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NOV/DEC 2009 Latest News News Archive

28th/29th December 2009: The Lost Relic Released

Mega Luigi and Mario Maniac have released 'The Lost Relic'. The 30 normal levels and 4 secret levels are extensive and well designed and decorated. Most of the graphics and sounds have been changed, but the game keeps the Wolf3D feel very well. Code changes include many extra types of guards and bosses, artifacts, transporters and textured floors/ceilings. The well detailed helpart is done very well. Although virtually everything from the original Wolf3D has been changed I feel this would still suit those who prefer the original game. Made in SDL and is therefore Vista-compatible. Seems like a very welcome New Year present. Available here. Mega tells me that there is a bug that could make the game run slowly and/or with a bugged pallete, but logging off or closing heavy programs such as FireFox might help a little. If it doesn't, logging off is the best solution.

28th December 2009: WolfGL-3D Christmas Patch

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Idot! He tells me the WolfGL-3D mod has been updated with a Christmas-patch! It now supports open blue sky with dynamic clouds plus trees & grass (only for 17th level of SOD). Also, it has dynamic lighting with flares. Available at WolfGL-3D.

25th December 2009: Dome Awards - December 2009

The December 2009 Dome awards go to Thomas Weiling for 'NovoWolf' and Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza for 'Project: X'. Both mods look professionally done. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

21st December 2009: Umbrella Beginnings Video

Jayngoware has posted a teaser/trailer to youtube! It features 'Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings Episode 2 Operation: End Epidemic'. Hope everybody likes it. Available here.

20th December 2009: Project: X Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released the full version of 'Project: X'. The 60 levels are extensive and well made. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and there are many different scenarios. There are also many advanced coding features, including a mini-map (pressing M brings it up), 15 weapons (all reloadable and some on the same key), 20 enemies, an advanced sound manager, advanced shading and different types of doors (depends on level). It all blends well together and looks very professional. Vista-compatible. Available here. The mod is 9Mb, but the music comes separately on several files of around 280Mb in total. The game will play without the music.

18th December 2009: DOSMUPGD Bug Fix

Andy Nonymous has fixed a bug found in the DOSMUPGD package released on Dec 12. Only 10 total saved games were being allowed rather than 10 per game. The fix is in the swap.bat file contained in the WOLFREG sub folder. A patch (with directions on applying the patch) is available here. The new full zip is available here.

17th December 2009: Old Maps by Hacksaw Released

Hacksaw has released two old maps that were made for the registered set. They were made late 2007/early 2008. The 2 levels are quite extensive, the first map was meant to have an outdoor type feel (there are a lot of open spaces in the map), and the second was made to be like a bunker. Text file included. Available here. Needs the registered Wolfenstein 3D game to play.

17th December 2009: Unused Guards by Thomas

Here are four guards that Thomas has released for general use. These include a grey mutant (basic recolouring), an SS with a Russian look, a younger-looking guard and an SS "apprentice". Please give credit for anything used. Available here.

12th/14th December 2009: Tricob Releases "Lost Boss Level"

Here's a "lost boss level" by Tricob, re-created at the request of a fellow Wolfer. The files will run in both the Shareware and the commercial version of Wolf3D, but Tricob recommends you run it in WolfDX to fix a "locked door bug" in the boss area (Hans would open the locked door before you have the door's key). Texr file included. Available here. The WolfDX Demo v1.22 is available here. Tricob's "Lost Boss Level" was updated Dec 14. The original map had "wrong" floor and ceiling textures drawn in the WolfDX demo.

12th December 2009: Upgrade To DOSMenu Set-up For Super Upgrade Pack Levels

Andy Nonymous has updated the DOSMenu set-up for running the Wolf 3D Super Upgrade Pack levels to be DOSBox-compatible. It now runs under DOSBox v0.73, and still runs under DOS and Win9x too. The old version was posted in the Dome News on 14 January 2008. It contains a DOSMenu configuration for running the Wolf 3D Super Upgrade Pack levels in a more user-friendly format than the Wolfmaster 2.0 menu system.
Directions for setting it up are in the README.TXT file. Even without setting it up, the menu can be run just to check out the contents of the Super Upgrade Pack. Andy tried to get as much up-to-date information into the menu as he could find.
Under DOSMenu, all of the pertinent add-on information is available on the same screen, and the game documentation is a keypress away.
Available here. Updated Dec 18 (saved game bug fixed).

8th December 2009: The Third Reich Episode 1: A Dark Secret Released

Here's the first part of 'The Third Reich' by CKeen. The first 5 levels are done and are designed well with good decoration. The use of the guards is done particularly well. The graphics and sounds are a mix of originals and from elsewhere and keeps the original Wolf3D feel. Code changes are by Wolf Skevos-Jones and include seamless levels. Eleven levels in total are planned, including a secret level. I'm looking forward to seeing the final version. Available here.

6th December 2009: NovoWolf New Exe Released

A new exe has been released for 'NovoWolf'. It was updated by Havoc and fixes a saved games bug where games saved on the secret and 10th levels would not load. The new exe works with saved games from the old exe which was issued Dec 2. Available here (contains new exe only), or here (all files included).

6th December 2009: Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 SDL Version 1.1 Released

Mr. Choi has released version 1.1 of 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 SDL Version'. It is mostly as in the earlier version which was released Oct 26, but with some graphics upgrades. A list of the upgrades follows:

Upgrade List

* New Pac-Man Ghosts

* New Romanstein Guy's Escape Graphics

* Edit Hitler's walk

* Edit Otto & Fettgesicht's Arrow Attack

* Edit Elevator Wall

* Edit Toilet Wall

Vista-compatible. Available here. As in most of the earlier mods in the series, most of the actors' are lightly dressed.

2nd December 2009: NovoWolf Released

Thomas Weiling has released 'NovoWolf'. The mod has 20 seamless levels, plus a secret level, that are well made and with good decoration. There are many changed graphics, including extra objects and walls, a new enemy and 2 brand new bosses. (Thanks to Bruno déo Vergilio for the bosses). There are changed sounds and music too but the game still retains a Wolf 3D feel. Code changes (the most recent exe done by Havoc) include shading, medicine, intermission screens, increased objects and enemies and much more. The helpart is well written and very informative. Vista-compatible. Available here. Updated Dec 6 with a new exe (saved games bug fixed).

1st December 2009: Dome Award - November 2009

The November 2009 Dome award goes to Venom Inc. for their 'Krucible - The Wasteland' mod. It's a good all round mod, and also has a lot of interesting scenarios. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

1st December 2009: Graveyard Wolves Music

Here is the first MP3 made by Joshua Waight. It's a remix of Pounding Headache from Wolfenstein 3D and it's called Graveyard Wolves. This will be the first of many remixes Joshua will be doing.

You can get it here: Graveyard Wolves.

29th/30th November 2009: Krucible - The Wasteland Released

Venom Inc. has released 'Krucible - The Wasteland'. The 7 levels are well made with good decoration. There's a good range of scenarios, reflectiing the storyline in the readthis very well. Some of the graphics are new, some are from elsewhere, and along with the changed sounds and music, it all fits together quite well. Code changes include 150 max ammo, toxic pools that hurt you, gun bobbing and seamless level progression. Available here. Updated Nov 30th. Now plays with VDM Sound (corrupt sprite bug fixed).

29th November 2009: NovoWolf Screenshots

Thomas Weiling has released a set of screenshots taken from his upcoming mod 'NovoWolf'. The mod looks very promising and will have an SDL exe among the large number of features.

29th November 2009: Death Becomes You Released

Here's a 10 level version of the Spear set 'Death Becomes You' by Spifferaneous. Only a corrupted version had been available for many years but has now been partially restored by Andy using ChaosEdit. The 10 levels, which date from 1998, are variable in quality but most are well designed and nicely decorated. Perhaps the best level is the final one (number 10). Because levels 11 and over are missing, using the elevators to secret levels and the exit elevator on level 10 will end the game. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

29th November 2009: Barney3D Alternate Version Released

Here's an alternate version of Barney3D. It was sent in by Matthew Denton. It has a new Barney and some new graffiti walls, but the SS and Hans Grosse have not been changed. The author is unknown and it is shareware version 1.0 though all files have been included in the zip. Available here.

23rd November 2009: Operation Arctic Wolf Preview Released

JDWolf7 has started work on Operation Arctic Wolf. This is a one-level preview release. You'll notice that some of the graphics are unchanged. Even though the first level may not be extensive, it's okay. There will be source code changes planned:

~Gun Bobbing

~Full Screen

~Changed Floor and Ceiling Colors

~3D Directional Sprites

There will be some more source code changes if JD can get ideas for them. The preview is available here. Requires the Activision release of Wolfenstein 3D to play

23rd November 2009: Romanstein Gold 2 - New DOS Patch

Mr. Choi has released a new DOS patch for Romanstein Gold 2. The first DOS patch had a credit screen bug which wouldn't allow the demo's to play. This has now been fixed and is playable in DOS and NewWolf (OpenGL Port). Available here.

21st November 2009: Gothic Orthodox Cancelled

JDWolf7 tells me he's recently decided to cancel work on Gothic Orthodox. But to make up for it. he has announced his own variation of an Arctic Themed Wolfenstein mod of the same name of 'Operation Arctic Wolf.'
Weapons planned:
It is inspired by the WolfenDoom Mod of the same name.

13th November 2009: IMF Music Pack

Reactor has released an IMF music pack. There are 100 IMF tunes, all of them without a flaw. They are ideal for music replacement in Wolfenstein3D mods. Text file included. Available here. (909Kb)

10th November 2009: Wolf3D/Spear Modified Maps Collection

Here's a collection of mapsets that have been enhanced in some way. For example, some have extra actors added and some have bug fixes. There are both Wolf3D and Spear sets featured. The collection was sent in by ivanov Alexandr. Available here.

10th November 2009: Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 3 SDL Alpha Version

Here's the latest in a series of mods with hotel scenarios made by Mr. Choi. It is called 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 3 SDL Alpha Version'. There are 6 levels, one on each episode. They are extensive and well made. The graphics and sounds are done well and fit well with the new music Vista-compatible. Available here. As in most of the earlier mods in the series, most of the actors' are lightly clothed.

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