Operation: Assassination Images

by Justin




Name- Soldier

Weapon- sniper rifle

Info- Just standard military grunts with weak guns and weak armor. They are the main part of Gen. Gittmacher's army



Name- K9

Weapon- Jaws

Info- These trained dogs can smell or hear you a mile away. They are extremely fast but go down in one shot.



Name- Base Patrol

Weapon- Assault rifle

Info- These commando's wear heavy vests and can easily put you in a body bag with their Assault guns, but they are easy to spot because of their purple suits.



Name- Commander

Weapon- Auto sniper rifle

Info- These guys order around the soldiers. They are quick on their feet and can take a lot of bullets before dropping.



Name- Base Security

Weapon- Energy pistol

Info- Wearing blue uniforms and shiny gold badges. They are well trained and are very loyal to the General.





Name- Project X

Weapon- laser

Info- This is the first big project Dr. Shcansz has made. This squid like creature is strong fast and has a good aim. This is the first Boss you'll face.



Name- Dr. Shcansz

Weapon- Experimental Pulse Gun

Info- This Crazy German scientists has made many things in his day. He'll do anything or make anything for the General.



Name- Base Enforcer

Weapon- Fire Baller

Info- This kind of like a miny boss since there is more than one. They are easier than normal bosses but still pack powerful weapons.



Name- Enemie Assassin

Weapon- Bazooka and knife

Info- This is a well trained mercenary. He wears a black suit and camouflage paint. Just dodge his missles and you might succeed.



Name- Erich Shcansz

Weapon- Auto Pulse gun

Info- The Doc's brother. Erich is a German pilot but he still has battle experience. He carries a weapon made by his brother and he wears a Flak jacket



Name- General Ingrid Gittmacher

Weapon- Chain gun and missle launcher

Info- Otto's Sister. She is very mad about her brother being shot to death. So now she plans to take over the world and take out BJ. She is the final and most powerful Boss.





Name- Commando knife

Ammo- none

Location- You start with it

Info- This is your last resort if you run out of ammo.



Name- Sniper Rifle

Ammo- Charge pack

Location- You start with it

Info- This is your weapon of choice. You'll start with 8 bullets in it at the start of each episode.



Name- Assault Rifle

Ammo- Charge Pack

Location- Carried by Base Patrol

Info- This rapid fire gun is a good all around good weapon. You can grab this from a dead Base Patrol.



Name- Plasma Blaster

Ammo- Charge Pack

Location- Hidden throughout the base

Info- This is a real weapon. It fires tons of blue phased energy at a tremendous rate.



Name- Pulse Cannon

Ammo- Battery Pack

Location- In Dr. Shcansz's office or in base

Info- This is a single shot gun that needs to recharge after every shot. It's powerful but the Plasma Blaster is still better for bosses.


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