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MAY/JUN 2006 Latest News News Archive

29th June 2006: Wolf-Extra III Part 1 Released

Paal Olstad tells me that part one of 'Wolf-Extra III' has been released. I'll be checking this out in a few days but if anyone wants to download it now, it's at Wolf Extra 3.
In addition, a small but important update is available for Paal's earlier addon 'The Tower'. There's more info on this

29th June 2006: Daemon Hunter Demo Updated

JJ has updated the 'Daemon Hunter' demo released earlier.
Here's what has been updated:
- music
- some bugs fixed in lvl 4 ep 1
- added 1 lvl on ep 2 demo
The new music gives you a feel on how the whole game will work out to be :) Available
here. The previous demo was posted May 15.

29th June 2006: Multiplayer Engine Update

Carnevil has sent in another progress report on the Multiplayer Engine:
Heres what's happening in the pic:
- green arrow: 1p start
- grey arrow: 2p start
- red arrow: 3p start
- yellow arrow: 4p start
- blue ball: wolfensphere +200 health
- blue stripe: railgun (unlimited ammo)
Delta should be ready in a few months.
Click here to see the pic.

29th June 2006: Encrapment Full Version Released

Ueberwolf has released a full version of his 'Encrapment' project. All the graphics, fonts and even the sounds have been 'encrapped'. The typo's in the end game messages and text files are deliberate!! The 60 levels in this version come from my 'Escape From SS Prison' set. The project took several months to complete. Also included is a set of encrapped sounds. Available here.
Euberwolf has a site dedicated to the project at
Encrapment Webpage.

29th June 2006: Lost World Part 3 Screenshots

After two years, Kyo Kusanagi is back and working with Mac Mandoza on 'Lost World Part 3'. It will have 40 levels, 2 new weapons, many Shading Colours and Floor and Celling Textures. Click on the thumbnail for 5 screenshots from the Beta v0.95.

26th June 2006: Email Address Change

Thomas Weiling has a new email address. The old one is no longer being used.

The new address is at thomas4545@gmail.com.

25th June 2006: Dome Award - June 2006

This month's Dome award goes to Adam Biser for 'The Orb Of Dilaaria'. The levels are well decorated, the graphics are of a very high standard and it has some of the most advanced code changes ever made. Credit also goes to ack, who did most of the levels, and to Ringman and Majik Monkee for graphics help. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

23rd June 2006: Multiplayer Engine Update

Here's the latest update on the Wolf3D Multiplayer Engine being worked on by Carnevil and JJ. During the next few weeks, Carnevil will be concentrating on the project, while JJ will resume work on his upcoming TC 'Daemon Hunter'.

Multiplayer current features:
- voice
- enhanced frag features
- chat
- coop
- deathmatch
- menu changed
- music replaced

Features not working:
- *join server is not working*
- Delta compress not working (need it to make it into a public serv)
- Delta player stats
- Beta player stats
- Game locks up often

23rd June 2006: Codename Purple Blood Released

Born4battle has released 'Codename Purple Blood'. There are 4 levels of a fair size with about the right amount of decoration. There are a number of changed graphics, including most actors', and there are some mac sounds. Code changes include ceiling colours, increased ammo limit and helpart. Much of the original Wolf3D feel remains though the game does have a feel of its own too. Available here.

18th June 2006: Haasboy Software Site Update

Here's a message from Ryan de Haast regarding his 'Haasboy Software' site:"My site is going to go under construction, but the old pages will remain up until I've finished writing the pages for the new site.
Click here to see how the site may look like. None of the links work except for the service links."

15th June 2006: Operation Hidden Secret Released

Santeri Kiiski has released 'Operation Hidden Secret'. There are 10 well guarded levels that are quite extensive, well made and with about the right amount of decoration. The secret level is well hidden. No graphics changes but some sounds have been changed and there are code changes like ceiling colours and filename suffixes. Will especially suit those who like playing the original Wolf3D game. Available here.

15th June 2006: All This And Wolf3D Screenshots

Here's the latest set of screenshots from the upcoming new version of 'All This And Wolf3D'. Thomas has just started on the 39th level and the estimated date for completion is Aug/Sept 2006.

12th June 2006: The Orb Of Dilaaria Released

Adam Biser has released 'The Orb Of Dilaaria'. There are around 60 levels that are very well designed and nicely decorated. The graphics and sounds give a medieval feel to the game and virtually everything has been replaced. Code changes include textured floors and ceilings, shading and weather effects. Majik Monkee and Ringman helped out with the graphics and ack helped out with some levels, graphics and sounds. Exactly 3 years in the making, this TC is one of the most advanced seen so far. Available here. Replaced later same day with version 1.01 (due to a minor bug fix). Saved games from the earlier version do not work with the newer version.

10th June 2006: Gideon Forum Updated

JJ has added some new sections to the 'Gideon Forum', including a Logo Contest. There are still several Wolf3D sections included.

It's at Gideon: Legend Of A Hero Forum.

10th June 2006: Wolfenstein Music - Mac Version

Born4battle has sent in 2 Wolfenstein Music wav files. They are based on the Mac version. They both last about one minute and are from the intro and first level.

Click here for the download. (1.33Mb)

6th June 2006: Multiplayer Engine Project Update

Here's the latest update on the Multiplayer Engine project being done by JJ and Carnevil:
- Beta is up and running, Delta will probably be a little bit longer (and for public)
The current features are:
- live chat
- console
- changeable skins (enemys only at the time being)
- custom face packs
- custom stat bar packs
- frag system enhanced
- scoreboard
and lastly 2 new weapons:
- flame gun (no not flamethrower)
It adds a little "exploded" into the deathmessage - ???
It uses machine gun ammo and its max ammo is 2000 - very powerful! It will be hidden on the secret level.

6th June 2006: Crash Bandicoot 2 Released

Little Cherub has released 'Crash Bandicoot 2'. The 21 levels are extensive, well designed and nicely decorated. Virtually all graphics have been replaced with cartoon type ones and they are very well made. New sounds too. The new ceiling and floor colours blend well together and other code changes include a teleporter and on screen level names. Doc files included. Available here. Due to lack of memory on my computer, I could only play the game with the size of the playing area reduced.

2nd June 2006: Multiplayer Engine Project Update

Here's an email received from JJ. It's about the multiplayer engine project: "The alpha engine is almost complete (beta is not going to be for the public yet!). After we head into beta the multiplayer engine will have its own program not in dosbox (yay!).

Click Here for another screenie of the engine!"

31st May 2006: Wolfmusic v1.0 DOS Utility

'Wolfmusic v1.0' is a DOS program that plays all of the imf tunes from Wolfenstein and Spear Of Destiny. It's by Martin Fernandez.

It's available here.

28th May 2006: Joe Siegler Interview/Super Upgrades Levels Package

This week on 3D Realms News, The Apogee Legacy features an interesting interview with Joe Siegler. Also mentioned (near the end of the page) is information on getting Apogee's 'The Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades' which is now available as freeware. This levels package, which was briefly on sale from Apogee, consisted of extra levels for Wolf (over 800), a level editor, and a random level generator. Please note though that these levels are still owned by Apogee and should not be used in other addons. It's at 3D Realms News/The Apogee Legacy #20.

27th May 2006: New Wolf3D Site

Jose Gutierrez has a new Wolf3D site dedicated to his upcoming addon 'Wolf 4 Attack Of the Nazi Zombies'. It has lots of info on the addon.

It's at Wolf 4 Website.

24th May 2006: MacWolf - Mac To PC Wolfenstein Port

Here's an email received today from Conner94:"I've begun work on - MacWolf! It ports Mac levels, graphics, weapons and items into the PC version of Wolfenstein 3d!
Planned Features:
*128x128 graphics (Finished, thanks to Ripper's work)
*Rocket Launcher (and ammo)
*Flamethrower (and ammo)
*Bringing in the Deathknight and the Ubermutant to normal Wolf
*Recreation of the 1st Encounter (possibly also 2nd and 3rd)
*Backpack and other mac only items
If anyone has any Mac sounds or additional graphics please e-mail me at cjirwin94@comcast.net."

Click here for screenshots.

24th May 2006: SamWolf 3D - Episode 3 Released

Sam Feichter has released episode 3 of 'SamWolf 3D'. There are now 30 levels completed and the levels are fairly extensive and quite varied. They are fairly difficult to beat at times. There are quite a number of changed graphics, mainly from elsewhere, but the Wolf3D feel remains. There are 2 vswaps supplied, both have the changed walls and static objects but one has original actors' and the other has actors' mostly from other sets. Also included are several music zips featuring Doom, Spear, Hexen, MacWolf etc. Available here. (4.91Mb)
There's a smaller file for those who just want the game (without the music zips)

23rd May 2006: Frag Count Working

Here's some good news on the Multiplayer Port project for Wolf3D. JJ tells me that "Carnevil" has volunteered to help with it and the Frag Count is now working.

Click here for a screenshot JJ made while Deathmatching Carnevil in Tester2 (ouch!).

21st May 2006: Dome Award - May 2006

This month's Dome award goes to Little Cherub for 'Crash Bandicoot'. The levels are well decorated and the graphics are of a very high standard. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded. Some other sets from this month will be considered later when the final versions are done.

21st May 2006: Vietnam War Addon Proposal

Tomas Monzon has emailed me with a lot of ideas for an addon based on the war in Vietnam and is looking for others interested in making it into a group project. Tomas will do all the weapons pics and documentation. He will also help out in other areas where he can. Some of the ideas Tomas has suggested will require a good coder. If anyone is interested please let me know.

19th May 2006: Guy's Home Page URL Change

Guy Brys tells me the url for his Home Page and addons has changed. Guy also says there's now an addon on there for Planet Strike called 'Guystrik'.

It's now at Guy's Home Page.

17th May 2006: Multiplayer Engine Project Update

Here's an update on JJ's 'Multiplayer Engine' project. Some features are now either completed or well advanced while others still have more work to be done on them.

Click here for the latest report.

15th May 2006: Daemon Hunter Demo Released

JJ has released a demo of his upcoming set 'Daemon Hunter'. There are 10 levels of a fair size. Some are quite mazey, while others have different designs. There are a number of changed graphics and sounds, and though it retains the Wolf 3D feel somewhat, it also has a distinctive feel of its own. Has some basic code changes including changed cheat parameters. Available here. JJ tells me the final version of 'Daemon Hunter' is likely to be delayed as he is also working on a multiplayer engine project.

13th May 2006: Mac Midi Files

Born4battle and Phroggy have extracted the music from the Wolfenstein 3d mac version 1st encounter into midi's. Available here.

There's further info from Phroggy here.

12th May 2006: Bunkersturm Released

Raphael has released a 10 level set for Wolf 3D called 'Bunkersturm'. The levels are extensive, well designed and well detailed. There's a number of changed graphics, but as the title suggests, it retains the Wolf 3D atmosphere very well. Text file included. Available here. Needs the full Wolfenstein 3D game to play.

6th May 2006: The Ravenous Released

Here's a 9 level set from RGamesINC. It's called 'The Ravenous' and the levels are of a fair size and well decorated. Virtually all the graphics and sounds have been changed. It all fits together quite well. Text file included. Available here.

3rd/6th May 2006: Site URL Change

Ryan de Haast's site has moved. Previously known as 'The Wolfenstein Cabin', it is now called 'Haasboy Software'. Available on the site are dedicated sections to Ryan's upcoming sets Mansion X and Rising Evil 3: The Final Testament.

It's at Haasboy Software.

Latest News News Archive

Guns And Glory by Little Cherub, Conner94 and Richard Kelly

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Castle Hasselhoff by Michael Collin(

Space Police: Agent 9 - The End Of Psantu by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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