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26th February 2007: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our Wolfer Profiles section has recently been updated. The latest Wolfer to be added is Jimmy Cozad.

It's at Wolfer Profiles.

22nd February 2007: MacWolf alpha version Released

Jimmy Cozad has released an alpha version of his MacWolf project. So far, there are mac sprites and sounds added. For copyright reasons, the 60 original Wolf3D levels have been replaced with my Wolfbel2 levels though these may be changed at a later date. Jimmy is looking for help from those who have the Wolf3D mac version. A detailed list of what is required, and Jimmy's email address, is mentioned in the enclosed text file. Available here. Needs the 2 audio files from the full Wolfenstein3D game to play. Jimmy has since told me that the game plays much better in NewWolf.

22nd February 2007: Coding Help Wanted

Wolfenstein3D Fan (Angelo) is working on 'Kill Him 3' and is looking for a coder to help him with the project. The game is Spear based and the main coding change needed is for an additional actor. If anyone wants to help Angelo, please contact him here.

21st February 2007: Castle Hasselhoff Released

Michael Collin has released 'Castle Hasselhoff' There are 20 seamless levels that are extensive and of good quality. Most of the graphics, sounds and music are new and blend together well. There's also a lot of code changes including ceiling/floor textures, shading. full screen and exploding barrels. Although the Spear feel is retained somewhat, there's also a humorous feel too. Available here. New version issued Feb 23 (saved game bug fixed).

20th February 2007: Dome Awards - February 2007

This month's Dome awards go to Executor for 'Spear Revisited', and Thomas Weiling for 'All This And Wolf3D and 'Castle Assault'. All three are very good examples of well designed levels combined with good coding changes. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

20th February 2007: SonderKommando Revolt Screenshots

Here's the first set of screenshots from Doomjedi's upcoming mod 'SonderKommando Revolt'. It's about a revolt against the Nazis in an extermination camp.

18th February 2007: More Intergalactic Marine Screenshots

Here's another set of screenshots from Joshua Waight's upcoming set 'Intergalactic Marine'.

17th February 2007: Wolf3D Video

Paco has sent in a link to a new Wolf3D video. It's on YouTube and is called 'Wolfenstein Casting, La pelicula...'.

Click here for the link.

17th February 2007: Operation RheinGold v1.0 Released

Wolfenstein3D Fan has released version 1.0 of 'Operation RheinGold'. There are 6 levels in this version - some are not that large - but others are more extensive. They are decorated quite well. The graphics are mostly new though there are some from the original Spear game. There are some new sounds, a new status bar and title screen too. Overall, everything blends in well together and keeps the Spear feel. Available here. Needs the 2 audio files from the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

17th February 2007: Wolf3D Webcomic

Guillermo Buteler has returned to the Wolf3D scene and has made the first in a series of Wolf3D webcomics. This one is called 'Last Night Party - Close Call'.

You can view it here.

12th February 2007: Castle Assault Released

Thomas Weiling has released 'Castle Assault'. There are 35 levels (5 of them secret levels) and they are all designed and decorated well. There are mostly original Wolf3D graphics, but there are new bosses from Bruno deo Vergilio. Code changes (done by Havoc and Thomas) include changed ceiling colours, seamless levels, helpart and a new music order. Available here.

11th February 2007: Three Wolf3D Related Pics

Here's a set of 3 pics sent in by Paco. All of them are related to Wolf3D in some way.

Available here.

11th February 2007: Spear Revisited Released

Executor has released 'Spear Revisited'. The 21 seamless levels are quite extensive, well designed and well decorated. There are many changed graphics and sounds though the original Spear feel is retained. There's plenty of fast moving action as one of the many code changes is an increase in the number of permitted guards. The new music blends in well. The 2 guest levels were made by thejosh and myself. Text file included. Available here.

8th February 2007: Castle Assault Update

Here's a set of screenshots from Thomas Weiling's upcoming set 'Castle Assault'. There will be 35 seamless levels, new bosses and new sounds. The music order and ceiling colours have been changed... and the exe has been done by Havoc.

7th February 2007: Abscene Update

Havoc has sent in the first screenshot from his upcoming set 'Abscene'. The project is in alpha stage at present but here's some info Havoc sent: "It'll play in a US underground lab called "Sigma Complex". A complex for genetic and robotic experiments. You are Chase Richards an ex-elite soldier. Something terrible happened down the labs and you've to find out what is going on there."

7th February 2007: More Drawings By Paco

Here's yet another set of drawings made by Paco. There's a collection of 22 drawings and they have a military flavour!! Available here. (6.29Mb)

27th January 2007: Alien Vs. Terminator Vs. Predator Released

Dr. Von Loon has released a shareware set called 'Alien Vs. Terminator Vs. Predator'. The 10 levels are unchanged from the original Wolf3D shareware set but most graphics and sounds have been changed. Many of the graphics come from Andy's Blake Wolf, Spiff's Astrostein and Sporb's Hi-Res Texture Pack and it all blends together quite well. The webpage features an in-game video, along with a number of screenshots. Available here. Needs either the exe from Wolf3D shareware v1.4 to play (or you can use the Newwolf Opengl port).

27th January 2007: All This And Wolf3D Released

Here's the final version of Thomas Weiling's 'All This And Wolf3D'. It now has 70 levels that are extensive, and well designed and decorated. Although there are some graphics changes, the Wolf3D feel is retained quite well. There are many code changes (done by Chris Chokan) including having more than 60 maps, extra static objects and an option to go back to earlier levels. There's an extensive text file included. Available here.

27th January 2007: Two Shareware Addon Reviews

Dr. Von Loon has reviewed two shareware sets - 'Blake Wolf' by Andy Nonymous and myself, and 'Mutant Blobs From Uranus' by Ringman. Both reviews have a number of screenshots and an in-game video.

They're at the Doom Wad Station Blakestone For Wolf3D and Blobs From Uranus pages.

21st January 2007: Drawings By Paco

Here's another set of drawings made by Paco. There's a collection of 15 drawings and they have a military flavour!! Available here. (4.47Mb)

21st January 2007: Intergalactic Marine Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots sent in by Joshua Waight. They're from his upcoming set 'Intergalactic Marine'.

14th January 2007: Wolfenstein Dungeons Screenshots

Liso1 is making his first addon. It's called 'Wolfenstein Dungeons' and here are 2 screenshots from it. The new weapon is called a uzi.

14th January 2007: South Park 3D Screen

Paco has sent in a pic of a Wolfenstein title screen with a South Park flavour. It comes from South Park 3D. The site is in the Czech language.

14th January 2007: Mac Wolf 3rd Encounter Music

Andy Nonymous has released another set of tunes from 'Mac Wolf 3rd Encounter'. The tunes listed correspond to those in the Wolfmacmusic2.zip released Jan 1st but have been done in a different way. The sound quality is fairly good and most files have been cut at the end loop point. Available here. (approx 9Mb)

10th January 2007: Codename: Cornucopia Website

Wolfwhips is working on a new mod called 'Codename: Cornucopia' and now has a website giving info on the mod's progress. There are now some screenshots too.

It's at Codename: Cornucopia.

10th January 2007: Sewer Town Temporary Link

The link to the 'Sewer Town' addon is no longer working. The author Howling Wolf has asked me to provide a temporary link until his new server is up. This may take several weeks. Howling Wolf also tells me that the 'Battlestein 3D' project is being worked on again and will have a number of additional features like a newer status bar, a number of items and kills display, 4 weapons and 3 teleports W/S/E. Meanwhile, 'Sewer Town' is now available here.

6th January 2007: Real Doom Video

Paco has sent in a Real Doom video. It only lasts a few seconds but what's there is done well.

It's available here. (543Kb)

2nd January 2007: Ghost Betrayal Released

Joshua Waight has released 'Ghost Betrayal'. The 8 levels are fairly extensive and quite well decorated. There's a mix of new and original Wolf3D graphics though much of the Wolf3D feel still remains. There's also a mix of new and original sounds and the music includes Linkin Park and Metallica. The exe is from 'Wolfenstein Collection' by MCS Amsterdam. Available here.

1st January 2007: Mac Wolf 3rd Encounter Music

First off for year 2007 is this fine collection of music from Mac Wolf's '3rd Encounter'. It also includes the first level music from 'Barney'. The collection was sent in by Born4battle.

Available here. (8.43Mb)

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Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

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