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JULY/AUG 2009 Latest News News Archive

29th August 2009: Wolf3D Cell Phone Logos

Kuki has sent in some Wolfenstein-related welcome logos, operator logos and graphical messages for cell phones in the NLM (Nokia Logo Manager) format. GIF images are also included for convenience. They were made rather long ago (about 2002), mostly by Tomkiewicz, who put them on his (now closed) site "Wolfenstein BEST". Some of them were also made by Kuki. Kuki asked Tomkiewicz to allow him to share these files with the Wolfenstein community (mostly as a curiosity, though maybe someone may still find them useful) and he agreed. Available here.

28th August 2009: Wolfenstein: Project Battle Released

Kloki38 has released 'Wolfenstein: Project Battle'. The 10 seamless levels are extensive and well made. Many of the graphics and sounds have been replaced and there are many different scenarios, some outdoors, but the original feel of the game is retained. Code changes are minimal but include animated objects. Available here.

22nd August 2009: Borg Panic Demo Released

Here's an old Demo that was released years ago that a few people at DHW have been asking for recently. It was made by Cap'n Henk, Pikachu14 and has one well made level of a fair size. There are some new graphics and sounds and the mod has a sci-fi scenario. The new music fits well. The coding includes a well detailed readthis, armor and textured floors/ceilings. What is new is done very well but it's far from being finished. Available here.

18th August 2009: The Castle Secrets First Episode Released

TheSaiyanHog has released the first episode of the upcoming mod 'The Castle Secrets'. There are 7 levels though some are not that large. Most graphics and sounds are from the original game and so the original Wolf3D is retained well. There are a number of code changes, including gun-bobbing. Available here.

17th August 2009: Project Elimination Promo

JD the Hedgehog is planning a sequel to Kyle Albert's 'Operation Elimination'. The sequel is to be called 'Project Elimination'.

17th August 2009: Silencer Demo Available Again

This demo of 'Silencer' first came out in May 2008. It was made by Redeemer and Woodstock. There's one episode of 7 well made levels, including a secret level. The mod has a futuristic theme with completely new graphics, new sound effects and music, and new weapons and enemies. Source code changes including teleporters, textured floors/ceilings and gun bobbing. Available here.

15th August 2009: Operation Elimination Released

Here's another mod that was missed the first time round. It's 'Operation Elimination' by Kyle Albert. There are 18 straight levels (including 3 secret levels) that are extensive and well made. Many of the graphics and sounds have been changed. The Wolf3D feel remains though and is quite atmospheric. The numerous code changes and some other info is mentioned with the screenshots. Available here. Updated Aug 18 - level 11 mapping bug fixed.

12th August 2009: Wolf3D 2E Released

Here's a mod that was missed when it was released back in 2003 by Spenser Whaley. It's called 'Wolf3D 2E' and has 11 completed levels on the first 2 episodes. They are quite extensive, well designed and nicely decorated. Some graphics are originals and some are from other mods. They blend well together and keep the original Wolf3D feel. There are many code changes, including new helpart, endart, and the no-cliippng cheat restored in debug mode. There are also new demos that are done well. Unfortunately though, there is also a savegame bug but I still found it worthwhile playing. Available here.

6th August 2009: The Castle Secrets Demo Updated

TheSaiyanHog has released a new demo of the upcoming mod 'The Castle Secrets'. There are now 3 well made levels, though the first and third are not that large. The episode plays like a Mac scenario with a bonus stage. Most graphics and sounds are from the original game and so the original Wolf3D is retained well. There are a number of code changes, including gun-bobbing. Available here.

5th August 2009: Haven Mapset Final Version Released

Here's the final version of a mapset made by members of the Wolf3D Haven Forum. There are now 20 extensive levels, first two episodes, and are made for the registered Wolf3D set. Jayngo, Valts, Dark Wizzie, ack and Schabbs contributed. Text files included. Available here. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.

3rd August 2009: Wolfenstein Release Dates

Hopefully, there's not too long to wait for the new Wolfenstein game. The expected release dates for the PC version are August 18 (USA), August 21 (Europe) and August 19 (Australia). There are more details here.

3rd August 2009: HD Wolfenstein Trailer

FilePlanet.com have a high quality Wolfenstein trailer for download. It's 'Wolfenstein - The Nazi's Greatest Defeat Trailer' and was made by Activision.

It's at FilePlanet. (103.9Mb)

2nd/3rd August 2009: Deadly Sleep Released

What you have here is a little Spear of Destiny modification made by Arielus & myself. A stand-alone game, it features a small number of code and graphic changes, a different storyline, and 16 new levels made over the past few years. In spite of the various modifications that were made upon the original Spear of Destiny title, this game should be seen, mainly, as a new set of maps. We hope you find it enjoyable. Available here. Updated early on Aug 3, end of level 7 bug removed.

1st August 2009: Wolfenstein Sextilogy Third Episode Screenshots

Here are some screenshots from Executor of the upcoming third release of The Wolfenstein Sextilogy. This version will add the third episode plus many new features not seen in previous installments. Currently 29 out of 30 levels are finished.

29th July 2009: Wolfenstein 3D Music Collection

Jimmy Cozad has put together a large collection of wolfenstein music including mac 3d, pc, snes, rtcw, atari and jag. Included in the compilation is the nazi theme and 2 redos that Jimmy did. Available here. (40Mb)

27th July 2009: Revised Krankenstein Mod Released

Vincent has released a revised version of his shareware mod 'Krankenstein'. It replaces the original version that was released May 4 this year. The 10 levels are well made and a few modifications have been made since the earlier version. Re the graphics, Vincent has remade the red brick, wood, and dirty brick 1 structures and improved on many others, notably the glass surfaces. Available here.

25th July 2009: Revised Project: X SDL Demo Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released a revised SDL version demo of the upcoming mod 'Project: X' which was released July 22. Changes from the earlier version are a minor invisible wall bugfix on map 4, and all music is OGG. The music is now included in the same zip as the game and the size of the package is 29Mb. Available from Filefront.

22nd July 2009: Project: X SDL Demo Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released an SDL version demo of the upcoming mod 'Project: X'. There is one episode completed thus far and the levels are quite extensive and well made. There are 4 new enemies and 9 weapons (11 in the final version), and most of the graphics and sounds are new. It all blends together well and looks quite advanced. Available here. However, if you want the music, it's on a separate zip and is a very hefty 250Mb. Available from Filefront. See July 25 post for a revised 29Mb version which contains both the game and the music.

15th July 2009: Code 44 Released

JM2006 has released a new mod called 'Code 44'. There are 24 well made seamless levels, some are of a fair size while others are quite extensive. Some of the graphics and sounds come from Blake Stone while others are new, and there is new music. The source code is a modified version of the Totengraeber code and includes death cams removed, new helpart and endart and 4 keys. Available here.

10th July 2009: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our 'Wolfer Profiles' page has recently been updated. The latest profile is by T. A. Hill.

It's at Wolfer Profiles.

10th July 2009: Secret Agent Jonathon News

Here's some news I received today from Secret Agent Jonathon concerning his upcoming mods:
"Secret Agent Jonathon coming to you from his new e-mail account. Kenny 2, 3, Justin 2 and Secret Agent Jonathon: The Video Game, will be out soon. I had schoolwork to do so I couldn't make them during school days."

Latest News News Archive

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Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (



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