The Road To Despair - Update

by Executor


Progress has been going slowly and I have been working on and off on TRTD for a total of 22 months. Here are some of the changes to TRTD since the last upload:


The silly plasma gun has been replaced with a Sturmgewehr 44 based on the Lost Episodes machinegun. I grayscaled the frames, then popped them into 24-bit color, re-purpleized the backgrounds, and changed the color of the hands to indicate black gloves, applied 8-bit color depth, and changed it to the Wolfenstein palette. I made the firing (third) frame by hand-drawing a muzzle flash on the second frame. The result is much better than I anticipated, because it is one of the first times I have ever done sprite editing.


The following pic shows the "old new" machine gun taken from Beyond Wolfenstein II SE...


Did you ever wonder why there were about 20 health packs at the start of level 11? Now you know.




Here's another pic...

 The STGW 44 firing


The new SS are from WSJ's Castle Totenkopf. Notice how both their guns and the gun the player uses have the same style of muzzle flash. They also make the same sounds. In fact, all of the enemies' weapons sound like yours. It's called realism.



I've been plagued by a deluge of unsolicited emails recently. About 40 spams EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here's a few pictures:


I've been working on the next two Megastein installments lately. TRTD is not cancelled. Here's a pic from each one...


The Vaults of Zin



Pandemonium in Berlin


--Executor (formerly Viper)



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