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SEPT/OCT 2007 Latest News News Archive

30th October 2007: Poet's Wolfenstein 3-D Site Redesigned

Paal Olstad has recently updated his Wolfenstein 3D site. It has been completely redesigned and is based on Paal's own Poet Software and Poet Web Design sites. There is now a 'Classic Games And Mods Forum' included. The site has the same url as the previous one - Poet's Wolfenstein 3-D site.

29th October 2007: Jemanie Davidsson Unchained Update

Joshua Waight has restarted work on his upcoming 'Jemanie Davidsson Unchained' project. Available right now is the music and the title screen. Available here. The project is estimated to take at least 2 months before completion.

25th October 2007: Venom Released

Joshua Waight has released 'Venom'. The 5 levels are mostly not that large and are quite mazy at times. There are some changed graphics and sounds. All the actors' are changed. You play the Venom character from Spider-Man and while the Wolf3D feel is retained somewhat, there's also a fun type atmosphere. Joshua used the exe from Wolfenstein Collection by MCS Amsterdam. Available here.

24th October 2007: Dome Award - October 2007

This month's Dome award goes to Serpens for 'Trilogy Revisited + Nocturnal Missions'. It is an example of very good level design. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

24th October 2007: ZWolf Project Update

Nick Turner currently has a project set for beta testing on the 2nd week of November. It is called 'ZWolf' and is a Wolfenstein engine using Doom as a base.

You can find out more here: http://zwolf.uni.cc and here: http://mods.moddb.com/10098/zwolf/.

22nd October 2007: Guns And Glory v1.2 Released

Little Cherub has released an updated version of his 'Guns And Glory' mod that was first released Sept 19. The main change is the addition of a grenade launcher and this has been integrated into the existing levels. Available here. Please note that saved games from the first version will not work with this one.

19th October 2007: DooM: Death Doesn't Wait Released

Z. Franz has released the final version of 'DooM: Death Doesn't Wait'. There are 23 levels spread over 3 episodes and some are not that large though they are well decorated. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and fit well together and will especially suit those who prefer DooM type scenarios. Text file included. Available here.

17th October 2007: The Lost World Part 7: Soul Of The Devil Released

Richter Belmont and Mac Mendoza have released 'The Lost World Part 7: Soul Of The Devil'. Most of the 46 levels are well designed and nicely decorated though I have seen some of them before. Virtually all the graphics and sounds have been replaced and the new weapons look especially effective. Although the base for the source code comes from the Totengraeber Developer Pack, there are many extra code changes including extra weapons (plus reloading), multi-floors and ceiling textures and the dog changed into an extra guard. It all blends together quite nicely. Credits go to NMN, Corrupt Marine, Shinjanji, Xenophon, Caligan_78, BJ Rowan, lilmanjs, WLHack and WJS. Available here.

16th October 2007: Wolf3D Music Collection - Part 2

Here's the second part of a set of Wolf3D tunes in mp3 format. They were sent in by Jimmy Cozad:
Prisoner Of War
Tiptoein' Around
Ultimate 2
Zero Hour
Jimmy tells me that Tiptoein' Around comes from 'Brandon's Wolf 3D Page'.

15th October 2007: Wolf3D Music Collection - Part 1

Here's a set of Wolf3D tunes in mp3 format. They were sent in by Jimmy Cozad:
Evil Incarnate
Funky Colonel Bill
Get Them
March To War
Nazi Rap
Nazi Theme
Part 2 of this collection will be released tomorrow.

10th October 2007: Escape From Steinberg Castle Released

Valts has released a new Spear mappack. It has 5 levels of a fair size and they are all well decorated. There are lots of secret areas to explore, some containing keys necessary to finish the levels. It's quite a good set and will especially suit those who prefer the original graphics. Available here. Needs the full Spear Of Destiny game to play.

7th October 2007: An Additional Dome Award - September 2007

Here's an additional Dome award for September 2007. It goes to Thomas Weiling for 'Quest For The General'. This mod was very good 'all round', and the high quality level design was especially impressive. My apologies for the lateness of this award. Due to the large number of quality mods released last month, it took longer than usual to check them all. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

7th October 2007: Mapedit Map and Object Data Files

Thomas Weiling has released map and object data files for use in Mapedit. The definitions look tidier than in the original files. The data files included are:
They are available

2nd October 2007: Operation Alien - 2 Level Demo Released

Valts has released 'Operation Alien - 2 Level Demo'. The 2 levels are of a fair size and decorated well. There's a mix of original Spear and changed graphics, plus some new sounds. It blends together quite well and although the Spear feel is retained somewhat, the game also has its own alien type atmosphere. Please note that keys on both levels are in secret areas. Available here. Needs the full version of Spear Of Destiny to play.

2nd October 2007: DHW Map Of The Month Contest - Sept 2007 Download Available

The download is now available for the 'DHW Map Of The Month Contest - Sept 2007'. There are 8 entries for this month.

The download is available from the DHW Forums here.

27th September 2007: Tricob Releases Abandoned TC

Tricob has released 'Attack of the Mutant Munchkins of Doom', the 64x64 version of the game he abandoned for a 128x128 version. This TC has one new level (The remaining levels have been seen in his previous mapsets), lots of new tunes, several new Adlib sound effects, brand new digitized sounds, and a number of code changes. The 'Munchkins' that appear in the game are from the Image World, and were never modified to resemble Munchkins before the project was abandoned. The voice of the Munchkins and the dying voice of the 'sorceress' were performed by Tricob. Available here.

24th September 2007: Trilogy Revisited + Nocturnal Missions Released

Serpens has released a 60 level map set called 'Trilogy Revisited + Nocturnal Missions'. The first 3 episodes have been released before as 'Trilogy Revisited' though 2 of the episode 1 levels have since been revised. The episodes 4 thru 6 are completely new (hence Nocturnal Missions) and are nicely made in the original Wolf3D style. The decoration is about right and use of the different types of guards has been done very well. This is a very good set of levels for those who like playing the original Wolf3D game. Available here. Needs the original full Wolf3D game to play.

22nd September 2007: Dome Awards - September 2007

This month's Dome awards go to James Shain for 'The Final Fight', and to Little Cherub for 'Guns And Glory'. Regarding 'The Final Fight', credit should also be given to others who contributed, particularly WLHack and ack. For more info on these sets - please see Add-ons - Awarded. Please note: Executor's 'Wolfenstein Sextilogy' will be considered later when the other episodes are completed.

22nd September 2007: Graphics Designer Needed

Team Aardwolf Forums are looking for another graphics designer to help out with upcoming addons such as 'The Mutant Uprising'.

If you're interested, please leave a message on Team Aardwolf Forums.

21st September 2007: DooM: Death Doesn't Wait Demo Released

Z. Franz has released an 8 level demo from his upcoming set 'DooM: Death Doesn't Wait'. The levels are of a fair size, and though at times there's not that much decoration, the guards are well placed and the action is quite fast moving. Virtually all the graphics and sounds have been changed and the game will especially suit those who like Doom type scenarios. Available here.

19th September 2007: DooM: Death Doesn't Wait Screenshots

Here's a set of screenshots that Z. Franz sent me. They're from his upcoming set 'DooM: Death Doesn't Wait'.

19th September 2007: Guns And Glory Released

Here's a new add-on from Little Cherub. It has 31 levels spread over 5 episodes. Most levels are extensive and there's quite a number of different scenarios. Most graphics and sounds have been changed and there are many complex code changes including helpart, transporters, unlimited ammo (pistol only), extra weapons and textured ceilings/floors. Little Cherub tells me that episode 1 is the main episode. He also recommends users to read the enclosed 'before playing' text file before actually playing the game. Available here.

19th September 2007: Little Cherub Upcoming Add-ons Update

Little Cherub has announced his next add-ons:
American Dad VS Family Guy Doom (For Wolf3D)
Guns And Glory 2 (a build-on from the original)
Crash Bandicoot 3 (the last in the series)

Only one of the above has been started thus far.

15th September 2007: The Final Fight Released

James Shain has released 'The Final Fight'. This is a 60 level addon with levels made by James, ack and myself. There are a number of graphics changes, mostly done by WLHack, and these fit well with the original graphics. There are also some sounds and music changes but the original Wolf3D feel is retained. Code changes include new helpart, menu colours, ceiling colours and episode names. Available here.

15th September 2007: Tricob's Source Code Shortcut Utility

Tricob has released a source code shortcut utility that incorporates the LZEXE file into the source code folder. Detailed instructions are in the accompanying text file that's included in the zip.

Available here.

9th September 2007: Wolfenstein Sextilogy Episodes 1 And 2 Released

Executor has released 'Wolfenstein Sextilogy Episodes 1 And 2'. Four more episodes are planned. The 10 levels in the first episode are from the previously released 'Episode 1 Revisited', though the 10 levels in the second episode are new. They are very well made and with the new vswap, create quite an atmospheric scenario. The levels are also designed to be played with the original Wolf3D vswap (not supplied). The game uses the WOLF4GW engine. I couldn't get the game to run with DOSBox, though it does run with VDMSound. Available here. Downloaders are recommended to read the readme file before playing.

5th September 2007: Operation Lone Eagle Released

Paul Rawski has released a new set for Spear called 'Operation Lone Eagle'. It has 10 new levels that are extensive, and well designed and decorated. There are many changed graphics, sounds and music which tend to blend quite well together. I particularly like the effects in level one which is set oudoors, but all the indoor levels are good too. Available here.

5th September 2007: Triumph Of The Will Maps Update

Andy Nonymous has released a maps patch which fixes an aesthetic error on level 9 (flashing door jambs surrounding a moving pushwall) of 'Triumph Of The Will'. The maps only patch is here. The full zip has also been updated and is available here. Please see Aug 31 posts for more info on this set.

Latest News News Archive

Guns And Glory by Little Cherub, Conner94 and Richard Kelly

Medal Of Honor Airborne by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Nazi Revenge! by Wolfenstein3D Fan

Urban Warfare by Shadow

Space Police: Agent 9 - The End Of Psantu by Ryan de Haast

Operation: Arctic Wolf by Luke Strauman

Monster Bash 3-D by Ryan Steinbruner (

Helvete by ChiefRebelAngel(

SBlaster 3D by Johannes Unser (

S.K.U.N.K.Z. by Majik Monkee(

Amohs Awamuras by JackaL

Kreml 3D by Martin Krysiak, Dugtrio17, Zach Higgins (

Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (

Ross Williams - character sprites help needed in "Heart of Darkness" project.

Majik Monkee - he needs help with levels and coding in his 'Yodastein' SOD conversion project.

Scott Wells - he needs somebody who will introduce him to Wolfenstein level editing.

Spiritblade - help needed in "Operation: God Hand" with coding and maps.

Ryan King - source code help needed (weapons, signon screen).

3D Arts Software - they are looking for members.

Scheissgeist - if you want to contribute in 'Iraqi Blitzkrieg' project ask this guy!

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