The Golden Episodes Secret Scroll

by Ariel Castañares

Hello everyone,


Exactly half a year ago, 'The Golden Episodes' was released. Although my engineering/languages life has kept me pretty tied up since that day, I've been able to keep up with the Wolf-related world as well, reading the news, posting on the forums, downloading add-ons and playing them. Recently, I have even been able to go back over my own game to play it a little, as I wanted to see how I felt about it after a while. I must say that, after this period, I still like it. I really like it. It indeed feels nice to be happy with one's contribution. I very am happy with what I've given to the Wolfenstein community, and I don't think that's gonna change.


Now, I've got something else to offer. At the time I was about to release the game, I wrote a document which I came to call 'The Golden Episodes Secret Scroll'. In this document, I included some information related to the game, though not ordinary information. What I stored in this file was not something which had to be included in the Read This! section of the game, and not even in the README.TXT file I supplied within the add-on package. There, I placed secret information, things which seemed worth having from my point of view. This file, I ended up deciding, was to be delivered to the people who asked for the game's cheats, for a solution to a certain problem in a certain part of the set; or to the people who simply wrote to me -as I had requested- in order to make a comment, a few lines on the game.


Several wolfers must have it by now. Some of them wrote me desperately because they really enjoyed the game, yet they needed extra help as they found the add-on too difficult. Some others only e-mailed to congratulate me for what I'd released, and they received the file in return for their kindness. I asked them all to keep the file for themselves, explaining them the reason why I wanted things that way. Happily, they all understood and as I write this, the document is on their hands and nobody else's.


In opposition to my past desire, I have decided that the file should be public now. Although, and as I've said, I did receive some excellent comments on 'The Golden Episodes', I must be honest and admit that some more would've felt really good. Anyways, it's absolutely fair to say that I'm no one to force anybody to like what I've made. I believe it is enough if the add-on maker is happy with their creation; and as I've said above, I am happy. Nevertheless, and this'll sound repetitive, some words of recognition are always well-received. The purpose of this release is based upon my consideration that it no longer makes sense to keep the document in secrecy; and upon a deep hope that it somehow will bring back some interest in what I put so much effort into.


'The Golden Episodes Secret Scroll' is all yours now. You can get it here. I really hope you find it interesting. Please, if you ever feel like writing me about it, don't hesitate and do so. You can find me at, or at






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