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JULY/AUGUST 2004 Latest News News Archive

31st August 2004: Hotel Romanstein Released

This addon for shareware - 'Hotel Romanstein' is a cleaned up version of an 'adult' one I received a couple years ago and didn't post. It comes from Wadman (a Mr. Choi from Korea) and has 10 new levels in a hotel setting that are well designed, extensive and quite heavily decorated. Many of the images are new as are the sounds. Available here. Although the 'adult' images in the earlier version have been removed, there are still some actors' (such as the SS shown in the final screenshot) who are rather sparingly dressed.

Mr.Choi has a Wolfenstein 3D website at Cafe Daum, though it's in Korean!!

31st August 2004: Dead Reckoning Update

Kev Reid tells me the demo for 'Dead Reckoning' is almost complete. It has 10 levels and complete code - except that some features have been disabled (so there'll be something to look forward to in the final version).

1) DEMO version

  • Guns = 100% / Items = 100% / Levels = 30%
  • Enemies = 90% / EXE = 90%
  • Total = 82%

2) FULL version - Out soon

  • Guns = 50% / Items = 65% / Levels = 15%
  • Enemies = 68% / EXE = 65% / Addons = 50%
  • Total = 52%

31st August 2004: Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie: Resurrection Released

Here's a new 3 episode (12 level) version of Elmer Fudd's 'Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie'. The four extra levels (on episode 3) are mainly modified HOS levels, plus a modified original boss level. Available here. This version replaces the one released Aug 20. The first 2 episodes remain as previously posted.

30th August 2004: The Untold Story Released

Mäx has released his follow up to 'Sensenmann'. It's called 'The Untold Story' and has 2 episodes at present (both 3 levels + secret). They are both well designed and heavily decorated. The opening level, in a restaurant, features 'friendly people' who don't shoot at you!! Lots of new graphics and sounds. There are many features such as floor/ceiling textures, directional sprites, 9 weapons, rain/snow effects, animated clouds and lightshading. Very atmospheric. Available here. The title screen warns that some scenes contain blood, guts and violence!!

30th August 2004: Level Design Help Needed

Sandy has requested level design help for the 'Operation: Eisenkrieg' project.

If anyone would like to help out, please email Sandy at sandywolf3d@yahoo.es.

30th August 2004: DHWTC Project Update

Ringman and Quickmanexe recently made a number of changes to the DHWTC project vswap, particularly the wall design textures and portraits, and has issued a new set of screenshots. Also, listed below is an estimate of what's still needed to finish the project:

  • Static object art - 35% (mostly just modifications needed)
  • Maps - 50% about 15 maps out of 30 are done - still need boss levels
  • Enemy edits (just more modifications) - 15%
  • Textures - 85% (all textures are replaced, but there are about 15% that need cleaning up.)
  • Status bar and BJ pic 0% (need to drastically alter BJ's pic)
  • Sounds and Music - 0% (help probably needed here from a new contributor)
  • Weapon pics - 20%
  • Coding - 90% (Just need to change ceiling colors, and 'read this' files and maybe clean up bugs)
  • Title screen/episode graphics/menu graphics, etc. - 0%
  • Story - 65% (main story already planned and summarized, it just needs fleshing out so it can be put in the read this.

We are looking for more people to contribute to the project. It would be preferable to have small contributions from as many people as possible. If they only want to give one thing, they can, or they can stay with the group until the end helping where needed. For anyone interested in helping out or just needing more info, please visit DHWTC Yahoo Group or email Ringman at 1sttriumverate@diplomats.com. You can also private message Ringman at the DHW Forums.

29th August 2004: The Rise Of Hitler Demo Released

Here's a 5 level demo by Kyo Kusanagi called 'The Rise Of Hitler'. It's basically 5 new levels for 'Spear Resurrection' as it uses the SR code and most of it's images. The levels are fairly well designed and decorated though nowhere near as extensive as in SR. Available here. Needs the full 'Spear Resurrection' to play.

29th August 2004: Weapons Of Vengeance 3 Released

Sandy has released 'Weapons Of Vengeance 3'. There are 7 levels that are well designed and nicely decorated, though they are not that extensive. Lots of changed graphics and sounds. You can get it here. As with Sandy's earlier release 'Weapons Of Vengeance 2', this set is not a sequel to WSJ's 'WOV' demo.

28th August 2004: Operation: Nacht Rose Released

Lucky Foot has released 'Operation: Nacht Rose'. There are 30 levels spread over 5 episodes. Most of the levels are quite extensive, though many have little decoration. There are some new graphics, and changed endart screens to reflect the new storyline. Minor code changes such as ceiling colours and increased ammo/health. Text file included. You can get it here.

27th August 2004: Spear Doomsday Update

Here's an email from ZuljinRaynor: "Spear Doomsday is finally under main production, coding is almost finished and then graphics will go with the flow while maps are being made.

One minor note about the coding: Internal EndArts are causing me trouble. I will attempt to implement that at the beginning of the level there is a Mission Obj's screen and then when you collect journals, press "J" has to open a new menu (Like a menu screen) that lets you pick a journal you have found. You don't have it, then the entries are "???." The regular F1 will not open HelpArt but the missions OBJ's so you can refresh. (Most floors will be just find the exit, while other floors are special). So I will have 2 types of Internal Articles so I need help in this." ZuljinRaynor's site is at ZuljinRaynor's Troll City.

26th August 2004: Dead Reckoning Storyline

Here's a storyline done by Kev Reid for his upcoming set 'Dead Reckoning' (Zombenstein):

"A benevolent force has recently been released on the planet and it's up to Jawn to put it right (since he let it out in the first place). The evil emanating from a subterranean pit has begun reanimating fresh corpses turning the countryside into a wasteland of wandering not-so-dead. Play as Jawn, a local bloke and re-kill all the dead so they can finally rest in peace (or pieces). Then pursue the retreating evil deep into its pit of despair and put an end to whatever you let out once and for all. Battle evil armies of eerily cunning Zombies and Skeletons with your arsenal of improvised weaponry (includes a thermic laser and a heavy calibre magnum). Then destroy the pit from whence all hell rose forever."

Sound good ??? then contact - Sporb2000@yahoo.co.nz - to receive a description and watch for a DEMO on the Dome soon (with the 1st 10 levels).

26th August 2004: Operation: Recapture Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released 'Operation: Recapture'. There's 21 levels of a fair size though most are not that extensive and the 2 secret levels remain unchanged. There are many changed graphics, though most I've seen before in other sets. New sounds, new status bar and new demos. Text file included. You can download it here.

25th August 2004: Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie Update

Elmer Fudd tells me the final version of 'Revenge of Poopdeck Willie' is being worked on and will be done in a couple days. It is the last in the series and is called 'Revenge of Poopdeck Willie: Resurrection'. It features four more levels, a new boss, and new text files for after each episode.

25th August 2004: Image World Update

Here's an email received today from Majik Monkee: "Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Image World will still not be accepting new submissions for at least the beginning of September. For all of you who have submitted graphics during the past month, I assure you that they will be placed on the site as soon as possible. To those of you who are loyal visitors to the site, I apologize that I have not been able to update it more frequently, but some personal problems and a very busy schedule lately have prevented me from doing any web editing lately. Also, server space remains an issue, though not as bad as before.

For the time being, I ask that folks not send me any more graphics until I post otherwise (either here or on the site itself). I already have quite a few on hand waiting to be posted, and if I get anymore, there is a chance I will misplace or overlook some of them when I get around to putting them up.

To all fans of the site, thanks for your patience. I assure you the site is not dead, and I promise to resume the updates as soon as possible. If you would like to email me regarding the site, or would like me to simply review a submission you have done, feel free to email me at: dhw_majik_monkee@yahoo.com Thanks!"

25th August 2004: The Wolfenstein Graveyard Site

Conner94 has started a new Wolf 3D site. It will include info on his upcoming set 'Brutal Death' though there's not a lot there yet.

It's at The Wolfenstein Graveyard.

25th August 2004: Digbenstein 3D Almost Complete

Kev Reid tells me 'Digbenstein 3D' is almost finished but without textured ceilings and floors. Details as follows:


  • Text = 45% - lots to go here, Shouldn't take long though
  • Sounds = 98% - just some minor adjustments to go
  • Levels = 70% - just got to change walls # to match textures
  • Sprites = 80% - some final bits of modelling to come
  • Objects = 90% - new OBJ's need allocation of functions
  • Wall tiles = 99% - Maybe small changes here


  • Items = 99% - Maybe small changes here
  • Badguys = 90% - minor adjustments required here
  • Weapons = 100% - Done done and done
  • Interface = 99% - minor adjustments to player speed here
  • Space left = Very little if any (more can be made avaliable)
  • New additions = 10% - only one left TEX FLOOR/CEILING (help still required)

Reply to - sporb2000@yahoo.co.nz - to get more info like a full list of changes.

25th August 2004: Help Wanted For Halo

Andrew needs help in some areas with his upcoming set 'Halo'.

If anyone would like to help out, please email Andrew at ANL8000@wmconnect.com.

25th August 2004: Castle Helvete Update

Here's an email received today from The Chief: "Hello all... Some Helvete news.. or rather 'CASTLE HELVETE", as it's now known. I've just recently filled Wolfenstein with my new walls, but I'm changing the palette soon, so everything you see will have slightly altered color in the final release. Also, expect floor and ceilings and other great stuff. All of the levels shown are not final, rather a way to test textures/weapons and play around with those nazi bastards. STILL NEED HELP with many things. If you have the time, e-mail me at: fourdoz@hotmail.com. More updates soon! Click on the thumbnail for some exclusive screenshots. - The Chief"

23rd August 2004: Maps Help Wanted

Conner94 has asked for some help with the maps for his upcoming set 'Brutal Death'. The title screen was posted Aug 22.

If anyone wants to help out, please email Conner94 at cjirwin94@comcast.net.

23rd August 2004: Wrong Email Address

Elmer Fudd tells me his email address given in the text file enclosed in the 'Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie' zip was wrong.

The zip file has now been updated, but for those who've already downloaded it, the correct email is elmerfreakinfudd2@yahoo.com.

22nd August 2004: Brutal Death Title Screen

Here's the title screen from an upcoming addon called 'Brutal Death'. It was sent in by Conner94.

21st August 2004: Castle Wolfenstein Website Returns

Ian Franken's 'Castle Wolfenstein' website is online again. It's being updated at present but much of the content should be up soon. The main focus will be on add-on / TC reviews, Wolf3D editorials, Ian's upcoming projects, interviews with members of the Wolf3D community as well as an editing section.

The website will also be the homepage for a new Wolf3D newsletter Ian is working on called 'Wolf-Bytes'. It will include featured Wolfenstein sites and add-ons, brief reviews and editorials, retrospectives on older FPS games that use the Wolf3D engine, stories from members of the community and an occasional source code tutorial. If anyone is interested in contributing anything to this in its planning stages or would like to send questions / comments regarding this service, please send an email to: wolfbytes@mail.com. The website is at Castle Wolfenstein.

20th August 2004: Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie Released

Elmer Fudd has released 'Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie'. It has 8 levels (some are modified HOS levels), spread over the first 2 episodes. Bosses are from Monkee's Image World though most images are from the original Wolf 3D game. Quite a difficult set to play. Each level has at least one boss. Elmer tells me he has permission to use the modified levels. Available here. Updated Aug 31 with a 3 episode (12 level) version called 'Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie: Resurrection'. The first 2 episodes remain the same.

18th August 2004: ZW1 - Phase 2 Demo Released

De Zeurkous has released a 'ZW1 - Phase 2' demo. This contains one new level for episode 2, plus the complete 10 level set for episode one which was earlier released as 'ZW1 - Phase One'. The new level is quite extensive, well designed and nicely decorated. Available here. Needs the full Wolfenstein 3D game to play.

18th August 2004: Paderborn Update

Lakota Bucksnort's next release will be called 'Paderborn'. There will be 15 levels, some code changes, graphics, sounds etc. Thirteen of the levels are done and the 2 others started. All that remains after the last 2 maps are completed is some editing of guard placements and to furnish the last 2 levels. Hopefully, it will be ready around Sept. 15th. Lakota has supplied a zip containing a Readme, the storyline in WORD format, and the title screen. You can get it here.

18th August 2004: The Doom Spear Demo Released

Ian Summerfield and Mega Luigi have released a 10 level demo version of their upcoming set 'The Doom Spear'. As the title suggests, there's a mixture of Doom and Spear graphics. Most levels are quite extensive and well detailed. Some new sounds. Available here.

18th August 2004: Doom: Universal Tour Code Changes

Here's some code changes planned for the upcoming set 'Doom: Universal Tour':

  • 8 new enemies to the Spear code
  • 3 new weapons
  • seamless levels
  • a new key
  • new ammunition
  • possibly new music
  • all The DOOM Monsters onto the Spear Code teleporters, endart, and a few other things

The set is being done by Mega Luigi and Ian Summerfield.

16th August 2004: Assault On Germany 2 Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released 'Assault On Germany 2'. There's 21 levels, with many varied scenarios though most are not that extensive.There are changed graphics, sounds and new status bar etc, though there are no source code changes. You can download it here. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

15th August 2004: Friedl 3D Released

Here's a set of new maps for shareware Wolf 3D called 'Friedl 3D'. It's by Friedl and has 8 levels which are very extensive and well detailed. Lots of decoration and good variation in guard use. No secret level. Available here.

12th August 2004: Weapons Of Vengeance 2 Released

Sandy's latest release is called 'Weapons Of Vengeance 2'. It has 9 levels that are mostly well designed though not that extensive. Most graphics and sounds have been changed though much of the original Wolf3D feel remains. Good blend of indoor and outdoor areas. Available here.This add-on is NOT an official sequel to Wolf Skevos-Jones' 'Weapons of Vengeance' demo and has very little to do with it.

12th August 2004: Dome Awards - August 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Joshua Waight for 'Wolf 3D: Secret Missions 4', and to Lakota Bucksnort for 'A Time To Die'. 'Secret Missions 4' has well designed levels and forms part of a very good 4 set 'Secret Missions' series, while 'A Time To Die' is fast moving, challenging and also has well designed levels. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

10th August 2004: Digbenstein 3D Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots from Kev Reid's upcoming set 'Digbenstein 3D'. There's quite a lot so they may take some time to load.

10th August 2004: Utilities Page Links Fixed

I've been checking out all the downloads on the Dome Utilities Page and hopefully all the links have finally been fixed. Things like Martin's ROTT Walls pack, BJ Actor and Mackintosh actors now work.

The page is at Utilities.

10th August 2004: Textured Floors/Ceilings Help Needed

Kev Reid needs some help with adding textured floors and ceilings to his upcoming set 'Digbenstein 3D'. He's tried to get them done himself but has not been successful. If anyone's wants to help out please email sporb2000@yahoo.co.nz. Digbenstein 3d can't be released UNTIL textured ceilings and floors have been added because they are supposed to be an integral part of the game.

10th August 2004: Assault On Germany 2 Boss Pics

Here's a set of boss pics sent in by Kyo Kusanagi. They're for his upcoming set 'Assault On Germany 2'.

8th August 2004: HELVETE Site Updated

The Chief's website for 'HELVETE' has recently been updated. More shots have been added, including a completed character, and some new textures. Jonathan Storey is now helping out with some coding issues, but if anyone out there would like to help with the more advanced stuff, feel free to e-mail The Chief at his website! It's at DERRAH's Chief_Rebel_Angel Productions.

7th August 2004: The Partners/Help Needed

James Shain is working on a new TC called 'The Partners' and will be the follow-up to 'The Final Fight'. James needs help with the coding and the sprites.

If anyone would like to help, please email James at lilmanjs@yahoo.com.

7th August 2004: Assault On Germany Final Version Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released the final version of 'Assault On Germany'. Some of the 60 levels are just modified original levels though many are completely new. Many graphics and sounds are as in the demo version. Source code changes now include new demos. Available here.

4th August 2004: Nuclear Assassination Update

Jonathan Storey tells me his upcoming set 'Nuclear Assassination' is nearing completion:

  • Art and sounds - 100% complete
  • Menu screens - 100% complete
  • Everything other than the levels - 100% complete

It will take at least a few weeks to make the levels though.

4th August 2004: Brutal Damage Demo Released

Joshua Waight has released a 10 level demo of his upcoming set 'Brutal Damage'. The levels are quite well made though the first is a modified version of the orignal first level. There are some graphics changes but the game keeps the original Wolf3D feel. Text file included. You can get it here. Replaced Jan 1, 2005 with a 20 level full version..

3rd August 2004: Doom 2 Mod Completed & Wolf 3D Sequel Started

Wes Desjardins has just completed a mod for Doom 2 called 'Ascension'. He's now started on a sequel which will be for Wolfenstein 3D. It'll be called 'Doom 2: Return Of The Dark One'.

If you want to try out the the Doom mod, you can download it here. It has 19 levels.

2nd August 2004: Image World Update

Here's a message received today from Majik Monkee :

"Greetings! I will be taking the month off from doing updates at the 'Image World' site due to a lot of other obligations. Any submissions sent prior to this notification will be posted at the beginning of next month, but for anyone with unsent submissions, please wait on sending them to me until that time. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I've got a lot of stuff going on, and will need to spend some time cleaning up the Image World anyway. Thanks.


2nd August 2004: Death Of Cartosa Demo Released

Rocketboy680 has released a 5 level demo of 'Death Of Cartosa'. The episode is subtitled 'Control Tower 1'. There's plenty of changes graphics, though no new sounds yet. It's available here.

2nd August 2004: Redneck Rampage Mod

Here are 2 screenshots from a new mod called 'Redneck Rampage' They're from RS.

2nd August 2004: Assault On Germany Demo Released

Here's a one episode demo released by Kyo Kusanagi. It's called 'Assault On Germany'. Each level has a title name - see the enclosed Read This file. There are lots of graphics and sound changes. The secret level is not new, although it does have different graphics. It's accessable from level 3. Available here.

30th July 2004: Digbenstein - More Pics

Here's more pictures from 'Digbenstein' sent in by Kev Reid. There's a poster of what's to come and a couple screenshots. Also included are a number of sprites not used in the set and Kev is making these available for others' to use.

29th July 2004: Planet Strike Demo

Kurt (ack) is working on levels for the 2 Blake Stone sets. The first six maps (four regular, one boss and one secret level) for 'Planet Strike' are available here. Needs the full version of Planet Strike to play.

The 'Aliens of Gold' set will feature the maximum of 90 maps!! Depending on how well the 'Planet Strike' demo is accepted, ack may release a small demo (one episode - 15 level) of 'Aliens Of Gold' as well.

29th July 2004: Digbenstein Bad Guy Pics/Help

Kev Reid has sent in some bad guy pics and info on his upcoming set 'Digbenstein'. Kev would like some help with adding textured floors and ceilings. He's tried to get them done but has not been successful. If anyone's wants to help out please email sporb2000@yahoo.co.nz.

29th July 2004: HELVETE Update

Derrah is working on a mod called 'HELVETE' and has a website with info and lots of screenshots of the game.

It's at DERRAH's Chief_Rebel_Angel Productions.

29th July 2004: A Time To Die Released

Lakota Bucksnort's first set is called 'A Time To Die'. It has 5 levels which are well decorated and quite extensive. There's a mix of Wolf3D/Spear graphics and some new sounds. Fast moving, it's quite a difficult set to beat at times and level 3 needs some pushwalls opened to complete the level. It's available here. Lakota is Bobby Bucksnort's grandmother and wife of the late John Bucksnort. Bobby helped out with parts of the set.

28th July 2004: Assault On Castle Wolfenstein Updated

Here's another updated version by Kyo Kusanagi of 'Assault On Castle Wolfenstein' which was first released July 25. Changes this time are weapons and sounds. I'm told this is the final version. It's available here.

28th July 2004: Terrorist Fighters Title Screen

Here's the title screen for a new Wolf 3D game called 'Terrorist Fighters'. It's by Minotaur III.

27th July 2004: Tei Tenga Project

Darkhaven3 is working on a new Wolfenstein 3D project called 'Tei Tenga'. Here are the details thus far:

  • Project Name: Tei Tenga
  • New EXE: (Haven't decided yet)
  • New Graphics: Yes
  • New Levels: Yes
  • New Sounds: Probably

27th July 2004: Cartosa Lives! Final Version Released

Rocketboy680 has released the final version of 'Cartosa Lives!'. There are now 16 levels spread over 6 episodes, and though mostly not that extensive, I particularly like the outdoor effects of the first level. There are many new graphics including actors, though no new sounds. Some minor code changes. You can get it here.

26th July 2004: Help Required For Sequel

Kyo Kusanagi, who made the 'Assault On Castle Wolfenstein' set released yesterday, has asked for help to make a sequel. If anyone wants to help with the weapons, floor and celling textures, or maps, please email megamanzero32002@yahoo.com.

25th July 2004: Assault On Castle Wolfenstein Released

Here's the first set to be released by Kyo Kusanagi. It's called 'Assault On Castle Wolfenstein' and has 3 episodes. Some of the levels are modified originals - particularly on episode 3. There are lots of graphics changes though most I've seen elsewhere. It blends together quite well. It's available here. Updated July 26 with a new episode 2 boss and 3 more episodes. The final 3 episodes are mostly modified original maps - only the boss levels are completely new.

24th July 2004: Sewer Town Update/Levels Help Wanted

John Burnett III needs to complete his upcoming TC 'Sewer Town' before he attends classes. Some areas are nearing completion, but John urgently needs help with the levels. If you'd like to help, please send a private message to 'Howling Wolf' at DieHard Wolfers. Click on the thumbnail for the title screen, features and the progress made so far.

24th July 2004: Brutal Damage Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots from the upcoming set 'Brutal Damage'. They were sent in by Joshua Waight. A 10 level demo will be available soon.

24th July 2004: Wolfenstein The Secret Missions: Part 4 Updated

Joshua Waight has released an updated version of the 4th (and final) part of 'Secret Missions'. There are 12 levels and as in the earlier releases in the series, they are designed and decorated well. There are some new graphics and sounds though the original game feel remains. This updated version has new endart. You can get it here. This version replaces the one issued July 13.

20th July 2004: The Mutant Co. LTD.

The Wolf 3D Page started by the late John Bucksnort and continued by his grandson Bobby is to be restored. Bobby is currently serving overseas but will work on it when he returns. More information is at The Mutant Co. Ltd. John Bucksnort made 24 addons, such as the 'Tragedy At Istanbul' and 'Wastelands' series.

18th July 2004: The Punisher Screenshot

Here's a screenshot from Raistlin's upcoming set 'The Punisher.

18th July 2004: Wolfenstein Maximum Charge Cancelled

Jacob Rodgers tells me he's cancelled his Wolf 3D project 'Wolfenstein Maximum Charge'. Following a computer failure, Jacob had to reformat his hard drive and lost all the project files.

Jacob hopes to return to Wolf 3D at a later date.

17th July 2004: More Operation: Letzterschutz Screenshots

Majik Monkee has sent another set of images from "Operation: Letzterschutz'. The project is progressing well, but level design has been temporarily halted, as some significant code changes are being made. Currently, all but one of the episodes is finished, and a couple secret levels need to be completed, but that can't be done until the coding is finished. Majik will be looking for two beta testers a couple months from now, but anyone who is interested can email Majik in advance at dhw_majik_monkee@yahoo.com.

17th July 2004: Source Code Help Wanted

Soundtrack from Lithuania would like someone to help out with the coding on his new Wolf 3D project. Some of the changes required are ceilings, guns, floors, lighting and read this!

If anyone is interested, please email soundtrack@gala.net for more details.

13th July 2004: Wolfenstein The Secret Missions: Part 4 Released

Joshua Waight has released the 4th (and final) part of 'Secret Missions'. There are 12 levels and as in the earlier releases in the series, they are designed and decorated well. There are some new graphics and sounds though the original game feel remains. Nicely done. You can get it here.

13th July 2004: Halo Demo Released

Andrew has released 'Halo Demo'. It is based on 'Halo' the game made by Bungi. The demo has 10 new levels, new graphics, sounds and music. One normal guard and one boss have been changed so far. There's also some basic coding changes like ceiling colours. There's still a lot of work to do on the final version, but the demo is available here. Click on the thumbnail for a number of screenshots.

8th July 2004: King Of The Monsters Announced

Dumscheissekopf has announced a new project called 'King Of The Monsters'. Click on the thumbnail for details of the project, including images of the enemies. Dumscheissekopf will be looking for a coder for this project and, if possible, someone to help with wall (mostly building exterior) and sprite (mostly very small) design. If you are interested in helping with this project, email Majik Monkee at dhw_majik_monkee@yahoo.com and he will get the message to Dumscheissekopf. Thanks!

7th July 2004: Dome Awards - July 2004

This month's Dome awards go to ack and Majik Monkee for 'HOS: Special Edition', and to De Zeurkous for 'ZW1 - Phase One'. Hos is a good all round addon, while ZW1 has very well designed levels. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

4th July 2004: New Ingomania Website

Here's a message received from James Ingham regarding his new website url and email address: "I have a new email (ingo@ingomania.co.uk) and a new website at www.ingomania.co.uk... E-mails are currently offered as are subdomains, and my ingomania forums are now online again (no posts yet as it's only just been created). They're at http://phpbb.ingomania.co.uk."

4th July 2004: Wolfrain Released

This new release by Fred Kenny has bright coloured walls and actors' that have only their heads!! The 60 levels are a modified version of those used in Fred's earlier set 'Wolffred'. Apart from episode 3, these levels were modified original game levels. No new sounds but some minor code changes such as ceiling colours and increased health/ammo. You can get it here.

Latest News News Archive

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WW3 - The New Mission by Swp

Kill Him 2 by Wolfenstein 3D Fan (

Cambodia And The Killing Fields by Ryan King

Doom Spear Of Destiny by Ian Summerfield and Mega Luigi

Rise Of Chaos by The Incredible Pete

IT by The Incredible Pete

Operation: Zeitgeist by Steven Trinkl

Nitehorrors 3D by Lane

Project Aniquilation by Mega Luigi

End Of Destiny by AReyeP/MCS

Slackermod by Slayne

Operation: Chaos by Tier

Operation Dämonisch by Wahsinn Software

Super Blitzkrieg by Hair Machine

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

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Way Of The Ninja by Wes Desjardins and WSJ

Coldfusion! by Ian Summerfield

Kurt vs The Master by The Master

Operation: Gott Hand by The Luftwaffe Team

Snoobler Wars by Ross Williams

Debauchery by Amirtes

RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. by Jakub Hieroski

Sewer Town by John Burnett

Wolfback by Sockdude

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Assault on Castle Totenhammer by Joe

Schabbs 6000 by 3D Arts Software

Heart of Darkness by Ross Williams

Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
Project Ironstone by Alex Brosseau (

Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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