MAY/JUNE 2003 Latest News News Archive

30th June 2003: Monkeystein Pics

Here are a number of images sent in by Ian Summerfield from his upcoming set 'Monkeystein'.

30th June 2003: More Wolf3D Sites

Kuki sent me news of a new Wolf3D site. It makes use of Java and you can play a miniature Wolf3D game online. It's called Wolfenstein 5K.

Another Wolf3D site is by (Win) Elchtest and is at Generations. There are Wolf3D pics in Doom 3 format. In the downloads section there are some image convertor programs.

28th June 2003: Upcoming Add-ons

A series of new add-ons have been announced by Ian Summerfield. Here's a list of the add-ons Ian's been working on:

  • Monkeystein
  • Spongebobstein
  • Unholy Cathedral
  • Southern Hell
  • Doom Spear
  • Coldfusion

'Monkeystein' will be the first to be completed and should be released soon.

28th June 2003: Assault On Castle Totenhammer Pics

Joe has done some coding on his upcoming TC 'Assault On Castle Totenhammer'. He's sent in a set of pics to show some of the new features. Click on the thumbnail to see them.

28th June 2003: Wolf3d Midi Files

Justin has sent of selection of Wolf3D music files. They are listed below:

28th June 2003: Halls Of Stonehenge Update

Majik Monkee (Matt Merrill) tells me his upcoming TC 'The Halls Of Stonehenge' will now have source code changes. They'll be announced later, but meanwhile a set of pics have been released. Click on the thumbnail pic to see them. See news item listed 24th June for more info.

27th June 2003: Predator Released

Here's a new TC from Wes DesJardins. It's called 'Predator', has 16 good levels, plus many graphics, sounds and code changes. It all blends together quite well. You can get it here.

27th June 2003: New Wolf3D Site

Jacob Rodgers has a new Wolf3D website. There are a number of sections. It's at Jacob Rodgers Wolf3D Site.

25th June 2003: Snoobler Wars Update

Ross Williams is making a new TC called 'Snoobler Wars'. It's based on a bunch of animals Ross made up as a joke. Some code modifications will be:

  • Stronger dogs
  • Schabbs will be a non-game-terminating standard enemy with low health
  • More ammo
  • Helpart and Endart will be new

Ross's other game, 'Heart of Darkness', will be out by July 4th when the levels are done (so far about 40% are complete).

25th June 2003: Counter-Wolf New Version 1.06b Released

Ryan King has issued a new version of 'Counter-Wolf'. There are 2 extra levels, making 22 in all, plus a new title screen. It's at Counter-Wolf Site.

25th June 2003: Dungeon Cephalis New Version Released

Amirtes has released a new version 5.1 of 'Dungeon Cephalis'. There are now 10 new levels, plus a new status bar etc. You can download it here.

Amirtes tells me this project is now terminated, but he's currently working on a new one called 'Debauchery!'. It will feature some popular icons such as Emeril Lagasse as well as some very random ideas. The Debauchery project is scheduled for release in later September.

24th June 2003: The Halls Of Stonehenge Update

Matt Merrill sent me the following info on his upcoming TC 'The Halls Of Stonehenge':

"Greetings! I'd like to announce the forthcoming release of the conversion I have been working on, "Wolfenstein: The Halls of Stonehenge". It features the following:

  • enemies from "Blood" (fanatics, gargoyles, axe zombies, grim reapers)
  • new weapon visuals (pitchfork, shotgun, tommy gun, "auto shotgun")
  • edited status bar and BJ portrait (stubble added)
  • new sounds for most enemies etc.
  • 18 (tentative) levels
  • five new bosses
  • new title screen/ending art
  • lengthy intro story (separate file currently)
  • almost all new wall textures (from "Blood"), pickups, and other sprites
  • same old everything else

While vacationing in England, BJ is sent on a dangerous mission into previously undiscovered catacombs beneath the Stonehenge monument, in an effort to locate and destroy an inter-dimensional portal used by the ancient druids, and now the Nazis themselves...

Currently, the only planned coding change is the addition of the optional crosshair when firing, so I'm not sure yet if it's going to be a TC or an add on yet. Things are going well, though, and it should be ready for initial release soon. Thanks."

22nd June 2003: RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. Update

Here's news from Jakub Hierowski, regarding his upcoming addon RESIDENT EVIL R.E.P.R.I.S.E. The addon will be set in the world known from Resident Evil games. Here are the features:

  • 5 weapons (pistol, shotgun, M4, rocket launcher)
  • 6 bosses
  • Polish readme
  • 40 levels
  • New title screen
  • New enemies (zombies, commandos, etc)
  • Much more...

Already implemented are: menu, readme, enemies and weapons models. Thanks to Kuki for forwarding this info.

22nd June 2003: Dalek War 2087AD Update

Paul Stone has sent more info on his upcoming TC 'Dalek War 2087AD'. Mods include the 3rd and 4th guns, the 3rd being the Inferno ADM (Anti-Dalek Machinegun) and the 4th, the Tornado PEMSC (Portable Experimental Storm Cannon). There's also a changed the menu bar with new fonts and numbers, and a modified face of the game's hero.

Soon to come will be the first two weapons, a 30,000 volt hand Taser and a High powered Raptor Magnum Pistol. Also, a number of code changes including an In-game story and Help, and hopefully Seamless level progression.

The screenshot shows a Supreme Dalek (not a real enemy yet, shown for cosmetic purposes) being attacked with the Improved Inferno ADM.

21st June 2003: Trench Warfare Site

Josh has a new site with lots of info and pics from his upcoming TC 'Trench Warfare'. One of the pics is shown below. The site is at Trench Warfare.

21st June 2003: Message From JJ

JJ sent me the following message concerning the next update for his 'JJStein: Resurrection' TC:

"Hello this is JJ. I'm putting in new music so it may take awhile for the next release of jjres CHOW! :)".

21st June 2003: Wolf3D - TexZK's Story/Version 0.8 Released

This updated version from TexZK has 10 new levels on episode 5, plus some bug fixes for the earlier episodes. You also get a choice of English or Italian menu's. Here's a pic from the opening level on episode 5.

21st June 2003: Second Dome Award - June 2003

Kuki has been given a Dome Award for his add-on 'Secrets Of The Grauburg Dungeons'. The atmosphere created in the set is outstanding, and again from Kuki there is good level design. The manual is very well written too. See under June 16 for more info and the download. As it's the second time Kuki has won this award, it's been specially designed this time.

21st June 2003: Predator Pics

Wes DesJardins has sent 2 more pics from his upcoming TC 'Predator'. You can see both pics, plus the title screen, here. There's also some title music here.

21st June 2003: Tex ZK's Web

Tex ZK's site has been updated. There are both Italian and English versions, and has news on an updated version of 'Wolf 3D - TexTK's Story', plus news of a new upcoming add-on. For those who can speak Italian, there's also a source code section. It's at TexZK's Web.

16th June 2003: Heart of Darkness test released

Ross Williams has issued the test version of his upcoming TC "Heart of Darkness".The first level has a small test level with a new actor and boss, plus some new weapon designs. There are a few other levels at the start of some later episodes. Anyone who would like to check out the progress of the set can get it here. Ross welcomes any comments, and also asks if anyone would like to help with the character sprites. Ross can be emailed at

16th June 2003: Secrets of the Grauburg Dungeons released

Here's a shareware set released by Kuki. There are 10 well designed levels and most graphics have been changed. The predominantly grey colouring looks good, and the original 'feel' of the game still remains. There's a well written manual included in the zip. Well worth the download, and you can get it here.

16th June 2003: Misja Jakuba Hierowskiego

Kuki forwarded me this demo which was made by Jakub Hierowski. There are 7 mostly small levels though they are adequately decorated. There's also a new vswap, but only the weapons are changed. Would suit those who prefer the original game. Click here for the download. Needs the original full 60 level version of Wolf3D to play.

15th June 2003: Dalek War 2081AD update


Paul Stone has an upcoming mod based on the BBC TV show 'Doctor Who'. It's set on an ill-fated military space cruiser heading for the war-ravaged planet Skaro, when it is attacked by the inhabitants of Skaro - The emotionless and evil Daleks. You, the one survivor, must fight your way off the cruiser, through the Skaro wastelands and to the Dalek Headquarters for a final


15th June 2003: Operation Gtyuu Released

Jacob Rodgers has issued a final version of 'Operation: Gtyuu'. This version has 17 levels, all of the first episode and most of the second. You can download it here. Wolf3d.exe from the original 60 level 'Wolf3D' set is required to play.

11th June 2003: Dome Award  - June 2003

This month's Dome Award goes to TexZK for his TC 'Wolf3D - TexZK's Story'. This is the first TC to utilize rain/snow features. It's also a very good 'all round' TC. See under May 1st, for fuller details and the download.

11th June 2003: TC Update delays

My apologies to those who recently sent me updated versions of their add-ons. With the Dome News being down for a while things have gotten behind somewhat. One add-on in particular waiting to be looked at is 'Operation: Gtyuu'. Hopefully, this will be checked out within a couple days. Another, 'Counter-Wolf' has just been reissued - see below.

11th June 2003: Predator title screen

Here's the title screen for Wes DesJardins' upcoming TC 'Predator'.

11th June 2003: Counter-Wolf Released (V 1.06)

Ryan King has updated his TC 'Counter-Wolf'. There are now 20 levels (10 more than in the previous version). The standard of the new levels is at least as good as the first 10. Click here for the download.

9th June 2003: Kehlsteinhaus released

A year in the making, there are 30 high quality seamless levels here, plus many graphics, sounds and code changes. There's good use of the guards, it's well decorated and the 'read this' is particularly well done. By ToMeanToDie. Available here.

9th June 2003: New Wolf3D/Spear group

Here's a new Yahoo group for Wolf3D. It was formed by Jonathan Storey and is called The Ultimate Wolfenstein 3D & Spear Of Destiny Group.

9th June 2003: Quest for the Amulet released

Wolf Skevos-Jones's younger brother, Ian, has just finished his very first add-on. It's a Spear TC (21 levels) called 'Quest for the Amulet.' Wolf helped with the source code and some other things. MCS also helped with the code.

The game takes place in both Germany and Egypt. In the story, BJ must stop the Nazis from getting an Egyptian artifact known as the Amulet of Anubis.

Ian decided to do his add-on in a style similar to Laz Rojas' WolfenDOOM TCs. As such, there are lots of graphics and sounds from WolfenDOOM (with Laz's permission). Click
here for the download.

9th June 2003: JJ's page updated

JJ's Wolf3D Page has recently been updated with a new background, plus a number of new sections. It's at JJ's Wolf3D Page.

9th June 2003: New Luftwaffe team member

Jacob Rodgers tells me he's joined Alex Brosseau and Erick Frost in their team. He'll be creating maps for 'The Luftwaffe', and all their other TC's.

9th June 2003: JJStein Resurrection updated

JJ has released an updated version of the TC 'JJStein: Resurrection'. No new levels, but some have been changed. The vswap has been changed too. You can download it here.

3rd June 2003: Dawn of Dead Released

Wes DesJardins latest TC has 10 good levels and 6 weapons. New music has been added, plus lots of graphic and code changes. It's a difficult set to beat, partly because of the lack of ammo at times. You can download it here.

2nd June 2003: Battlestein 3D New Pics

John Burnett has redesigned the title screen and status bar etc for his upcoming 'TC Battlestein 3D'.


1st June 2003: Operation Gtyuu updated

Jake Rodgers has sent the following 2 pics from his upcoming TC 'Operation: Gtyuu'. A number of new graphics have been added, including a new title screen.


31st May 2003: Sam's Anything Board

Sam Feichter has a new forums board. It's got sections for many games including Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario etc. There is, of course, a section for Wolf 3D too!! It's at Sam's Anything Board.

26th May 2003: Kehlsteinhaus Update

John Loftis has been working on a conversion for Wolfenstein 3D. With the help of the Diehardwolfers forum and numerous tutorials this is what's been completed so far:

  • 30 Levels completed
  • 16 Extra Walls
  • New and Modified Wall Graphics
  • Changed Ceiling Colors
  • New Doors, Extra Doors
  • 2 Extra Keys
  • 12 Extra Static Objects
  • New and Modified Wav Files

The story is based on the hideaway of Hitler (Kehlsteinhaus) which the Allies called the Eagle Nest. If anyone wants to beta test it they can e-mail John at The present modifications should be completed within 7-10 days.

24th May 2003: Wolfback Update

Here's an update from Sockdude on his upcoming TC 'Wolfback'. He's hoping to release it sometime this year, maybe in the summer. Here's a list of features included so far:

  • Max health increased to 150%
  • Max ammo increased to 200
  • 16 levels
  • Dog replaced with patrol trooper
  • Changed menu color
  • Enabled "Read this!" and "Endart"
  • New exit messages
  • Textured Ceilings and Floors
  • New graphics, sounds, and maps

23th May 2003: SWS 3D cancelled

Justin tells me 'SWS 3D' is cancelled (due to PC problems). He's now planning an upcoming TC called 'Operation Schutzstaffle'.

23th May 2003: Kreml 3D Pic

Here's a pic sent in by Zach Higgins. It shows a prototype status bar for the upcoming TC 'Kreml 3D'.


21th May 2003: New Wolf3D Site

Ryan King (who recently made 'Counter-Wolf') has started a new Wolf3D site. It's at Counter-Wolf Site.

19th May 2003: Counter-Wolf released

Ryan King has released his TC 'Counter-Wolf'. There are 10 new levels, plus many brand new graphics changes, and code changes. Also, a new title screen and help/endart. Click here for the download.

15th May 2003: Kreml 3D Pics

Zach Higgins has sent a set of 3 pics from 'Kreml 3D'. Zach has rejoined the team creating 'Kreml 3D' and is helping with graphics and (possibly... if they need it) maps. The status bar is completely original (all original textures) as well as the flamethrower. Zach is also helping with some textures, including the hammer and sickle shown in the screen below. The AK (both status bar image and firing sprite are completely original and the flag is created from a flag found online). You can see the complete set of pics here.

15th May 2003: Fraggerstein demo released

There are 10 new levels here, mostly on the first 2 episodes. There's a large maze on e1l2, but many of the other levels are smaller. Some graphics and title screen changes. By Topfragger. Click here for the download. Here's a new episode one boss.

13th May 2003: Op. Ubermutant released

Here's a set from Matte Software which was made before 'Wolfen - terror'. The levels vary quite a lot in size. Many of the graphics are from 'Lost Episodes'. New title screen. You can get it here. Here's a pic of the level three boss.


11th May 2003: Firestar update

Here's some info from Guillermo Buteler about his upcoming TC 'Project FireStar'. Work is underway on the test level, which may end up being the first level of the final release. There's also been a few changes to some graphics. More info on the project is available at Guillermo's site at Wolfsite.


10th May 2003: CFDB VGA released

Codetech recently created a revamp of his old CFDB program. You can download it here. The program's bitmap skins can be customized.

9th May 2003: Op. Gtyuu Released

Jake Rodgers has released the first 10 levels of 'Operation:Gtyuu'. Only the maps and title screen have been changed. There are lots of pushwalls (some are hard to find), and it's mostly more difficult to play than the original game. Click here for the download. Needs the registered set to play.

8th May 2003: JJStein Resurrection updated

JJ's latest TC has been updated with 4 more levels (there are now 10), plus there's a new boss, title screen, status bar and batch file. You can download it here.

8th May 2003: Chaosedit beta test

Here's an email from Ripper concerning 'ChaosEdit':

"In ten days, on May the 18th of 2003, it's time for a first beta test of our revolutionary Wolfenstein 3D editor ChaosEdit, which will also support other games based on this engine like Blake Stone and Corridor 7.

Here's a small feature list:

  • Normal map editing with up to 500 maps
  • 3D-Editor for adding details in the texture structure of the map (uses game graphics; you can run through your map and give walls textures with your mouse by clicking on the walls
  • Wall texture, sprite and graphics editor (including automatic color format conversions)
  • Font editor
  • Sound editor (including automatic sample and bit rate conversions to Wolf format)
  • Quit screen editor

The first beta test, we're about to start, will focus on the map editor part (including the 3D-Editor), so the other editors won't let you edit anything, but will let you view the stuff so far.

But we still need beta testers, who can support us with detailed bug reports of any bugs they find and give us suggestions to make things better.

So if you're interested, please send an email containing your system-configuration (video mode, screen size and color mode, Windows version, processor and memory (RAM)) to




7th May 2003: Gotterdammerung update

Gerry Westenberg is working on an upcoming TC 'Gotterdammerung'. It will feature BJ talk (like Duke talk), textured floors and ceilings, and new weapons/graphics. Also, possible true ambient sounds and a new status bar.

6th May 2003: Nuklearer Wahnsinn

Alex Brosseau has sent me a rather lengthy list of new features that'll be in his upcoming TC 'Nuklearer Wahnsinn':

  • Textured Floors and Ceilings
  • Seamless levels progression
  • New menu color with a background
  • New Exit and Error Messages
  • Helpart and Endart Added
  • Non-Shareware Notice restored
  • New PG-13 screen with new background color
  • Boss DeathCam Removed
  • Changed Cheat Code
  • Maximum Ammo and Health Increased
  • New Intermission Screen Color (Grey)
  • New "In-Game" Screen Border Color (Grey)
  • Changed Signon Screen
  • 2 New Keys (Blue Key and Key Card with icons on the StatusBar)
  • Debug Keys Removed
  • Different colored locked doors (Gold Key Match with the Gold Door...)
  • Armor added in the game with 3 Armor Items
  • New Life Items (Hot Meal, Big MedKit (give you 200% health))
  • New Guns (Silenced Pistol, StenSMG, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher)
  • Landmine added
  • Toxic Green Puddle added
  • New Sounds added
  • 9mm Ammo box added (normal ammo)
  • 0.50 Caliber Ammo added (small and big box)
  • Rifle Ammo added (clip and box)
  • Rocket ammo added (Rocket and Rocket box)
  • Pistol, Machine Gun and the Silenced Pistol use 9mm Bullet
  • Chaingun uses 0.50 Caliber Bullet
  • StenSMG and Sniper Rifle use Rifle Bullet
  • Rocket Launcher uses Rocket
  • New Enemy Added
  • Death Artefact Added
  • God Mode Artefact Added
  • Damage Flash Removed when in God Mode
  • Teleporter Added
  • You will no longer get a lower weapon when getting a higher one
  • Falling Pillar Added

Well, a lot of features there!!

5th May 2003: Projekt Vertilgung patch

James Ingham has sent me a patch for 'Projekt: Vertilgung' (version 1.3). It includes the following:

  • Secret Levels Fixed
  • Intermission after Level 10 removed
  • Full Screen Size
  • Helpart edited a bit
  • some other bugs removed...

The project page is at, but the download is available here. All files are included.

5th May 2003: Meteo alternative maps posted

Here's an alternative set of levels for Wes DesJardins TC 'Meteo'. They were made by Johnathan. There are 3 episodes with 5 good levels in each. Quite an enjoyable set. Click here for the download.

4th May 2003: Dome awards for May 2003

This month's Dome Awards go to Executor for 'The Road To Despair' and Wes DesJardins for 'Wolfenstein: Resurrection'. Executor's TC is very good with the placement of the guards and Wes's TC is a very good 'all round' TC.


1st May 2003: Hell Beneath released

This set is the sequel to 'Wolfenstein: Resurrection'. Made by Wes DesJardins (Wolf Skevos-Jones also contributed), the first few levels are outdoors. The action then takes place inside. There are 18 well designed levels, mostly quite extensive, plus many new graphics, sounds and code changes. Click here for the download.

1st May 2003: Tutorials update

Three new BT Source Code Alternative tutorials page on my other site. have been added. They are:

  • Adding a Back Pack Item (like in Doom) - Joe
  • Change the Player Speed by the Chosen Weapon - Tex ZK
  • Run With Stamina - Tex ZK

They're at BT Source Code.

1st May 2003: Secret Weapons of Wehrmacht

Ross Williams has released the final version of 'Secret Weapons of the Wehrmacht'. There are 8 good levels plus assorted new graphics and sounds.This is the last of Ross's shareware TC's (his future TC's will be for the full version). Click here for the download.

1st May 2003: TexZK Story released

I just received this TC today and haven't played it all yet. So far it looks pretty good. It's by TexZK and there are 4 episodes (not sure how many levels yet). There are many good effects using ceiling/floor textures and falling rain/snow etc. For me, the falling snow on the episode 4 opening level works especially well. The menu is in Italian, but is basically the same one as in the original game. (For yes, press 's' for si - no is still the same 'n'). Click here for the download.

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Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
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Mutalix by Ross Williams

Hidden Danger by Zach Higgins (

Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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