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JANUARY/APRIL 2012 Latest News News Archive

30th April 2012: Guns and Glory 0.5 The Story Retold SDL Graphics Update

Metalor has released another update. This one merely fixes and updates a few of the graphics changes to the game.
Here's a short list of the actual changes:
- Changed the overall graphics for the Nazi Guard and Ironclad enemies
- Reworked the colors on the SS and Nazi Officer to be more vibrant
- Made some slight changes to some static objects and other miscellaneous odds and ends
- Updated the VGAGraphics to coordinate with the changes to the game's sprites
As planned, there will only be one more update which Metalor will be working on from this point on. That update will feature all of the most current changes in previous updates.
This update only contains graphics changes, and does not feature any of the other game files besides the VSWAP, VGAGRAPH, VGADICT, and the VGAHEAD. Available
here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

28th April 2012: Odds and Ends Released

Here's another set from Thomas Weiling. It contains levels from the Map of the Month contests (minus "Facing Hell" which contained way too many code-dependent features), the Aardwolf Map Set, the Super Haven map set, the Wolf and Spear map sets from DHW, Operation Mutant Strike, Escape from Castle Holle and the "Hard Cell" mod/map set in its entirety. It's all in SDL. Havoc helped with getting the EXE together (which is based on "Time to Kill"). Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

25th April 2012: SplitWolf Beta Update

Here's a new SplitWolf Beta update from Team RayCAST, now with support of Wolf3D full, Wolf3d Shareware and Spear of Destiny. The batch file now automatically recognizes the files and runs the correct exe. Text file included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
There's also a thread for it with a lot more info at
Haven Forum.

24th April 2012: A Doll's House 4SDL Updated

Paal Olstad has released an updated version of A Doll's House 4SDL. There are 2 major changes implemented for all 9 episodes.
1. The error caused by forgetting to disable the elevator function of tile 21 has been fixed.
2. The minimum distance to 8-sided, breakable/explodable and animated objects has been reduced, making it possible to go closer to them and between them. In connection with this change Paal has also made one small change to one of the levels of episode 9. Available
here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

23rd April 2012: SplitWolf Beta Released

DoomJedi tells me that a new beta is released. it is SplitWolf Beta - version and was created by LinuxWolf and DoomJedi - Team RayCAST. It is the first and the only 2-player splitscreen coop Wolfenstein 3D port - on a cross-platform Wolf4SDL engine. This port brings you the ability to play your favourite Wolfenstein 3D with your friends, on modern computers!ting. Text file included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
There's also a thread for it with a lot more info at
Haven Forum.

21st April 2012: Amerika 2012 Screenshots

LPGS Interactive has sent in a number of pics from their upcoming TC 'Amerika 2012'. It is a Spear mod in the tradition of (and featuring sprites from) M. Heijnens "KKK beta" and Laz Rojas "Amerika the beautiful". Most of the mod was finished last year but there remains some level and sprite work. Should be ready for a summer release.

21st April 2012: Guns and Glory 0.5 The Story Retold SDL is Updated

Metalor has released an updared exe and other files for 'Guns and Glory 0.5 The Story Retold SDL'. Here are some of the changes:
- The crosshair now functions with all weapons
- The crosshair can now be toggled in the menu rather than by pressing the X key
- Shading can be toggled in the menu
- Enemies light up when attacking, certain projectiles also light up
- The Arrow keys can now be customized, but the WASD keys cannot
- Re-tuned a few of the game's menus
- Fixed several graphics and layout bugs, such as the player starting a level with a disguise
- Some other, minor miscellaneous changes to the game's code, levels, and graphics
Available from
Mediafire. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

17th April 2012: Wolfenpack v3.2 Released

Here is the latest version of Wolfenpack (3.2) by Vincent. It has three new features:
Each wall/sprite/sound has a standard description that makes them easy to find.
Sprites can be animated for checking movement.
You can now save any collection of pictures/sounds at a time. Available

15th April 2012: A Doll's House 4SDL Released

Paal Olstad tells me A Doll's House 4SDL is released. There are 9 games (episodes) of action, adventure, puzzle solving, suspense, mystery and romance! All files are changed and included. See the included documents for useful info. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

7th April 2012: Wolfenstein 3d Pistol Edit

Here is a one handed Wolfenstein pistol, which would be great for a mod with gun bobbing. The set of 6 frames was sent in by Mr. Gerolf. Available here.
Also available is a simple Knife edit that could also be useful for mods with gun bobbing. Available
There's also an SS update: Mr. Gerolf should be able to finish all 10 levels soon and also the Source. There should be some new screenshots when he finishes the new Source Code. The storyline will also be posted whenever those screenshots are sent.

1st April 2012: Guns and Glory 0.5 The Story Retold SDL is Released

Metalor has released 'Guns and Glory 0.5 The Story Retold SDL'. There's one continuous episode of roughly 30 levels. Virtually everything has been changed and there are many code changes, though the Wolf3D feel is retained well. See the very detailed Read This for more info. There are a few remaining bugs and in the coming weeks, Metalor will post an updated EXE that will replace the MIDIs with MP3s for those who find the MIDI-crashing bug to be too irritating. Available from Mediafire. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
A contest for the game starts today. Look in the Read This to find out more. There's also a thread for it at

26th March 2012: Amazing Grace SDL Updated

Josh tells me the 'Amazing Grace SDL Version' has been updated. It now has the Amazing Grace tune with Bagpipes as an epilogue. The song plays after you beat the final boss. The change was made by jpb6891. Available Amazing Grace SDL Version.

21st March 2012: 8 direction Flamethrower SS sprites for Project Vertilgung Released

Wolfercooker has finished and released a complete set of 8 direction Flamethrower SS sprites. They are for Project Vertilgung, made by Zach Higgins and James Ingham. They were started by the Project Vertilgung team but were unfinished and unused. Available here.

20th March 2012: Time to Kill SDL Released

Here's a mod by Thomas Weiling called 'Time to Kill SDL'. It's 45 levels, 40 straight and 5 secret. Maps are mixed between new ones from October '11 to March '12 plus some of the best from Overkill. There are a number of graphics changes but the Wolf3D feel remains. Very well designed. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

17th March 2012: Klooni SDL v1.5 Released

KFH Games has released 'Klooni SDL v1.5'. The game is now out of beta stage and has experimental support to Fraps. Lamps and other static objects are now lit and a developer's console has been added. There are more changes listed in the enclosed text file. Available from KFH Games. Needs either DOOM2.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD or TNT.WAD from your original Doom II or Final Doom to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

12th March 2012: Spear Reloaded Updated

KFH Games has updated 'Spear Reloaded'. Most of the changes are in the SDL version and include added mousewheel weapon selection, hints are closed faster and fixed a possible crash in the hint system. There's a far longer list of changes in the enclosed text file. Available from KFH Games. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

9th March 2012: MyMod4SDL Construction Kit Released

Tricob has released the construction kit for MyMod4SDL (a.k.a. "Base Of Operations"). The complete source code for the 1-level demo is here, along with all ChaosEdit files Tricob used for mapping. Chris's "Raycaster Bugfix" has been updated since the release of MyMod4SDL, and the changes are reflected in the WL_DRAW.CPP file. Available here.

2nd March 2012: Source Code and Map Editor for Project Toten Eisen Ritter

Ling Yan Li has released the source code and map editor for Project Toten Eisen Ritter.
Project Toten Eisen Ritter Source Code.
Project Toten Eisen Ritter Map Editor.
Ling also has his 3000th video and update on YouTube. Feel free to check it out on Ling's channel at
You Tube.

29th February 2012: Stealth (Demo) Released

Here's a 3 level demo called 'Stealth' from Ronwolf1705. This is a stealth mod, as such the typical Wolf3d run-and-gun action can't be found here. You'll have to carefully plan your way and make sure you don't attract too many guards at a time.
Important note!!!
In level 2 you'll first encounter the officers. Take note that they can't be killed!!! You have to find some way to get past them without being seen.
-Backstab kills instantly
-Starting weapon is always the knife
-No guards drop ammo
-Officers are invulnerable (you can still get 100% kills since they are not counted)
-Par times adjusted. Available
here. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

26th February 2012: Dome Update

My hand problem has subsided somewhat so here is a limited update on recent mods:
Santa Claws 3D. 10 new levels plus some new festive graphics/sounds. Made by LynxJSA. Not bad for Dec 1994.
15 Master Levels. 15 new Wolf3D levels. Some code changes. By Ipank7000. Very well designed. Needs the VSWAP from the full version of Wolf3D added to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
The DHW SDL Mapset, Spear of Destiny Edition. 21 new levels, made by The DHW Team (see Readme for more details). Very well designed. Needs the full version of Spear of Destiny to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
Mac-enstein (All 3 Encounters) SDL. Made by Andy Nonymous. Contains all 3 encounters which is 93 (3+30+60) levels. A good accurate port of the Macintosh Wolfenstein game for Windows using Ripper's Wolf4SDL engine. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
I will try and make other limited updates when I can for now. Please check out Matt Stath's site for other new addons and updates at
Wolfenstein goodies.com.

29th January 2012: Dome Updates Suspended

Due to a hand problem I will not be updating the Dome for now. We still have the 2 Wolf3D forums and Matt Stath will be listing any new addons and have other updates at Wolfenstein goodies.com. I should be able to forward any Wolf3D related emails on to Matt.

19th January 2012: Wolfenpack v3.1 Released

Here's the latest version of Wolfenpack (version 3.1) from Vincent. This new version works smoothly with Floedit II, you can import the current picture/sound into Floedit from wp.bmp/wp.wav in the wolfenpack directory, and choose between decimal and hex addresses. At present it works for 64x64 pixel graphics only. Available here.

15th January 2012: Spearfishwolfbones Released

Thomas Weiling has released his first full Spear of Destiny mapset. It is called 'Spearfishwolfbones'. There are 21 extensive well made levels. Thomas says, "I was never a Spear fan, never played it as a kid, and quite frankly, I feel that this is both my first and last mapping experience of Spear. But I'm glad I made it.". Available here. Needs the full version of Spear of Destiny to play.

14th January 2012: Unsung SDL Version 1.1 Released

Nembo has released version 1.1 of 'Unsung', a 10 level set which is World War I based. It's nearly the same yet better. If the control scheme bothered you, fear not for a new control scheme has been implemented using the W, A, S, and D keys. So strafing should be much more easy. On the other hand if you liked the old control scheme using the arrow keys, it is still there also. There's more info and the download at Mod DB. Also available here. Based off Wolf4SDL code and is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

12th January 2012: 3do Macenstein Music Mod

Jimmy Cozad has put together a 3do music mod for Macenstein SDL by Andy Nonymous. Everything needed to run the mod is supplied, including the 2nd and 3rd Encounters. The music can be loud so Jimmy recommends to have the music volume set at 25 for best results (sound fx stays at 100). Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

12th January 2012: Wolfenstein 2009 Saved Games

Joshua has sent in a set of 9 saved games for use with Wolfenstein 2009. They work with version 1.2. Available here.

7th January 2012: Megaman Legends 3 Prototype SDL Released

Here's a new 9 level shareware mod from Keith Krueger. It's 'Megaman Legends 3 Prototype SDL'. Some levels are unfinished in this version and have an exit elevator at the start but all levels are playable. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and the mod has a cartoon type feel. You play as new character Barrett. The final version of Megaman Legends 3 will be bundled with all the Megaman Legends mods. Both SDL and Dos exes are included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

6th January 2012: HUD Faces

Mr. Gerolf has sent in a complete set of BJ faces. The pics shown are 3 of those from when being hit from the front. Available here.

5th January 2012: MyMod4SDL demo v1.1 released

Tricob has submitted v1.1 of MyMod4SDL, otherwise known as the "Base Of Operations demo". This one-level demo has floor/ceiling textures, interactive Wall Patches, Animated Static Objects, HUD Actors code, Seamless Levels code, and numerous other features. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

3rd January 2012: Allgemeine Guard Pack

WolferCooker has made a complete set of Allgemeine guards. They are recolored brown guards. Available here.

1st January 2012: A Doll's House 4SDL

Paal Olstad tells me that A Doll's House 4SDL is now in the works. All previously released levels/games will be included as well as new ones. There is also an added projectile weapon shooting blasts of energy in three different directions simultaneously, straight forward and 5 degrees to the left and right. This weapon is also used by the blue SS actor. There's more about it at the DHW forums thread here.

1st January 2012: Tricob's Base Of Operations - Official Source Code Released

To kick off the new year, Tricob has sent the Dome his first official version of the "Base Of Operations" source code. 90+ Walls, 128+ doors, In-Game Messages, Animated Static Objects, Bleeding Enemies, and more are all available in this code. Available here.

Latest News News Archive

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