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MAY/JUN 2009 Latest News News Archive

26th June 2009: A Doll's House Ultimate Edition Released

Paal Olstad has released 'A Doll's House Ultimate Edition'. It includes A Doll's House, 2 new levels never released before, plus 8 levels from Ghosts. For those who haven't played the earlier version, the game is not a shoot 'em up but rather 'A game of action, adventure and puzzle solving.' It's been put together very well and requires a lot of thought to complete. There's more info and screenshots on the game homepage. Available here.

25th June 2009: Tara Carmichael Demo Released

Venom Inc. has released a demo of the upcoming mod 'Tara Carmichael'. There are 4 well made levels that are quite extensive. Most graphics, sounds and music have been changed and while the original Wolf3D feel is retained somewhat, the game also has a character of its own. The weapons are Switchblade Knife, Pistol, Uzi, and double Uzis.There are a large number of code changes, including weapon bobbing, changed enemy toughness, seamless level progression, ammo boxes, body armor and animated objects. It all blends together well. Available here.

22nd June 2009: The Castle Secrets Demo Released

TheSaiyanHog has released a demo of the upcoming mod 'The Castle Secrets'. There are 2 well made levels, though the first one is not that large. Most graphics and sounds are from the original game and so the original Wolf3D is retained well. There are a number of code changes, including gun-bobbing. Available here.

21st June 2009: New Homepage For Venom Inc.

Joshua Waight has started a new homepage for Venom Inc. There are a number of sections including news and photos. There is also a forum.

It's at The homepage of Venom Inc..

15th June 2009: Lost World Prequel Video

Here's a trailer for a 'Lost World' prequel made by TheSaiyanHog. It is called 'The Phoenix Crest' and is a tribute to Richter Belmont who made the 'Lost World' series.

Available here.

14th June 2009: End Of Dragons Demo Released

Here's some info from Venom Inc. regarding a new 'End Of Dragons' demo:
"This is a demo version to Return Of Dragons' prequel, End Of Dragons. Features many similarities to Return Of Dragons including Dark Knights, Sarceri, textures, coding, but also features new things such as new textures, Stone Skull enemy, and seamless level progression. This is a 4 (including secret area) level demo and the full version will have 17 total levels."

Available here.

14th June 2009: Half Life Weapons Pics

Z. Franz has sent in some hand drawn Half Life weapons pics. They are of the Glock and MP5. The other weapons will be made later. Set of 5 bitmaps available here.

13th June 2009: W3D-CMP SDL Source Code Released

Tricob has released the W3D-CMP SDL source code. Here's the note that Tricob included with it:
"Included is the source code for the SDL port of the Wolf3D Community Map Pack. It's good for Wolfers who'd like to compile the mod to play on the Dreamcast and other systems. Note that a number of new code features are added, and can be enabled/disabled through VERSION.H, then re-compiled."

11th June 2009: The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix Released

TheSaiyanHog has released 'The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix'. The 20 levels (two episodes) are well made, though some are on the small side. Most of the sounds, graphics and music are from Final Fight as are most of the code changes. A zip containing the code changes and a credits text file have both been included. Available here.

8th June 2009 The Wolf3D Community Map Pack SDL Version Released

Tricob has released an SDL-based port of the Wolf3D Community Map Pack. All episodes should credit the proper authors now and were made by Tricob, Thomas, Dean, WLHack, RonWolf and Brian. It has minor code changes, new music for the title screen, Spear Of Destiny graphics, and a handful of other enhancements. There are six new episodes in this collection, each of which has six levels in all. Level 5 of each episode is a boss level, and Level 6 of each episode is a Secret Level. Unlike the original Wolfenstein, General Fatface is in Episode 3, and Hitler is in Episode 6. Another difference is that Mutants and Officers are allowed to appear in any level in any episode. Vista-compatible. Available here. Tricob publicly apologizes for the mistakes in the episode names of the DOS version (he currently does not have the DOS source code at hand). He hopes for his own PC to be Online again in the near future.

6th June 2009: Doctor Who Released

Venom Inc. has released 'Doctor Who'. It has 5 well made levels that take place in different time eras. They range from an Egyptian Pyramid archaelogical dig - 1927 AD, a Space Station Epsilon - 2543 AD, a British Castle - 1354 AD, Mars Colony - 2208 AD, and The Library - 5076 AD (Secret Level). Code changes include enemy toughness, seamless level progression, par times, faceless only drop assault rifles, weapon bobbing and a new music order. Available here.

5th June 2009: Wolf3D/Doom Related Project News

C.J. has sent me the following email concerning a Wolf3D/Doom related project:
"I have for some time been working on a massive recreation (well, maybe it's not THAT massive) of Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny for EDGE (Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine). It will feature perfect replicas of all 60 levels from Wolf3D as well as all Spear of Destiny levels combining resources and ideas from the various ports of Wolf3D. It will feature hi-res walls and sprites (walls are done, sprites are far from it), smoother graphics, higher quality sounds and music, flamethrower and rocket launcher, additional power-up items, dynamic lightning, higher screen resolutions and much, much more."

2nd June 2009: The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix 2nd Demo Released

TheSaiyanHog has released a second demo called 'The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix'. There are now 12 levels and although they are well made, some are on the small side. The sounds and music are as in the last version though more graphics from Final Fight have been included in this one There are now some code changes like ceiling colours and episode names. Credits file included. Available here.

31st May 2009: The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix Demo Released

TheSaiyanHog has released a demo called 'The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix'. As mentioned yesterday, it is based on 'The Final Fight' by James Shain with a few notable differences. Some sounds and graphics are featured in Project Totengraber, Projekt Vertilgung, Spear of Destiny and Escape from Totenhaus. There are 4 maps and though they are not that extensive, they are very well made. Music is from The Final Fight. Available here. Needs the Wolf3d exe from the original game to play (not from the Apogee version).

31st May 2009: Endlösung Released

Thomas Weiling has released 'Endlösung'. There are 30 well made levels (spread over 6 episodes). There's a mix of original and new graphics and sounds that blend together well and retain the Wolf3D feel. Good selection of music, and a good storyline. The coding is by Ronwolf and includes changed ceiling colours and episode names. Available here.

30th May 2009: The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix Update

TheSaiyanHog is working on a mod called 'The Final Fight: Operation Phoenix'. It is based on 'The Final Fight' by James Shain with a few notable differences. It will use some sounds and graphics featured in Project Totengraber, Projekt Vertilgung, Spear of Destiny and maybe Escape from Totenhaus. It will also have completely new maps and the original Wolfenstein status bar with gold letters. First to be released is likely to be a four level demo.

30th May 2009: DOSBox 0.73 Released

Great news!

DOSBox 0.73 has been released.
Most noticeable changes:

  • Support for more graphics modes and cards.
  • Improved Vista support.
  • New OPL emulation cores.
  • Sound fixes and improvements for Mac OS X.
  • Lots of compatibility fixes.
  • Lots of cdrom detection improvements.
  • Lots of memory (EMS/XMS) improvements.
  • Various fixes and enhancements for the recompiling core.
  • Support for evdev.
  • Lots of DOS fixes.
  • Slightly faster!
  • More stable.

Available from DOSBox.

27th May 2009: Project X SDL Demo Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released a one level demo of 'Project X'. Although it's only one level, it's quite an extensive one and the level is very well made. There are high resolution sprites, sounds, new weapons, reloading and much more. It uses the SDL code and therefore is Vista compatible. Available here.

24th May 2009: More Doom2 Conversions Added

Two more Doom2 mods have been added to our Doom2 conversions page. They are 'Garrulo' by Eye del Cul, and 'Mars War' by Nathan Lineback.

Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

24th May 2009: Dome Award - May 2009

The May 2009 Dome award goes to Venom Inc. for their 'Frayed (Full Version)' mod. It's a good all round mod, and also has a number of features not found elsewhere. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

18th/19th May 2009: More Doom2 Conversions Added

Two more Doom2 conversions have been added. They are 'Schreienwolf Fortress' by Lutarez, and 'SYMOHOME' by Symo Storr.

Available at Add-ons - DOOM2. Updated May 19, a third conversion, 'SYMOWOLF' by Symo Storr added.

17th May 2009: Frayed Source Code/ChaosEdit Files Released

Venom Inc. has released the Frayed Full Version Source Code, and the ChaosEdit data files. They are for general use. Please give credit for anything used.
Frayed Source Code v2.0
Frayed ChaosEdit Files

14th May 2009: Frayed (Full Version) Released

Venom Inc. has released the full version of 'Frayed'. There are 30 fairly extensive levels (three episodes) that have been well made. There are many extra features including increased enemy toughness on new bosses, a new enemy, the Blood Doll, additional wall textures, slightly improved aiming (Thanks to CodeTech84), a new music order and a new rating screen. It all blends together very well. Available here.The 'Frayed' ChaosEdit data files and the source code will be released in a few days.

11th May 2009: Wolf3D On iPhone

John Carmack of id software has been working on the development of Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone.

You can read the full story here.

11th May 2009: More Doom2 Conversions Added

Two more Doom2 conversions have been added. They are 'PC_WOLF, A Wolfenstein classic' by Paul Corfiatis and Joe Corfiatis, and 'wolfalt' by Chris Shepardson.

Available at Add-ons - DOOM2.

10th/11th May 2009: Some ROTT Goodies

Matt has sent in some ROTT goodies. They are:
ROTT WinAmp skin. Available
EROTTBook: A cover scan of the Player’s Guide included with the Extreme ROTT box, and EROTTBox: The box it came in. Both scans are included in one zip. Available
Updated May 11, to include the back of the box scan.

10th May 2009: Comic Books/ROTT Art

Here are some scans from comic books that came from Bombay, India. They were used in a Sociology textbook that Matt had at Purdue University, Indiana. If you look at the middle comic book in the second pic, you can see art from ROTT. Matt suggests that the one in the middle of the bottom row is Liu Kang from The Mortal Kombat games series or actor Bruce Lee... Available here.

4th May 2009: Krankenstein Released

Vincent has released a shareware mod called 'Krankenstein'. Set in a hospital, there are 10 very large well made levels. Some levels are easy, some are quite difficult. Some graphics and sounds come from other mods, including Hotel Romanstein, though most of the graphics and some sounds were made by Vincent. It all blends together well most of the time and the setting is quite realistic. Credits file included. Available here.

1st May 2009: Dome Awards - April 2009

The April 2009 Dome awards go to Harry Mass Senior for 'Step Two', and Jayngoware for 'Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings'. Both are good all round mods and both are also particularly good with level design and placement of the guards. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

1st May 2009: Super Shooter Demo Bugs Fixed

This demo from Dzialo was first released Aug 2007. It is called 'Super Shooter' and has 12 fairly extensive levels spread over the first 3 episodes. Some bugs were found recently on episode 3 levels 3 and 4 and these have now been fixed. Here's the rest of the original Dome News post: there are many changed graphics and sounds but the original Wolf3D feel remains. There are quite generous ammo/health limits though they are needed for the game action is fast moving at times. The menu is in the Polish language and there's a changed music order. Available here.

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