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JULY/AUG 2010 Latest News News Archive

25th/28th August 2010: Pacspear 2/Pacspear 3 Released

Acord Games has released 'Pacspear 2' and 'Pacspear 3'. Both sets combine material from Spear Resurrection with Pacman. There are also contributions from Blake Stone, Doom and other games. For the most part, the levels fit together well though there are a few places where some walls look out of place. Pacspear 2 has 2 levels and Pacspear 3 has 19 levels. Pacspear 3 updated Aug 28. Several mapping bugs fixed.

22nd August 2010: Amazing Grace SDL Version Released

Here is a new SDL mod called 'Amazing Grace' It's by jpb6891 and has 5 levels. The first one is quite small but the other 4 are extensive. The game play can be quite challenging at times though all levels are beatable when playing in the hardest mode. Although the mod is Spear based, Hans Grosse makes an appearance. The game is meant to be played as an epilogue to the Wolf3D series, hence the title. The Spear entry questions have been left in. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

21st August 2010: Spear of Destiny Reloaded Walkthrough Videos

There's a set of 'Spear of Destiny Reloaded' walkthrough videos on YouTube. They were made by Balames87 and are very well illustrated. Levels 1-5 have been made so far and the first one is here.

20th August 2010: Pacspear Released

Acord Games has released 'Pacspear' a 2 level set that combines material from Spear Resurrection with Pacman. There are also contributions from Blake Stone, Doom and other games. The result is a good set of levels that mostly fit together well though there are a few places where some walls look out of place. Download here: Pacspear.

18th August 2010: SS Update

Here's another update on Mr. Gerolf's upcoming mod 'SS'. There are now 5 more levels left to make. One new code change is that the SS always drops machine gun. However, a coder is still needed to make a seamless 10 level episode. Please contact Mr. Gerolf at: herrgerolf@live.com if you want to help out. It should be released before summer ends.

18th August 2010: New ZDoom Version Released

ZDoom 2.5.0 has been released. They tell me that the primary motivation for this release was for vastly improved polyobject support, but there's a whole lot of other improvements too.

There's more on this and the download at ZDoom News.

17th August 2010: Wolf3D IRC Chat Channel

A link to the Wolf3D IRC Chat Channel, hosted by Dr.Zin, has been added to our forums list. As well as providing a platform for Wolf3D related discussion, the site also has a number of links to other Wolf3D sites.


15th August 2010: Project Totengraeber SDL Version Released

An SDL version of BJ Rowan's 'Project Totengraeber' has been added to our growing list of sets that are Vista and Windows 7-compatible. It is the full 48 level version and was converted to SDL by MCS Amsterdam.

Click Here for our VISTA/WINDOWS 7 COMPATIBLE SETS page.

14th August 2010: Castle Of The Nazi Zombies! Released

Here's a 3 level shareware set released by Legendary Power Games. All levels are extensive and well decorated and the mod title fits the new graphics, sounds and scenarios very well. I particularly like the boss, which is credited to m2 software. Both Dos and SDL versions are included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Some mapping errors from the original download have been fixed.

13th August 2010: M2 Software Website

The M2 Software website has a lot of Wolf3D related material including info on mods, reviews and sprites. There's also a regularly updated news section and a long list of links.

Find it at M2 Software.

12th August 2010: Wolf3D IRC Channel News

Here's some news from Nick, also known as Dr.Zin: "I've just created a wolf3d IRC channel on irc.psigenix.net. Its for wolf3d, all of its spinoffs and mods. You can access it via firefox/chatzilla at irc://irc.psigenix.net/#wolf3d or at the Mibbit IRC web client using the same server and channel number."

9th August 2010: Wolfhell 3 Released

Acord Games has released 'Wolfhell 3'. As in the earlier sets in the series, there are 10 good shareware levels. Most of the graphics and some sounds have been changed and feature Pacman and Doom etc. It all blends together quite well. Available here. There's also an SDL version, which is Vista/Windows 7-compatible, available here.

4th August 2010: Wolf3D Map Editing For Dummies

This new guide on Wolf3D map editing has been put together by Dark_Wizzie, of the Wolf3D Haven Forum. It has a number of pictures and includes some tips that I've not seen in existing guides. Available here.

4th August 2010: Wolfhell 2 Released

Here's Wolfhell 2, from Acord Games. There are 10 good shareware levels. Most of the graphics and some sounds have been changed and feature Pacman and Doom etc. It all blends together quite well. Available here. There's also an SDL version, which is Vista/Windows 7-compatible, available here.

31st July 2010: SS Update

Here's an update on Mr. Gerolf's upcoming mod 'SS'. The first level has been completed and a number of screenshots have been released.

23rd July 2010: 'Other Games' Page Updated

Our 'Other Games' page has recently been updated. Links to 'Bad Toys' and 'Dare To Dream' shareware versions have been restored. Also, the link to the 'Outlaws' demo has been fixed too.

It's at Other Games.

18th July 2010: Killing Time Weapon Set

Mike MacDee recently erected The Conway Estate, a fan site dedicated to Killing Time for the 3DO. The KITCHEN page has a download for the weapon graphics for use in Doom and Wolf3D mods.

It's at The Conway Estate.

18th July 2010: Wolfhell SDL Version Released

Wolfhell, the Acord Games mod released July 11, is now available in an SDL version. There are 10 good shareware levels. Most of the graphics and some sounds have been changed and feature Pacman and Doom etc. It all blends together quite well. Now available as Wolfhell SDL Version. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Updated July 19th (level 5 too many doors bug fixed).

17th July 2010: Wolfenstein Related Soundtracks

Our Sounds & Music page has recently been updated with a number of Wolf related music collections sent in by Mr. Gerolf. They are listed in the Wolfenstein Related Soundtracks section at Sounds & Music.

16th July 2010: The Secret Of Graal Released

Daniele Fardin has released 'The Secret Of Graal'. The game uses a new engine built with Allegro Library but it keeps the Wolf3D feel very well. It plays in Windows xp, Vista and 7 without needing dosbox. There are 10 well designed levels of a good size and are nicely decorated. The graphics and sounds are mostly a mix from the original game and other mods though the music is new and it all fits well together. The first level has weather effects and some other levels have ceiling colour changes. There's no saved game feature, instead you need to retrieve passwords from the exit elevator walls on levels 3 and 6. These passwords can be used from the main menu to start the next level without redoing everything. You can download the game from Human Games in the section Download. Also available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

11th July 2010: Norse - One Level Demo (SDL Version) Released

Joshua Waight has released a 1 level demo of Venom Inc.'s upcoming project, Norse. As the title suggests, it is a Wolf3d project with a theme not often done in games; you are a Scandanavian barbarian going up against creatures from Norse mythology including Fenrir and the Goddess of Death herself, Hel.

Norse features the Wolf4SDL engine, blood splatters, weapon swaying, seamless level progression, ferocious enemies, more melee weapon usage than ranged weapons (To capture the whole "Being a badass Viking and hacking enemies apart with blades" feeling), and MORE!!!

Rated MA-17 for Blood, Gore, Sensuality, and Violence. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

11th July 2010: Wolfhell Released

Here's Wolfhell, the first wolfmod Acord Games ever did about 15 years ago. It has since been updated a little. There are 10 good shareware levels. Most of the graphics and some sounds have been changed and feature Pacman and Doom etc. It all blends together quite well. Available here. Has an option to run with Wolf GL. Updated July 19th (level 5 too many doors bug fixed).

8th July 2010: MKF 2D Wolfenstein, Commander Keen, Dopefish, and Doom Levels Public

The 2D Wolfenstein level is now released publicly for Mushroom Kingdom Fusion 0.4 Beta. Download the main file and 2 missing mp3 files on Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor.

Watch videos of MKF 2D Wolfenstein here and here. Castle Wolfenstein is World 2 level 27. There’s also a Red Rock City Commander Keen level in the Minus World. There’s a Well of Wishes’ Dopefish level here and an entire Doom map screen. The game is full of Easter Eggs from different games.

The skins of optional extra characters are on Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor. There are over 100 official Youtube videos of MKF plus similar home-brewed computer games using the same engine.

5th July 2010: Id Super Pack On Steam

Steampowered.com is having a summer sale. You can get id Super Pack at Steampowered,com even cheaper at $34.99, which is a savings of $159.80. Id Super Pack includes all of id Software’s commercial games released up to August 3, 2007 with the exception of Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

4th July 2010: MIS Step Released

Here's a new set released by Harry Mass Sr. It's called 'MIS Step'. The 4 levels (one is a secret) are of a fair size and are designed well. Most of the graphics are from the original game and the Wolf3D feel is retained. The game play is fast moving, like in most of Harry's sets, and will especially suit those who like the old-school type of mod. Available here.

1st July 2010: The Third Reich - Episode One Released

CKeen has released 'The Third Reich - Episode One'. The mod contains a new episode with 11 levels, new enemies, new graphics and sounds. The levels are designed well. The game starts off easy and becomes progressively harder. Expect some true slaughter fests on the later levels. Coding is by Wolf Skevos-Jones and includes extra enemies and seamless levels. Text file included. Available here. An earlier version of this mod was released Jan 2010. This is version 1.1 and has extra health and ammo in certain areas and a changed sound.

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