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MAY/JUNE 2011 Latest News News Archive

30th June 2011: New ROTT Forum - San Nicolas Haven

Lawstiker tells me there's a new ROTT forum. It is called San Nicolas Haven and aims to be the center for all things Rise of the Triad. Available at San Nicolas Haven (ROTT Forum).

27th June 2011: The Cold War Source Code Released

Penguindog55 has released 'The Cold War' source code. It's for anyone who wants to use Cold War as a base for their own mods. Detailed instructions are included to make setting it up as simple as possible and credit is given where appropriate. Available from Mediafire. (14.56Mb)

26th June 2011: The Cold War Released

Penguindog55 has released 'The Cold War'. Originally created in late 2007 the mod is inspired by Final Solution by Parafriction. This mod is also a sequel to Penguindog55's first Wolfenstein mod End of The Third Reich with an inventive storyline as included in the detailed text document. The Cold War has 41 seamless levels (30 normal levels, 2 Secret levels, plus a Super Secret mission of 9 levels). The level design and decoration are done very well though some levels are not quite as extensive as in Third Reich. There are many imported vswap graphics and sounds (including a lot from Parafriction's Final Solution), and new music. Coding is mainly End of The Third Reich code, with a few new code modifications like landmines and a few other things changed. Available here.

25th June 2011: Spear of Infinity Demo Released

Hellblazer has released a 2 level demo from his upcoming mod: Spear of Infinity (SOI). It's been released mainly to show some graphic changes, and the first 2 levels design (although not 100% done) and other things. The standard of the level design is quite good and looks promising. There's a little surprise in the elevator at lvl 2. Available here.

25th June 2011: Balames87 Update Video

Balames87 has made a new update video. He says he will no longer be uploading videos as frequently as before. You can see the video on YouTube.

25th June 2011: Return of the Triad Released

A new TC for Doom II based on Rise of the Triad has been released. It's called Return of the Triad and was made by 5hfifty and el zee. You can get it at ROTT Headquarters.
However, it requires the latest SVN version of ZDoom (the latest normal version does NOT work). Get the latest SVN of ZDoom

24th June 2011: Blake Stone Experiment 90 (BSE90) Released

Ack has finished his Blake Stone experiment (BSE90). It is a full 90-level set that plays with the registered version of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. My first impression, based on the first few levels, is that this is a high quality set. Available here.
Also released is an updated version of ack's earlier 24-level release for Planet Strike (BSE24). This has a couple of critical errors fixed that were missed the first time. Available

22nd June 2011: Insanitarium SDL Demo Released

Venom Inc. has released a 2 level demo of 'Insanitarium SDL'. Some coding features include...
*New ammo limit
*Fullscreen with Health/Ammo display
*Blood Splatters
*Gun Bobbing
*Seamless level progression
The full version release date is still unknown. Available
here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

22nd June 2011: Dome Award - June 2011

The June 2011 Dome award goes to Penguindog55 for 'The Spear'. It is a very good all round mod. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

20th June 2011: Frayed SDL Fiend Edition Released

Venom Inc. has released 'Frayed SDL Fiend Edition'. There are now 40 fairly extensive levels (four episodes) that have been well made. The SDL Fiend Edition has various new features including unseen in the classic version of Frayed...
*In-game messages
*Difficulty subtitles
*Redesigned weapon sprites
*A true fullscreen mode that displays health and ammo
*New enemies: Slut Slave, Slut Maiden, Rage Turretress, The Vile Skull
*Brand new episode
*Additional music
*New objects including the rescuable innocent girl
WARNING: Game rated MA-17 for blood, gore, language, and nudity! Not recommended for young audiences.
here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

19th June 2011: Escape from Castle Holle Dos Version Updated

Dean Horton has updated the Dos version of Escape from Castle Holle. A level 2 bug that caused the game to crash on certain computers has been fixed. Available here. This replaces the earlier version.

19th June 2011: Monster Bash 3D 

Ryan Steinbruner tells me he still plans to finish Monster Bash 3D. He recently salvaged the latest version of the game from an old hard drive. Adam Biser's work is already done on the engine, so Ryan will be picking up the remaining workload with the assistance of a friend.

18th June 2011: Spear of Infinity Update/Pics

Here's an update and some pics from Hellblazer's upcoming mod: Spear of Infinity (SOI). Its based on SOD, five levels have been made and there will be 21 in total.

18th June 2011: Doom, ROTT and RTCW Music Mods

Jimmy Cozad has sent in another 3 music mods (Doom, ROTT and RTCW) that can be played with Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2 by Andy Nonymous. RTCW also has new sounds. Here are the music mods:



RTCW Music

RTCW Sounds

They need Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2 to play, which also needs Mac-enstein First Encounter SDL Version. (Install 1st Encounter first, then 2nd Encounter into the same folder, replacing the previous files where applicable).

16th June 2011: Frayed SDL Trailer

Here's a new trailer for soldat555's upcoming SDL version of Frayed. It's put together well and is available on YouTube.

14th June 2011: Kathleen Update/Pics

Secret Agent Jonathon is working on a new mod called 'Kathleen: The Legend of the Golden Keys'. Here's a set of pics from it. Jonathon tells me enhanced versions of 'Kenny' and 'Justin' are on the way too.

12th June 2011: New Music Site

Wesley Memphisto has an electronic music website at Reverbnation.com. There are a number of tracks featured. You can find it here.

12th June 2011: Jaguar/SNES Music Mods

Jimmy Cozad has sent in 2 music mods (Jaguar and SNES) that can be played with Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2 by Andy Nonymous. Here are the music mods:



They need Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2 to play, which also needs Mac-enstein First Encounter SDL Version. (Install 1st Encounter first, then 2nd Encounter into the same folder, replacing the previous files where applicable).

10th June 2011: Spear Resurrection SDL To Be Released

Latest news from the AReyeP/MCS site Newsdesk (May 2011) is that a Spear Resurrection SDL for Windows version is being made and is in the testing stage. Hopefully, it will be available in a few months time. With 10 new levels amongst the changes and the advantages of SDL, this looks like something well worth waiting for. Read more about it at the AReyeP/MCS Newsdesk.

6th June 2011: The Spear Released

Penguindog55 has released 'The Spear'. It's a prequal to his first mod End of the Third Reich. There are 30 levels (18 + 1 normal levels, 2 secret levels, 7 Super Secret levels and 2 Ultra Secret levels). The maps are designed well and nicely decorated. There's a mix of original and imported graphics and sounds but the Spear feel and style has been retained well. Secrets are easier to find and often marked with a skeleton next to the wall or nearby. Coding is mainly as in Third Reich but with the Pacman Ghosts recoded, the Spear flag code implemented and a few other things. There's more info in the detailed document included. Available here.

5th June 2011: Havoc's Wolf3D (HWE) Editor Version 0.3.1 Released

Havoc has released version 0.3.1 of HWE, a Wolf3D editor. The highlights of the latest version are a map grid, zoom functionality for the map editing area, and the ability to flip or rotate a copied map part. Havoc has also programmed a software update checker, and a number of bugs from the previous version have been fixed. You can find it here.

2nd June 2011: Wolfwing SDL Released

Hellblazer has released 'Wolfwing SDL'. The mod uses Novowolf as a base and only the levels have been changed. The 10 levels play well and are nicely decorated. They fit well with the Novowolf graphics, sounds and music. There are two text files, one listing credits and one containing a detailed storyline, included in the zip. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

31st May 2011: Lingyan's 2000th Video

Lingyan203 has made his 2000th video on his YouTube channel. He has mentioned the DieHard Wolfers Community about making a lot of really nice Wolfenstein 3D add-ons. There are playthroughs of Wolfenstein 3D Mods from the Wolfenstein 3D Dome, and lots of Classic DOS Games. They're available on YouTube.

25th May 2011: 1945 The End Of The Third Reich Updated

Penguindog55 has updated '1945 The End Of The Third Reich'. Finding the secret areas in the levels have been made easier by marking them all in some way, either with wall decoration or putting a skeleton nearby or in front of a secret wall that doesn't have a wall decoration. Also, Hans Gross and Uber Mutants no longer guard the access to Super secret levels. It was felt unfair to make it so hard to find secrets and to have to fight a boss in a confined space. Only the maps have been changed at this time, the graphics and coding remain as in the earlier version released March 12. Available here.

22nd May 2011: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our 'Wolfer Profiles' page has recently been updated. The latest profile is by Hellblazer.

It's at Wolfer Profiles.

22nd May 2011: Wolf4SDL v1.7 Released

Chaos Software has released Wolf4SDL v1.7. This new version contains several fixes and improvements. It's available from Chaos Software.

21st May 2011: Revival of Memories Video

Balames87's latest video plays through the first 3 levels of 'Revival of Memories'. The gameplay and commentary are both done very well. It's available on YouTube.

15th May 2011: New Lego Wolf3D Release

A new beta version of Lego Wolf3D has been released. Also on the Lego Wolf3D site is a number of YouTube videos, reviews of the alpha version, a forum and a help section. It's all at the LEGO Wolf3D Site.
There's additional info at
Mod DB.

5th May 2011: The Grail of Eternal Life Links Fixed

It seems that the links to Marcus Svensson's 21 level 'The Grail of Eternal Life' mod download have not been working for some time. They have now been fixed. The mod is available at: The Grail of Eternal Life v1.0.

3rd May 2011: Wolfenstein Sextilogy 3 Videos

Weasel has made videos of all of the Wolfenstein Sextilogy 3 levels. From E1L5 onwards, commentary is added. They are available at: YouTube.

Latest News News Archive

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