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NOV/DEC 2010 Latest News News Archive

31st December 2010: WolfGL-3D Patch

Idot has released a patch containing some model updates for the beta version released on Dec 25th.

You can find it at WolfGL-3D.

31st December 2010: Dome Award - December 2010

The December 2010 Dome award goes to The Silver Fox for 'Foxenstein 3D Version 1.0'. This is a very good all round game. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

31st December 2010: Foxenstein 3D Version 1.0 Released

Foxenstein 3D Version 1.0 has been released by 'The Silver Fox'. The 36 seamless levels are mostly huge, quite complicated, very well designed and nicely decorated. There are also 6 secret levels and an ultra secret level. Most graphics were taken from original Wolf (and some from other TCs), so the game keeps the original Wolfenstein atmosphere. Source code changes include four keys, destructable columns and barrels, some new enemies, seven weapons, shading and textured flats. The last two features are optional, because they may make it difficult to play on slow machines and/or DosBox. The storyline is just like that of episode 3 of the original Wolfenstein 3D. A detailed text file and 'ReadThis' are included. Overall, it's quite an impressive set. Available here.

25th/29th December 2010: DOOM Legions Revisited: Episode 1 Released

Insurrectionman tells me that DOOM Legions Revisited: Episode 1 is out and ready for download. Episodes 2 and 3 will hopefully be completed soon. Available here. Version 1.01 released Dec 29th: Fixed movement, gun bobbing, no installer, should have no OS check either. Available here. There's a lot of info (and more screenshots) on the game at the moddb.com website.

25th December 2010: EoD Xmas Level For 2010

AReyeP has made a new End of Destiny level for Christmas 2010. It is put together well and will especially suit those who like boss levels!! All files are included and the original EoD game is not needed to play. Available here. There are links to previous EoD Xmas levels at the AReyeP Newsdesk.

25th December 2010: Wolf 3D High Resolution Texture Packs Page Updated

Jim W recently updated The Wolf 3D High Resolution Texture Packs page. It features not only Wolf 3D, but also Doom, Heretic and Hexen and has content on Texture, Model, Music Packs and User-Made Episodes. You can find it at Classic FPS.

25th December 2010: Wolfenstein Goodies Christmas Update

Merry Christmas from Wolfenstein Goodies!! There’s Wolf 3D music, sounds, video, screenshots, and/or files in 31 other computer game engines! Some of the game files work without any necessary game purchase. Rise of The Triad, Chex Quest, and Commander Keen are also included in the list. There are SS troops in Doom 3. Matt doesn’t have Doom 3 and needs somebody to warp playing the Doom 3 files to tell him if the files included have Wolf 3D changes or additions.

25th December 2010: Wolf 3D Shareware Alpha Version

Here's an alpha version of the Wolf 3D shareware game. It was sent in by Vincent who included a text file with his comments and some saved games. Available here.

25th December 2010: Wolfenstein Teaser From WolfGL-3D

Idot has two teaser screens from WolfGL-3D There is a beta version available for download and a patch expected next week. You can find it at WolfGL-3D.

25th December 2010: Xmas Wolf SDL Version

Merry Christmas everybody!! Just a reminder that Bob and Adrienne's 10 level 'Xmas Wolf' for shareware is now available in an SDL version. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

18th/19th December 2010: WolferCooker's Sprites Collection

WolferCooker has sent in a set of 11 sprites. They are things like gloves and syringes. Click on the thumbnail to see most of them. Available here. Updated Dec 19th - There have since been 18 more sprites added, making a total of 29 sprites.

18th December 2010: Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2 Released

Andy Nonymous has released 'Mac-enstein Second Encounter SDL Version 2'. The idea is to duplicate the experience of playing the mac Second Encounter. This has been achieved very well, for the 30 levels are close to the mac originals as are the graphics and sounds. There have also been many code changes made to emulate mac effects. As with the First Encounter released last month, it's quite a good effort and will particularly suit those who haven't yet played the mac version. Text file included. Since the First Encounter was released, Andy has made several improvements to some wav files and the EXE. Available here. The files need to be added to the same folder as Mac-enstein First Encounter SDL released on Nov 27th, replacing the previous ones where applicable. Mac-enstein First Encounter is available here. (15.9Mb) - Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

18th December 2010: Wolfenstein Goodies Updates

Wolfenstein Goodies has added 2002: A Doom Odyssey (Which includes a Wolfenstein 3D secret level), the speedrun for the level, and The Zero Tolerance Weapons, Sounds, and Music mod to the list of Wolfenstein 3D in Ultimate Doom mods. Hell'O'Kitty - Return to Kitty Wolfenstein with/without ZDoom for Doom 2 is also added.

13th December 2010: Krankenstein II Released

Vincent has released a shareware mod called 'Krankenstein II'. Set in a hospital and its grounds, the 10 extensive levels are well made. Virtually all graphics and sounds from the original game have been replaced and it all blends well together. Both Dos and Windows versions are included. Available here. The SDL version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

10th December 2010: Corr7TC Released

Here's some info about a 'Corr7TC' release. It was sent in by Vermil, who made it. Corr7TC aimed to "reimage" Capstones 1994 Wolf engine based “Corridor7: Alien Invasion”, on the Doom engine using the Doomsday source port, specifically a standalone version of Doomsday v1.8.6. The aim was to add more variety to and polish the original games game play, whilst keeping the spirit of the original game.
*Pretty much every feature of Corr7 is present in the TC in some way from ammo dispensers to health chambers.
*Most levels have one or two of about 8-9 simple objectives inspired by Corr7's plot to replace the original games repetitive “kill every alien on the map” objective.
*Lighting, dynamic lights and a bunch of other visual stuff Doom and Dday can do that the Corridor7 engine couldn't. Some visual features can be disabled to make things look similar to the original game. Available
here. Updated Dec 14th. med kit stations bug fixed. Needs the Doom2.wad to play. For a lot more info on this project, and more screenshots, there is a thread on DoomWorld.

10th December 2010: Spear of Destiny Add-on Levels Released

Here's a full set of 21 'Spear of Destiny Add-on Levels'. They were made by Sam. All the levels are elaborately designed and well decorated. Some of the levels are rather interesting such as Floor 2, Floor 8 and Floor 19, and some are quite excellent such as Floor 13, Floor 20 and Floor 21. Available here. Needs the full Spear of Destiny game to play.
There's a video available of four dungeon levels (7 thru 10) at
You Tube.

8th December 2010: Sonder Teaser Trailer

Doomjedi tells me there's a 'teaser trailer' for Sonderkommando Revolt. It looks very promising and expect even more surprises in the final release!! Available at You Tube.

The video was made by LunaG from Headshot.

8th December 2010: Wolfing Time Mod Review Update

Zombie_Plan has updated Wolfing Time recently. Several mods have been reviewed, the latest being the Haunted House Demo by Codetech84 and Megabyte.

You can find it at Wolfing Time.

3rd December 2010: Dean's Wolf 3D Blog Update

Dean's Wolf 3D Blog has reviewed 'Beyond Mutantstein SE' by the Wolfenstein 3D Community.

It's at Dean's Wolf 3D Blog.

29th November 2010: Doomjedi Artwork Released

Doomjedi has released a large collection of artwork for general use. Some of the art were released before, but many of it are new, especially SODMP and Wolf3D art. There's an impressive set of PC-res and MAC-res art, including cameo characters, multiplayer art and much more - in one comfortable pack. Some of the non-MAC art are in DOOM palette, but can be converted back to Wolf3D. You can download the complete collection here. (11Mb) Please give credit to doomjedi for any art that is used in mods.

27th November 2010: ROTT Page Moved

My Rise of the Triad page has moved to a better server. It no longer has the ads, and a number of non-working links have been removed. A few new links have been added too. It is now at Rise of the Triad.

Links to the ROTT page, and to my Blake Stone page, have now been added to the left hand column of this page. They are listed below the Forum links.

27th November 2010: Wolfenstein 3D 2 Return Of Hitler Demo

Here's a demo that can either be played online (using a YoYo Games plugin), or downloaded and played offline. It was created by After Bed using Game Maker and looks quite authentic. There's more info on this project on the YoYo Games website.

27th November 2010: Gloomstein /Pacdoom Download Links Changed

Acord Games has changed the download links for the Gloomstein and Pacdoom mods. They are now on Mediafire because of difficulties some people were having with downloading them from Rapidshare. Please see November 17th/18th posts for the new links.

27th November 2010: Frayed SDL Version Demo Released

Venom Inc. has released the first episode of Frayed SDL Version in a demo. The ten levels are well designed. Most of the graphics and sounds are new and fit well together. The new music gives the game quite an eerie atmosphere. There are many code changes including new enemy toughness, a chainsaw, armor, weapon swaying and animated objects. The snake movement is especially effective. It has all the features of the original Dos version and offers much more including 128x128 textures and in-game messages. You can download it here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th November 2010: Mac-enstein 1st Encounter SDL Version Released

Andy Nonymous has released 'Mac-enstein 1st Encounter SDL Version'. The idea is to duplicate the experience of playing the mac First Encounter. This has been achieved quite well, for the 3 levels are close to the mac originals as are the graphics and sounds. There have also been many code changes made to emulate mac effects. All in all, it's quite a good effort and will particularly suit those who haven't yet played the mac version. Text file included. Available here. This will be a required file for future Mac-enstein SDL releases. (15.9Mb) - Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th November 2010: Wolf 5K Featured

Wolfenstein Goodies has a new section called 'Wolfenstein 3D in Standalone Programs' and the first in a series of programs is 'Wolf 5K', which is a miniaturized version of the classic shooter coded in only 5K of Javascript. There's more info at Wolfenstein Goodies here.

22nd November 2010: Dome Award - November 2010

The November 2010 Dome award goes to Jayngoware for 'Operation: End Epidemic'. This is a very well made all round game and has especially good coding features. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

20th November 2010: Wolfenstein 3D Maps (Images)

Here's a set of GIF images of each level from Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and Spear of Destiny - The Lost Episodes (Return to Danger and Ultimate Challenge). The images were generated using MapEdit v8.1 and were done by Matej Labudic. Download Here.

18th November 2010: Pacdoom Released

Pacdoom is a graphic mod with Pacman and Wolfenstein characters. The mapping is from the shareware 10 level game. Put together by Acord Games. Pacdoom may be downloaded from: Mediafire.

17th November 2010: Gloomstein Released

Gloomstein is an addon wad for the registered Doom. It was made with Doom 1.666 in mind, but it will also work on Ultimate Doom. It has 3 nine-level episodes. The graphics mod has Wolfenstein characters, Pacman, a character from Heretic, and two characters from Doom2. Captain Zoom is the face in the statbar. It has new title screens, menu title, and is a complete game in itself. Put together by Acord Games. Gloomstein may be downloaded from: Mediafire. Needs Doom.wad to play. Updated November 18th with a revised intermission screen.

16th November 2010: Wildsau 3D Engine

Kieselsteini is developing a new game engine called 'Wildsau 3D'. A test script has already been written. Click on the thumbnail for a screenshot. There's a lot more info on this project, including a list of features implemented so far, on the Wildsau 3D thread at the DHW Forum.

12th November 2010: Dome Award - October 2010

The October 2010 Dome award goes to Dark_wizzie for 'Sod, Haven Style SDL'. This is a revised version and the gameplay is easier than in the first release. It's a very good all round game and it is coded in SDL so will be compatible with Vista and Windows 7 computers. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

12th November 2010: Wolfing Time Mod Review

Zombie_Plan has returned and posted quite a good review of the SDL version of 'Castle of the Nazi Zombies' by Legendary Power Games’.

You can find it at Wolfing Time.

11th November 2010: Sod, Haven Style SDL Updated

Dark_wizzie has updated 'Sod, Haven Style SDL'. The set has 21 very extensive and well made levels. The gameplay can still be quite challenging at times but is easier than on the version released October 30th. Most graphics and sounds are from the original game and so the original Sod feel is retained. Code changes include an increased number of static objects and actors allowed for each level and increased ammo and health limits. The final level was made by ack and the coding was by WLHack. Text file included. You can download it here. For those wanting a hardcore version (very difficult), there's Sod, Haven Style SDL/Hardcore Version. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

9th November 2010: Gretel Grosse Video

Legowolf3d has updated his Youtube account with a Gretel Grosse video. It comes from LEGOWolf3D Beta 1B which is now available for download.

Available here.

4th November 2010: Operation: End Epidemic Released

Released by Jayngoware, this is the second episode in the Wolfenstein: Umbrella Beginnings trilogy. There are 10 extensive well made levels. Some new features include: A new weapon w/ammo, new enemies, uniforms, rare treasures, movable objects, collectables, puzzles and awards. There is also an updated Read This! and Episode 2 text file. Also included are the 10 levels from the previously released first episode: Discovery. Available here.

4th November 2010: Dean's Wolf 3D Blog

Dean's Wolf 3D Blog has a new layout. The links have been updated and now include download links for his mods. Dean is updating it roughly bi-weekly at the moment and talking about all things Wolf that he's doing, It's at Dean's Wolf 3D Blog.

1st November 2010: Wolf3D For Dummies 2011

This new edition of the guide on Wolf3D map editing has been put together by Dark_Wizzie, of the Wolf3D Haven Forum. There are a number of pictures and includes some tips that I've not seen in existing guides. It had been extensively revised (184 revisions), and replaces the version issued August 4th. Available here.

Latest News News Archive

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