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MAR/APR 2008 Latest News News Archive

24th April 2008: Dome Award - April 2008

This month's Dome award goes to Thomas Weiling for 'The Bitter End'. It is an example of a very good 'old school' mod with excellent level design. Credit also goes to Dean Horton for the code changes. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

24th April 2008: Apogee Sign Contest Walkthrough Package

Matt Stath has sent me some info on the Apogee Sign contest that was abandoned shortly after Wolf3D first came out. The release of map editors appearing so soon after the game came out made the contest pointless. Matt has enclosed a package that includes a pic of the walkthrough and a scanned pic announcing the Apogee contest. Also included is a doc file with help on using Dosbox and a 'saved game' from episode 2 map 8 that has the walkthrough completed. Available here. Needs the full Apogee version of Wolf3D to play the saved game.

21st April 2008: The Bitter End Released

Thomas Weiling has released 'The Bitter End'. The 10 levels are designed and decorated very well. Code changes include 400+ static objects and 150+ guards and were made by Dean Horton. There are no graphics changes and the original Wolf3D feel is retained very well. Thomas tells me the game is meant to follow the plot of Episode 3. Available here.

20th April 2008: New Project Partner Wanted

Ken O'Brien is looking for a partner who would be willing to 'team up' with him to make a new WOLF project. There will be a large number of code changes so any code changing experence would be greatly helpful. If anyone is interested, please email Ken at trueheart79@hotmail.com.

8th April 2008: Project: Cell Released

Raziel has released 'Project: Cell'. He was working on it with 2 friends, E Marcos Levit and Tamir Kastiel, way back in 2002. It was thought to be lost until Raziel found it recently. There are 9 levels (no secret level) that are well designed and nicely decorated. Although there are graphics changes, the Wolf3D feel still remains and will especially suit those who like the original game. Some ceiling colours have been changed and there are some other minor code changes such as increased ammo and health limits. Text file included. Available here.

30th March 2008: Wolf3D Enemy (Survival Mix)

Here's an mp3, mixed by Bart Klepka, and is called 'Wolf3D Enemy (Survival Mix)'. 'Enemy Around The Corner' is featured, along with some WW2 recordings of Roosevelt's Four Freedoms speech and the BBC's announcment of Hitler's death. Available here. (2.97Mb)

21st March 2008: Another Wav File For Wolf3D Mods

Joe M has sent in a second wav file for general use in Wolf3D mods. It is another gun sound. As with the wav file posted yesterday, Joe asks that credit is given if used.

Available here.

20th March 2008: Wav File For Wolf3D Mods

Joe M has sent in a wav file for general use in Wolf3D mods. It is a gun sound. Joe would like to share this wav file with Wolf3D fans to use in their own projects but asks that they give him credit if they use it. Available here.

18th March 2008: The Final Fight 2 Planned

James Shain is planning a follow up to his last mod 'The Final Fight'. It will be 'The Final Fight 2' and is expected to be based on the Spear levels format with at least 20 levels. So far, James has put together a collection of music that is likely to be used. Available here.

16th March 2008: Another Midi File

Here another midi sent in by Paco. It's 'La Banda Del Capitan Canalla - La Loba Feroz'. It lasts 2 minutes 58 seconds and it's quite a funky tune.

Available here.

6th March 2008: Midi Collection

Here's quite a large collection of midi's. Many of them are for Wolf3D, but some are for ROTT, Hexen, DOOM and other games. They were put together by Shane.

Available here. (5.87Mb)

5th March 2008: Wolf3D: The Deluxe Edition Updated

Tricob has released a patch for 'Wolf3D: The Deluxe Edition'. This update fixes problems with the pistol and knife, so these weapons are now much easier to use in the game. It also corrects the images of several treasure sprites. An Adlib sound is updated, and the VSWAP has two new tree images. The patch, containing just the updated files is here. The updated all files version is available here. For more info on this set, please see February 12th post.

3rd March 2008: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our 'Wolfer Profiles' section has been updated. There is one new entry.

You can see it at Wolfer Profiles.

3rd March 2008: New Midi File

Paco has sent in a new music midi file. It's title is 'Bicho malo pille' and it lasts for 4 minutes 3 seconds.

Available here.

Latest News News Archive

Guns And Glory 2 by Little Cherub

Novo Wolf by Thomas Weiling & Dean Horton

Castle Grom by James Shain & Karharis

The Final Fight 2 by James Shain

Trail Of Schabbs by WLHack

Absence by Havoc

Hunt For The Desert Fox by WLHack

Medal Of Honor Airborne by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Elsas-Lothingren by Lozer_42

Bones Alert by Eric Lin

SonderKommando Revolt by Doomjedi(

SoD Mappack by Valts(

The Mutant Uprising by Team Aardwolf

Nazi Revenge! by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Battlezone 1.5 by jka

F.A.D.E.D. by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

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