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MAY/JUNE 2004 Latest News News Archive

29th June 2004: Brutal Damage Announced

Joshua Waight has announced a TC coming soon entitled 'Brutal Damage'. It has a storyline a lot like something from 'Grand Theft Auto', but doesn't seem to lose the original Wolfenstein 3d feeling. It takes place in Tuolumne county, the county which includes Joshua's home city. A readme file will be sent later but for now there's a title screen.

29th June 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Screenshots

Here is a series of recent screenshots from "Operation: Letzterschutz". Majik Monkee tells me the project is coming along very well, and is over half way finished. In addition, coding to the project should be 100% finished now. More updates will be posted as the project nears completion.

27th June 2004: ZW1 - Phase One Released

De Zeurkous has released 'ZW1 - Phase One'. This is a 10 level set of maps made for the full version of Wolf 3D. The levels are quite extensive and the decoration is about right. No new graphics or sounds. Text file included. It's available here. Needs the full version of Wolf 3D to play.

26th June 2004: C:DOS Community Link

This site has a wide range of DOS games and applications to download. A forum is also included. You need to become a member to be able to download the files but the 'basic account' is free.

It's at C:DOS Community.

22nd June 2004: Operation: Arctic Wolf Manual Released

Luke Strauman has released a game manual for his TC 'Operation: Arctic Wolf'. Click on the thumbnail to see a table of contents. You can download the complete document here.

19th June 2004: Wolfenstein The Secret Missions: Part 3 Released

Joshua Waight has released the 3rd part of 'Secret Missions'. There are 10 levels this time and as in the earlier releases, they are well designed and nicely decorated. There are some new graphics and sounds though the original game feel remains. It all blends together quite well. You can get it here.

17th June 2004: Original Halls Of Stonehenge Updated

For those who experienced a small screen area in the original 'Halls Of Stonehenge', a new version has been issued that allows a full screen to be used while still having other features enabled such as textured ceilings and floors. A few other minor bugs have also been removed. You can get it here. Please note that this version replaces all earlier versions.

16th June 2004: HOS: Special Edition Released

Here's a new set by ack and Majik Monkee. It is a sequel to "Halls of Stonehenge" called "HOS: Special Edition". It features 21 new levels, several new enemies, and two updated weapons. The standard is at least as good as in the original "HOS". Click here for the download. Please note that "HOS: SE" is being released in place of the sequel originally announced as "HOS: Dead Reckoning".

15th June 2004: The Punisher/New Poster

Matt, Raistlin and Hair Machine are working on 'The Punisher' Total Conversion. It's still early in development but the aim is to replace every single aspect of the original Wolfenstein. Everything from music and graphics to coding will be changed.

Here's a new promotional poster that replaces the old title screen by Majik Monkee, who started the project.

13th June 2004: EvilWolf Webpage

Stathis Dimitriadis is the programmer and designer of 'EvilDoom' and his last game was a Wolfenstein 3d mod 'EvilWolf' powered by the EvilDoom 3d engine. It uses bump mapping and dynamic lighting and it is very close to the feeling that Wolfenstein 3d gave to the fps fans.

The site has info on the project, plus a number of screenshots of both 'EvilWolf' and 'EvilDoom'. You can check it out at EvillDoom.

13th June 2004: Schabbs, An Evil Lunatic Released

Ian Summerfield has released a 21 level set called 'Schabbs, An Evil Lunatic'. The levels are quite extensive and well decorated, though some are quite mazy at times. There's quite a wide mix of graphics, mostly coming from other TC's and there are changed sounds. A manual with level and enemy info is included. You can download it here.

9th June 2004: Image World Update

Majik Monkee sent the following email regarding his 'Image World' site: "The Image World will not be accepting guest submissions until further notice. Currently, image hosting space has run low for the image world, and I can't accept anymore submissions until I figure out a way to free up some space or acquire a new location to host images. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks! - Majik". For those unfamiliar with the site, it's at Monkee's Image World.

9th June 2004: The Rise Of Nod Screenshot

Luke Strauman has been working on a new TC called 'The Rise Of Nod'. Here's a screenshot of it. More details will come at the weekend.

Luke is still working on his other unfinished TC 'Operation: Arctic Wolf'.

8th June 2004: Kyle's Games and Chit-Chat Forum

Here's a new forum called 'Kyle's Games and Chit-Chat'. This one has a Wolfenstein 3D Section along with Other Games.

It's by KyleRTCW and the URL is http://kylertcw.phpbbhost.biz.

8th June 2004: Dome Award - June 2004

This month's Dome award goes to Wolf Skevos-Jones for 'Coming Of The Storm'. It's a good all round addon. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

3rd June 2004: Wahnsinn Software Forums Change

Due to a php file problem, the old 'Wahnsinn Software Forums' have had to move again. Mega Luigi tells me all will be welcome again in the new ones!!! This time, the new forums come with many things like a portal, chat and more. They're now at The Wolfenstein 3D Planet.

3rd June 2004: Alien Invasion Patch

Majik Monkee has released an 'Alien Invasion' patch. It changes all the enemies and bosses in SOD into the enemies from 'Corridor 7', and changes the weapons and status bar pictures. The walls and stationary sprites have not been changed. This is all that remains of a project that Majik was working on a while back that he doesn't intend to complete. He figured it might be useful to people who wanted to use these graphics or are just looking for an interesting patch for the original SOD. You can download it here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

2nd June 2004: Max Payne News Update

Justin tells me Raistlin and Mega Luigi are helping with 'Max Payne'. Raistlin will be making a lot of new graphics and Mega Luigi will do some source code. Here are a few features to be expected:

  • 7 Weapons (Leadpipe, Beretta, Pump action Shotgun, Duel Ingrams, Jackhammer Shotgun, M-16.... there might be more such as a Rocket launcher and flamethrower)
  • 3 types of ammo- 9MM, Shells, Rifle Rounds (rockets, fuel)
  • Officer= stronger and drops M16
  • Max Payne Head replaces BJ's
  • Bullettime

Justin might also make a TC called ROCKET ARENA. There is some info on it and Justin's other Tc's on his new website Wolfenstein.

1st June 2004: Cartosa Lives News Update

Here's an email Rocketboy680 sent me regarding the final version of 'Cartosa Lives': "The game is almost done! I have finally gotten all of those freaky deaky maps completed. The whole game together is going to be 16 levels long. The last level seems impossible, though if you go down the right corridors you will find what you are looking for... or he will find you. I am kinda proud, but the next game should be at least 30 levels. All I need now is storylines and I am through! - Rocketboy680"

1st June 2004: Wolfenstein The Secret Missions: Part 2 Released

Joshua Waight has released the 2nd part of 'Secret Missions'. There are 8 levels, which are quite well designed and decorated and the guards are especially well placed. There are many new graphics and sounds though the original game feel remains. Nicely put together. You can get it here.

28th May 2004: DWR2 - Episode 3 News Update

Great Wasabi sent me the following email regarding progress on 'DWR2 - Episode 3': "Episode three of DWR2 should be done soon. There's going to be a lot of differences between this version and the last one. Lots of graphics have been changed. There's a new boss, new static items, a few new walls, and the pistol and plasma rifle have been changed. The plasma rifle is now the awesome BFG 9000. The regular enemies are the same, but could possibly change if I feel it's necessary. I may have someone add a little bit of new coding too. - Great Wasabi"

28th May 2004: Coming Of The Storm Updated Version

Wolf Skevos-Jones has released an updated version of 'Coming of the Storm'. The original release has a bug in the source code which occasionally causes the game to crash after level 17 is completed. Please note that any previously saved games won't work with the new exe. Click here for the new download. This version replaces the earlier one issued May 20.

27th May 2004: Wolfenstein 3D Images Forum

Here's another new forum for Wolfenstein 3D. It's hosted by W3D-Admin, and as the title suggests, the emphasis is on graphics.

It's at Wolfenstein 3D Images Forum.

25th May 2004: Davestein 2 Released

David Wettlaufer's 2nd set for shareware Wolf 3D version 1.4 has been released. It's called 'Davestein 2' and this one has 2 new levels. The first is quite mazy, while the second is a series of rooms. There are new sounds, new actors' and a new wall design. Click here for the download.

24th May 2004: Forum Changes

Two forums have moved to new urls.

Firstly a message from Mega Luigi: "We (Wahnsinn Software) have many, but many problems with the old forum because its hard to administrate with the options that that forum have. So I and Mario Maniac decided to create an new forum in phpBB at this time. We will probably delete the old forums. But, members, don't afraid. We will wait to all members that are in old forums, register in the newest. Here is the URL of the new forums: http://pb.exocrew.com/thewahnsinnsoftware/index.php. Please, register again in the new forums."

Lastly, James Ingham tells me that the 'Ingomania' forum has moved to www.ingomania.tk and the old database was unfortunately wiped - but members are welcome to join again.

24th May 2004: Operation: Letzterchutz Homepage Updated

Majik Monkee's homepage for "Operation: Letzterchutz" has been completely redone.

The page is at: http://www.angelfire.com/droid/majikmonkee/OLsite2.html.

22nd May 2004: Davestein 3D Released

This release by David Wettlaufer is for shareware Wolf 3D version 1.4. There are no new levels or graphics, but has changed sounds, changed movement in the brown guard and a changed title screen. The new sounds give the game more of an American feel rather than the original German one. Click here for the download. Needs Wolf 3D shareware version 1.4 to play.

20th May 2004: Coming Of The Storm Released

Wolf Skevos-Jones has released 'Coming of the Storm'. It's a traditional type of Wolf3D add-on, but lots of new things have been added. There are many new graphics, sounds, and music. There are also many new source code features, including new actors, new weapons and ammo types, a backpack, directional sprites, ambient sounds, and outdoor atmosphere (on level 1). The game has one seamless episode with 19 levels. As with Wolf's earlier addons, the levels are well designed and well decorated. Click here for the download. Updated with a new exe - May 28.

18th May 2004: Kill Him 2 Demo Released

Wolfenstein 3D Fan has released a demo version of 'Kill Him 2'. There are 6 fair sized levels plus a number of changed graphics and sounds, including new actors, but the original feel of the game remains. You can download it here.

18th May 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Screenshots

Majik Monkee has sent in a series of screenshots taken from his upcoming set 'Operation: Letzterschutz'.www.ingomania.tk

18th May 2004: Counter-Wolf 2 Final Version Released

Ryan King has released the final version of 'Counter-Wolf 2'. There are 50 levels in 5 distinct episodes: Office, Assault, Italy, Tundra and Dust. The outdoor areas are nicely decorated though in some indoor areas the decoration is sparse. There are many new graphics and sounds. Source code changes include new helpart, 7 weapons and gun bobbing. Click here for the download.

Ryan is now working on his next TC 'Cambodia and the Killing Fields'. This does not have any affiliation with the movie though.

16th May 2004: Matte Software Website

I am pleased to announce that Matthias Eriksson's website now has an English language section. There's a 3 level addon there called 'In Danger' that is not yet available on the Dome. The addon has 2 fair sized levels, plus a small Boss level. There are many changed graphics and sounds but mostly the Wolf 3D original feel remains. The site is in the Swedish and English languages and is at Matte Software. On a separate note, Matt tells me he's working on 'Wolfen-Terror' again.

13th May 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Update

Majik Monkee has an update on his upcoming set 'Operation: Letzterschutz'. Click on the thumbnail for the info.

11th May 2004: Nazi Party Released

Ian Summerfield has released 'Nazi Party' for the shareware version of Wolf 3d. Although there are 10 levels, the game only has 3 absolutely new levels. Some others are from 'Wolfendoom' and the first is almost unchanged. But to those expecting Nazis' - you won`t find any! There are many changed graphics and sounds, including several enemies. You can download it here.

11th May 2004: Dome Awards - May 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Great Wasabi for 'Dead World Rising 2', and to Dumscheissekopf for 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. Both are good all round addons. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

11th May 2004: Death Of Cartosa Enemies

Here's a list of 'Death Of Cartosa' enemies done so far by Rocketboy680:

  • SS: Kevin Cartosa Clone
  • Gretel: Chaingun Superhuman
  • Schabbs: Plasma Superhuman
  • Otto: Rocket Superhuman
  • Hitler: Armored Chaingun Superhuman
  • Hans: Super Cyborg
  • Fatface: Cyberneticly Resurrected Kevin Cartosa (Brain Only)

Pictures of the Super Humans will come soon.

9th May 2004: ZW1 Screenshots

De Zeurkous has posted a few screenshots of the first 5 levels of his 'ZW1' first episode. The first release (Phase 1) will contain 10 levels. The other levels will also be released in 10-level episodes. Phase 1 will be released within a few weeks.

9th May 2004: New Forums

Here are some forums started recently:

  • Fox Software Hosted by Wolfenstein 3D Fan and has many sections. Dedicated to Wolf3D and its associated games.
  • Ingomania Hosted by James Ingham. Wolf3D is included though there are many other sections too.

6th May 2004: Kill Him 2 Enemy Names

Here are the names of some enemies that'll be in Wolfenstein 3D Fan's 'Kill Him 2':

  • Guard = Hitler's Guard
  • SS = B.J Clone
  • Officer = Hitler's Super Guard
  • Mutant = GunDroid
  • Trans Grosse = Super Chaingunner

5th May 2004: Site Link Update

Jonathan Storey's site: 'Jonathan's Wolfenstein 3-D and Spear of Destiny Site' has moved to a new url and has been renamed.

It's now called Jonathan's Wolfenstein 3-D Archive.

4th May 2004: Dusk Of The Dead Update

Here's an update from Wes Desjardins on the progress of work done on his upcoming TC 'Dusk Of The Dead'. The percentages of the TC done are

  • Sounds 100%
  • Music 0%
  • Graphics 99%
  • Levels 0%
  • Coding 0%

Wes has a new website at City OF The Dead.

4th May 2004: Cartosa Lives - Part 1 Released

Rocketboy 680 has released 'Cartosa Lives - Part 1: Cartosa Isle'. There are now 11 levels spread over 3 episodes (episode 3 having just one Boss level). In the second episode, you will have to battle 2 body guards similar to Mr. Dungee. There's a new image added that you'll see if you manage to defeat Commander Burfley. The game is going to turn out weird in the end... but that will be in the next part. Click here for the download.

4th May 2004: Countdown To Chaos Update

MajikMonkee tells me work on 'Countdown to Chaos' has resumed and is progressing nicely since he's finished helping with 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. Development should continue at a decent pace from this point on, and there are others working on the project as well. Here are a couple early screen shots.

4th May 2004: DWR2 Updated/Error Fixed

Here's an update/patch for 'DWR 2'. The map bug (a missing key on e2m5) is fixed, and Great Wasabi has added new sounds, and changed the Assault Rifle's firing animation. See April 16 news for fuller info on this set. You can download it here.

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Project FireStar by Guillermo Buteler (
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Mutalix by Ross Williams

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Iraqi Blitzkrieg by Scheissgeist

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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