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SEPT/OCT 2011 Latest News News Archive

30th October 2011: Krucible: Insanitarium SDL Released

Venom Inc. has released the full version of Krucible: Insanitarium. The game is 20 levels long and a Wolf4SDL release, playable on Windows. Some of the features are...
*Seamless level progression
*Floor/Ceiling textures
*Hi-Res textures
*Log files (Thanks to Havoc's code tutorial)
*Dual wieldable guns
*Blood splatters and gun bobbing
*Intermission screens
There's also a secret Easter Egg located somewhere on levels 9-14 so be sure to be on the lookout!! Available
here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

28th October 2011: 3rd Dome Award - October 2011

The 3rd October 2011 Dome award goes to Majik Monkee for 'Operation: Mutant Strike 3 SDL'. It is a very good example of high quality mapping and an all round mod. Credit also goes to several other contributors who are listed in the mod manual. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

26th October 2011: Operation: Mutant Strike 3 SDL Released

Majik Monkee is pleased to present "Operation: Mutant Strike 3" (The Last Mutation), the conclusion to the Operation Mutant Strike series. As with its predecessors, it features ten seamless levels, story screens between certain levels, and of course, hordes of mutants and monsters! A text manual is included with the zip file, and it's recommended that players read the included story before playing, although it's not required (nor is familiarity with the previous Mutant Strike games, although playing them first may enhance the OMS3 experience). Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

25th October 2011: "SS" Info and Screenshots

Here's an update from Mr. Gerolf on his upcoming mod "SS". 2 levels have been completed, and 5 others have been worked on. There will be a total of 10 levels. Code changes include Ammo box with adlib sound (Spear of Destiny), Smoother frame rate, seamless level progression, and more objects allowed in maps. Story is being worked on, and all graphics are finished. Attached are 8 screenshots.

25th October 2011: Revenge of Poopdeck Willie SDL Released

Back by popular demand, "Revenge of Poopdeck Willie" is now available in SDL format! Credit goes to Andy Nonymous for the SDL exe file. The mod still retains the name "Elmer Fudd" as the author, despite being a Monkeeworks production (in order to keep the mod as close to the original as possible). For those unfamiliar with the mod, it's an extremely difficult set of levels with frequent use of bosses and mostly original guards. It's very challenging, but definitely winnable! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

20th October 2011: Wolfenpack 3 Released

Here's Vincent's final version of the Wolfenpack unpacking program (for now).
The sounds are now as they should be, and there are some new features:
You can 'save all' walls/sprites/sounds and you can see the sprites against a game-like background with the 'normal' Wolf/Spear ceiling colors if you like to. Available
Vincent is planning to make a 'stand-alone' version of Krankenstein with maybe 60 levels (horror!) or less from the earlier versions and some new levels.

19th October 2011: 10 New Ones SDL Exe for Windows 98 Users

Havoc has released a new exe for '10 New Ones SDL'. It is especially for users who want to play the game on Windows 98 systems. Saved games made from using the earlier exe will not work with the new exe. Available here. The full zip issued Oct 16th has NOT been updated with the new exe.

19th October 2011: 2nd Dome Award - October 2011

The 2nd October 2011 Dome award goes to Thomas Weiling for '10 New Ones SDL'. It is a very good example of high quality mapping. Credit also goes to Havoc for the code changes. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

16th October 2011: 10 New Ones SDL Released

Thomas Weiling has released '10 New Ones SDL'. The 10 levels are very well made with a wide variety of scenarios. As this set concentrates on high quality mapping, it will especially suit those who like playing the original game. The coding was done by Havoc. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

15th October 2011: medEvil SDL Released

In the spirit of the Halloween season, and thanks to lots of hard work by Andy Nonymous, Majik Monkee is pleased to present medEvil, now in SDL (and DOS) format. For the most part, the mod mirrors the original. Certain maps that had traps placed in such a way that they were impossible for a player to avoid have been edited to make the game less frustrating, but the overall challenge remains (enemy and key placement has not changed). For those unfamiliar with the mod, it follows the story of a brave warrior on a journey through a monster ridden castle on a mission to destroy an evil vampire and his hideous minions. Ranged magical weapons are abundant, but the sword (melee weapon) is strong enough to be a viable combat option against most enemies. Enjoy! Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

14th October 2011: Dome Award - October 2011

The October 2011 Dome award goes to the Lambda Team for 'Tristania3D'. It is a very good example of well detailed mapping and of an all round set. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

12th October 2011: Dean's Wolf 3D Blog Update

Dean's Wolf 3D Blog has been updated. The latest post is another in the 'Great mods you've (probably) never heard of' series.

It's at Dean's Wolf 3D Blog.

6th October 2011: Tristania3D Released

Lambda Team has released 'Tristania3D'. It's a tribute to the gothic metal band Tristania. There are 26 normal levels, plus 12 secret levels including super secret and challenge levels. The levels are large and well detailed. The opening 2 levels are mainly outdoors. Virtually all the graphics, sounds and music has been changed and the resulting gothic feel is quite effective. EOD based, the code changes include textured floors and ceilings, directional sprites, in-game messages and helpart. A well detailed manual is included. Available here.

2nd October 2011: Big Time Gangsta SDL Released

Majik Monkee tells me that 'Big Time Gangsta' is now available in SDL. The DOS exe is included in the zip. The original content of the game remains the same, and some harsh language may not be suitable for younger players. The conversion to SDL was done by Andy Nonymous. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

2nd October 2011: Spear Resurrection SDL Released

The SDL version of Spear Resurrection has been released. Originally planned as a sequel to the original Spear of Destiny, this set by AReyeP and MCS is now nearly ten years old. The 21 levels have excellent level design and many graphics/source code changes not seen before at the time of the original release. A classic!! The conversion to SDL was done by Andy Nonymous. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

1st October 2011: DieHard Wolfers TC SDL Map Corrections

Some minor mapping bugs were found in the DieHard Wolfers TC  SDL released Sept 25. They include some floorcodes behind pushwalls that needed to be changed, primarily on E1M3, and some crosses buried in a wall on E1M7. Andy Nonymous has released a patch. The maps only patch is available here. The updated full zip is available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

1st October 2011: Art Tutorials

Our Graphics Design editing page has been updated. There's a new link to a series of well detailed art tutorials by Doomjedi. It's at GFX Design.

1st October 2011: Operation: Letzterschutz SDL Released

Majik Monkee tells me that "Operation: Letzterschutz" is now in SDL, thanks to Andy Nonymous. All of the features of the original mod have been retained, and the SDL release also includes the exe files for the DOS version as well. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

1st October 2011: Schabbs 3000 Revised Edition Released

Ling Yan Li has released the revised edition of Schabbs 3000. This version has the same features as the original Schabbs 3000, but with additional new features like increased allowed number of static objects for each level, additional par times to the extra levels, using the Spear game palette, and the final boss, Schabbs made stronger. This version also has some changed graphics, and while most of the levels are the same as the original Schabbs 3000, while there are some completely new levels. It also has bug fixes in which the game crashes when played on higher difficulty levels. The Mapedit definition files, along with Mapedit 8.4, are included in the zip so people can make their own levels for Schabbs 3000. There are lots of advanced source code changes but the mod still retains the original Wolfenstein 3D feel. And also, the ceiling colours used are pretty much the same as the ones used in the original Schabbs 2000. Available here.

29th September 2011: Sprites Unpacking Program Updated To Wolfenpack 2

Vincent has released an update of the Wolfenpack program. The interface is improved, but most important: Wolfenpack 2 can now display and save compactly packed sprites such as in 'Romanstein Gold' and 'Resistant' as well as normally packed ones. The unpacking routine is of course updated too. It may be close to the way the game does it. Available here.

29th September 2011: Sneak Peak at Tricob's "Base Of Operations"

The following is Tricob's "sneak peak" into some of the features of his "Base Of Operations" project, built from the Wolf4SDL code. The project will be open-source, and the final version will support Seamless Levels, enabling/disabling the "Read This!" feature, customized sign-on screens, bleeding enemies, VGAGRAPH animation, 128+ Doors, and in-game messages. Par times, music order, in-game messages, episode names, and other text can all be changed by altering simple H files, not digging in the middle of confusing CPP code. This archive includes two versions of the Shareware Wolf3D file (using the Seamless Levels feature), and the two-level demo of Spear Of Destiny. Mr. Wolf's second mapset is also included. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

29th September 2011: 16x16 Released

Here's a small mod called '16x16', based on 6:25 by ack. It's by Ronwolf1705 and has 6 levels (plus a secret level) on episode one. The levels are well made and there is one 'twist': knifes are silent and one stab in the back kill instantly. The idea was to give the mod a more stealthy feel. Available here. The player needs to supply their own files from the full version of Wolf 3D, apart from the GAMEMAPS/MAPHEAD-files and the EXE. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

27th September 2011: Dome Award - September 2011

The September 2011 Dome award goes to the DHWTC Team for the 'DieHard Wolfers TC SDL'. It is a very good example of high quality mapping and of an all round set. For more info on this set, please see Add-ons - Awarded.

25th September 2011: DieHard Wolfers TC SDL Released

After nearly 8 years in the making, the DieHard Wolfers TC has been released today. Now in SDL, the 3 episodes (30 levels) have a wide range of mapping styles but they are all good and blend in well together. Mappers include Loki, Arielus, Adam Biser, ack, Merthsoft, Ringman, Dean, Ronwolf and myself. Virtually all the graphics, sounds and music are new and although the Wolf3d feel is retained, the mod also has a feel of its own and with a very good storyline. Others involved in the mod include Andy Nonymous (coding and coordination), Tricob/Hair Machine (music), and Majik Monkee (title screen). There is a fuller credits list in the text file included in the zip. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

25th September 2011: WolfDX Source Code Updated

Tricob has released the newest version of the source code for WolfDX. In addition to the bugfixes for the WolfDX demo, problems with "Jaws" and the rocket launcher are also fixed. Available here.

25th September 2011: Schabbs 3000 (Improved) Source Code Released

Here's the source code that Ling Yan Li has released for the improved version of Schabbs 3000. Available here.

24th September 2011: WolfDX Demo Updated

Tricob has released a patch for the WolfDX demo. It has numerous bugfixes for features like snow/rain, bleeding enemies, and BJ's "Doom-style movement" routine. The "gaps between walls" bug is also fixed. The patch is available here. There's an all files included version available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

23rd September 2011: Sprites Unpacking Program

Vincent has released Wolfenpack. It is a program to view and save wall and sprite pictures as well as sounds. It works perfectly for most Wolfenstein/Spear games (not so well for 'Resistant' though). All you need is a vswap.* file.

Also included is the sprite unpacking routine source, written in delphi (a pascal language) in case someone could use it. Available here.

19th September 2011: Operation: Hundscheisse SDL Released

Thanks to the help of Andy Nonymous and his creation of an SDL exe file, Majik Monkee is pleased to present the SDL friendly version of "Operation: Hundscheisse". The game itself is identical to the original DOS version in all respects, although the manual has been updated somewhat. This is, of course, the original Hundscheisse, not to be mistaken for "Hundscheisse 2: The Sequel", which is currently in the works. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

19th September 2011: Tricob Releases His "Texture Generator" Program

Tricob's "Texture Generator" creates complex, professional-looking textures using any 320x200, 256-color BMP you provide. Just name the file "1.BMP", run the program, and the texture is created in a BMP file called "2.BMP". The Texture Generator can use 2, 3, or 4 different colors, and source code for the utility is provided, along with three sample pictures. Texture Generator is DOS-based, so you might need DOSBox to run the program. Available here.

18th September 2011: 2 Music Mods

Jimmy Cozad has sent in 2 music mods that use Macenstein 2nd Encounter SDL by Andy Nonymous as a base. They are Doom Macenstein, and Whiplash Tempest 2K/Shadow Warrior. All files needed to play are included in each set. Available at Doom Macenstein and Whiplash Tempest 2K/Shadow Warrior. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

16th September 2011: Hundschiesse 2: Official Announcement

The Incredible Pete is pleased to announce that progress on "Hundscheisse 2: The Sequel" is going exceptionally well. The mod is a direct continuation to "Operation: Hundscheisse" by Majik Monkee (original concept by Dumscheisskopf), and will follow the same format, with 5 levels, four different weapons, and several code changes, including different menu colors, a laser sight, and much more. The game will retain the overall feel of the original, although it is being designed in SDL, thanks to Andy Nonymous. Currently, the project is complete except for about 50% of the maps. More updates to come soon!

14th September 2011: Corridor 7 Design Docs

Vermil tells me that Mr Les Bird (one of Capstones lead programmers and the lead programmer on Corridor 7) sent him an email stating that he found the first couple of revisions of the Corridor 7 design documents and has uploaded them to his website.

They are an interesting read and detail several ideas that were cut from the final game and elaborate on several elements of the final game. You can read the first one here, and the second one here.

12th September 2011: Hitler Strikes Back SDL v1.2 Released

Havoc has released Hitler Strikes Back SDL v1.2 which fixes a couple of secret room mapping bugs in the SDL version. The secret wall movement had been changed from 3 to 2 tiles for the SDL version and some map modifications have been done to allow for this. Available here. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

11th September 2011: Complex 7 Update

Here's the latest update from Tragos2d regarding his Xolf 3d project: "Xolf 3d will now be known as Complex 7 until I come up with a more suitable name. Here is the most recent screenshot which will be using WinRottGL 1.60. Currently it is undergoing source-code modification. This will be my last teaser for a while. The game art is also reaching its final stages. The main sprites, weapon graphics, and environmental details still need to be finished. A closed beta testing will be held within the next few months."

11th September 2011: Marine Shoot Test

Here's a pic based off of a very early Xolf 3d sprite rip and is not respective of the final artwork. However this is still a neat animation! It was sent in by Tragos2d.

9th September 2011: Schabbs 3000 Beta Testers Needed

Ling Yan Li needs beta testers for his updated version of Schabbs 3000. If interested, please send Ling an e-mail at lingyan203@yahoo.com. Or contact Ling on YouTube, Facebook or the DHW Forum.

5th September 2011: Another Xolf 3d Screenshot

Here's another screenshot from Tragos2d. Technically this is still project Xolf but is now using the ROTT source-code as its new home. Work is now being done on adding support for multiple floor and ceiling textures and breaking the existing color palette limitations.

2nd September 2011: Operation: Mutant Strike 2 SDL Released

Majik Monkee is pleased to present the SDL release of Operation: Mutant Strike 2. There are 10 straight levels that are quite extensive, well designed and well decorated. Most of the levels are by Majik and ack, but Dumscheissekopf, Arielus and myself also contributed one level each. Special thanks to Andy Nonymous for development of the SDL exe, and of course, thanks again to everyone who devoted their time and effort to the development of the original DOS version! You can get it here. The SDL version is Vista/Windows 7-compatible.

2nd September 2011: Wolfenstein Never Ending Storyline

Dark_wizzie has released the final version of the storyline of Wolfenstein Never Ending. There is a separate version for those who cannot open docx files correctly. You can find it here.

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