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NOV/DEC 2005 Latest News News Archive

28th December 2005: More Romanstein 3 Pics

Here are 9 more pics from the upcoming shareware set 'Romanstein 3' being made by Mr. Choi. These pics are of a larger size than the earlier ones so they may take longer to load.

27th December 2005: Wolfenstein Saga Update

Work on the 'Wolfenstein Saga', a series of movies based on Wolf 3D, has resumed again. The first part is expected to be done in 4 weeks.

Andy Squibbs tells me that there's a site with info on the project at The Wolfenstein Saga.

27th December 2005: Romanstein 3: Dissolution Of Romance Nazi Pics

Mr. Choi tells me he's working on a third 'Romanstein' set. Click on the thumbnail for a set of 4 screenshots from the game.

25th December 2005: The Thirteenth Floor: Special Edition Demo Released

Merry Christmas everybody!! Matthew Barich has released a demo 'The Thirteenth Floor: Special Edition'. There are a number of code changes, including 6 keys on a special secret level, separate ammo caches for each weapon and trigger switches. The original 6 levels were very well done, 1-5 and secret level 10, but there are now 3 extra secret levels. These are difficult to find however, so for those who would like more info on finding them, please click here. Matthew asks that people check out the Read This from the main menu before playing as it has a lot of info too. The new demo is available here. The final version should be out soon.

21st/24th December 2005: Hotel Romanstein 2: Christmas Party Released

Mr. Choi (aka Wadman) has released a shareware set called 'Hotel Romanstein 2: Christmas Party'. This 10 level set has well detailed levels, mostly nicely decorated, and has new sounds. Virtually every graphic has been changed. It manages to combine both Christmas and Wolf 3D atmospheres quite well. Configured to run in OpenGL. Available here. For those who want to play the game in DOS, there is a patch supplied by Chris here.

21st December 2005: Coding Help Needed

Kev Reid sent me the following email: "Hello. I really would like some help with the programming of both 'Dead Reckoning' and a new mod I'm working on. I want to start over with some more experienced programmer's help so that i can finally forget about trying and failing to add mission critical additions to the engine." If anyone wants to help out, please email Kev at sporb2000@yahoo.co.nz.

18th December 2005: Trench Warfare Level 4 Walkthrough

The Josh has put together a walkthrough for level 4 of his 'Trench Warfare' mod. It's three pages and has plenty of images. It also reveals the secret ammo supply that's been mentioned before, and a couple strategies for taking down those frustrating tanks. It's at Trench Warfare: Level 4 Walkthrough.

18th December 2005: Coding Help Needed

Here's an email from Lizardcommando: "I am currently looking for a coder who can help me with my Wolfenstein 3D mod. I need someone to fix the coding for two new guns and also make a new enemy. Also, I need someone to clean up the coding for me as well. Don't worry about the graphics because I've already got them finished. If anyone is interested, please email me at lizardcommando@gmail.com. For more information about my mod, go here: http://www.geocities.com/pokesteinredux/main.html".

8th December 2005: Daemon Hunter Part 1 Update

JJ Erickson has returned to the Wolf 3D scene and is making a new project called 'Daemon Hunter Part 1'. It will have 60 new levels:
Difficulty : high
Ammo: medium
Health: low
The project will take a maximum of 12 months to complete.

3rd December 2005: Textures And NewWolf

Jim W. has put together a site that has a collection of hi-res textures and has a number of NewWolf files. All the files and a lot of info on them, plus some screenshots, can be found at Wolfenstein 3D: High Resolution Textures. It's quite a comprehensive site and ideal for those wanting info to run Wolf 3D with the open GL port.

29th November 2005: Dome Award - November 2005

This month's Dome award goes to The Josh for 'Trench Warfare'. It is a very good set all round. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

29th November 2005: Wolfer Spotlight Updated

Our 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been updated again. The latest Wolfer to be included is Majik Monkee.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

24th/29th November 2005: Trench Warfare Released

The Josh has released 'Trench Warfare'. There are 14 very detailed levels. Code changes include not only things like textured floors/ceilings and fog/shading, but also an impressive list of things not done before. These include uniform disguise, damaging barbed wire, iodine tablets and defense maps. ALL the levels, objects and sounds are changed. There's a comprehensive 'read this' section. Available here.

19th November 2005: Eat At Joes 2 Update

Here's an email I received from Das Fooz Games: "After years of development (?) and design (?) the sequel to the greatest Wolfenstein 3d Total Conversion EVER is almost completed. In a few short weeks the tie for the greatest Wolfenstein TC EVER, Eat At Joes 2: Joes Revenge, will be released to the general public!

Or, just google 'Eat At Joes' because we're #1! -)"

17th November 2005: medEvil Update

Here's an update for 'medEvil' and several screenshots: "Even though production was delayed for a while, the project is alive and well, and progress has resumed. Basically, everything is finished now except for a few of the maps. There were some minor code and sprite changes that still needed doing but have since been completed. Still no estimate as to when the project will be finished, but things are going well. More to come as progress continues! ~Majik~"

12th November 2005: Spear Of Dreams Part 4 (Hi-Res) Released

Here's a special Hi-Res version of Kyo Kusanagi's 'Spear Of Dreams Part 4'. All the 30 levels, special effects and sounds are as in the normal version, but the walls and weapons are in high resolution graphics. Available here.

10th November 2005: Nazi Operation Update

Thomas tells me there's only 15 more levels to do on his upcoming set 'Nazi Operation'. Three of them are boss levels. Also, a new title screen has been done. It has some improved fonts, from RTCW and Doom.

2nd November 2005: Escape From SS Prison Updated

I recently updated the old 'Escape From SS Prison' set that I made with Ronny Zeitz way back in the year 2000. The main changes have been to the ceiling colours and episode names. The 'Escape From SS Prison' set had 10 levels but there were also 50 Wolfbel levels included. A few levels have since been slightly modified. You can get it here.

31st October 2005: Site Updates

Two Wolf 3D sites have recently been updated. One is by Havoc, and has been redesigned. It also has a patch for his addon 'Hitler Strikes Back'. It's at Havoc's Wolfenstein 3D Page.
The other page is by Jose and has a lot of info on his recently released 'Wolfenstein 3: Return Of Hitler' addon. This is at
Wolfenstein 3: Return Of Hitler.

31st October 2005: Revenge 3: The Invasion Demo Released

Osiris has released a demo from his upcoming set 'Revenge 3: The Invasion'. The 10 levels (first episode) are quite large with varying scenarios. There are many changed graphics, some completely new. Watch out for the headless white officer!! Overall, it all blends together quite well. Available here.

28th October 2005: Wolfenstein 3: The Return Of Hitler Released

Jose Gutierrez has released 'Wolfenstein 3: The Return Of Hitler'. There are around 40 levels, mostly of a fair size, though some including the first 2, are quite small. Many levels are heavily decorated at times. There's a number of changed graphics, some completely new, and there's some new sounds. Code changes include ceiling colours, episode names and increased ammo limit. On the whole, the Wolf 3D feel remains. All the bmp and wav files used in the game are included in a separate folder. Available here.

27th October 2005: Keen's Music Page

Commander Keen has started a new music page. It will feature IMF's and midi's from Doom, Doom 2 ,RoTT and Wolf 3D projects. Thus far, there are several Doom 2 midi's.

It's at Keen's Music Page.

24th October 2005: Gloom Released

Here's an add-on called 'Gloom'. Commander Keen made this add-on in 2001 when he was 10 years old. It was recently found again and is being released because he is working on a sequel called 'Gloomy World'. Most of the 16 levels are quite small though many are well detailed. Two levels (including the first) have 'invisible objects' at times. There are several graphics changes but the original Spear feel remains. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

Latest News News Archive

The Fall by Havoc

Orb of Dilaaria by Adam Biser

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

medEvil by Majik Monkee(

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Sewer Town by John Burnett

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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