and sounds. Some of the new graphics give the game a touch of humour at times but it still retains the original Wolf 3D feel. New status bar. Available here.

17th February 2006: Dome Award - February 2006

This month's Dome award goes to Mr. Choi for 'Hotel Romanstein 4'. The levels are of a high standard and there are very good new graphics and sounds in this series. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

14th February 2005: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfers to be included are AReyeP & MCS.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

13th February 2006: Crash Bandicoot Demo Released

Little Cherub has released a demo version of 'Crash Bandicoot'. There are 10 well decorated levels. This is a fun type set with cartoon style graphics and virtually all the graphics and sounds have been changed. Text file included. Available here. The final version will have 60 levels.

13th February 2006: Escape From Castle Holle Pics

Here's a set of pics sent in by Dean Horton. They are from his upcoming set 'Escape From Castle Holle'.

12th February 2006: The Ultimate Evil Demo Released

Here's a demo from Human Waste called 'The Ultimate Evil'. There are 4 levels that are well designed and nicely decorated. There's a mix of old and new graphics that blend together well. Most of the enemies have been changed and a lot of the music and sounds have been changed too. There's a long list of code changes, including gun bobbing, in-game messages and seamless levels. Overall, it's a very good set and I look forward to the final version. Available here.

11th February 2006: New Wolfenstein Game

Sam Feichter tells me he's making a new Wolfenstein game. There'll be no new graphics or sounds, just 60 new levels and slightly changed music. (example, adding Spear music). No name or anything yet, just "SamWolf" for now, but it's basically a 60 level expansion pack. The first episode has already been done.

7th February 2006: End Of Eternity Enemy Pics

Here's a set of 4 enemy pics. They were sent in by JM and come from his upcoming set 'End Of Eternity'.

5th February 2006: Scourge Of Lammy Released

JM has released 'Scourge Of Lammy'. It has 17 levels, including some that are modified maps from the original Wolf 3D. There are source code changes like level name at "Get Psyched" screen, seamless levels, and new helpart and endart. There's also some new walls, enemies and sounds. Available here.

The source code has been released for general use though if people use it, they need to mention it in the credits. The source code is available here.

5th February 2006: Wolf3dsp Alternate Maps And Graphics Pack Info Update

Andy Nonymous has kindly supplied some further info on the 'Wolf3dsp Alternate Maps and Graphics Pack' posted yesterday:
Mapset 1: Nat's Wolf3d levels by Nathaniel Roudiak-Gould - was eventually incorporated into Temporary Insanity
Mapset 2: W3DXLV11 by unknown. Andy added it to level 4 of Street Fighter II
Mapset 3: WOLF1 #1 by The Kid
Mapset 4: WOLF1 #2 by The Kid
Mapset 5: WOLFMM by unknown
Vswap 2: Bill Neisius' PACman patch, which Colonel Bill combined with the Clown patch to make Wolfenstein 3-D meets Pacman and the Demon Clowns of Death
Andy converted all of these mapsets to v1.4 back in 1999 or so, fixed the walk-through walls on mapset 2 and corrected the start positions on mapset 5. Thanks to Andy for providing the info on this. All the sets mentioned above are available on our
shareware addons page.

4th February 2006: Wolf3dsp Alternate Maps And Graphics Pack Found

This pack of Wolf3D alternate mapsets and graphics for shareware v1.0 was found on an archive listing files originally posted on the Ace Of Spades BBS. It dates from Feb 1993 and contains 6 mapsets and 2 vswaps, including the original Wolf3D files. Mapset 1 maps are on 'Temporary Insanity', while mapset 2 has only one new map, a much expanded original first level. Mapsets 3 and 4 are possibly the best of the sets and look like they've been made by an experienced mapper though I don't recognize the levels. They are extensive and nicely decorated. Mapset 5 is not so good but playable. The alternate vswap has only one new actor (a Pacman clown) and a few changed portraits. Using DOS, the enclosed batch file will bring up a menu to select any of the available sets but Windows users will need to rename file endings manually. The pack was posted by a Dr. Nibble of Digital Power. Available here.

For convenience, I have since repackaged the best 2 of the sets so Windows users can simply unzip them and play. They are:
Dr. Nibble's Shareware v1.0 Set 3
Dr. Nibble's Shareware v1.0 Set 4

31st January 2006: Image World Update

Here's a quick Image World update from Majik: "Due to some changes in my work schedule taking up more of my time, and many other outside activities and factors related to the beginning of the new year, the Image World is temporarily closed to new submissions. As usual, the site and it's existing resources will still be available for use, but I will not be doing any site updates or posting any submissions until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience, but work and stuff has to come first in situations like this. Thanks to everyone for their patience regarding this matter. Majik" Monkee's Image World

29th January 2006: IceWolf Screenshot

Here's a screenshot that Architect sent me. It's from his upcoming set 'IceWolf'.

28th January 2006: Bug Fix Help Wanted

Ling Yan Li needs someone to help him fix the bug that occurs when playing his 'Project: Toten Eisen Ritter' set on certain Windows98 computers. The bug in the game gives the following error:

PML_GetPageBuffer: Purged main block

If anyone can help, please email Ling.

23rd January 2006: Dome Award - January 2006

This month's Dome award goes to Thomas Weiling for 'Nazi Operation'. It is a very good set all round. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

22nd January 2006: More Scourge Of Lammy Pics

JM has sent in 2 more large screenshots. They were taken from his upcoming set 'Scourge Of Lammy'.

19th January 2006: Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest Released

Mr. Choi has released the shareware set 'Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest'. There are 10 levels that are well designed and quite heavily decorated at times. As in the earlier 'Romanstein' sets, virtually all the graphics and sounds have been changed. Configured to run in OpenGL. Available here. For those who prefer the normal DOS format, all 10 levels will play using the RomanDOS.exe provided.

19th January 2006: Switch Seventeen Released

Here's a message from Dugtrio17 regarding his 'Switch Seventeen' project: "Here's the first "official" mod I've made. It's a patch I made to add a little spice to Wolfenstein 3D, complete with several weapon sets and countless enigmas, such as nifty effects on different days. It's compatible with any map set for the original Wolf3D (since it doesn't come with any maps) and hopefully loads of fun. I'll update it with more fun stuff sometime in the future. - Dugtrio17"
It's available

17th January 2006: Spear Of Dreams Part 3: High-Res Version Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released a high-res version of his 'Spear Of Dreams Part 3' set. There are 11 weapons, and the guards come from ROTT. There are many advanced features like shading and weather effects and it all blends very well together. Available here.

14th January 2006: Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest Pics

Mr. Choi has started work on 'Hotel Romanstein 4: Manga Quest'. Click on the thumbnail for a selection of pics taken from the set.

11th January 2006: Daemon Hunter Storyline

Here's a movie made by JJ Erickson featuring the storyline of his upcoming set 'Daemon Hunter'. It lasts for one minute.

You can download it here. (1.74Mb)

9th January 2006: Scourge Of Lammy Update

JM is working on a new project called 'Scourge of Lammy'.

Click on the thumbnail for 2 new screenshots.
Here are some features the TC will include:
Seamless level flow
Some new sounds
A new end of game boss
Level name displayed at "Get Psyched" screen
New story
Spear music added

8th January 2006: More Wolf 3D Sites

Raziel has a Wolf 3D site called 'Dark-Design Software'. It has info on Raziel's upcoming projects and a links section. It's at Dark-Design Software.

There'a also a Wolf 3D site hosted by Architect. This one has info on the upcoming set 'IceWolf' and is at Wolfenstein 3D Architect.

7th January 2006: Hotel Romanstein 3 Released

Mr. Choi, aka Wadman, has released a shareware set called 'Hotel Romanstein 3 - Dissolution Of Romance Nazi'. There are 10 levels that are well designed and quite heavily decorated at times. As in the earlier 'Romanstein' sets, virtually all the graphics and sounds have been changed. Configured to run in OpenGL. Available here.

7th January 2006: New Wolf 3D Site/Forums

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has started a new Wolf 3D site and forums.

They're at WolfXtreme (Fox Software) and Fox Software Forums.

7th January 2006: Kill Him 2 Released

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has released an addon for Spear called 'Kill Him 2'. There are now 9 levels, though some were released in a demo some time ago. Most of the levels are of a fair size though not overly extensive. There are many changed graphics though the Spear feel remains. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear to play.

6th January 2006: Gothic Mayhem Maps

Joshua Waight has been putting together new level maps for 'Gothic Mayhem' including bonus episodes.

Joshua is currently working on this though there's no set date for when it will be finished.

5th January 2006: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Movie

Little Cherub tells me that there is news about an upcoming 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' movie. It is based on the Activision game.

It's at Film Force.

3rd January 2006: High Resolution Texture Pack Released

Here's quite a large collection of 128X128 pixel high resolution textures released for general use by Kev Reid. Currently there are a set of high detail walls, a full arsenal of hand crafted weapons (including some old favourites like the magnum and the hunter). Also, pre-animated weapon gif's, an inlay for the pack and some objects. Available here. (2.91Mb) Please give credit for anything used.

3rd January 2006: Base 666 Released

Joe Monaghan has released an add-on for Spear of Destiny. It's called 'Base 666'. There are Blake Stone wall textures, though the guards are from Wolf 3D, some new sounds and 21 levels all together. Many of the levels are modified levels from Spear and Wolf3D. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear to play.

3rd January 2006: Castle Hasslehoff Screenshots

Michael Collin has sent in a set of pics from his upcoming set 'Castle Hasselhoff'.

2nd January 2006: Watching Of Upcoming Sets List Revised

With the help of Andy Nonymous, a much needed revision has been made to our 'Watching Of Upcoming Sets' section. All those sets thought to be vapourware have now been removed.

If anyone is still working on a set that's been removed from the list, please let me know and I'll reinstate it.

2nd January 2006: Wolf 4 Demo Released

Jose Gutierrez has released a demo version of 'Wolf 4'. There are 10 levels, though all except the boss level have been made by the creator program. However, there is a new weapon, some changed graphics, and some code changes such as an increased ammo limit and changed message screens. Available here.

2nd January 2006: The Fall Website

Havoc has a website with lots of info on his upcoming set 'The Fall'. Includes the storyline, screenshots and team members.

It's at The Fall.

2nd January 2006: Name Change

Ling Yan Li tells me he'll be known as 'The Hacker' from now on.

When I update the addons lists, his sets will be shown with the new name.

1st January 2006: Nazi Operation Released

Happy New Year everybody!! Here's a new mod by Thomas Weiling. It's called 'Nazi Operation'. There are 60 seamless levels that are well designed, varied and well decorated. Most were made by Thomas but other contributors' include WLHack, Loki and ack. There's a mix of original and new graphics but the Wolf 3D feel remains. There's also changed sounds and music. Code changes (done by Havoc and Michael Collin) include 4 keys, helpart, new static objects and an ammobox. Overall, this first set of 2006 blends together very well. Available here.

Latest News News Archive

The Fall by Havoc

All This And Wolf 3D by Thomas Weiling(

Guns And Glory by Little Cherub, Conner94 and Richard Kelly

Castle Hasselhoff by Michael Collin(

Rising Evil III: The Final Testament by Ryan de Haast

Space Police: Agent 9 - The End Of Psantu by Ryan de Haast

Mansion X by Ryan de Haast

Orb of Dilaaria by Adam Biser

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

medEvil by Majik Monkee(

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Sewer Town by John Burnett

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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