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JUL/AUG 2007 Latest News News Archive

31st August 2007: Triumph Of The Will Released

Andy Nonymous and ponz have released another mod in the 'Mac-enstein 3-D' series called 'Triumph Of The Will'. It has 12 levels that are fairly extensive and well designed. There's quite a lot of graphics, sounds, music and code changes, and along with the mac status bar, provide a realistic mac environment. Available here.

31st August 2007: Wolfenstein3D 2 Update

Wolfenstein3D Fan tells me of a new 'Wolfenstein3D 2' project that doesn't use the Wolf3d engine:
Moveable objects!
a real FPS!
11/12 enemies !
9 weapons, including Stick grenades, the bazooka, a shotgun, the STG44 and Frag grenades!
Medkits, etc!
manning a turret!
and many many more!
Click Here for a pic.

31st August 2007: DOSBox 0.72 Released

A new version of DOSBox has been released. There are a number of improvements listed though when I tried it with some mods with a lot of code changes, there still seemed to be a lot of drag when playing.

Available here.

31st August 2007: Dopefish Wolf Patch

Here's a patch that Dean found while surfing the 'net. It's called 'Dopefish' and has a few changed wall textures with a blue underwater type and a new Dopefish boss (replacing Gretel Grosse) on certain levels. The Dopefish makes an appearance on episode 1 secret level and the episode 5 boss level. However, not that much has been changed and this patch is probably most useful for those who want to use the changes in other mods. Available here. Needs the full registered version of Wolf3D to play.

26th August 2007: The Wolf3D Community Map Pack Released

Tricob, Thomas, Dean, WLHack, RonWolf and Brian have released a mapset called 'The Wolf3D Community Map Pack'. It has minor code changes, new music for the title screen, Spear Of Destiny graphics, and a handful of other enhancements. There are six new episodes in this collection, each of which has six levels in all. Level 5 of each episode is a boss level, and Level 6 of each episode is a Secret Level. Unlike the original Wolfenstein, General Fatface is in Episode 3, and Hitler is in Episode 6. Another difference is that Mutants and Officers are allowed to appear in any level in any episode. Available here. The source code of this mod is available from Tricob upon request.

23rd August 2007: Dome Awards - August 2007

This month's Dome awards go to Lakota Bucksnort for 'IRONY', and to Mäx for 'Northern Darkness'. Both are good 'all round' sets. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

23rd August 2007: Super Shooter Demo Released

This demo from Dzialo called 'Super Shooter' has 12 fairly extensive levels spread over the first 3 episodes. There are many changed graphics and sounds but the original Wolf3D feel remains. There are quite generous ammo/health limits though they are needed for the game action is fast moving at times. The menu is in the Polish language and there's a changed music order. Available here.

23rd August 2007: YouTube Channel For Gameplay Videos

James has started a channel on YouTube for gameplay videos. So far there are 2 videos made by Karharis. One is from 'The Final Fight' and the other from 'Blake Stone'.

The link is here.

19th August 2007: Northern Darkness Released

Mäx has released 'Northern Darkness'. There are 24 mostly extensive, well designed and well decorated levels, plus one secret level, that are spread over 3 episodes. Virtually all the graphics, sounds and music have been replaced by Mäx and code changes include helpart, shading, animated objects and a vehicle. It all blends together nicely and looks quite professional. Available here.

19th August 2007: Super Shooter Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots taken from an upcoming set by Dzialo called 'Super Shooter'. A demo will be out soon and will have source code changes as well as changed graphics.

15th August 2007: Valts SoD Project Release Updated

Valts has updated his 12 level 'Valts SoD Project' which was first released July 10. Some of the floor codes have been changed and some new secret areas have been added. Available here. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

14th August 2007: Wlfnstine - New Project

Here's news of a new project being done by rgamesinc. It's called 'Wlfnstine' and its aim is to remake the MacWolf engine with more 3D objects and also introduce more types of enemies. There's a pic I uploaded from the project here. There's more info and pics on the Wolf3D Haven thread here.

12th August 2007: Cover Of Darkness Demo Released

Liso has released a one level demo of his upcoming 'Cover Of Darkness' project. The level is of a fair size and well designed. There are many images from Rise Of The Triad and objects from Monkee's Image World. It all blends together quite nicely and I'm looking forward to the final version. Available here.

11th August 2007: IRONY Released

Lakota Bucksnort has released 'IRONY'. The mod has 10 levels that are all extensive and well designed and well decorated. There are many imported graphics, sounds and music from Spear and elsewhere. It is fast moving and quite hard to beat at times though all levels are beatable. The set will especially suit those who like the old school type of game and those who like a challenge. Text file included. Available here.

11th August 2007: Map Of The Month Contest - July 2007

The July 2007 maps set contains 15 maps and the standard for this DHW forum monthly contest continues to be very high. Having now played all the levels, I am finding it difficult to choose just 3 to vote for.

For those who haven't already downloaded this set, it's available here.

6th August 2007: Tricob2 Font

Tricob has sent me a new font which is suitable for use in Wolf3D addons and is called Tricob2 font. It is a modified version of the TR2 font found in Monkee's Image World.

Available here.

6th August 2007: Sci-Fi Music Collection

James Shain has put together a collection of sci-fi music files that could be suitable for use in addons with a sci-fi type scenario.

It's available here.

28th July 2007: B.J. Rowan's Wolfenstein Records Room

B. J. Rowan has started a new website that has info and downloads for all his mods, including the first part of a new mod called 'Desperate Measures'. There's also a section on 'mapping technique'.

It's at B.J. Rowan's Wolfenstein Records Room.

28th July 2007: IRONY Screenshots

Here's a number of pics and a title screen from Lakota Bucksnort's upcoming set 'IRONY'.

27th July 2007: SonderKommando Revolt Screenshots

Doomjedi has released a number of pics from his upcoming addon 'SonderKommando Revolt'.

27th July 2007: The Mutant Uprising Music Pack

James Shain has put together a collection of music that is to be used in the upcoming mod 'The Mutant Uprising'.

It's available here.

27th July 2007: Team Aardwolf Forums

A new Wolf3D forum has been started. It's primarily for those involved in 'Team Aardwolf', which is a group of members involved in making Wolf3D addons. Upcoming addons include 'The Mutant Uprising' and 'Mega Man'.

It's at Team Aardwolf Forums.

24th July 2007: Behind Enemy Lines Released

Paul Rawski has released 'Behind Enemy Lines'. There are 4 levels that are extensive, well designed and with about the right amount of decoration. There's a number of new graphics and these blend in quite nicely and are particularly effective in outdoor scenes. Although at one time this was to be a more ambitious project, what is there is done very well. Available here. Please note: Putting Mapedit files in the same folder as the game will corrupt some game files.

20th July 2007: Map Of The Month Club

The DHW Forum is now accepting entries for its July 'Map Of The Month Club' contest. The June contest had 10 entries. I have now played every one of them and with the high standards of mapping it will be difficult for me to choose which 3 to vote for (voting ends in a few days). There's more info on the club here.

20th July 2007: F.A.D.E.D. Update

Ryan de Haast tells me that the story and feature list is now available for his upcoming mod 'F.A.D.E.D.'.

It's at Haasboy Software.

20th July 2007: 'Watching Of Upcoming Sets' Updated

The 'Watching Of Upcoming Sets' list featured on this page has just been updated.

I've not updated the list in the past as often as it should be and I hope to improve on this in future.

13th July 2007: The Final Fight v3e Released

James Shain has released 'The Final Fight v3e'. This latest version of the project has all 60 levels done. Most of the levels have now been revised a second time though ack is updating the final episode again. Other changes since the last version include new episode names, new helpart and endart (including the story done by James), new walls, chain gun and status bar by WLHack and new music added by James. The screenshots were taken before the status bar was added. Available here. If anyone wants to discuss this addon, there is a thread on Wolf3D Haven Forum.

10th July 2007: Valts SoD Project Released

Valts has released the final version of his 'Valts SoD Project'. There are now 12 new levels, including some that are not that large, but they are mostly designed well and nicely decorated. The earlier levels keep to the original Spear style though some of the later levels feature bosses and are harder to beat. One level has a key hidden behind a hard to find pushwall that needs to be opened to complete it. No new graphics or sounds. Available here. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

8th July 2007: Wolf3D Addon Team Proposal

James Shain, maker of the original 'Final Fight' and involved in its remake, is looking to put together a team of mappers, coders and graphics artists etc to make some new Wolf3D addons.

If anyone is interested, please check out this Wolf3D Haven thread.

8th July 2007: W3dMapTx Released

Matthew Barich has written a program in C# that will randomly mix up the different textures for stone textures (like Gray Stone), so you don't have to do it yourself. This can make things a lot easier with level designing, and also ensures a uniformly random distribution. It works with Mapedit saved maps. Be sure to read the readme.txt file first. Available here. Because it's written in C#, the program requires the Microsoft .NET 2 environment to be installed. It's likely that .NET 2 is installed already on your computer (many programs install it), but if it isn't installed and you get an error, you can download it from Microsoft.

5th/7th July 2007: Haasboy.com Grand Reopening Update

Haasboy has sent me the following info regarding the Grand Reopening of Haasboy.com: "The Grand Reopening for Haasboy.com is going to be 07-07-2007, (the date was purely uncoincidental) and the site is going to contain tons of new features such as a forum, guestbook, an event calendar, and much more...

The mod Space Police: Agent 9 - The end of Psantu is being cancelled due to lack of ideas and is being replaced with another mod called F.A.D.E.D. and is going to be about an agency that sends operatives on secret missions to take out dangerous druglords. The main story hasn't been written yet and I'm still coming up with a feature list. Click on the thumbnail for the title screen. My other mod Rising Evil III: The Final Testament has been renamed to Rising Evil III: The Third Betrayal due to the plot of the ingame story... " Update, July 7: Ryan's site has now reopened. It's at Haasboy Software.

4th July 2007: Tragedy At Istanbul Link Changed

The webspace on my Demon site was recently found to exceed the maximum allowed so I have transferred the biggest file on there to another site. Tragedy At Istanbul can now be found at http://www.brlowe.co.uk/ISTANBUL.exe.

All links to the set from my pages have been changed to reflect the new link.

4th July 2007: Bones Alert v0.8 Demo Released

Eric Lin has released a new demo from 'Bones Alert v0.8'. There are 13 new levels, all of episode one, 2 on episode 2, and one on episode 6. Most of the levels are quite complicated, some not easy to beat and have lots of secrets. There are some new graphics and basic code changes but the original Wolf3D atmosphere is retained. Available here. Any original id software levels have been blanked out.

Latest News News Archive

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Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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