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JULY/AUG 2011 Latest News News Archive

31st August 2011: Schabbs 3000 Update Coming Soon

Ling Yan Li has sent the following update regarding Schabbs 3000:
"I'm releasing an updated version of Schabbs 3000. It should be available sometime soon. Sorry to have held it so long, but I've received a lot of people complaining that the game crashes on higher difficulty levels. Therefore I've increased the allowed number of guards per level back to 150. Cause originally I had it at 125 and when people complained that the game crashes when having more than 125 guards since many people didn't know the allowed number of guards limit. There are some completely new levels, while others are slightly modified levels from the old version of Schabbs 3000. I've also added some extra code changes to it as well, such as changing some of the enemies' behaviour, and made bosses stronger. Right now I only have 3 more levels to re-design."

29th August 2011: Quest for the Unknown - Another Video Preview

Here's another video preview of Penguindog55's next upcoming Wolfenstein mod Quest for the Unknown. This one uses a more basic exe. You can see the video on YouTube. Penguindog55 asks: which EXE would be better for this mod? Would it be good to make this mod for Schabb's 3000 (see Aug 24th post) as was originally planned, or is less really more. YouTubers please leave your comments.

28th August 2011: Another Xolf 3d Screen

Tragos2d has sent in another screen from his Xolf 3d project. Everything you see is WIP and there is a lot more to come.

26th August 2011: Hundenberg Update

Here's an update on the other project that Majik Monkee is working on aside from Mutant Strike 3. It's called Hundenberg, and takes place prior to the Mutant Strike trilogy, although it features Jill Hunter as the protagonist. The cast of enemies is completely different from anything found in the other Mutant Strike mods, and bear more of a resemblance to enemies found in Operation: Hundscheisse. The mod will probably feature only four or five large levels, and is intended to be slightly more humorous than the Mutant Strike games.

24th August 2011: Quest for the Unknown - Video Preview

Here's a link to a video preview of Penguindog55's next upcoming Wolfenstein mod Quest for the Unknown. You can see the video on YouTube.

23rd August 2011: Havoc's Wolf3D (HWE) Editor Version 0.3.2 Released

Havoc has released version 0.3.2 of HWE, a Wolf3D editor. This release doesn't include as many new features as the last one, but it includes a lot of important bug fixes. There are also a couple of new features which include the ability to save maps in WDC compatible format and to display map information of the currently selected map. You can find it here.

20th August 2011: Operation: Mutant Strike SDL Released

Majik Monkee is pleased to present the re-release of OMS1, now with SDL support (the original DOS exe is included still). The game is identical to the original DOS release with some very minor code fixes, and an updated "readme" which gives credit to Andy Nonymous for the SDL version of the exe. Available here. The SDL version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

20th August 2011: OMS3 Gameplay Video

Majik Monkee has provided a link to a fairly short video demo of Mutant Strike 3. It mainly shows part of the first level, including some enemies and new pickup sprites, as well as the new HUD for the game. You can see the video on YouTube.

20th August 2011: Big Time Gangsta Re-released

The Big Time Gangsta project was previously released under the "pen name" of Ronowen Vance. Majik Monkee has re-released it with a title screen crediting himself and with a proper "readme" file attached. It's identical in other respects to the Ronowen release, except for some minor floor code issues that were fixed.
here. R - rating. Has some harsh language that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

20th August 2011: DHW SDL Mapset Updated

Here's version 2.0 of the DHW SDL Mapset, which was originally released 7th January 2011. This contains new maps by Dean in episode 5: levels 5, 7, 9, and 10; plus some minor EXE and map updates. Full details are in the README.TXT file. Both Dos and Windows versions are provided. The set is dedicated to Liza Walley. Available here. Needs the vswap and 2 audio files from the full version of the Wolf3D game to play. The SDL version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

19th August 2011: Xolf3d Screenshots

Here are some screenshots sent in by Robert of his work in progress. Xolf3d is the temporary name. Robert's goal is to recreate the gameplay from Hired Guns including multiplayer.

18th August 2011: Krucible: Insanitarium Trailer Video

Soldat555 has posted a new trailer on YouTube. It features Venom Inc.'s upcoming mod Krucible: Insanitarium. You can see the video on YouTube.

15th August 2011: Big Time Gangsta Released

Ronowen Vance has released 'Big Time Gangsta'. The "Village Idiot Productions" team assisted in creating it. There are 3 fairly extensive levels. Each one has at least one large secret area. Most of the graphics have been replaced with some coming from Monkee's Image World and help create a gangster type scenario. There's a credits file included.
here. R - rating. Has some harsh language that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

11th August 2011: Klooni SDL v1.4 Beta Released

KFH Games has recently released a beta version of Klooni SDL version 1.4 - A Doom clone (a Doom to Wolf3D conversion that brings much of the Doom gameplay to Wolf3D). It contains 6 very good episodes. Requires either DOOM2.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD or TNT.WAD from Doom II or Final Doom to play.
Available from
KFH Games. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

4th August 2011: More OMS3 Screenshots

Majik Monkee has sent in some more screenshots from his upcoming mod OMS3.

25th July 2011: Wolfenstein 3D OST

Here's a collection of tunes from the Wolfenstein 3d soundtrack. They are in mp3 format with a bitrate of 320. There are 27 tunes and were sent in by Mr. Gerolf. Available here. (62Mb)

23rd July 2011: Laz Rojas’ PC WolfenDoom Conversions

All of Laz Rojas’ PC WolfenDoom conversions are at wolfensteingoodies.com. Thanks to James Stalham for finding Laz Rojas’ and aPEX’ Amiga WolfenDoom conversions, submitting them, writing instructions, and providing a screenshot.

23rd July 2011: Doom 3 Mod Flamethrower Video

Wolfenstein: The Dark Sense of War mod for Doom 3 is unfinished at moddb.com with a video of the flamethrower.

23rd July 2011: Jaguar Face Stats

Here's a set of Jaguar face stats, sent in by Mr. Gerolf and formatted to fit on the Wolfenstein 3d (PC) status bar. The faces were ripped by Razor. Credits file included. Available here.

23rd July 2011: Acord Games Updates

4 of Gary Acord’s games are updated on the Acord Games mirror file downloads page. They are Strange Worlds 2, Strange Worlds 3, WolfMods 2, and Wolfmods 3.

23rd July 2011: Wolfenstein Graphic Novels Trailer

All 4 of The Wolfenstein graphic novels trailers can be viewed online or downloaded here. They are (1) The Wolfenstein 3D 6 Episodes, (2) The Spear of Destiny Episode 1, (3) Return To Castle Wolfenstein, and (4) The 2009 Wolfenstein game. It looks like a lot of time was spent on them. Check them out.

23rd July 2011: Return of The Triad v 1.5

Return of The Triad v 1.5 has been released at ROTT HQ and wolfensteingoodies.com. Organize a multiplayer game with Matt, 5hfifty, or El Zee here or in the chatroom here.

20th July 2011: Dome Award - July 2011

The July 2011 Dome award goes to Ipank7000 for 'Ipank7000's Mapset SDL'. It is a very good example of high quality mapping. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

19th July 2011: Venture 3D (3 Level Demo) Released

Here's the first mod from "Village Idiot Productions". It is called "Venture 3D" and will eventually feature 60 different dungeons, this demo version contains 3. Virtually all graphics and some sounds have been replaced, Code changes include increased ammo/health limits. Available here.

13th July 2011: Ipank7000's Mapset SDL Released

Here's a new mapset by Ipank7000. All 60 levels have been replaced and are made to a high standard of mapping. Because the idea was to make the mapset as "pure Wolf3d" as possible, there have been minimal changes made to the EXE. Some ceiling colours and par times have been altered. Overall it is a very good set and will especially suit those who like the original game. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Needs your own registered wolf3d audio and vswap files added to play this mapset.

10th July 2011: Ling's Planet Strike Levels Set Released

Here's a set of 24 levels that plays with the registered version of Planet Strike. They were made by Ling Yan Li. It all looks very good so far. Available here.

8th July 2011: OMS3 Screenshots

Majik Monkee has sent in some screenshots from the first level of OMS3. They give an idea of the look of the new HUD, a couple of the weapons, and the "traditional" look the set will have overall.

8th July 2011: New Rise of the Triad Levels Released

Here's a new set of levels for Rise of The Triad: Dark War. They were made by Ling Yan Li. There are 34 levels in this mod, which has a taste to Final Doom: TNT Eviloution. From what I played thus far, they are well designed levels. Available here.

7th July 2011: Ling's Blake Stone Levels Set Released

Ling Yan Li has sent in a set of 78 levels that plays with the registered version of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. Some of the levels require you to find barrier switches in secret/super secret levels to get past them. Based on playing the first few levels it looks to be a high quality set. Available here.

6th July 2011: Mutant Strike 3 Update

Here's an update from Majik Monkee on the Mutant Strike 3 project. Progress is going well, and the majority of the graphics and sound replacement is completed. Mapping will begin soon, and volunteers are welcome to contact Majik at matthewmdmerrill@gmail.com if interested in assisting. Click on the thumbnail to see the title screen for the project (officially known now as "Mutant Strike 3: The Last Mutation").

5th July 2011: The Wolfenstein 3d Blog Update

WolfForever has posted his first review on The Wolfenstein 3d Blog. It is for the Deadly Sleep mod which was made by Arielus and myself. You can read it at The Wolfenstein 3d Blog.

5th July 2011: Wolfmap.de Permissions

Wolfmap.de is mostly about RTCW. The English translation of wolfmap.de indicates that it will no longer be updated. The files from 2009 are still accessible from archive.org. Matt wants to know if anybody knows German and/or knows how to contact anybody who worked for Wolfmap.de. He wants to ask them for permission to upload the files to wolfensteingoodies.com. His email is stathmk@yahoo.com.

5th July 2011: Steam 4th of July Sale

Steam is having a 4th of July sale starting now. Save money on Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny’s 3 episodes, RTCW, Wolf Pack, or get all of The ID Super Pack for $29.99. The ID Super Pack apparently includes all of The ID Software games made before 2007 except for ROTT, Strife, and HacX. HacX is now a freeware Doom 2 add-on here.
The RTCW Game of The Year map pack isn't on Steam, but it's free

3rd July 2011: New Mod Project

Majik Monkee tells me he's in the early stages of a new and possibly final mod project. The project will be a follow up to the first two Operation: Mutant Strike games. As with the previous installments, it will feature protagonist Jill Hunter (with an updated look) and a heavy dose of mutant enemies (most of which will not have appeared in any other mods). Majik will be looking for some help most likely with some of the maps, and possible help with midi conversions as well. Graphics, story, and coding are covered at this point. Click on the thumbnail for a preview of three of the characters scheduled to appear in the game.

1st July 2011: The Wolfenstein 3d Blog

WolfForever has joined Dean's Wolf 3D Blog and it will now be known as The Wolfenstein 3d Blog. Dean plans to update on Wednesday's with WolfForever updating randomly. These changes hopefully will bring even more information and discussion on the game. WolfForever made his first post today and you can read it at The Wolfenstein 3d Blog.

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