NOV/DEC 2003 Latest News News Archive

31st December 2003: Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 2 Released

Here a sequel to Sandy's previous set. It's 'Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst 2' and again is a homage to Wolf Skevos-Jones. The 13 levels are similar in size and quality (quite good) to the previous set. Images are also mostly as previous, though there are some new actors' this time and credit is given to Majik Monkee for these. Click here for the download.

31st December 2003: 3rd ROTT Image

Majilk Monkee has made a 3rd character based on the original "Rise of the Triad" specs. This one is the 'monk'. For the zip containing all the frames, either send Majik an email, or visit the "Rise of the Triad" section at Monkee's Image World.

29th December 2003: Twilight Zone Title Screen

Joe M has sent in the title screen for his upcoming TC 'Twilight Zone'. It will be based on 'The Tower' source code. Credit will be given to Paal Olstaad for making 'The Tower' and for releasing the source code.The new add-on will feature new graphics and sounds.

27th December 2003: Blake And The Spear Released

Joe M who recently made 'Doomenstein Revisited' has released another addon of his. It's called 'Blake and the Spear' and dates from between June and July 2003. It contains graphics and sounds from Blake Stone. There are 21 mostly extensive and well detailed levels though some are not original. Text file included. I've since found 3 exit elevator errors in the version first posted. Errors removed and reposted 19.00hrs GMT same day. Click here for the updated download. Click here for the updated maps only. Requires the full version of Spear of Destiny to play.

27th December 2003: Wahnsinn Software/New Pics

Mega Luigi has teamed up with his brother Mario Maniac to make new software. It'll be called Wahnsinn Software. Meanwhile, Mega has sent in some pics from 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter'.

27th December 2003: Coldfusion Update

Here's the completed 'Coldfusion' title screen pic. Ian Summerfield has completed 30 of the 'Coldfusion' levels - there's 30 to go! When 'Unholy Cathedral', 'Coldfusion' and 'Doom Wolfenstein Version' are completed, Ian will work on 'Ian's Collection', a collection of characters from cartoons that Ian likes.

25th December 2003: The Night After Christmas Released

Merry Christmas everyone!! Here's an addon 'The Night After Christmas' specially released for the festive season by Ringman. It's only one level, but it's quite a large detailed one with 5 distinct sections. Images come from a variety of sources. New music but no new sounds. Click on the Santa pic for screenshots. You can download it here.

25th December 2003: 2nd ROTT Image

Majilk Monkee has made a 2nd character based on the original "Rise of the Triad" specs, SS soldier #2.

For the zip containing all the frames, either send Majik an email, or visit the "Rise of the Triad" section at Monkee's Image World.

24th December 2003: Doomenstein Revisited Released

Here's a Wolf3d add-on made by Joe M. called Doomenstein Revisited'. It has Doom graphics and sounds, some from other addons like Bruce Ryder's 'Doomenstein', and some that are new. There are 20 levels (first 2 episodes), though some of them are not completely new. It all blends together quite nicely and has a good Doom atmosphere. Text file included. You can get it here. Requires the full version of Wolf3d to play.

24th December 2003: Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst Released

Sandy has released 'Project Waffen Sicherheitsdienst'. This set serves as a homage to Wolf Skevos-Jones and features many of his graphics and sounds. The 13 levels are mostly larger than in Sandy's earlier sets though of a similar standard. Click here for the download.

23rd December 2003: New Source Code Tutorial

Kyle Albert has sent in a new source code tutorial. It's 'Removing extra space from Menu (below Quit when ReadMe is disabled)'.

You can see it here.

23rd December 2003: Enemy Sprites Tutorial

Here's an 'Enemy Sprites Tutorial' document. It was sent in by Matt.

This will be included in our tutorials section but for the moment you can download it here. The web page is here.

23rd December 2003: S.K.U.N.K.Z. Images

Dumscheissekopf has sent in a set of images of some of the characters from S.K.U.N.K.Z.

23rd December 2003: ROTT Images

Majik Monkee has completed the first full set of images for one of the unfinished characters from the "Rise of the Triad" original specs. This is part of an ongoing project Majik is working on to make these characters available to people who would like to use them in projects of theirs. Email for the zip containing the "ROTT SS" frames.

22nd December 2003: Half Life Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots sent in by David O'Rafferty. They're from his upcoming TC 'Half Life'.

22nd December 2003: Coldfusion Update

Ian Summerfield has finished one full episode of 'Coldfusion'. When it's done, Ian will start on 'Coldfusion Project: Doom'. Here are images of some of the Bosses!

21st December 2003: Another Medal

Mega Luigi has awarded Ian Skevos-Jones a medal for his TC 'Batman: Wrath of Mr. Freeze.'

This TC will be added to the Elite addons section.

20th December 2003: WolfenBots - Alpha Version #2 Released

Tex ZK has just released 'WolfenBots - Alpha Version #2'. This has a number of changes since the first release including textures and many sprites added from 'TexZK's Story' and the main menu fixed.

Further details about the project are available here.

20th December 2003: The Secret Of The Waffen-SS Released

Sandy has released a 6 level version for shareware of 'The Secret Of The Waffen-SS'. The levels are well made though they are not that large. There's lots of imported graphics and sounds, but the original Wolfenstein 'feel' remains. You can download it here. This version replaces the 2 level beta version released earlier.

20th December 2003: Batman - Wrath Of Mr. Freeze Released

Ian Skevos-Jones has released 'Batman: Wrath of Mr. Freeze.' It's a sequel to his first 'Batman' TC. There are 25 good seamless levels and some new features, including 3 new weapons, 2 new keys, armor, and ambient sounds. The helpart is very detailed. It all blends together well. You can download it here.

19th December 2003: The Luftwaffe Boss Sprites

Spiritblade has sent me some single sprite boss pictures from 'The Luftwaffe', just to remind people that the project is still somewhat alive. Baldwin is Boss 4 head of the totenkopf Elite, and the A6-IronDoom is boss 5. He is a large cyborg. Tyrrant Mirow Frost is the last boss/ Boss 6. Two other bosses have since been added.

18th December 2003: Project Verwüstung Announced

Mario Maniac has announced a new add-on called 'Project Verwüstung'. This new add-on will TOTALLY different from others by Mario. It will also have more source code changes than the previous ones. Here's the features list:

  • Seamless level progression
  • 3 new weapons (one is silenced)
  • New objects
  • New enemy
  • God Mode Artifact added
  • 2 new ammo types
  • New item in Wolfenstein World: Ammunition Pack
  • Heartbeat sound added
  • Ambient sounds added

17th December 2003: Alex Brosseau

For the moment Alex Brosseau will mostly be leaving the wolf community. He will continue to check and write on the 'DHW Forum' but will not make any other add-on yet as he is currently working on a non-Wolf project which is taking up most of his time. As for 'Project-Ironstone' he'll probably release the uncompleted project on his website so people will be able to use part of the code and other stuff.

17th December 2003: Acktung 60 Level Set Released

Kurt (ack) has released the final 30 levels (The Nocturnal Missions) of 'Acktung'. The level quality is as good as in the excellent original 30 level set which this one replaces. It's now a true 60-level set. The maps in episodes 4-6 are all brand new (as Kurt made them in the past few months). The original missions, for the most part, are the same, although Kurt did tweak a couple of the earlier levels. You can download it here. Needs the full 60 level Wolf3D game to play.

16th December 2003: The Luftwaffe Project/Help Needed

Spiritblade tells me more people are needed for 'The Luftwaffe' project.

Among those needed are good mappers and a coder. Help with touching up graphics would also be appreciated. If anyone wants to help out with the project, please let me know and I'll pass it on. Mario Maniac has since offered to join the group as a source coder and SB has accepted.

15th December 2003: Source Code Offer

Mega Luigi has learned a lot more recently about the Wolfenstein source code. This includes how to add objects bonus and weapons.

Due to this, Mega is offering to do source code work for the wolfers.

15th December 2003: Wasabi Award

The Dome has won the first WASABI AWARD. This is for the "time and effort you guys do on there". Great Wasabi may make awards in future for exceptional TCs and add-ons as well.

Thanks, it's appreciated!!

15th December 2003: Project: Vernichtung Announced

John Carmack has announced an add-on. It's called 'Project: Vernichtung' and here's some features:

  • Changed ceiling colors
  • Textured floor colors
  • Sten Smg, Panzerfaust, Flame Thrower,Twin Mini Guns, Sniper Rifle, Bazooka,Triple Chain Guns, Quadruple Chain Guns, Colt 1679, Paratroop Rifle, and 5 other weapons
  • 7 enemies
  • 7 bosses
  • 22 ambient sounds
  • 8 keys
  • Underwater levels with oxygen
  • Motor Cycle
  • Helpart.wjc and Endart.wjc (new extension)
  • + or - 15 walls
  • CrossHair

13th December 2003: Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter Update

Mega Luigi has announced some features from 'Project Unzerstöbarer Ritter':

  • Helpart enabled
  • Seamless Level Progression
  • Panzerfaust, Flame Thrower and a Silenced Sten Smg added. (New Weapons to come...)
  • Changed Ceiling Colors
  • One enemy added
  • Music added by Source Code
  • 23 static objects added
  • And more...

13th December 2003: Rise Of Chaos Info Updated

The Incredible Pete's info page for 'Rise of Chaos' has been updated. Many boss names have been finalized, and one has been added. Some enemy info has been changed as well. There is also a new boss that was absent from the last set of pics and info.

13th December 2003: Kurt vs. The Master Update

The Master tells me that 'Kurt vs. The Master' has a new artist, Majik Monkee, and that work on KvM is actually progressing.

Also there's a contest related to 'Kurt vs. The Master'. Head over to the post at the Diehard Wolfers Forums for more information:

13th December 2003: Dead World Rising/Another Bug

A bug has been found in level 10 of 'Dead World Rising'. Great Wasabi has now checked the rest of the game and the bug has been fixed along with a couple minor ones. Hopefully, the set should now be error free.

Click here for the updated version. There's a maps only patch here for those who already have the earlier version.

12th December 2003: S.K.U.N.K.Z Weapons

Here are the weapons available in "S.K.U.N.K.Z"... they are the "fist of fury", the "peacemaker" (pistol), "the gat" (machine gun), and the B.E.A.R. (bullet eating automatic rifle). The images were provided by Dumscheissekopf.

12th December 2003: Dark Side Of Death Released

Mario Maniac has released his TC 'Dark Side Of Death'. There are 14 extensive levels spread over 3 episodes and quite a mix of original and new graphics/sounds which on the whole blend together quite well. Source code changes include helpart and landmines. Click here for the download.

9th December 2003: Rise Of Chaos Announced

On behalf of his brother, "The Incredible Pete", Majik Monkee would like to announce a new project called "Rise of Chaos". It takes place after "Halls of Stonehenge", and before "Countdown to Chaos". There's an info page available for the project.

8th December 2003: Thunder In Paradise Announced

Carlos X has announced a new project called 'Thunder in Paradise', based on the hit TV show with Terry "Hulk" Hogan. You play as the Hulkster through a dozen butt kicking levels as you rescue the President and pick up chicks on the way. Click on the thumbnail for the new features.

7th December 2003: Beyond Castle's Dungeons - Easier Version Released

Mario Maniac has released an easier to beat version of 'Beyond Castle's Dungeons'. For those who haven't played it yet, it has 16 good seamless levels. Made as a homage to Wolf Skevos-Jones, and many of the images, sounds and code changes come from Wolf's sets. This version has more ammo and health. You can download it here.

7th December 2003: Another Award

Mega Luigi is very impressed with 'Dead World Rising' and has awarded Great Wasabi a medal. For more info on this set - please see under Dec 6 news items.

7th December 2003: Dome Award - Dec 2003

This month's Dome award goes to Great Wasabi for his add-on 'Dead World Rising'. The level quality was good and the TC was put together very well. Credit should also be given to those who contributed to the graphics and source code. For more info on this set - please see under Dec 6 news items.

6th December 2003: The Dark Catacombs Mission Pack: Post Mortem Released

Here's a follow up shareware set to Sandy's 'The Dark Catacombs'. It's subtitled 'Mission Pack: Post Mortem'. There are 5 levels of a similar standard to the earlier set (quite good), but are mostly a little larger. Graphics/sounds are mostly as in the earlier set, but some images have come from Majik Monkee's 'HOS: Dead Reckoning' project. Click here for the download.

6th December 2003: Dead World Rising Released

Great Wasabi has released his TC 'Dead World Rising'. There's 20 well made levels, plus lots of Doom graphics and sounds. Has a good Doom type atmosphere, and the readthis is particularly well done. Uses the TFS source code as a base. Click here for the download.

5th December 2003: Code Tutorials Section Updated

The code tutorials section has recently been updated. The new tutorials are 'Adding a death artifact' (by The JR) and 'Adding a motorbike' (by Kuki).

You can see them here.

5th December 2003: Dark Side Of Death Update

Mario Maniac tells me 'Dark Side of Death' is almost finished. Here's the main new features that have been added.

  • Start with new ammo and health
  • New floor and ceiling colors
  • Landmines added
  • Death Artefact added
  • Hell Soldiers lowers points
  • Changed boss's weapons

3rd December 2003: Help Needed

Mega Luigi needs help to create a new title screen for Project: Unzerstöbarer Ritter (Project: Indestructible Knight) and also to add 3 or 4 destructible objects. It should be in the style of Project Eisenritter and preferably should have a killer robot. Mega's email is

3rd December 2003: Even More Operation: Hundscheisse Pics

Here's another four more images for 'Operation: Hundscheisse', on behalf of Dumscheissekopf.

3rd December 2003: Replacement Weapons

Here's an email received from Majik Monkee:

I've created a set of replacement weapons for the original 4 weapons in Wolfenstein. They are created partly from edited and rescaled weapons from the SNES and Mac versions of Wolfenstein, and partly from other sources. For a zip file containing all the frames for these weapons, contact me at Thanks!

30th November 2003: The Dark Catacombs Final Version Released

Sandy has released the final 7 level version for shareware of 'The Dark Catacombs'. The levels are well designed and nicely decorated, though not that large. I like level 4 the best. Some of the objects come from Majik Monkee's 'Halls Of Stonehenge'. Click here for the download. This replaces the 2 level beta version issued previously.

29th November 2003: Monkeystein 2 Update

Ian Summerfield will be working on a new TC called "Monkeystein 2: Return of the Monkeys", and already has images from one of the enemies: Axe Man. Ian also wanted to point out that Baron Von Bald's name really is Baron Von Buld.

27th November 2003: The DOOM Oasis Forum

This is the 2nd new forum announced within a few days but this one is primarily for Doom. It's hosted by Great Wasabi. Maybe we're getting too many forums now but for those who want to join this one, it's at The DOOM Oasis Forum.

There's a Wolfenstein 3D section.

27th November 2003: Achtung Released

This 'Achtung' set by M. Chambers was released several months ago on Mike's Wolfenstein 3-D Page and I finally got round to checking it out. There are 10 new levels which are quite extensive. Although there are some imported graphics, it still has the original Wolf3D 'feel' and will suit those who like the original game. No new sounds. The vga files supplied didn't work with the Activision version of Wolf3D that I used. You can download it here. Needs the original full version of Wolf 3D to play.

26th November 2003: More Operation: Hundscheisse Pics

Here's four more images for 'Operation: Hundscheisse', on behalf of Dumscheissekopf. I'm told progress on the game continues to go well.

25th November 2003: WMC Update

Jacob Rodgers tells me 'WMC' has the following features implemented so far:

  • Changed ceiling colors
  • Landmines
  • 24 ammo pack
  • Death Artefact

Graphics are 10% completed.

25th November 2003: New Wolf3D Forum

Dave has made a new Wolf3D forum. It's a new version of 'Wolf3DPub'. The old Yahoo Group is now an archive.

It's at Wolf3DPub Forum.

25th November 2003: Dead Reckoning Info Page

Here's an info page regarding the 'HOS: Dead Reckoning' add-on by Majik Monkee. Has lots of animated pics from the game!!

It's at HOS: Dead Reckoning/Info Page.

24th November 2003: Project Aniquilation Update

Mega Luigi has sent an update of the progress made in 'Project Aniquilation' so far:

  • Music: 100%
  • Graphics: 100%
  • Sounds: 100%
  • Source Code: 100%
  • ReadThis: 100%
  • Demos: 100%
  • Levels: 65%

23rd November 2003: David Wolf: Secret Agent Pics

Here are several pictures from the game David Wolf: Secret Agent. They were sent in by Dave. It's not a Wolf3D game but was released in 1989 by Dynamix Inc. You can download the whole set of pics here.

22nd November 2003: Half Life Screenshots

David O'Rafferty has sent in a strip of several screenshots from his upcoming addon 'Half Life'.

21st November 2003: Dead Reckoning Announced

Here's an email received from Majik Monkee:

I'd like to announce an add on in the works for "Halls of Stonehenge". It will feature about 10 new levels, and an almost entirely new cast of enemies. Gameplay and features will be the same as in HOS, but the environments will be quite different. No release date is scheduled for the project at this time. It's being put together by the same folks who brought you "Halls of Stonehenge", and should be quite cool. The tentative title for the add on is "Halls of Stonehenge: Dead Reckoning". You can download a doc file with the character cast here.

20th November 2003: Dark Side Of Death Update

Mario Maniac has sent me 2 more screenshots from 'Dark Side Of Death'. Mario tells me the set should be released on Dec 6. Here's what is done in each area so far:

  • Graphics 95%
  • Sounds 98%
  • Maps 66%
  • Musics 0%
  • Source Code 100%

18th November 2003: Simpson Mania Update

Here's news from Ian Summerfield about a new TC called: 'Simpson Mania'. It will be about the Simpsons but with a Doom/Spear of Destiny kind of feel. The levels will also have Funny Names like: 'Pretty Fat for a Police Guy' and 'Bartender Blues'.

A couple other things: 'Spongebobstein' is available for email but not for download, unless permission is given by the creator of 'Spongebob'. Also, if anyone wants to help, Ian would like some levels for his add-on 'Coldfusion'.

17th November 2003: Majik Monkee Awards

Here's the complete list of Majik Monkee's awards that were recently posted on the DHW Forums..

17th November 2003: Operation: Castle Luftwaffe Final Version Released

Sandy has released a final version of his shareware addon 'Operation Castle Luftwaffe v1.2'. There are now 7 levels. All are well designed and nicely decorated, though not that large. Lots of imported graphics and sounds. The Wolfenstein 'feel' is still there! Click here for the download. This version replaces the beta released earlier.

17th November 2003: Mega Luigi Medal Awards

Mega Luigi has sent in a set of medal awards. As they're mostly for the authors of his favourite TC's, I put them on the 'Elite addons page'. I also added Majik's award for the Dome.

If anyone has any other awards, please send them in!!

16th November 2003: Dawn Of The Dead/Ammo Patch

If you found Wes Desjardins last TC 'Dawn Of The Dead' too difficult to beat (due to the lack of ammo present), then there's a maps patch here. Wes has made more ammo available. You can download the original TC here.

15th November 2003: Dead World Rising Pics

Great Wasabi has sent in some screenshots from his soon to be released TC 'Dead World Rising'. There's a set of 5 pics.

15th November 2003: Award

Majik Monkee has given The Dome an award. Many thanks Majik, it's appreciated.

14th November 2003: ROTT Project

Great Wasabi tells me 'Dead World Rising' is nearing completion. His next venture will be a special TC that will be based upon Apogee Games' original plans for the FPS 'Rise of the Triad' (It was going to be just another add-on for Wolf3D). Great Wasabi wants to try and make a new TC that will use these graphics, new features, etc and would like to know from anyone interested in forming a group to accomplish this task. The game's current working title is 'Rise of the Triad: The Wolf That Never Was', and there's info at:

This would be a great TC if it could be put together. If anyone is interested, please email Great Wasabi at

13th November 2003: Map Making Melee

The deadline for sending in levels for the 'Map Making Melee' contest is tomorrow Nov 14.

Could everyone who hasn't yet done so please get their completed levels to Ariel by tomorrow night.

13th November 2003: Project: Ubermensch Demo Released

Bernt Hansen has released a demo of 'Project: Ubermensch'. There's only 2 levels but they are extensive and well designed. After these 2 levels there will follow 3 - 4 new levels later. Only a few new graphics and no new sounds, but will suit those who like the original games. Click here for the download.

Also released by Bernt is an updated version of the 'Wolf-FAQ' previously released by Adam Williamson. It's available here.

13th November 2003: Wolfenstein Maximum Charge Screenshot

Jacob Rodgers has sent a screenshot from his upcoming set 'Wolfenstein Maximum Charge (WMC)'. The yellow wall is from the Wallpack Collection.

12th November 2003: Dark Side Of Death Announced

Mario Maniac has announced a new TC called 'Dark Side of Death'. Not much info on this at present, but it should be finished in the new year. There are 3 screenshots.

11th November 2003: Operation: Hundscheisse Update

Here's the title screen and several gameshots from Dumscheissekopf's upcoming TC 'Operation: Hundscheisse'. Dumscheissekopf tells me that progress is going very well, and development is ahead of schedule for release of the first chapter.

11th November 2003: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an update from Majik Monkee:

"I'd like to announce that "Monkee's Image World" now has links to download characters directly off the page. To do so, visitors simply click the name of the character who's zip they would like to download. Note that not all characters on the page are available to be downloaded. Thanks!"

It's at Monkee's Image World.

9th November 2003: Counter-Wolf v.2C Beta Released

Ryan King has released 'Counter-Wolf v.2c'. This beta version has 14 new levels added (mainly on episode 4) since the last version, making approx 40 levels in total. The guards, sounds and most of the weapons were done by Ryan. Code changes include gun bobbing, armour and helpart. Click here for the download. This addon has since been updated and now has 50 levels (final version).

8th November 2003: Dome Award - Nov 2003

This month's Dome award goes to Majik Monkee for his add-on 'Halls Of Stonehenge'. This was for a very good 'all round' TC. Credit should also be given to Ack who made many of the levels and to those who contributed to the source code (see credits). For more info on this set - see under Nov 1 news items.

8th November 2003: Half Life TC Announced

David O'Rafferty is making a new TC called 'Half Life'. It will have new graphics, sounds and levels but David will need some help with floor and ceiling colours. If anyone wants to help, the email address is

5th November 2003: The Wolfenstein Saga Taster Pack

Here's a taster pack for the upcoming series of films called 'The Wolfenstein Saga'. Bracestar informs me that 'Escape From Lyme House', the first episode, is totally finished. The quality is not that good because of compression. It should be released Nov 8 at the latest. These are the downloads available now:

3rd November 2003: JJStein Resurrection v2 Updated

Loki has updated his first addon 'JJStein Resurrection v2'. It's a remix of JJ's game released with some graphics modifications, digitized sounds, changed music and a new status bar. There's now one new small level on episode 6. The 10 made earlier by JJ are on episode 1. Source code changes are as in the earlier version. Four new demo's have been added. I've updated the screenshots. It's available here.

3rd November 2003: The Wolfenstein Saga Ad/Story

Bracestar has announced a series of films 'The Wolfenstein Saga' and has made an advert for it. The footage in the ad is from the screen test. You can download it here (675Kb).

There will be 9 episodes (yes 9)! The last 3 are to be totally new and the other 6 are to be modified.The first episode 'Escape from Lyme House' (the equivalent of Escape from Castle Wolfenstein) is nearly finished and will include the recon mission that B.J. gets captured on. The complete storyline is available here. Bracestar consists of 2 people and the leader is Andy Squibbs. Andy likes Wolf 3d, Doom and Hexen and all that so after he's finished the whole saga he'll be happy to take requests.

3rd November 2003: Fuchsenstein 3D Released

Patrick Hadorn has released his first addon called 'Fuchsenstein 3D'. There are 3 episodes comprising approx 20 levels. The levels are well designed, nicely decorated, though there are only a few new graphics. There are new sounds (in German), and the menu is in the German language (Patrick lives in Switzerland). The helpart is also in German! You can download it here.

2nd November 2003: Archive Message

Here's a message from the past that Dave came across while searching Google Groups. It dates from early 1992 and is a text from Chuck asking 'anyone with a HSI or 9600 modem to keep a look out for a new game Wolfenstein 3D, supposed to be out Mid-April'.

You can check it out here.

1st November 2003: Halls Of Stonehenge Released

Majik Monkee has released 'Halls Of Stonehenge'. Set in a time of black magic and witchcraft, there are 21 levels. Some were made by Majik, some by Ack and all are very detailed and of high quality. The new graphics and sounds are nicely done. Source code changes include helpart, text message screens and textured floors and ceilings. Some effects can be turned off from the menu. A lot of effort has gone into this TC, and it's the best release for quite some time. You can get it here.

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Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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