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SEPT/OCT 2008 Latest News News Archive

31st October 2008: Kenny Cover Pics

Here are front and back cover pics for the recently released 'Kenny' mod made by Gaming X. For more info on this mod, please see Aug 3rd news.

29th October 2008: Return Of Dragons Screenshots

Joshua Waight has sent in a set of pics taken from his upcoming mod 'Return Of Dragons'. The screenshots show dead Dark Knights, an attacking Water Born, a Sarceri, and a Derk Sarceri.

29th October 2008: Haven Mapset Released

Here's a mapset made by members of the Wolf3D Haven Forum. There are 4 extensive levels, and are made for the registered Wolf3D set. Jayngo, Valts and Schabbs contributed. Text files included. Available here. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.

21st October 2008: Ghosts: A Doll's House Add-on Released

Paal Olstad has released 'Ghosts: A Doll's House add-on'. The 16 levels are well designed and decorated and many were made by others. All graphics, sounds and music have been changed and while it retains the Wolf3D feel somewhat, the mod also has an atmosphere of its own. New music was contributed by Tricob. Code changes include a missile launcher, Plasma gun and breakable objects. As with 'A Doll's House', Paal's last mod, the game requires a lot of thought to play. There's more info and the download here. Updated Oct 22nd to V1.10 due to a mapping bug (it was not possible to finish the game on the two lower difficulty levels).

21st October 2008: Wolfenstein Film Ben Affleck Video

Paco has posted another Wolfenstein related video on YouTube. This one is called 'Wolfenstein Film Ben Affleck' and lasts for 1 min 58 sec.

It's available here.

20th October 2008: Kill Him - Good Old Days Released

PicNic has released 'Kill Him - Good Old Days'. It has 5 well made levels of a fair size. There's a mix of original and changed graphics and as the title suggests, the original Wolf3D feel is retained well. Code changes include increased ammo/health limits, reduced boss strengths, bosses don't drop keys and deathcams removed. Available here.

20th October 2008: Spear Of Toti Source Code Released

Toti has released the source code for the 'Spear Of Toti' mod. It includes coding for new weapons.

Available here.

19th October 2008: Castle Verdemoldt Released

Alvin has released 'Castle Verdemoldt'. There are 6 levels that are well made though the first 3 are quite mazy. There's a mix of original and changed graphics and sounds and new music has been added. Code changes include four keys. It all fits well together and keeps the Wolf3D feel. Available here. Alvin plans to eventually make 16 levels for this mod.

19th October 2008: W3dMapTx Updated

Matthew Barich has updated 'W3dMapTx'. It's a program written in C# that will randomly mix up the different textures for stone textures (like Gray Stone), so you don't have to do it yourself. This can make things a lot easier with level designing, and also ensures a uniformly random distribution. It works with Mapedit saved maps. Be sure to read the readme.txt file first. Available here. This version replaces the one released in July 2007.

19th October 2008: Icons Collection

Here's a collection of icons put together by Alvin. Some of these come from several different projects, some come from the original Wolf3D, and some were made by Alvin. Available here.

19th October 2008: Wolfenstein/Spear Video

Paco has posted a Wolfenstein Spear Of Destiny video on YouTube. It lasts 1 min 17 secs.

You can see it here.

13th October 2008: Scourge Of Lambereth Released

JM has released 'Scourge Of Lambereth'. It is a modifed version of 'Scourge Of Lammy' which was released in Feb 2006. It has 17 levels, including some that are modified maps from the original Wolf 3D. There are source code changes like level name at "Get Psyched" screen, seamless levels, new helpart and endart and a new title screen. There's also some new walls, enemies and sounds. Available here.

As with the original 'Scourge of Lammy', the source code has been released for general use though if people use it, they need to mention it in the credits. The source code is available here.

12th October 2008: Wolfer Profiles Updated

Our 'Wolfer Profiles' page has recently been updated.

It's at Wolfer Profiles.

12th October 2008: New Enemy Pics Set

Alvin has sent in a new set of pics of a boss enemy that he made. It doesn't have a name. Available here.

11th October 2008: WolfenDie Released

Here's a mod from Vasili R. It was made in July 2004 but has just been found again. Although unfinished, it was originally meant to be a far larger project, there are 9 large levels (no secret level) that can be quite challenging at times. Many have at least one boss. However, there's plenty of ammo and health around and they are all beatable. Most of the graphics and sounds have been changed though the Wolf3D feel still remains. Code changes are basic and include increased ammo/health limits and changed ceiling colours. Available here.

1st October 2008: MOHA Update

PicNic tells me that he plans to release MOHA some time in October.

It's full title is 'Medal Of Honor Airborne'.

29th September 2008: The Spear Of Toti Released

Toti has released a new mod called 'The Spear Of Toti'. There are 21 levels and each one has a different type of scenario, some are set outdoors while others are set indoors. The changed graphics, sounds and music fit well together and though the Spear feel is retained, the mod has a feel of its own too. Source code changes include textured floors/ceilings, weather effects, animated objects, an extra weapon and a rocker launcher. Available here.

27th September 2008: Dome Award - September 2008

The September 2008 Dome award goes to Havoc for 'Absence'. it's an example of a very good all round mod, and in particular has a large number of complex code changes, many not seen before. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

22nd September 2008: 8 Bit Killer - First Person Shooter

This game made by Locomalito doesn't use the Wolf3D engine but is still a first person shooter and has the appearance of an 8bit Nintendo game. The story, characters and scenes are inspired by films such as Mad Max and 2013: Rescue In Los Angeles. The music is by RushJet1. It's quite an enjoyable and well made game. More screenshots and the download are available from Locomalito.com. (15.5Mb)

21st September 2008: Halo Hand Drawn Weapons Sprites

Here's a set of 4 pics of Halo hand drawn weapons sprites. They are still in progress and not yet finished. They were sent in by Z. Franz.

10th September 2008: Planet Nexion Released

Nexion has released 'Planet Nexion'. There are 5 extensive and well made levels and virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed. As the title suggests, the mod is set in the future and has sci-fi scenarios. Code changes include Directional Sprites, Outside Atmosphere and Helpart. Available here.

9th September 2008: Absence Released

Havoc has released 'Absence'. The 18 seamless levels are well made and cover a wide range of scenarios. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed. There are many complex code changes like buying implants to improve weapon strength, switching to emergency power, passwords, diaries, shock barriers and exploding barrels. The log disc feature is very impressive too and helps to create more of an 'action role-playing' game rather than a straight shooter game. It all blends together very well. Available here. New exe added Sept 10th - guards were made a little easier to beat.

7th September 2008: Another Paco Pic

Here's another pic sent in by Paco. This one features Blazcowitz and a zombie.

Available here.

5th September 2008: KFH Games New Domain

Codetech tells me that KFH Games now has its own domain. Although old url links will work for a while, it is recommended that your bookmarks are updated.

The new link is at KFH Games.

5th September 2008: Wolf3D & SOD Shareware SDL Downloads Updated

BrotherTank has updated the Wolf3D & SOD Shareware SDL sets to the latest source (SDL v1.6).

They are available at Wolf/Spear SDL Shareware Versions.

Latest News News Archive

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Countdown To Chaos by Majik Monkee (



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