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MAR/APR 2009 Latest News News Archive

25th April 2009: Wolfenstein 3D High Resolution Texture Packs

Just_Jim has made available a package including hi res textures for Wolf3D using NewWolf. The textures were made by FreeLanZer who has given permission for them to be used. Also included in the package is the shareware Wolf3D, and a number of compatible user-made episodes. The file is a hefty 60.2 Mb.

Available from Wolfenstein 3D High Resolution Texture Packs and User-Made Episodes.

25th April 2009: Step Two Released

Harry Mass Senior has released 'Step Two'. This second mod in the 'Step' series has 6 levels, including a secret level. The levels are extensive, well made and the placement of the guards is particularly good. The action is fast moving and the mutants appear often. Available here.

23rd April 2009: Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings Released

Here's a new mod called 'Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings' and it is released by Jayngoware. The 10 levels (first episode) are quite extensive and well made. There is a mix of new and original graphics, sounds and music that blend quite well together. Although retaining the Wolf3D atmosphere somewhat, the mod also has a feel of its own. There are a number of code changes, including new helpart, intermission screens and logfiles. Text file included. Available here.

20th April 2009: Enhanced Mapsets Collection Released

Aleksandr has sent in a collection of 18 enhanced mapsets. Seven are of Wolf3D mods while the others are Spear Of Destiny based and include Airslide's SOD Mod, Base 666 and Gloom. They were tested with newwolf opengl. Available here.

20th April 2009: Spear Of Destiny Music For Level 31 Of Doom2

Here’s a web page that has the .mp3 of The Spear of Destiny music for level 31 of Doom 2. Also available is a large selection of other Doom music.

Available from Hell On Earth Sound.

14th April 2009: Step One Released

Here's the first Wolf3D mod to be released for some time. It's by Harry Mass Senior and is called 'Step One'. There are 4 extensive well made levels, including a secret level. The action is fast moving and often involves mutants. It's difficult to beat at times on the highest difficulty level. All levels need pushwalls opened to complete them. Available here.

11th April 2009: Krankenstein Announced

Vincent, who made the Boesenstein mod, is back again with a new 10 level mod called Krankenstein. It happens in a vast hospital with doctors and nurses (the S/M girls from Hotel Romanstein equipped with syringes) and Dr. Krankenstein himself (a Schabbs relative) and his clones. Your task is to collect evidence against the hospital, and get out. Vincent made most of the graphics himself, but needs a few sounds, so hopefully it may be finished in one or two weeks.

10th April 2009: Mapping Request

Here's an email I received from Mäx regarding mapping help with his upcoming mod: "I'm working on a mini-mod. Nothing awesome. Graphics are almost done as well as the code. It's basically like Wolf3d with a theme similiar to Die Hard/Body Count and a few minor code changes. Being busy with all kind of stuff I'm looking for someone who could do about 2-4 or more maps.".
There is a homepage with more info and contact address at

9th April 2009: More Doom2 Conversions Added

This time the Doom2 conversions are ROTT patches. They are listed under ROTTRES2 but there are also links to the first ROTT level, ROTT Music, ROTT Skies and ROTT Textures.

Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

30th March 2009: Catacomb 3D Mapping Experiment/Helpers Requested

Ringman has been working on a school project involving making maps for Catacomb 3D and is looking for helpers to test them. There's more info here: "As part of my senior project for school, we are required to perform a programming experiment. I chose to program a random level generator for Catacomb 3d.
My experiment requires a group of people to play a set of levels with some randomly generated, and some hand made and fill out a questionairre. The point of this experiment is to see how many people can determine which levels were randomly generated and which were hand made.
I need at least 10 participants, but I'd prefer more. Participants will not have to play the levels the whole way through. I only require 5 minutes per level, or until the level is completed. There will be 8 maps, so at 5 minutes a map this will only take about 40 minutes or less. Right now I am still waiting on some of the hand made maps, but I need people to sign up to play the levels now. Please respond asap! This is urgent as I need to get this thing moving before next week. Thank you, I appreciate all the help."
If anyone wants to help out, please email Ringman at

30th March 2009: More Doom2 Conversions Added

The latest 3 additions to our Doom2 conversions page are 'Herian' and 'Herian 2', both by Ian Wilson, and 'Nazi' by an unknown author.

Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

18th March 2009: ZDoom 2.3.1 Released

A new version of ZDoom has been released It's ZDoom 2.3.1. It contains the executable for Windows platforms (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and data files. It fixes the bug that prevented you from switching weapons after respawning in multiplayer. It also adds support for zip/pk3 files with LZMA and BZip2 compression. (7-Zip is one program that can create such files.) and addresses a few other niggles.

It's available at Downloads For ZDoom.

17th March 2009: Operation: Arctic Wolf Special Edition Added

The latest addition to our Doom2 conversions page is 'Operation: Arctic Wolf Special Edition' by Laz Rojas. This set is a little more complicated to set up than most other conversions but there is a helpful readme file included. Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

9th March 2009: Red Star: A Doom2 Conversion Added

A new conversion has been added to the Doom2 conversion page. It's 'Red Star: A Wolfenstein Adventure' by James Redmond, and is a well designed set of levels and faithfully reproduces the Wolf3D feel very well. it is classed as a demo and a final version should be made later. Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

9th March 2009: TAMapset Final Version Released

Here's the final version of the TAMapset which was made by Team Aardwolf members. Contributors include Ronwolf, Thomas, Valts, serpens, Nexion, Fireboy, lilmanjs, Megabyte and myself. All levels are quite extensive. Most of the original graphics have been retained but there are a few minor changes. Ronwolf did the source code and include changed ceiling colours, changed music order and extra guards and static objects. Unfortunately, one minor bug remains, the Spear boss messages that appear at the end of some levels, as the source code has since been lost. Available here.

6th March 2009: Latest Doom2 Conversion Page Update

Here's yet another update for our Doom2 Conversion Page. Added this time is 'Chex Quest' by Charles Jacobi. This 3 episode conversion doesn't have a Wolf3D feel but it does have a very well made cartoon type atmosphere. Ten years in the making. Also added is a link to Charles' page 'Chucktropolis'. Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

6th March 2009: ZDoom 2.3.0 Released

A new version of ZDoom has been released It's ZDoom 2.3.0. It contains the executable for Windows platforms (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and data files.

It's available at Downloads For ZDoom.

4th March 2009: Auferstehung For Doom2 Cleaned Up Version

For those who found the 37.4Mb version of Auferstehung mentioned on Feb 28 a little too large, rrandompersonx450 has sent me a cleaned up version containing only the files necessary to run the game. The new version is only 5.76Mb, and is run with ZDoom as a wad in the normal way. Links to both versions are at Add-ons - DOOM2.

Latest News News Archive

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