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SEPT/OCT 2010 Latest News News Archive

30th October 2010: Sod, Haven Style SDL Released

Dark_wizzie has released 'Sod, Haven Style SDL'. The set has 21 very extensive and well made levels. The gameplay can be quite challenging at times when playing on the highest difficulty mode. Most graphics and sounds are from the original game and so the original Sod feel is retained. Code changes include an increased number of static objects and actors allowed for each level and increased ammo and health limits. The final level was made by ack and the coding was by WLHack. Text file included. You can download it here. Updated November 11th, 2010 - standard version made easier. For those wanting a hardcore version (very difficult), there's Sod, Haven Style SDL/Hardcore Version. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

30th October 2010: Halloween SDL Version

It's Halloween this weekend so here's just a reminder that Colonel Bill's shareware Halloween set is now available in an SDL version. You can download it from Halloween SDL Version. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

26th October 2010: New Weapons/Enemies Sprites Collection

Here's a collection of 32 different 128X128 pixel weapons and enemy sprites. They are for general use and were sent in by Christoph Mahler. Click on the thumbnail to see a selection of them. The complete collection may be downloaded from: Mediafire. (8.93Mb)

24th October 2010: Dawn Released

Dawn is the second game in the Gloom series wherein Captain Zoom returns to the planet Gloom to take on an alien league of criminals called Dawn, which is composed of Rott, Doom, and Blake type enemies. Textured ceilings and floors. 19 Levels. By Acord Games. Dawn may be downloaded from: Mediafire.

23rd October 2010: SonderKommando Revolt Screenshots

Doomjedi has released a set of screenshots from the upcoming 'SonderKommando Revolt'. There's a lot more information about the game at its DHW Forum Thread.

19th October 2010: Ghosts Special Mapping Kit Now Available

Paal Olstad has released a mapping kit for Ghosts Special. Also included is one new large level. and an extensive doc file. There's more information and the download at Ghosts Special Mapping Kit Page.

19th October 2010: Guystein/Guystein 2 Posted

Links to the Guystein/Guystein 2 mods previously available from the Guy Brys Homepage no longer work on there so I have posted them on my server. They are available at Guystein and Guystein 2. Both these mods need the registered 60 level version of Wolf3D to play.

18th October 2010: Supermod 3D Updated

Acord Games has updated the 150 ten-level games of Supermod 3D, adding 3rd plane floor and ceiling textures, improving the maps, sprite animations, and artwork, and adding animated objects and a new graphic set. Supermod 3D may be downloaded from: Supermod 3D.

17th October 2010: Kozmik Zones 1-3 Updated

Acord Games has updated Kozmik Zones 1-3, adding 3rd plane floor and ceiling textures, improving the maps, sprite animations, and artwork, and adding animated objects and a new graphic set. The updated sets are available here:
Kozmik Zones 1.
Kozmik Zones 2.
Kozmik Zones 3.

17th October 2010: WolfDX 3 Level Demo v1.99h Released

Tricob has released version 1.99h of "Wolfenstein 3-D: The Deluxe Edition". This demo now has three levels instead of two. Also included is an increased variety of wall images and extensive code changes, such as guards that bleed when shot, faster-moving doors and Pushwalls, new types of doors, and ambient sound effects. The additional level for this demo is an enhanced version of E1L1 from "Operation: Kill BJ!", but the demo's additional in-game music appears on Level 2. Saved games from previous versions will not work in this update. Available here. This version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

17th October 2010: WolfDX For SDL Source Code Released

Tricob has released the source code for the three-level demo of WolfDX. The code uses many features not seen in the demo, such as 3D Directional Actors, vine-spawning ceiling tiles, Ambient Actors (a.k.a. the Rats), and 32-bit Feature Flags. Available here.

16th October 2010: Fileplanet.com Updates

The October 15th Fileplanet.com e-newsletter features 5 recent Wolfenstein 3D mods. Most of the mods have been available on the Dome for some time but they do have some new screenshots and reviews of the featured mods. They include Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2, Krankenstein, Revival of Memories SDL, End Of Dragons and Ghosts. It's at Fileplanet.com_archives3955.

They also have a feature (October 13th e-newsletter) on E1M1 of Doom reincarnated in other games at Fileplanet.com_archives3931.

12th October 2010: ROTT News

Here's some good news for Rise Of The Triad fans. The ROTT: Editing And Modding Forum has been reactivated. However, BizHat tells me it needs one new post a month or it could be suspended again. It's at ROTT: Editing And Modding Forum.

Some other ROTT news is that WinROTTGL version 1.58 is out. It's available from Birger's WinROTT Page.

10th October 2010: Revival Of Memories SDL Version Released

Here's an SDL version of 'Revival Of Memories'. It was converted to SDL by MCS Amsterdam. There are 39 seamless levels, including 2 secret levels. Many of the graphics and sounds have been modified and come from various sources. However, the Wolf 3D feel remains. Coding features include exploding barrels, directional sprites, intrart, switch operated doors, a rocket launcher, and a shotgun with separate ammo. Made by Brian E. Lowe. My thanks go to those who earlier helped with the graphics/sounds and to MCS Amsterdam for the coding help. Also to Wolf Skevos-Jones for use of the Heer guards. Available here. Now Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Updated October 11th, flicker bug on fullscreen mode fixed.

8th October 2010: The Wolf3D Community Map Pack SDL Version Updated

Tricob has updated the "Wolf3D Community Map Pack" once more, this time fixing a bug in the raycaster, expanding the Controls menu (which is now called "Options" in the main menu), and fixing the "End Game" bug where it would have the view rotate towards a non-existent enemy. All saved games should still work, but please delete the CONFIG.WL6 file before running. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible. Previous version released June 8, 2009.

8th October 2010: W3D-CMP SDL Source Code v210 Released

Tricob has updated the source code for the Wolf3D Community Map Pack to v210. All the mod's code changes - including the expanded menu system - can be disabled through VERSION.H.
here. Previous version released June 13, 2009.

7th October 2010: Gloom Released

Acord Games has released 'Gloom'. The levels come from various sources and are mostly quite extensive. Some of the graphics and sounds come from ROTT sources and fit very well. The weapons look especially good. Code changes incude gun bobbing, and 3rd plane floor and ceiling textures. Available here: Gloom. Updated October 20, level 19 endgame fixed.

3rd October 2010: Strange Worlds 1-3 Updated

Acord Games has updated Strange Worlds 1-3, adding 3rd plane floor and ceiling textures, improving the maps, sprite animations, and artwork, and adding animated objects and a new graphic set. The updated sets are available here:
Strange Worlds 1.
Strange Worlds 2.
Strange Worlds 3.

2nd October 2010: The Wolfenstein 3D Mall Opens

Here's a new site that is devoted to all things Wolfenstein 3D. At this time, the site only contains information about the PC and Mac versions of the original game. To the left though is a list of all of the platforms Wolfenstein 3D has been ported to and if you have an interest in one of those versions, please contact the webmaster and he will develop that platform.

It's at The Wolfenstein 3D Mall.

2nd October 2010: WOLF3D IRC Chat Link Changed

Dr. Zin tells me that the link to the WOLF3D IRC Chat has changed. The most popular time remains the same and is from 9pm Eastern Time (New York, USA time).

The new link is at: WOLF3D IRC CHAT.

1st October 2010: Wolfmods 1-3 Updated

Acord Games has updated Wolfmods 1-3, improving the sprite animations and Doom vga files on Wolfmods 1, and adding 3rd plane floor and ceiling textures on Wolfmods 2 and 3. Also, improving the maps, and making some improvements in the sprite animations, artwork, and helpart and endart files. The updated sets are available here:
Wolfmods 1.
Wolfmods 2.
Wolfmods 3.

27th September 2010: Urgent Appeal to Keep Olddoom.com Online

Jake’s Olddoom.com will be online until at least September 30.

If you like Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Master Levels for Doom 2, WolfenDoom, and Astrostein then please donate to keep it up a little longer. If not, Matt will try again to get permission to archive Olddoom.com on his web site.

27th September 2010: Halloween: SDL Version Released

Halloween is coming soon so here is Colonel Bill's 'Halloween' shareware set in an SDL version. There are some well designed graphics here (the black cat is my favourite one), and the 10 levels are pretty good too. Available here: Halloween: SDL Version. Now Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th September 2010: Call of Duty Lego Nazi Zombies for Sale

There are no Lego Wolfenstein 3D figures for sale on Ebay.com but there are companies that make custom Legos not advertised by the Lego group. Call of Duty is one example and is somewhat like Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Do a search for Lego Call of Duty Nazi Zombie on Ebay.com and there are 5 custom entries. The earliest auction is for one figure and ends at about 1:10 pm on September 28th on Eastern Standard time. The latest auction ends at October 21st and is for 3 figures.

23rd September 2010: Super Wolfhell Animated Gif

Acord Games has sent in an animated gif from their recently released Super Wolfhell mod.

20th September 2010: Studio - Dos Utilities Collection

Studio has a bunch of Dos utilities, text editors, and paint and animation programs. They were put together into one menu driven collection by Acord Games,

It's listed under Utilities on Acord Games Downloads.

17th September 2010: Saved Games For Monster Land

Here's a set of saved games for 'Monster Land'. It lets you view any level in Monster Land, Super Wolfhell, or any of the other games that Acord Games made with the Collin .exe file. It carries you to an elevator that will take you to whatever level you want to look at. Available here: SavedGames. Extracts to a folder named SAVE.

14th September 2010: Monster Land/Super Wolfhell Updates

Acord Games has updated both 'Monster Land', and 'Super Wolfhell' and now feature 3rd Plane floor and ceiling texture variations.

Both are available here: Monster Land and Super Wolfhell.

12th September 2010: Monster Land Released

Acord Games has released 'Monster Land', a 10 level set. In Monster Land, you are Captain Zoom, trapped in another world, surrounded by active eerie creatures. Code changes include full-screen capacity, bobbing guns, animated objects and textured ceilings and floors. It has some new graphics and sprites also. Although the levels are for the most part designed well, there are a few walls that look out of place at times. Available Monster Land. Updated Sept 14th with 3rd Plane floor and ceiling texture variations.

7th September 2010: Legendary Power Games Mod Updated

Legendary Power Games has released a fixed Dos version of their 'Castle of the Nazi Zombies!' mod. This is version 1.4, has 10 levels and needs DOSBox to run. There's a lot more info about it at Legendary Power Games.

6th September 2010: Super Wolfhell Released

Acord Games has released 'Super Wolfhell'. This is an enhanced version of Wolfhell, with the independent intro screen, full-screen capacity, bobbing guns, and textured ceilings and floors. It has some new graphics and sprites also. All 3 Wolfhell sets are available via a menu system. Available Super Wolfhell. Updated Sept 14th with 3rd Plane floor and ceiling texture variations.

5th September 2010: Gretel Grosse Drawing

Here's a drawing of Gretel Grosse. It was sent in by Stephan Strauß. The colouring will be done later.

3rd September 2010: Wolf3D IRC Chat Channel Update

The link to the Wolf3D IRC Chat Channel, hosted by Dr.Zin, has been updated. The old one wasn't working with Internet Explorer 8. The most common chat time is from 9pm to 1am USA Eastern Time (New York time).


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