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MAR/APR 2010 Latest News News Archive

29th April 2010: GST Wolf Released

Here is the latest registered Wolf3d add-on from Gary S. Tong. It's called 'GST Wolf' and has 60 new well designed levels. Most of the set was made a few years ago but it has recently been finished off. Made by the author of Ragnarok and Ragnarok 2. Available here. Needs the registered Wolf3D game to play.

28th April 2010: SKUNKZ - Side Scroller Project Demo

SKUNKZ was originally meant to be a 3D shooter project but after the files were lost, Majik Monkee the author then decided on a side scroller project instead. Right now this is the "demo version" of the game and features just one episode, but it will eventually have six. Pressing the f1 key brings up a help screen. It's quite detailed and includes a storyline and game keys info. Available here. (4.16Mb)

26th/28th April 2010: Wolfmods Released

This is the second mods pack from Acord Games. By using a menu system, the pack offers a choice of 18 different shareware level sets, plus a choice of mods including Wolfenstein 3D, Doomstein, Romanstein, Pacstein, Pacstein II and Blakestein. There is also an option included to play with the WolfGL port. Most of the time the scenarios tend to fit well with the levels though there are a few occasions when an odd wall may look out of place. Available Wolfmods 1. (7.9Mb) The self-extracting exe extracts the files to WOLFMODS directory. Updated May 5 and May 16, several sprites changed.

23rd/26th April 2010: Romanstein Caverns Released

Here's the first in a series of shareware mods from Acord Games. One of the features of these mods is that a menu system is included which offers extra sets of levels. This mod is called 'Romanstein Caverns' and has 9 new well made levels. Many of the graphics come from Mr. Choi's Hotel Romanstein series but there are also graphics from elsewhere. There are many code changes including Multiple Ceiling + Floor Textures, Full Screen, More Objects, Directional Sprites. Animated Objects and Ingame Messages. Text file included. Available here. Updated April 26. The files now extract to CAVERNS directory. Some of the actors' are sparingly dressed.

23rd April 2010: Dome Award - April 2010

The April 2010 Dome award goes to Wolf Skevos-Jones for 'Castle Totenkopf SDL Version'. It's a very good all round mod and a welcome addition to the growing list of Vista-compatible titles. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

18th April 2010: acktung 2: The Last Waltz Updated Version Released

Here's a revised set of maps for ack's 'acktung 2: The Last Waltz'. The original set released Feb 1 had some mapping errors on E2M9 preventing completion of the level and these have now been fixed. Available here. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.

14th April 2010: LegoWolf3D Update

Now you can make your own levels for LegoWolf3D. Mappers are needed. See this YouTube video or go to LegoWolf3D Mapping Help. If you are interested in more, contact LegoWolf3D by YouTube. Or you can go to nsprie Forums and contact drdanick and LegoWolf3D.

11th April 2010: Castle Totenkopf SDL Edition Released

Wolf Skevos-Jones has released a mod called "Castle Totenkopf SDL Edition" It's a reboot of his first mod "Castle Totenkopf" using the Wolf4SDL source port. The mod has 21 seamless levels and here are just some of the other features:
-new graphics
-new high-quality sounds and music
-new weapons, including a scoped rifle and usable MG42's
-smarter enemies
-improved levels
-floor/ceiling textures
-light shading
here. (21.5Mb) Revised April 25. Some maps updated to make it easier to get 100% scores.

10th April 2010: Strife - Part 2 Update

Lakota Bucksnort is making adjustments to the maps and should be ready in about 3 weeks. In this part of the set, there will be a few changes to the graphics and Harry's "Brown Boys" will be replaced with the original white officer. The 5 unused levels from part 1 plus 7 new ones will comprise the set. Some screenshots will be released soon but meanwhile we have a new title screen.

9th April 2010: Last Sprites Update

Here's the last update to the set of sprites sent in by Stephan Strauß. Some extra walls and the pistol as a single hand weapon have been added.

8th April 2010: Dopefish ROTT Feature

There’s a Dopefish Rise of The Triad feature with the ROTT rejected levels at The Official Dopefish Home Page. This is a very extensive Dopefish site which also features The History of the Dopefish by Joe Siegler and has many other goodies for download.

You can find it here.

8th April 2010: 3DRealms Help Page/Manuals

You can find replacement manuals for Wolfenstein 3D, The Spear of Destiny, Rise of The Triad and other 3D Realms games. The manuals are free and downloadable to anybody with a pdf reader. They are at 3DRealms.com.

6th April 2010: FilePlanet Update

FilePlanet has started making a number of changes. The site has been redesigned and they've removed all registration-required pages from their files - so there is no need to login to an account to start downloading content. Also, for those who want to subscribe, there's a half-price offer. It's at FilePlanet.

6th April 2010: New WOLF3D Total Conversion

Here's an email I received today: "Hello, this is Ryan Steinbruner, (aka wolf3d_boy/xgthug). I am e-mailing you to announce my final Wolf3D mod, titled "KILL HTG!". It takes a much faster 'action-wolf' type approach, in that it is to be a lot more fast paced. It will include an all original soundtrack and set of graphics.

The project is a stand-alone total conversion, and was supposed to be only a one night project, but I ran into some coding issues and halted progress.
Most of the graphics and music are done, and I would like to finish this TC within the next few days, as I had not intended to invest much time into it.

I am looking for someone to do the source code for me. Very simple additions, most of which are found in the DHW tutorials. Full credit will be given to the coder, and all tutorials used for the project.
My e-mail is
Paramultart@gmail.com, so please e-mail me if you are interested.

Also, the previously abandoned project, Monster Bash 3D, is planned to be finished and released within this month. I have already contacted Adam Biser, and he is still interested in the project, and thankfully, he has retained the source code throughout the 6 years since we started the project.

Thank you
- Ryan Steinbruner".

31st March 2010: Hans Grosse Artwork

Here's some artwork done by Stephan Strauß. It is of Hans Grosse.

30th March 2010: Sprites Update

Here's an update to the set of sprites sent in by Stephan Strauß. Gretel's armor has been changed and there's some new stuff added.

29th March 2010: Final Sprites Hans&Gretel

The Custom Sprites set released Mar 25 has been updated. Gretel has been added to the collection and has been substantially changed though the final frame is beta. Hans now uses the suit from the mac version, the Gatling weapon has been recreated (inspired by the mac version), the BJ skill faces have clothes on and the I am Death Incarnate picture is totally new. They were sent in by Stephan Strauß.

27th March 2010: Sprites Preview

Here's another set of sprites sent in by Stephan Strauß. This set, which is still being worked on, is a preview and shows 7 pics.

25th March 2010: Custom Sprites

Here's a set of Custom Sprites. They include a boss, BJ status bar pics, a weapon, a title screen and 2 walls. They were sent in by Stephan Strauß.

21st March 2010: Operation Arctic Wolf Cancelled

Hiro Yukito tells me that 'Operation Arctic Wolf' will be cancelled. However, there will be a new mod called 'Operation Scorpion Rider', inspired by the works of RedWolf Games.

Planned Episodes:
1. Prison Complex
2. Forest
3. Abandoned Castle

Planned Source Code Changes:
-Amount of episodes changed
-Ammo Box from Spear of Destiny

Most of the weapons will be ripped from certain mods & the sounds from other mods.

18th March 2010: Krucible: Insanitarium Demo Released

Here's the 2 level demo version of Krucible: Insanitarium. It was made by Venom Inc. Unlike The Wasteland, this game has a feeling more like Frayed as it's a world of madness being combined with reality. The levels show a wide range of scenarios and virtually everything from the original game has been replaced. Coding features include: Seamless level progression, 150 max ammo and new enemy toughness. Available here.

18th March 2010: Strife - Part 1 Released

Lakota Bucksnort has released 'Strife - Part 1'. The 10 levels are extensive and well designed. There's a mix of Wolf3D, Spear and other graphics and sounds which blend well together. The game is fast moving and quite challenging at times but is beatable. There is a textfile included with the storyline and a short FAQ/hint section. Available here. Maps updated Mar 19th - levels 5 and 8 mapping bugs fixed.

10th March 2010: Ghosts Special Released

Paal Olstad has released 'Ghosts Special'. Like the earlier 'A Doll's House & Ghosts', it is a game of action, adventure and puzzle solving. The one large level (of four floors) is a complete game in its own right. It is a mansion consisting of a basement (floor 0), a ground floor (floor 1), a first floor (floor 2), and a second floor (floor 3). It is put together very well and will especially suit those who liked 'A Doll's House & Ghosts'. Available here.

8th March 2010: Doom2 Conversion Page Update

Our Doom2 conversions page has been updated again. Added to the add-on lists is 'Arcadia Demade' by JP LeBreton. It's only one level but a very good one. The page is at Add-ons - DOOM2.

7th March 2010: New Wolf 3D Project Planned

Here's some info on a new Wolf 3D project being planned by SecretAgentJonathon.This one will have a Nightmare on Elm Street theme, as a tribute to his favorite horror movie franchise. As a result, Jonathon needs people who are willing to help with some songs, like the theme from the opening of the first movie, the infamous 1, 2, Freddy's Coming For You theme, and other Nightmare on Elm Street songs. Also needed is someone to make an editable Wolf 3d intro screen that works with floedit, and for a coder to make all 60 levels play seamlessly without any episodes (Spear of Destiny like). If anyone wants to contribute, please either email me and I'll forward them to Jonathon, or leave a message in the appropriate thread on the Wolf3D Haven Forum.

2nd March 2010: Mac-enstein Second Encounter (DOS) Source Code Released

Andy Nonymous has released the source code for the Dos version of 'Mac-enstein Second Encounter'. Available here. Released for general use.

Latest News News Archive

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