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MAR/APR 2006 Latest News News Archive

27th April 2006: Multiplayer Engine

JJ tells me there will be a multiplayer engine available. Among the features will be:
-fragcount on status bar (does not show yet)
-teleporters (thanks to MCS for the scripting codes)

Bugs found during testing:
-can't die (or it will crash)
-can't open locked doors
-can't end level (or player2 will end up inside a wall)
-not floedit compatible
-end level animation is messed up for some reason
-can't change weapon (or it will freeze)

It is not known yet when the project will be completed. Click here for a pic JJ sent me. It may take some time to load.

27th April 2006: Operation Aufstand Update

Great Wasabi is thinking of doing a new project called "Operation: Aufstand", "aufstand" meaning "insurrection". In it, you instead play a defecting German soldier during WWII, sickened by the atrocities of the Third Reich, who turns against his own side, and wages his own war after learning his family was killed for sheltering Jews. A title screen is included.

24th April 2006: Crash Bandicoot Released

Little Cherub has released the final version of 'Crash Bandicoot'. It has 60 levels, mostly of a fair size, and they are well decorated. The graphics are cartoon-like and are done well. The sounds are also done well and it all fits together quite nicely. Available here.

22nd April 2006: Dome Awards - April 2006

This month's Dome awards go to John Burnett III for 'Sewer Town' and to Executor for 'Episode One Revisited'. Both sets have levels and graphics of a very high standard. Loki made 5 of the 'Sewer Town' levels. Many graphics used in both sets were contributed by others and are listed in the credits. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

20th April 2006: Wolfenstein Super Action Released

Vioid drivo has released 'Wolfenstein Super Action'. There are about 45 levels spread over 6 episodes. Some levels are quite extensive while others are just a few rooms. Most of the walls and some objects have been changed and many walls have graffiti designs. There are a lot of guards at times, often in packs, but there's a lot of health/ammo too. Some basic code changes. Available here.

17th April 2006: Episode One Revisited Maps Patch

Executor has issued a maps patch which fixes the 'Episode One Revisited' E1L9 locked door bug. You can get the fix here (maps only).

The full rar file has also been updated here. Needs the full Wolf 3D to play - see Mar 27 post for more info on this set.

16th April 2006: Castle Holle Demo Released

Dean has released a 10 level demo from his upcoming set 'Castle Holle'. The levels are designed well and nicely decorated. Many of the graphics and sounds are changed though the original Wolf 3D game feel still remains and is quite atmospheric. Code changes include helpart and an increased ammo limit, plus an ammo box. The full version will have 30 seamless levels. Available here.

14th April 2006: Spear Revisited Demo Released

Here's a 2 level demo version of Executor's upcoming set 'Spear Revisited'. The levels are nicely done and are well decorated. There are many changed graphics and sounds though the Spear feel remains. Floor 2 has 601 objects!! Credits text file included. Available here.

13th April 2006: Urban Warfare Enemy Pics

Here's a set of five enemy pics. They were sent in by shadow and come from his upcoming set 'Urban Warfare'.

10th April 2006: New Forum

JJ tells me that a new forum has been started for 'Gideon: Legend Of A Hero'. There's a Wolf 3D section included.

It's at Gideon: Legend Of A Hero Forum.

10th April 2006: Totienstein 3D Released

Here's a new addon from Toti. It's called 'Totienstein 3D'. There are around 30 levels spread over 6 episodes. The levels are mostly of a fair size, though some have only a few large rooms. Many of the graphics and sounds come from elsewhere though the Wolf 3D feel remains. Code changes include textured floors/ceilings. Available here.

2nd April 2006: Upcoming TC

Shadow has announced he is making a new TC called 'Urban Warfare'. It will have the following features:
- two silenced weapons
- multi-textured floors
- new textures
- new sprites

2nd April 2006: Drawn And Quartered Released

Here's another set from the 'mod in a week' series. It's by Ringman and is called 'Drawn And Quartered'. The 3 levels are of a fair size and well decorated. The graphics and sounds are virtually all new and as can be seen from the pics give a distinct cartoon feel. Available here.

2nd April 2006: Sewer Town Released

John Burnett III has released 'Sewer Town'. There are 11 well designed and nicely decorated levels. Many of the graphics and sounds are changed, and although much of the Wolf 3D feel remains, the game also has quite a distinctive feel of its own. There are many code changes, like landmines and gun bobbing, but some of the features are quite advanced and not seen before. Loki made 5 of the levels. Looks very promising. Available here.

1st April 2006: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfer to be included is me!!

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

31st March 2006: Galactic Catacombs 3D Released

Here's a 4 level set from Joshua Waight that was first made for his school. It's called 'Galactic Catacombs 3D'. The levels are of a fair size and are quite mazy at times. There's a number of new graphics, including one new normal guard and one new boss. Text file included. Available here.

30th March 2006: Experienced Coder Request

Commander Keen is looking for an experienced coder to work on his upcoming mod 'Starfox'.

Please email flynntaggart@azet.sk if you would like to help out.

30th March 2006: Samwolf Episode 2 Released

Sam Feichter has released the second episode of his 'Samwolf' project. There are now 20 levels that are mostly quite extensive. There are a number of graphics changes, some I've not seen before, but the original Wolf 3D feel remains. Code changes include heartbeat sound, increased ammo limit and episode names. Episode 1 has a new Hans Grosse. Available here.

30th March 2006: Castle Mörder Released

Here's the first set by Born4Battle. It's called 'Castle Mörder' and has 8 new levels, including a secret level. Most levels are quite extensive, especially the early ones, and there are quite a number of different mapping ideas used. There are many changed graphics that come from various sources. The weapons and many of the sounds come from the Mac version. It all blends together quite well. Included is a doc file with a game manual and credits list. Available here.

27th March 2006: Episode One Revisited Released

Here's a set by Executor. It's called 'Episode One Revisited' and has 10 new levels. It is done in the original Wolf 3D style and the levels are well made and quite extensive. The decoration is done well and is about the right amount. There is an alternative vswap with changed graphics and sounds from various sources, and it retains the Wolf 3D atmosphere and fits very well with the changed ceiling colours. Overall, quite an enjoyable set. Available here. Needs the full version of Wolf 3D to play. Maps updated Apr 17.

24th March 2006: Dome Award - March 2006

This month's Dome award goes to Majik Monkee for 'medEvil'. It is an excellent all round set with a good medieval feel. Credit also goes to Adam Biser, Little Cherub, Tricob and ack who contributed. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

22nd March 2006: medEvil Exe Updated

Adam Biser has sent in an updated exe for Majik Monkee's 'medEvil' set released Mar 3. It fixes problems that can occur in levels 4 though 9, but had the only extreme side effect of crashing when the boss on level 8 transforms. Older save game files should still work with this exe. You just need to overwrite the old exe with this one and you can start playing. No other changes are needed. Available here. The full set has also been updated with the new exe and is available here.

21st March 2006: Nazi Operation Map Editing Files

Thomas Weiling has released the map editing files for use with Mapedit for his 'Nazi Operation' set released at the start of this year. Also included is Mapedit 85, plus a 'Nazi Operation' debug mode batch file.

Available here.

20th March 2006: Game Warz Demo 2 Released

Joshua Moore has released a second demo of his upcoming set 'Game Warz'. There are 4 normal levels, plus a secret level. The levels are designed well though they are not that large. The game has a fun type atmosphere as virtually all the graphics are cartoon like. Available here.

14th March 2006: Time Of War - Walls & Sprites

Here's a set of walls and sprites that Andrew sent in. They're from his upcoming set 'Time Of War'.

14th March 2006: New Wolf 3D Site

HellKnight has started a new Wolf 3D site. So far there's some news and a list of links. More is expected to follow soon.

It's at HellKnight's Wolf 3D Page.

14th March 2006: medEvil Midis Set

Tricob has sent in a collection of Midi files that the tunes from 'medEvil' are based on. Included are some of the tunes you'll hear in 'medEvil', both in Midi and in IMF form. The collection includes a text file that contains information on where many of the Midi files came from. Available here.

11th March 2006: Revival Of Memories Released

Finally, after being put on hold several times, 'Revival Of Memories' has been released!! There are 39 seamless levels, including 2 secret levels. Many of the graphics and sounds have been modified and come from various sources. However, the Wolf 3D feel remains. Coding features include exploding barrels, directional sprites, intrart, switch operated doors, a rocket launcher, and a shotgun with separate ammo. My thanks go to those who earlier helped with the graphics/sounds and to MCS Amsterdam for the coding help. Also to Wolf Skevos-Jones for use of the Heer guards. Available here.

10th March 2006: New Wolf 3D Website

John Burnett's new Wolf 3D website 'Howling Wolfenstein 3D' is now up and running. Three of the links are not completed yet but the 'Project' link will be done by the end of March.

It's at Howling Wolfenstein 3D.

10th March 2006: Blake Revolution Released

Here's the final version of 'Blake Revolution' released by Johnathan. It has 45 quite extensive and well decorated levels, mostly with lots of guards. The graphics and sounds are mainly from Blake Stone and Astrostein though some are from elsewhere. Some basic source code changes like episode names and increased ammo limit. There's a text file which has quite a lengthy storyline included. Has a futuristic feel. Available here.

9th March 2006: Totengraeber Source Code Available Again

Seems as though BJ Rowan's Totengraeber Source Code was no longer available anywhere online. Somebody was asking about it so I have posted it. It has not only the 'Totengraeber' source code, but a font and a number of doc files like a music list.

It's at Totengraeber Developer.

7th March 2006: AddonKlub Is Back

JJ's Yahoo addon club is back. He tells me he'll now be visiting it and updating a lot more often. There are several file sections.

It's at AddonKlub.

3rd March 2006: End Of Eternity Released

JM has released 'End Of Eternity'. There are 16 levels that are mostly quite extensive, though some are modified levels from the original game. The graphics are mostly from the original game though some come from Spear and Lost Episodes. Several new actors appear in the later levels. Some Spear music. Code changes include new helpart/endart and on-screen level names. Available here.

3rd March 2006: medEvil Released

Majik Monkee has released 'medEvil. There are 10 quite extensive and well designed levels with many varying styles. Virtually all the graphics and sounds are changed and give the game an excellent medieval feel. A very good set overall. Adam Biser, Little Cherub, Tricob and ack contributed to the levels, and Adam also did the many code changes and some music. Available here. Updated Mar 4th to solve exe and map problems. Also has re-recorded demos.

2nd March 2006: SGE - Wolf 3D Saved Game Editor/SGE - 10 Shareware Levels Released

This package sent in by N. Korroveen contains a Wolf 3D saved game editor, its source, and a 10 level map set for shareware Wolf 3D. Included with the editor are doc files (in English and in Russian), and 2 example saved games made with the editor (one for shareware and one for the full version). The shareware map set has 10 quite extensive levels that tend to be more difficult to beat than in the original game. There's also the example saved game 'Prison' that's different from the other levels and was made with the editor. Virtually all graphics are from the original game though I noticed a new purple wall design. The complete package, including the map set, is at SGE Saved Game Editor Package. (1.1Mb)
For those who want just the map set, plus the shareware saved game, it's at
SGE - 10 Shareware Levels.
Nickolay has a website at
Doom Expert.

1st March 2006: Another Annotated Addon

Here's another in the Annotated Add-ons series that's being put together by Peter Habel. This time the saved games and notes are for 'Spear Resurrection', which was made by AReyeP and MCS. It's available at Saved Games & Notes.
For those who need the actual game, it's at
Spear Resurrection.

1st March 2006: The False Spear Demo Released

WLHack has submitted a demo of his upcoming Spear of Destiny add-on called 'The False Spear'. I played just one level thus far and it is professionally made. Virtually all the graphics are new. There are lots of code changes like weather effects, landmines, gun bobbing and intermission screens. There's more info on this in the readme, along with a storyline and credits list. Available here.

Latest News News Archive

The Fall by Havoc

All This And Wolf 3D by Thomas Weiling(

Guns And Glory by Little Cherub, Conner94 and Richard Kelly

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Castle Hasselhoff by Michael Collin(

Rising Evil III: The Final Testament by Ryan de Haast

Space Police: Agent 9 - The End Of Psantu by Ryan de Haast

Mansion X by Ryan de Haast

Orb of Dilaaria by Adam Biser

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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