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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 Latest News News Archive

26th February 2011: Wolfendoom SDL Version Released

AReyeP's Wolfendoom has been released in an SDL version. There are 60 well designed levels (in 6 renamed episodes), and there's a lot of new graphics and sounds which well reflect the Doom type scenarios. The conversion to SDL was done by Zdude and is a welcome addition to our growing list of mods now available in that format. Available at Wolfendoom SDL Version. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

17th February 2011: Dean's Wolf 3D Blog Updated

Dean's Wolf 3D Blog will be adding a list of mods made by each Wolfer who completes the Wolfer Q&A's feature. Lists have now been added for those who have already taken part. They are at Dean's Wolf 3D Blog.

12th February 2011: Wolfenstein Goodies Update

We’ve added mirror download links for all 62 of the freeware Acord Games files. They are Wolf 3D mods, Spear mods, Wolf 3D Total Conversions, Doom clones, Doom Mods, Doom 2 Mods, PacDoom, PacDoom 2, WolfChex, Gloomstein, RoTTMods, virtual reality clones, 2D scrollers, a Poker game, and a slideshow. Acord Games also sells the "Heaven on Earth" book, the Dolfin Comics CD, and games CDs.

11th February 2011: Chaos-Software Site Is Back

Ripper tells me that his Chaos-Software site is now back online. He is going to release Wolf4SDL v1.7 soon, so it's in line with Chris' unofficial release.
The site is now available at

3rd February 2011: WUB Cheats Exe Released

Jayngoware has released the Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings cheats exe. The exe unlocks the TAB Cheats only though. MLI keys will not work. Also, God Mode runs in 30 second increments. Available here.
The actual mod containing the 2 episodes completed so far is available

31st January 2011: Wolf3d in Minecraft Video

Thought you might like this video!! Gwilym Wogan has remade the first level of Wolf3d in Minecraft. It lasts 4 minutes 17 seconds and is available from YouTube.
Gwilym also has a soundtracks website called
Trickyname Audio.

29th January 2011: Web Sites’ Changes

-Attention Wolfenstein 3D in Chex Quest, Ultimate Doom, and Doom 2 fans! The GZDoom page has moved from here to the new page here.
-We don’t know what’s going on, but
planetwolfenstein.com hasn’t been updated since August 18, 2010. The archive and search aren’t even working. Please view everything on it for fun now in case it permanently goes down later.

29th January 2011: Acord Games Download Mirrors

Mirror downloads are added for The Acord Games with Chex Quest, Doom, Doom 2, and Rise of The Triad. For Chex Quest, there's the brand new WolfChex (Pictured). For Doom or Ultimate Doom, there's Gloomstein updated (With WolfenDoom and PacDoom graphics), PacDoom, and Doom Mods (With WolfenDoom). For Doom 2, there's PacDoom 2, and Doom 2 Mods (Including 10 levels of a Return To Castle Wolfenstein mod). For Rise of The Triad, there's RoTT Mods (Includes WolfHell and Wolf3D).

29th January 2011: New Levels for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Released

Ling Yan Li has released new levels for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. All the levels (including the bonus levels) have been replaced in the entire trilogy. These levels have the same layout and style as the original trilogy, but offer complete new areas to explore. These levels require the Cosmo1.exe, Cosmo2.exe, and Cosmo3.exe files that need to be supplied from the registered version of Cosmo. It does not need the Cosmo1.stn, Cosmo2.stn, Cosmo3.stn, Cosmo1.vol, Cosmo2.vol, and Cosmo3.vol files to play. Available here.

28th January 2011: Mac-enstein Third Encounter Episode One SDL Released

Andy Nonymous has released 'Mac-enstein Third Encounter Episode One SDL'. This is the third part of the Mac-enstein Encounter series and needs to be run in the same folder as the first two parts. As with the First/Second Encounters, it's quite a good effort as it seems very close to the originals. Text file included. Since the earlier Encounter sets were released, Andy has made some improvements but these will be included when the new files are added. Available here. Just add the contents of Mac3sdl2.zip to your First/Second Encounter SDL 2 folder, overwriting whenever prompted. This upgrades the first two Encounters to version 2.02, in addition to installing Third Encounter Episode 1. For those that don't already have it, Mac-enstein First Encounter is available here. (15.9Mb) - Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th January 2011: Dean's Wolf 3D Blog Updated

Dean's Wolf 3D Blog's latest feature is about some of the best demo's released that never made it to full releases, It's well illustrated and is at Dean's Wolf 3D Blog.

27th January 2011: Dome Award - January 2011

The January 2011 Dome award goes to DieHard Wolfers for 'DHW SDL Mapset'. This is a very good mapset. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

21st January 2011: The Totis' Revenge SDL Released

Toti has released "The Totis' Revenge SDL". There are 30 extensive levels split into 3 episodes. The graphics and sounds are a mix of original and imported ones and there is a changed music order. Code changes include gun bobbing, intrart and onscreen level titles. There are also textured floors and ceilings and it all blends together quite well and keeps the Wolf3D feel somewhat. The file also includes the WDC map data files. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

20th January 2011: Leon Gets Medieval

Leon Gets Medieval is a Wolf 3D/Doom clone made by a Computer Graphics class at Purdue University. Leon is a comedian impersonating a pimp who time travels to fight the undead somewhat like in the movie, "Army of Darkness." He fights green zombies, a black knight boss, muscular wolfmen, vampire gigolos, and a vampire hooker boss. Leon is rather entertaining. It’s a 50 megabyte file.

20th January 2011: Longinus' Tears Update

Tristan has commenced work on a new 21-level add-on set for registered Spear, entitled "Longinus' Tears". It will in essence be a retelling of the original Spear of Destiny, focusing mainly on atmospheric level design to retain the classic Wolf look and feel.
He will strive to make challenging, detailed new maps to relive the Old School Wolfenstein experience without any visual, audial or technical modifications.
More info will be posted soon at its website,
Longinus' Tears. Currently, the storyline can be read and some other info can be viewed.

18th January 2011: Doom2 Conversion Page Updated

Our Doom2 Conversion Page has been updated again. The latest addition is 'Hitler's Caverns' by Sam Nyfeler. Although it's only one level, it's quite a good one. There are a number of Wolf3D wall textures and the blue SS are featured too.

It's available on Add-ons - DOOM2.

15th January 2011: Happy New Year from Wolfenstein Goodies!

Happy New Year from Wolfenstein Goodies! Return of The Triad for Doom 2 gives you the option of single or multiplayer. There's also The Simpsons and a Half-Life and Duke Nukem video. Both of them have different enemies and textures for levels 31 and 32 of Doom 2. With Photo Negative Doom 2, you get to see levels 31 and 32 in a new way. Commander Keen Test is just one enemy changed to Commander Keen, another enemy changed to a pig, and items changed. Doom 2 sold in Germany doesn't have the WolfenDoom secret levels. A link to Laz Rojas' WolfenDoom and Astrostein conversions for Sega Dreamcast is added on The Wolf3D in Doom 2 list.

12th January 2011: Wolfing Time Review Update

Zombie_Plan's latest Wolfing Time review is of Wolf3D on XBox 360. If you want to write your own review, there is now a submit button on the site.

You can find it at Wolfing Time.

7th January 2011: DHW SDL Mapset Released

Here's a 6 episode (60 level) Wolf3D SDL mapset made by mappers of the DieHard Wolfers forums. The maps are very well made and though they keep the feel of the original episodes somewhat, they also offer the more unique styles of the individual mappers. The mappers were Ronwolf, AReyeP, Serpens, Thomas Weiling, Dean / Arielus / Schabbs and ack. Coding was done by Andy Nonymous. Both Dos and Windows versions are provided. A detailed text file is included. The set is dedicated to Liza Walley. Available here. Needs the vswap and 2 audio files from the full version of the Wolf3D game to play. The SDL version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

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