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SEPT/OCT 2009 Latest News News Archive

31st October 2009: Planet Wolfenstein Halloween Wallpaper Contest

The Planet Wolfenstein Halloween Wallpaper Contest has been held. Congratulations to Matt for taking first prize, which was a copy of the PC version of Wolfenstein. You can see the wallpaper at Planet Wolfenstein.

30th October 2009: Dome Award - October 2009

The October 2009 Dome award goes to Mr. Choi for his 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 SDL Version' mod. It's a good all round mod, and also has many high quality graphics not found elsewhere. For more info on this set - please see Add-ons - Awarded.

26th October 2009: Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 SDL Version Released

Here's another set in the Hotel Romanstein series of mods made by Mr. Choi. This one is 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 SDL Version' and there are 60 extensive well made levels. Virtually all graphics and sounds have been changed and fit well with the new music. Vista-compatible. Available here. A DOS patch is available here. As in most of the earlier mods in the series, most of the actors' are lightly dressed.

22nd October 2009: Super Haven Mapset - Mappers Invited

Members of the Wolf3D Haven Forum are working to extend the recently released 20 level Haven Mapset into a full 60 level mapset. and we are now inviting other Wolf3D mappers to contribute. So far, we have 35 levels completed. There's more info and a link to the latest download on the Super Haven Mapset thread.

22nd October 2009: Music Package For Wolf3D

Revin will be compiling together a bunch of fan-made music from Wolf3d and Spear of Destiny over the next few weeks, including one he made himself.
The package probably won't be for any in-game stuff but it's nice to listen to what kinds of music people have made for this great classic game.
Revin's contribution to the music package is the Boss Theme with a realistic marching sound and is available on

15th October 2009: ROTT Remake Coming Forum Thread

Here's a thread on the 3DRealms forum about the new Rise of The Triad being announced.

It's at the ROTT Remake Coming thread.

15th October 2009: Geocities Sites Closing Down

Geocities sites are closing down permanently on October 26th. If somebody has a Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, ROTT, or Blake Stone web site on Geocities, then they could email Matt Stath as he might archive the web sites on his new pages in the next few weeks.

Matt's email address is stathmk@yahoo.com.

12th October 2009: Gothic Orthodox Mod Planned

JDHedge775 tells me he is planning a new mod called 'Gothic Orthodox'. It is to be a sequel to Venom Inc's Gothic Mayhem. Planned weapons are: Scythe, Pistol, Sub Machinegun and Twin Sub Machineguns. It may also use the EXE file of Gothic Mayhem. This new project replaces Project Elimination which has now been canceled.

4th October 2009: Doom2 Conversion Page Updated

Our Doom2 Conversion Page has been updated again. The latest addition is 'Project: Uber-Soldat Reborn' by Tuomio. Although it's only a demo, the 2 levels are very well made and the changed graphics, sound effects and music fit well and help create a Wolfenstein type feel.

It's available on Add-ons - DOOM2.

3rd October 2009: Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 3 Pics

Here's a set of pics sent in by Mr. Choi. They are from the upcoming 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 3'. The mod graphics are 70% done (Boss Character unfinished), and the mod maps are 1% done (only Test Map done). As in most of the earlier mods in the series, most of the actors' are lightly clothed.

3rd October 2009: Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 Pics

Here's a set of pics sent in by Mr. Choi. They are from the upcoming 'Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2'. The mod graphics are 99% done and the mod maps are 50% done. As in most of the earlier mods in the series, most of the actors' are lightly clothed.

27th September 2009: Some Wolf3D Mod Fixes

The CMapset1 shareware mod now has a vswap included in the zip. It was withdrawn some time ago because it was faulty but has now been fixed by Andy Nonymous. Andy also pointed out a number of Dome links to mods that were not working: Darkenstein (v1.3) and Final Battle in registered Wolf, and WVisio2 in shareware Wolf. These have been fixed too and the relevant Dome add-ons pages have been updated.

24th September 2009: New Lego Wolf3D Video

There are new Youtube videos of Lego Wolf3D that have been posted recently. This one is from 3 or 4 days ago.

Available here.

23rd September 2009: Gespenster Released

Here's a mod by Dakota One that dates from 2003 and was missed the first time around. There are 10 extensive and well made levels. The graphics and sounds are mostly changed. The vswap base comes from TGE by Arielus but some other modifications have been made though the Wolf3D feel remains. The action is fast moving. Code changes include altered episode names, ceiling colours and ammo/health limits. Some levels need pushwalls opened to complete them. A number of mapping bugs in the original levels have since been fixed. Available here.

20th September 2009: Homepage For Venom Inc.

Joshua Waight has returned to the Wolf3D scene and has an updated homepage for Venom Inc. There are a number of sections including Wolf3D Mods, Quake III Stuff, RPGs and photos. There is also a forum now with 8 members.

It's at The homepage of Venom Inc..

17th September 2009: Forbidden Weapon Released

JM2006 has released a new mod called 'Forbidden Weapon'. The 30 levels are fairly extensive and well made. Some of the graphics are new but many of the graphics and sounds come from Blake Stone. Along with the new music, it all fits together quite well and has a futuristic atmosphere. The source code comes from Rising Evil and Ryan de Haast is among the credits listed in the well detailed new helpart. Among the code changes are seamless level flow, 4 extra keys/cards and higher ammo/health limits. Available here.

17th September 2009: Doom2 Conversion Page Updated

Our Doom2 Conversion Page has been updated again. The latest conversion is by Paul Corfiatis and is called 'Whispers Of Satan'. The 35 levels are very good. Most have a Doom theme but some of the secret levels are Wolfenstein based.

It's available on Add-ons - DOOM2.

7th September 2009: Doom2 Conversion Page Updated

There is a newer version of Auferstehung by Dark Exodus on our Doom2 Conversion Page. This version has better compatibility with the more recent versions of Zdoom. There were issues with sounds, objects, etc in earlier versions and they are now fixed.

It's available on Add-ons - DOOM2.

3rd September 2009: Wolfenstein: Project Battle 2 Planned

Kloki38 is planning a sequel. It's 'Wolfenstein: Project Battle 2'. There will be new weapons, enemies [tanks, fire...], new textures and new sprites... You fight in the assault of an American airport, and a mugged American camp and wood. The story: It's 1.march 1940, recessive German armies march on and they do not surrender. William Bj Blakowicz [you] have recurred from the last mission. But you are looking in an American airport and see a German tank and Wermach. You quickly land and pull out a weapon, an American Colt pistol. And say: dirty nazis!, and kill one soldier...

2nd September 2009: Wolfenstein Next Mission Coder Wanted/Hans Grosse Pic

Alexei is working on a MOD called "Wolfenstein Next Mission" but needs help with the Source Code and Levels. It looks like a really interesting project. If anyone wants to help out or get more info about the mod, please email him here. Meanwhile, Alexei has sent in a pic of Hans Grosse.

1st September 2009: Escape From Wolfenstien 2 Mapset Released

Here's an old mapset Andy found on a "1000+ Great Games" CD-ROM (ValuSoft 1997). There are 7 playable levels on episode 1, including a secret level, and were made by Cyber Grunger (Jesse). The levels are quite extensive and well decorated. Available here. Needs the full registered Wolfenstein3D game to play.

Latest News News Archive

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