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JULY/AUG 2008 Latest News News Archive

28th August 2008: Dome Award - August 2008

The August 2008 Dome award goes to Richter Belmont & Mac Mendoza for 'The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox'. it's an example of a very good all round mod. Credit also goes to Valts who made 3 of the levels, and some others who contributed. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

27th August 2008: DJ Mix Music

James Shain tells me that there's a dj mix that features music from The Final Fight, Final Fight 2 and The Mutant Uprising.

The music is available here and the tracklist is here.

19th August 2008: A Doll's House v2.00 Released

Paal Olstad has released 'A Doll's House v2.00'. This new version fixes a bug that occurred when the game was not played with DOSBox.

It's available from Poet's Wolfenstein 3-D Site on the A Doll's House page.

18th August 2008: The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox Updated

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released an updated version of 'The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox'. The Mouse Menu problem has been fixed and some weapons have been changed around. Please note that saved games from the previous version will not work with this one. Available here. This version replaces the one released July 31st.

18th August 2008: MOHA Maps Update

Latest news on MOHA (Medal Of Honor Airborne) is that more levels have been completed.

PicNic tells me that he's now done 50% ( 15/30 ) of the maps.

18th August 2008: The Hunt For Von Hauer Released

Serpens has released a new mod called 'The Hunt For Von Hauer'. There are 5 extensive and well made levels and although there are some graphics changes and customized floor/ceiling colours the mod keeps the original Wolf3D feel. There is a text file included. Available here. Needs the audio files from the registered Wolf3D game to play.

17th August 2008: Team Aardwolf Wallpaper

James Shain has released a Team Aardwolf wallpaper. It was made by John of rgamesinc.

Available here.

17th August 2008: Wolfenstein Forever Update

Barry Christian is working on a new mod called 'Wolfenstein Forever'. There are 35 levels plus one secret level planned. Bosses will be Dr. Schabbs on level 12, Otto Giftmatcher on level 21, Hans and Gretel Grosse on level 34, and finally Hitler on level 35. There will be a storyline featuring all those characters in one episode. Four levels have already been completed.

17th August 2008: Kenny Boss Sprites

Secret Agent Jonathon and The Gaming X team has released the sprites from 2 Kenny bosses for general use. They are the Mega Officer and Dr. Shrines. Please give credit to Gaming X if they are used.

14th August 2008: Wolf3D/Spear Wallpaper

Here's a Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny wallpaper. It was sent in by Secret Agent Jonathon.

Available in gif form here, and in bmp form here.

12th August 2008: Kenny Updated

Gaming X has released an updated version of 'Kenny'. A few minor mapping bugs have been fixed, mainly involving some pushwalls. Available here. This version replaces the one issued Aug 3.

12th August 2008: New Game By Rampage Games Inc.

Here's a message from Secret Agent Jonathon:
"Rampage Games Inc. is currently making a game response to Gaming X's Kenny, their project's name is Justin, and it'll be almost like Kenny in a sort of way. Rampage Games Inc. has no current release date yet, but there will be more information said later."

10th August 2008: FilePlanet: Wolfenstein - QuakeCon 2008 Trailer

This week's FilePlanet newsletter contains the Wolfenstein QuakeCon 2008 Trailer in HD.

It's at FilePlanet: Wolfenstein - QuakeCon 2008 Trailer.

3rd August 2008: WolfDX v1.22 Source Code Released

Tricob tells me that the source code for v1.22 of "Wolfenstein 3-D: The Deluxe Edition" is now available. A text file is included that describes the new options available in the file VERSION.H.

Available here.

3rd August 2008: Kenny Released

Gaming X has released a new mod called 'Kenny'. There are 20 new levels of a fair size that are made quite well. Most graphics and sounds have been replaced and there's new endart and demos. The Spear feel remains somewhat, but the game also has an atmosphere of its own. Available here.

2nd August 2008: Wolf3D Sites Updated

PicNic tells me he's updated both his Wolf3D sites in recent days, including new information on some of his upcoming mods.
They are at:
PicNic - Wolf3d
Kill Him - The official page!

1st August 2008: Wolfenstein To ROTT Converter Programs

Mark Jaskolski has released 2 Wolfenstein to ROTT converter programs. They basically convert Wolfenstein levels and graphics up to data files which can be used to play those levels on Rise of the Triad. There's a comprehensive text file included in each of the zips.
Wolfenstein to ROTT level converter 4.01
Wolfenstein to ROTT graphics converter 1.00

31st July 2008: Kill Him 3 Announced

PicNic has announced he is making another mod in the Kill Him series, This one will be 'Kill Him 3'. There are many features being considered and the current list includes:
- Exploding Barrels ( can kill yourself and also the enemies )
- Animated Objects ( both that block the path and that you can walk through )
- More Objects
- More Walls
- 1 new weapon and the ammo for the weapon
- Floor and Ceiling Textures
- Fog

31st July 2008: The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released the final version of 'The Lost World Part 1: The Dark Orthodox'. The 20 consecutive levels are quite extensive and well made. Three of the levels were made by Valts. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and there are many advanced code changes including textured floors/ceilings, earthquake effects, and extra weapons (including reloading). It all blends well together and the game has quite a good medieval feel. Available here.

31st July 2008: WolfDX Demo - v1.22 Released

Tricob has released Version 1.22 of "Wolfenstein 3-D: The Deluxe Edition". It features updated textures, new Static Objects, a "T For Teen" screen, updated wall patterns, removal of sound glitches, and numerous bug fixes. Wall, floorcode, and object placement remains the same in both maps, although the object and wall types are somewhat different. All saved games from v1.10 should work with this release. Available here.

31st July 2008: Dome Award - July 2008

The July 2008 Dome Award goes to Vincent for 'Boesenstein'. it's an example of a very good all round mod. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

27th July 2008: Wolfenstein3D Fan Name Change

Wolfenstein3D Fan, who is currently working on the MOHA project, tells me he has changed his name.

He will now be known as PicNic.

26th July 2008: Return Of Dragons Demo Released

Joshua Waight has released a demo of his upcoming set 'Return Of Dragons'. As the title suggests, the mod has a medieval feel. The 30 levels are quite extensive and done well and there are lots of secret areas to explore. There are many new graphics, sounds and music. There are many code changes too, including new helpart, rescuing prisoners provide health/essence, weapon swaying, magika essence splatters from damaged enemies, new enemy toughness and a different effect to the MLI cheat It all seems to blend well together and easily has enough there to give an idea of what may be seen in the final version. Available here.

25th July 2008: The Lost World Part 8: Hell Unleashed (SDL) - Test Version

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released a test version of their upcoming mod 'The Lost World Part 8: Hell Unleashed'. There are 2 well designed outdoor levels and apart from the large number of graphics and sounds changes. there are a number of advanced code changes including weapon reloading, textured floors/ceilings and in-game messages. Available here. Made using SDL and is Vista-compatible.

25th July 2008: New Team Aardwolf/Team Raziel Page

James Shain has started a new webpage for the Team Aardwolf/Team Raziel projects. Already, there are a lot of pics, and some info on the projects. Among other features will be a blog section and a photo gallery.

It's at Team Aardwolf/Team Raziel Page.

22nd July 2008: Quake 1 Sounds Collection For Wolf3D

Here's a collection of Quake 1 sounds that can be used in Wolf3D mods. They are in wav file format and were sent in by jka12002.

Available here. (2.28Mb)

22nd July 2008: Voxelstein 3D Webpage

Here's a Voxelstein 3D webpage that shows a number of interesting pics and info on the project. There's also news about a patch and new version v0.101 though some may already have this as it came out in April 2008.

It's at Voxelstein 3D.

18th July 2008: More MOHA Screenshots

Wolfenstein3D Fan has sent in a set of 13 screenshots from his upcoming set 'Medal Of Honor Airborne'. Two other projects have been cancelled. These are '1946 Still World War Two' and 'Operation Submarine'.

16th July 2008: New 'Play Wolf3D On Vista' Section

Windows Vista is becoming more common nowadays so I've started a 'Play Wolf3D On Vista' section. As well as showing an easy way to run DOS sets with Vista, it also lists some Wolf SDL port sets that can be played straight from Vista without DOSBox.

There's a link in the far right column.

13th July 2008: DOOM2 Conversions Page Updated

I've added another 2 mods to the DOOM2 Conversions page. They are 'Die, Fuhrer, Die' and 'Operation: Eisenmann', both by Laz Rojas. I particularly like some of the scenario effects in Eisenmann. The Wolf3D feel is retained quite well.

They are at Add-ons - DOOM2.

12th July 2008: Boesenstein Updated

Vincent has released a modified version of his recently released shareware set called 'Boesenstein'. In the new version some of the Hitler/graffiti walls have been removed, some rooms around the shower bath in floor 2 have been rearranged, and there are more dogs on floor 7 (the level is called 'Hot Dogs'). Also, the shower sprite image has been made better. Available here. This updated version replaces the one released July 7.

9th July 2008: Episode 1 Speed Run Package

Matt Stath has put together a Speed Run package for the first episode of Wolfenstein3D. The package includes 9 saved game files, a high scores table (CONFIG.WL1), a scan, a time chart of records, maps, links, and info. Available here. This package works with the shareware version of Wolf3D v1.1 which is available here.

8th July 2008: Stopandthink_stein Released

Brian Kory has released a 19 level set called 'Stopandthink_stein'. As the title suggests, this is not a basic shoot 'em up mod, but a series of puzzles and it requires a lot of thought to complete each level. It uses John Bucksnort's Istanbul mod as a base and most of the graphics from that are retained. A hint file is included. Available here.

7th July 2008: Boesenstein Released

Vincent has released a new set for shareware called 'Boesenstein'. There are 9 new levels that are extensive and well designed and decorated. Most of the graphics and sounds have been changed, some from other mods like Halloween, Christmas Wolf, Lost Episodes etc, and some were made by Vincent. The lightly dressed SS from Hotel Romanstein is also used. The resulting mix keeps the Wolf3D feel intact somewhat but also gives the mod an atmosphere and theme of its own. Available here.

5th July 2008: Chrono - Spear Of Destiny Levels Released

Chrono has released a compilation of 21 levels for the registered Spear Of Destiny game. It can be played on every difficulty level, and it's been made to match the environment of each of the original levels. They are extensive and very well made. Text file included. Available here. Needs the registered Spear Of Destiny game to play.

1st July 2008: Dome Award - June 2008

Sorry it's a little late, but the June 2008 Dome award goes to Warthower for 'Resistant'. it's an example of a very good all round mod. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

1st July 2008: Resistant Updated

Warthower has released an updated version of a new TC called 'Resistant'. There's more ammo and a few bugs were removed. One of two weapons you got with cheating is now available 'free'. You can get the new version here. Original version was released June 18th. There's a project page (in the German language) at Resistant.

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