SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2004 Latest News News Archive

31st October 2004: The Rise Of Nod Title Screen/Manual

Here's the title screen from Luke Strauman's next set 'The Rise Of Nod'. A manual document is also available here.

30th October 2004: New30 Vswap Updated

Gary Ragland's vswap from his first set 'New30' has been replaced with one that Paal Olstad made and was on his website until recently. Gary's original vswap didn't work and using the one from the registered set meant some objects weren't displayed correctly. The updated set fixes these errors and is available here. Requires the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

29th October 2004: Gates Of Hell Released

MINOTAURiii975 has released 'Gates Of Hell'. There are 11 levels (10 on episode 1, and 1 on episode 2) that are mostly not that large. There's lots of changed graphics that are mostly from other sets and some changed sounds. It blends together quite well. Credits are given in a text file included in the zip. Available here.

26th October 2004: HOS Maps In SOD Format

The final version of 'HOS' did not allow the maps to be shown in a map editor but here's a version of the maps that ack has extracted and converted into SOD format. Players should now possibly be able to solve any questions they have about getting through levels (though there are some limitations since the sprite types are not exactly the same). There is a text document included with the zip with some commentary from ack himself. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear to play.

26th October 2004: Spear Doomsday Screenshots

ZuljinRaynor has sent in a set of 6 screenshots from his upcoming set 'Spear Doomsday'. Click on the thiumbnail to see them. Also check out Zuljin's site at ZuljinRaynor's Troll City. Some of the graphics in 'Spear Doomsday' have been borrowed with the permission of AReyeP. These graphics are shown in the screenshots. They originate from the modification: 'Spear Resurrection' by AReyeP and MCS. Used with permission. Go to for more information on'Spear Resurrection'.

25th October 2004: Wolfer Spotlight/2nd Wolfer Added

A second Wolfer has been added to our 'Wolfer Spotlight' feature. This time it's the late John Bucksnort. All of John's 25 addons are now listed in chronological order. Once again, many thanks to Andy Nonymous for providing much of the information.

It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

25th October 2004: New Wahnsinn Software Forums

For those interested in the 'Mario' series of games, Wahnsinn Software has started new forums. Other sections are being added.

They're at Wahnsinn Software Forums.

24th October 2004: Only One Survives/New Midi

Richard Kelly has done a new tune for both OKBJ and his SOD add-on, and it's called 'Only One Survives' (the one who survives is BJ, of course). The new song will take the place of the 'Zero Hour' song heard in both games (if all goes well). The new song will probably need a little trimming before being used in the games, but it's included here in its entirety. Available here. (2.27Kb)

24th October 2004: Bushenstein 3D Released

Here's a shareware set called 'Bushenstein 3D' which is quite appropriate with the U.S. Presidential campaign in full swing. It's a mix of original Wolf 3D graphics with a number of American icons thrown in, including a portrait of John Kerry and George Bush on the status bar. There are 5 new levels which are mostly well detailed though not that large. Level 2 has keys in secret areas. New sounds. It was sent in by Michael. Available here.

24th October 2004: Tei Tenga Update

Here's an update on Darkhaven3's upcoming set 'Tei Tenga':

  • New EXE: No
  • New Graphics: Yes
  • New Music: Yes
  • New Sounds: No
  • New Maps: 60, all from scratch
  • New Sprites: No

Click here for the story.

24th October 2004: Wolf 3D Movie Released

Bart Remmers has made a 19 second Wolf3d movie. To give some idea of the content, I've posted a few screenshots from it. You can download it here. (4.20Mb)

21st October 2004: Gates Of Hell Title Screen

Fergie Co. have sent in the title screen from their upcoming set 'Gates Of Hell'.

19th October 2004: Abandon Release Date Extended

Here's an email I received from Possum Trot: "The 'Abandon' release date will now be the 18th of December because I want to redo all my maps. I now know how to use the floor codes a lot better.

Possum Trot"

19th October 2004: Evil Dead Sprites

Here's a set of 3 sprites sent in by Mäx. They are from his upcoming set 'Evil Dead'. All graphics will be replaced with self made graphics.

16th October 2004: New Wolfer Spotlight Section

A new 'Wolfer Spotlight' section has been added to the Dome. Each featured Wolfer will have a brief description/synopsis of their work, a chronological list of their mods and mods they may have worked on for others. The first Wolfer to be featured is Harry L. Mass Sr. Thanks to Andy Nonymous for the idea and for providing much of the information. Roughly once a month, a new Wolfer will be added. It's at Wolfer Spotlight.

16th October 2004: Dome Awards - October 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Dumscheissekopf for 'Operation: Mutant Strike', and to Lakota Bucksnort for 'Paderborn'. Both addons are fast moving with lots of action and have good level design. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

16th October 2004: BSE24 - New Planet Strike Levels

Kurt (ack) has released a new set of 24 levels for 'Planet Strike' which replaces the earlier released 6 level demo. It's called 'BSE24' and looks pretty good thus far though I've only played a couple levels. An updated text file is included. Some bugs in the demo version have been fixed. Available here. Needs the full version of Planet Strike to play.

14th October 2004: Mega Luigi Projects Update

Mega Luigi has returned to the Wolf 3D community after a break. He is thinking of completing his unfinished projects 'Project Aniquilation' and 'Operation Cataclisma'. In PA, most of the levels are already completed. Meanwhile, there's a doc file for OC here.

13th October 2004: Operation: God Hand Texture Packs

Spiritblade has released most of the texture packs from his cancelled project 'Operation: God Hand'. They include Streaming Grey/Red Brick, Prison Walls, Grey Brick, Blue Brick and Steel.

The set of 7 zips is available here. (125Kb). Updated later on Oct 13 with a 'Red Brick' set added and now contains 8 zips.

12th October 2004: Operation: Mutant Strike 2 Update

Dumscheissekopf has started work on a sequel to 'Operation: Mutant Strike'. Click on the thumbnail for more info and the title screen. Now updated with a 2nd screenshot.

11th October 2004: Richard Kelly Email

Richard Kelly, the author of 'Operation: Kill BJ!', has returned to the Wolf 3D scene and has plans for some more addons.

You can read more in an email that Richard sent to me here.

10th October 2004: Monster Bash 3D Website

Ryan Steinbruner's new website for his upcoming set 'Monster Bash 3D' is now up.

It's at Monster Bash 3D.

9th October 2004: OL/OMS Midi Collection

Majik Monkee has released a set of original midis for the tunes used in 'Operation: Letzterschutz' and 'Operation: Mutant Strike'. The tunes came out very good in the actual games, though they underwent a lot of editing, and sound even better in the original form (and some are much longer). Available here.

9th October 2004: Kill The Gezi's Cancelled

Here's an email from Togo: "Hi Wolfers! There won't be a 'Kill the Gezis'. It's too advanced for me right now. But I will make an addon called 'Abandon' with 60 levels based on the registered game, probably with new sounds and music.

- Togo"

7th October 2004: Operation: Mutant Strike Released

Dumscheissekopf has released 'Operation: Mutant Strike'. It has ten levels (no secret level), many changed graphics, some changed music, and several coding changes. There is a manual included with the zip file that covers the story and basic details of the game. Credit for any contributions has been given in the text file. The levels are well detailed and quite extensive. Two of the levels are by ack and one by Majik Monkee. It's fast moving, with lots of atmosphere and lots of mutants!! Available here.

4th October 2004: Wolf-Bytes Has Moved!

Ian Franken has announced that 'Wolf-Bytes' has moved. This new location will serve as the official site for the 'Wolf-Bytes' newsletter. You can subscribe and unsubscribe, as well as browse past issues, at this site.

It's at Wolf-Bytes.

3rd October 2004: Resident Evil Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released 'Resident Evil'. There are 18 consecutive seamless levels that are mostly quite well made though a few are not that extensive. Graphics are partly from HOS, partly from the original Wolf 3D and there are some that I've not seen before. Changed sounds and music. There's quite a mixture here but it seems to blend together well. Available here.

2nd October 2004: DOSBox Version 0.62 Released

SourceForge has released version 0.62 of 'DOSBox', a DOS emulator for Windows. This version is compatible with more Dos games than earlier versions, has many extra features, and a better playing speed. On my Windows ME computer, which is far from top of the range, I can now play Wolf 3D games at a reasonable playing speed and have all the sounds and music!! You can get it at DOS Box.

30th September 2004: Operation: Eisenkrieg Final Version Released

Here's the final version released by Sandy of 'Operation: Eisenkrieg'. There are now 8 levels which are designed well but not that extensive. Lots of graphics changes though most of them I've seen elsewhere. Changed sounds and some minor code changes like new ceiling colours and increased health/ammo. The Wolf 3D feel still remains. Available here. This version replaces the 5 level demo issued Sept 10.

28th September 2004: The Rise Of Jason v3.0 Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released version 3.0 of 'The Rise Of Jason'. Changes since version 2.5 (released Sept 15) include extra levels (all 60 are now done), extra weapons and new music. There's also gun bobbing, new weapons, changed ceiling colours, menu screen colours, status bar and some cheats that were done in earlier versions. Apart from a few menu spelling errors this is easily the best set that Kyo has made so far. Credit also goes to Mr. Wolf, who drew some weapons by hand. Available here. This replaces the earlier version 2.5 which was issued Sept 15.

27th September 2004: Monster Bash 3-D Update

Here's an update and some screenshots from 'Monster Bash 3-D', sent in by Ryan Steinbruner. Though near to completion, Ryan tells me the game is planned to be released in December this year, giving Adam Biser and himself plenty of time to get the game running smoothly. There will be 3 episodes with 10 levels each. The first episode will have a castle theme, the second a swamp, and the third will have a snow theme.

24th September 2004: Operation: Nacht Rose Updated

Lucky Foot's 'Operation: Nacht Rose' has been updated due to a mapping error found on episode 2 - level 4 (no exit elevator). A fix has been issued (new maps only) which is available here. You can get the full updated zip here. For more info on this set, please see Aug 28 news items.

21st September 2004: Paderborn Released

Lakota Bucksnort has released 'Paderborn'. There are 15 seamless levels which are designed well and are quite complex. There's a mix of original Wolf3D/Spear graphics plus some newer graphics and it all fits together well. It's quite a difficult set to play at times with lots of action. Available here.

21st September 2004: Call To Code Editors

Here's an email from Kev Reid: " -Call to Code editors. I have an idea that I have been mulling over for some time now, not knowing if it would work or if it was even possible. As such I have made no attempt at the following: Here is a challenge to coders who have some experience with the music aspect of Wolf. Would it be possible to, instead of, loop a sample out of VSWAP in a continuous circuit in the background instead of music? I believe that if this is possible it will be far better than the Ambient sound tutorials as music does not stop other sounds from playing where ambient sounds do. I would be very interested to know - if it is possible drop me a line:"

21st September 2004: Wolfenstein 3D In Icelandic

Atli has released 'Wolfenstein 3D In Icelandic'. All the menus' and the status bar have been converted into the Icelandic language. It's meant to be played with the full original game and has no new maps, graphics or sounds. Available here. Needs the full 60 level 1.4 version of Wolf3D to play.

20th September 2004: Wolfenstein 3D Dome Downtime

Late last Friday night (Sept 17), all the Dome files were suddenly deleted from the server. It happened at roughly the time some Front Page extension and other files were reinstalled.

The site is now fully restored.

15th September 2004: The Rise Of Jason v2.5 Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released version 2.5 of 'The Rise Of Jason'. Changes since version 2.0 (released Sept 12) include gun bobbing and different weapons. Some ceiling colours, the menu screen colours, status bar and some cheats have been changed too. The 54 levels are as in the previous version. Credit also goes to Mr. Wolf, who drew the weapons by hand. Available here. Replaced Sept 28 with version 3.0, with 60 levels and new music

15th September 2004: Paderborn Update

Lakota Bucksnort tells me that 'Paderborn' is almost finished and is in the last stage of debugging the levels... a little tweak here and there, particularly with the object placements. Also, the Endart still needs to be added.

The set should be ready within 7 - 8 days.

13th September 2004: Monster Bash 3-D Project News

Ryan Steinbruner has sent in a progress report on his upcoming addon 'Monster Bash 3-D'. Also included is a 'before and after' weapon image and a help wanted section. Click on the thumbnail for more info. Updated Sept 14.

13th September 2004: Dome Awards - September 2004

This month's Dome awards go to Majik Monkee & ack for 'Operation: Letzterschutz', and to Mäx for 'The Untold Story'. Both addons have good 'all round' quality. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

13th September 2004: The Rise Of Hitler (Final Version) Released

Here's the final version of Kyo Kusanagi's 'The Rise Of Hitler'. It's basically 18 new levels for 'Spear Resurrection' as it uses the SR code and most of it's images. As with the 5 demo levels, the new one's are fairly well designed and decorated though nowhere near as extensive as in SR. Available here. This version replaces the 5 level demo issued Aug 29. Needs the full 'Spear Resurrection' to play.

13th September 2004: Upcoming Addons Updates

Here's a couple upcoming addons updates I received recently:

  • Sandy's next set will be 'Halls of Stonehenge Special Edition Master Levels'. Sandy was very impressed with 'HOS SE' and decided to make a set based on it!!
  • Kev Reid tells me the final version of 'Dead Reckoning' will have 30 levels. Many of the original demo levels will be changed.

12th September 2004: The Rise Of Jason v2.0 Released

Kyo Kusanagi has released version 2.0 of 'The Rise Of Jason' and it now has 54 levels (9 on each episode). The new levels are done pretty well and, as with the earlier ones, some are a good size though a few are less extensive. There are some vswap changes too. Available here. This version replaces the earlier version issued Sept 6.

11th September 2004: Kill The Gezi's Update

Here's an email received yesterday from Togo: "Hi Wolfers!! Before the end of the year I will have made an add-on. It is called 'Kill the Gezi's'. On another world, like on the Earth, there are world wars. Three of them, and this is the 3rd world war, from 1938-46. Very soon I'll make the story to it. Hope you like it. - Togo"

10th September 2004: Dead Reckoning Demo Released

Kev Reid has released a demo version of 'Dead Reckoning'. There are 9 levels, some that are quite extensive and some with open areas. Most graphics are changed, some are new and some come from other sets. New sounds and some code changes such as helpart. The Wolf3D feel is largely replaced with a 'Heretic' type feel. Available here. Kev points out that there'll be many more changes in the final version.

10th September 2004: Operation: Mutant Strike Update

Dumscheissekopf has nearly completed a new project called 'Operation: Mutant Strike'. It's based on a rejected storyline by Majik Monkee and the game follows 'Operation: Letzterschutz'. You play special agent Jill Hunter, on a mission to investigate reports of hideous mutants. The enemies in the game are mutants, mutants, and more mutants! There will be a lot of changed graphics and sounds, about 8 new levels, and no source code modifications. The project should be ready in a couple of days. Meanwhile, you can get the story here.

10th September 2004: Napalm/Medal Of Honor Projects

Two new projects by Wolfenstein 3D Fan are 'Napalm' and 'Medal Of Honor'. Both projects will have:

  • New Enemies/Bosses
  • New Graphics
  • New Sounds
  • New Title Screen
  • Minimum of 5 levels

8th September 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Update

Majik Monkee has released updated maps and mini manual for 'Operation: Letzterschutz'. There are some minor map changes, most notably in episode 3 level 4. The mini manual now gives credit for some material that Matt forgot to give credit for earlier. For those who already have the earlier version released Sept 1, there's an update (containing new maps and mini manual only) available here. Full updated zip available here. This version (v1.2) replaces the one issued on Sept 1.

7th September 2004: Wolf-Bytes Newsletter

Here's an email received from Ian Franken: "The Wolf-Bytes newsletter for Wolfenstein 3D fans will be available to subscribers in a week or less. You can go ahead and subscribe at my site Castle Wolfenstein so you can be sure to get the first issue as soon as it comes out.

I've gotten a lot of subscribers already, and I'm surprised at how many people are looking forward to this. There's a lot of good stuff in this one, so I don't think anyone will be disappointed. If they are, you can also unsubscribe very easily. Your email address will NOT be sold to spammers or abused in any way. This is purely for fun. Thanks. - Ian"

7th September 2004: Wolf 3D For The TI-83 Calculator

Sam Feichter tells me there's a version of 'Wolf 3D' for the TI-83 calculator. It's at Also available is a version for 'Doom' at The 'Doom' screenshots actually look more like 'Wolf3D!!'. Sam says the calculator costs about $80 in the USA, but if emulators are used this needs both MirageOS (an operating system, downloadable from and a TI-83+ emulator. Try at Zophar.

6th September 2004: The Rise Of Jason Released

This latest set by Kyo Kusanagi called 'The Rise Of Jason' has 30 levels (5 on each episode). The levels are done pretty well and though some are a good size - some are less extensive. There's a mix of original and changed graphics and new sounds. Available here. Replaced Sept 12 with version 2.0, which has 54 levels (9 on each episode).

5th September 2004: The Portal Released

Sandy has released 'The Portal'. There are 14 levels and as with Sandy's earlier sets, they are well designed, nicely decorated, though not that extensive. There's a blend of old and new graphics and new sounds. Most of the settings are in Germany though the final scenarios are in Egypt. Available here. Requires the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

5th September 2004: Monkee's Image World Update

Here's an email from Majik Monkee concerning 'Monkee's Image World': "Greetings! The Image World is being updated again, although I am still not accepting new submissions at the moment. Right now, I am trying to catch up on posting the material that has already been sent to me over the past couple months, and I'm also trying to clear up some more room on my server. There are several very good new submission available for download on the site, and several of my own links that have been inactive or not previously available are now active. I will update the site's news when I am able to begin taking more new submissions. Thanks for your patience.

~Majik~ " Monkee's Image World

5th September 2004: Wolf 3D Music Samples

Jeffrey Valancy has sent in 3 Wolf 3D music samples (the whole files are generally 2 to 3 megs and the song is played twice). The samples are: 'Around the Corner', and 2 'Lurking' samples, the second being for the purpose of demonstrating Jeffrey's abillity to change the instruments and make custom versions.

1st September 2004: Spear Doomsday Screenshots

Here's a set of menu screenshots from ZuljinRaynor's upcoming set 'Spear Doomsday' (SDD).

1st September 2004: Encrapment BETA Released

Euberwolf tells me that 'Encrapment' BETA for Wolfenstein 3D shareware has been released. The Infopage is at:

Euberwolf's Homepage is at:

1st September 2004: Operation: Letzterschutz Released

Majik Monkee has announced the release of 'Operation: Letzterschutz'. The set has a total of 30 levels spread out over six episodes. There are several coding changes, including new weapons and enemies, some animated sprites, and a few other modifications. A mini manual is included with the zip file, and credit is given for all contributions. The levels are well designed and decorated and there are contrasts in styles. Some were made by Majik, some by ack, and 2 by Ariel. There's also a very wide range of scenarios. It blends together quite well. Available here. Updated Sept 8 with minor map and mini manual adjustments.

1st September 2004: The Untold Story Updated

Mäx has updated the recently released 'The Untold Story' with a new credits entry. Nothing has changed in the actual game. Available here. This version replaces the one issued a few days ago. See Aug 30 news for more info on this set.

31st August 2004: Hotel Romanstein Released

This addon for shareware - 'Hotel Romanstein' is a cleaned up version of an 'adult' one I received a couple years ago and didn't post. It comes from Wadman (a Mr. Choi from Korea) and has 10 new levels in a hotel setting that are well designed, extensive and quite heavily decorated. Many of the images are new as are the sounds. Available here. Although the 'adult' images in the earlier version have been removed, there are still some actors' (such as the SS shown in the final screenshot) who are rather sparingly dressed.

Mr. Choi has a Wolfenstein 3D website at Cafe Daum, though it's in Korean!!

31st August 2004: Dead Reckoning Update

Kev Reid tells me the demo for 'Dead Reckoning' is almost complete. It has 10 levels and complete code - except that some features have been disabled (so there'll be something to look forward to in the final version).

1) DEMO version

  • Guns = 100% / Items = 100% / Levels = 30%
  • Enemies = 90% / EXE = 90%
  • Total = 82%

2) FULL version - Out soon

  • Guns = 50% / Items = 65% / Levels = 15%
  • Enemies = 68% / EXE = 65% / Addons = 50%
  • Total = 52%

31st August 2004: Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie: Resurrection Released

Here's a new 3 episode (12 level) version of Elmer Fudd's 'Revenge Of Poopdeck Willie'. The four extra levels are on episode 3, and are 3 new levels plus a modified original boss level. The first 2 episodes are mainly modified HOS levels, plus modified original boss levels. Available here. This version replaces the one released Aug 20. The first 2 episodes remain as previously posted.

30th August 2004: The Untold Story Released

Mäx has released his follow up to 'Sensenmann'. It's called 'The Untold Story' and has 2 episodes at present (both 3 levels + secret). They are both well designed and heavily decorated. The opening level, in a restaurant, features 'friendly people' who don't shoot at you!! Lots of new graphics and sounds. There are many features such as floor/ceiling textures, directional sprites, 9 weapons, rain/snow effects, animated clouds and lightshading. Very atmospheric. Available here. The title screen warns that some scenes contain blood, guts and violence!!

30th August 2004: Level Design Help Needed

Sandy has requested level design help for the 'Operation: Eisenkrieg' project.

If anyone would like to help out, please email Sandy at

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Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "The Luftwaffe" with Adlib sounds, musics and graphics.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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